Fox News CALLS OUT Trump Threat

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • Fox News calls out Trump threat. John Iadarola and Jayar Jackson break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook: TheDamageReportTYT/
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    "Fox News host Bret Baier said Friday that President Trump's tweet criticizing former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was "adding an article of impeachment real-time."
    "That was a turning point in this hearing so far," Baier said on Twitter of Trump's tweet.
    "She was already a sympathetic witness & the President’s tweet ripping her allowed Schiff to point it out real time characterizing it as witness tampering or intimidation -adding an article of impeachment real-time," he added.
    The host made similar comments during his network's broadcast.
    "This whole hearing turned on a dime when the president tweeted about her," Baier said. "During the questioning, Adam Schiff stopped the Democratic questioning to read the president's tweet to her and get her response.”"
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  • The Damage Report
    The Damage Report  22 days ago +109

    What are you thoughts on Trump real time attack on Yovanovitch? Leave a comment below.

    • Delete This
      Delete This 17 days ago

      @Emily Xiong do you have a job ? black unemployment is at an all time low. do you condone this kinda behavior ?

    • Emily Xiong
      Emily Xiong 17 days ago

      Amazing that Republicans would condone this sort of behavior. They were so triggered by every imagined slight that Obama supposedly implied in his speeches. They will continue to claim that they have the monopoly on patriotism and freedom. It's all a front and they know it. They've made it clear that they lust for authoritarianism. They've got no more credibility and no more rights to complain.

    • sneakydisco
      sneakydisco 20 days ago

      SHAMEUL AND DISGRACEFUL, now he is starting on Jennifer Willaims . he's a POS.

    • vonsuthoff
      vonsuthoff 20 days ago

      *Trump is such a pathetic, thin skinned little man. Everything big and small gets to him. This is a sign of MASSIVE INSECURITY!*

    • WickedKingLycoan
      WickedKingLycoan 20 days ago

      T B: He’s not a mob boss. Mob bosses know when to keep their mouths shut. trump is just an idiot, blithely committing crimes while his impeachment hearings are going on.

  • Gilda Provenzano
    Gilda Provenzano 11 days ago +1

    Which one?

  • Ron Wright
    Ron Wright 12 days ago +3

    Trump thinks hitler was framed !

  • Mike Neumann
    Mike Neumann 14 days ago +1

    Thank God for tweeting

  • Mike Neumann
    Mike Neumann 14 days ago +1

    I love it. Keep it up me Trump. We support you.

    • William Gleaton
      William Gleaton 10 days ago

      Yo! MIKE are you willing to die or go to prison for him too,if so your a bigger idiot than we all thought you were reading your post.

  • Salariatus Dunbauld
    Salariatus Dunbauld 15 days ago +2

    if Trump had his way we would live in a dictator ship. He must go.

  • bboyjunyor
    bboyjunyor 16 days ago +1

    As much as the democrats are right with this one... their way of overreacting to this... making everything too dramatic.. does not help!

    • Gilda Provenzano
      Gilda Provenzano 11 days ago

      You are an imbecile. THIS IS INTIMIDATION. But she will not be bullied. More balls than twat in chief.

  • sognodiangeli
    sognodiangeli 17 days ago +2

    The hell do you mean "what did you think it meant?"
    He's about to give me a pay rise? For real? What else could it mean other than some really unpleasant things are about to happen to her?

  • Jose Melendez
    Jose Melendez 17 days ago +3

    Now I understand why Trump's loves his crowd
    He said that he loves especially the uneducated,lol

  • Larry Suhre
    Larry Suhre 18 days ago +4

    It's hard to believe that someone this ignorant could be elected President. Maker of the deal my ass. He hasn't made a good since he was elected 2 1/2 years ago,

    • Dave Rivers
      Dave Rivers 17 days ago +1

      Larry Suhre : That book was written by someone else, and Trump just put forth his ideas to be written more intelligently and presented in a more organized fashion. He can't write a book on his own. #tuppet

  • 1Lifeonearth
    1Lifeonearth 18 days ago

    i like at the end when john turns into the revenant

  • basher basher
    basher basher 18 days ago +7

    Trump is going to go through some things.

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  • Lisa Lotwin
    Lisa Lotwin 18 days ago +2

    The GOP is drowning and Trump is throwing them an anchor. Save the GOP and cut the albatross off their backs. Save our democracy.

  • To bad so sad
    To bad so sad 19 days ago +1

    Of course this comment section is full of lying scumbag useless marginal human being Democrats. So here is a bit of enlightenment for all you idiots, the President is a person and a citizen and as such he is no different than any of the rest of us (Democrats being the exception) he has the right to get pissed, he has the right to feel hurt, and he has the right to express his opinion just like every one else. For anyone to think that 'Yovanovitch' should have been treated any differently for what reason, because she is a woman, well boo hoo, she got her feelings hurt, so what! Again, Trump has the right to say what he wants, yes sometimes its crass and hurtful, but its his right to be that way. So get over it, grow up and move on.

    • Gilda Provenzano
      Gilda Provenzano 11 days ago

      ROTFL!!! TrumpTURD traitors on here are unhinging like your twat in chief.Too bad. So sad. Tissues?

    • LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté
      LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté 13 days ago +1

      Gee, and here I thought our leaders are supposed to be held to higher standards as they are supposed to represent our best. And, nor for nothing, get upset and mad yes, broadcast it in such a manner, I thought we are supposed to be raised better than that.... Ahem...

    • chris williams
      chris williams 18 days ago +2

      To bad so sad Awww - did someone upset your precious president?
      He can do what he likes? He’s the leader of the 2nd largest superpower on earth - he needs to act like it
      You seem very happy to dis democrats as not human - immediately after saying that Trump is just the same as us - but you seem happy to forgive his behaviour and inept leadership
      You have bought the Trump lie hook, line and sinker. Do you think that once he’s out of office he would even piss on you if you were on fire?
      Keep believing his lies fool

    • Sam Sabet's Video's
      Sam Sabet's Video's 18 days ago +1

      OK Comrad

    • Miguel Villa
      Miguel Villa 18 days ago +1

      I have the right to laugh

  • dennis bay
    dennis bay 19 days ago +4

    Ever Trumpers.. will love him forever and ever and ever, no matter what... Turns out the "Deep State" are career diplomats who work for the country and not parties and therefore are not Ever Trumpers .. Apparently If you not an Ever Trumper that automatically makes you a Never Trumper.. that is the mind of the insane and paranoid really. It is sickening to listen to the insane rambling of the Ever Trumpers .. please just do the country a favor and talk your baby boy into resigning ... you can still love him, just leave the rest of of out of it... thanks.

  • Mary Wright
    Mary Wright 19 days ago +7

    Did Mr Jordan's mother drop him on his head?

    • dana375
      dana375 18 days ago +1

      Mary Wright : As wrong as it seems, she didn't drop him. She spiked him like a football.

    • Glass Monkey
      Glass Monkey 19 days ago +1

      He wasn’t born he was hatched from a turd egg

  • Monkey TIme
    Monkey TIme 19 days ago +3

    John has always been the level headed one among TYT. Like the sane guy in the room when Cenk and Anna go off the deep end.

  • nirispa12
    nirispa12 19 days ago +3

    Take a deep breath......close your eyes........NOW.......pretend you have been lost in