BERLIN I LOVE YOU Official Trailer (2019) Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom Movie HD

  • Published on Jan 16, 2019
  • BERLIN I LOVE YOU Official Trailer (2019) Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom Movie HD
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Comments • 830

  • Matilde Simoes
    Matilde Simoes 8 days ago

    nothing is typical about Berlin

  • Rômulo Fiúza e Mello

    I'm Brazilian and even I know this movie sucks.

  • Cj Alvarez
    Cj Alvarez 13 days ago

    Ramsay you bastard

  • Mzungu73
    Mzungu73 13 days ago

    Lol, I didn't hear a single "allah akbar"! It's not Berlin then!

  • Keira Smith
    Keira Smith 17 days ago

    huhuhu was expecting a will turner and elizabeth mometn

  • A K
    A K 18 days ago

    I love this film.

  • Yan
    Yan 2 months ago +1

    So great to see Mickey Rourke in a decent movie again!

  • Desiree Jarrow
    Desiree Jarrow 2 months ago

    Rember etn the body double for preety woman I could've swore they use to tap n my grandfather's tv n film me illegally bc of the weird comment watching the noneblockbuster psychological one when it was tied up it was less desirable n inform on the TV I heard him saying his was unhappy with her breast... Soulbeat a very discussing cheesy n corny entertainment company. Unbelievable on proving prostitution n said so entertainment.

  • MindWalker
    MindWalker 2 months ago

    This is the biggest scam I've experienced. You let me watch the whole trailer but there is no Orlando Bloom. I'm mad.

  • Jennifer Codepp
    Jennifer Codepp 2 months ago

    I rly didn't expect Toni Garrn to be here... Such a stunning appearance

  • Colorful Falcon
    Colorful Falcon 2 months ago

    That is not Berlin.

  • Dan F. Herle
    Dan F. Herle 2 months ago

    jesus what a big pile of hollywood crap

  • Bill Ding the constructor

    What a waste of money...not just for viewers but for the production studio. Harrible movie

  • dracul4u
    dracul4u 3 months ago

    wheres the soviet block east berlin in this movie...??

  • Thomas Crown
    Thomas Crown 3 months ago

    For a more truthful Berlin, go to Berlin. You’ll see. This is just Hollywood. Only setting is Berlin.

  • Kaumo Wammu
    Kaumo Wammu 3 months ago

    Man, I have to balance that out by doing a real movie about Berlin.

  • Erwin Martinez
    Erwin Martinez 3 months ago

    Next is London I love you

  • Tereza Frdlíková
    Tereza Frdlíková 3 months ago

    0:23 Ramsay Bolton? Dat you?

  • Chris S
    Chris S 4 months ago

    So ein scheißfilm. Peinlicher Quatsch.

  • Mark Curran
    Mark Curran 4 months ago +1

    This is the end #CapitalistRealism

  • Andreas Dietl
    Andreas Dietl 4 months ago

    why was it paris je t‘aime but not berlin ich liebe dich? fuck off americans and learn some motherfucking german. You don‘t know this city

  • Marc
    Marc 4 months ago +1

    OMG. Cringe...

  • Benjamin Flagg
    Benjamin Flagg 4 months ago +1

    Never been a big fan of tourism advertisements disguised as film...the whole “this city is magic” trope is just kinda grating, no matter the locale

  • Christopher Berndt
    Christopher Berndt 4 months ago

    oh, what a waste...

  • Adri morelos
    Adri morelos 4 months ago

    Dimash el mejor voz

  • maisie
    maisie 4 months ago

    I'm really confused

  • Vanessa und Max Hartmann

    guten morgen Berlin du kannst so hässlich sein

  • nadda
    nadda 4 months ago

    What a random cast

  • nyanity
    nyanity 4 months ago

    Didn't know berlin was this white lol. Of all the 10 stories ONE is about a person with a turkish background? Me and the other 95% turkish/arabic kids in my class are SHITTING OURSELVES

  • Phoebe Heess
    Phoebe Heess 4 months ago

    How on earth can you make a film about Berlin and use the Gummi Bears theme song as soundtrack? Better watch Berlin Calling

  • julia molloy
    julia molloy 5 months ago


  • PowerRanger83
    PowerRanger83 5 months ago

    Was das für'n Müll?

  • LoveWarrior1111
    LoveWarrior1111 5 months ago

    Anybody know the name of the song the lady with the red leather jacket sings at the end please 🙏🙏 Love that song!! Can't Shazam it 😔

  • Emma Darling
    Emma Darling 5 months ago

    ich liebe keira knightley aber was ist das für ein bullshit bitte

  • zitronentee
    zitronentee 5 months ago

    Der Himmel über Berlin?

  • The FBI & DOJ colluded to cover up hillary's crimes

    Germany has been invaded by the Muslims.
    This film tries to sanitize the horror of that invasion by embracing liberal multiculturalism and trying to sell it as something positive for Germany when it is tearing Germany apart from the inside.
    I'm not gonna waste my time or my money watching this Liberal propaganda

  • Nurul Hanifah
    Nurul Hanifah 5 months ago

    there is no Orlando Bloom,,that i know is Jim Sturgess

  • Anna P
    Anna P 5 months ago

    spent 4. days in Berlin.. in my eurotrip.. and yes- that was I got there-broken heart (6 months story) somewhere in Spandau, watching Berlin from the window of bmw i8 with that man who's 14-years older than me , citadel concert from the balcony, playing hide and seek in the holocaust monument, dancing on the square with the new aquantance, spending 2 nights in the western Berlin and one in the eastern.. eating pizza at night, trying to escape from dirty-talking migrants near the Dom .. drinking Moscow mule on the hotel with ruined church view... and everything wasn't planned.. accidenly .. riding bicycle and catching wrong trains.. Berlin is smh that inside of me. painful but liked it

  • Kristina Gavrilovic
    Kristina Gavrilovic 5 months ago +1

    Will and Elizabeth

  • A. B.
    A. B. 5 months ago

    As a person that was born in Berlin and spend most of its time here, i can say that everyone in Berlin will hate everyone that has anything to do with this movie. If u talk to anyone in Berlin, never mention that u were working on or in that movie. If you do the chance is high that u will be not able to enter any social life in Berlin. or u will be murdered. or both.

  • Jo'kel
    Jo'kel 5 months ago

    berlin is staying in kreuzberg the entire time and meeting with british people apparently xD

  • aydan khaliq
    aydan khaliq 6 months ago

    My favourite stop is schonhauser allee
    I also see kottbuser tor and mauer park

  • Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang
    Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang 6 months ago

    Mickey Rourke looks like Brad Pitt.

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius 6 months ago

    0:49 Shae driving around lord Bolton. I knew these two would survive the ordeal of season 8.

  • Matic Herzog
    Matic Herzog 6 months ago

    tony garn touching micky rourke is like an angel doing a backflip into a pile of horse shit. its ok but somehow doesnt seem right. whoever directed and casted this movie should be shot

  • Matic Herzog
    Matic Herzog 6 months ago +1

    I AM LOSING MY SHIIIIIITS ! i get one GoT actor but two ! ffs man

  • BenerLord
    BenerLord 6 months ago

    PC Capital.

  • BenerLord
    BenerLord 6 months ago

    In the end, the trailer really reflects the selfsabsorbtness of Berlin.

  • BenerLord
    BenerLord 6 months ago

    Snowflake Bullshit.

  • aquablushgirl
    aquablushgirl 6 months ago

    What a load of crap. Plus we are supposed to believe that Micky Rourke could pull Toni Garrn?? Please, only in another universe. Micky Rourke's face looks like it is melting and being pumped up simultaneously.

  • Chris Ridgers
    Chris Ridgers 6 months ago

    Went to Berlin once. Was cold.

  • speedfreed
    speedfreed 6 months ago

    Where is Mutti? Fake?!

  • scottbiz
    scottbiz 6 months ago

    i prefer RIO!

  • Ushito Oso
    Ushito Oso 6 months ago

    Another Hollywood leftist experiment filmed on location in Berlin: perhaps this way it will attract some viewers and it might not bomb

  • Spidy Killsomething.
    Spidy Killsomething. 6 months ago +1

    Song pls.???

  • Ethan
    Ethan 6 months ago

    I’ll tell you who needs a rebirth, the bad guy from iron man 2

  • Ny Shawol
    Ny Shawol 6 months ago

    is it out yet? I wanna watch it so bad because of Michi~ ToT aww his english is so cute~~~

  • Robert Crawford
    Robert Crawford 6 months ago

    Looks like insipid nonsense.

  • Husham Aljanabi
    Husham Aljanabi 6 months ago

    Berlin I Love You......Berlin The Place To Be!!!

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 6 months ago +1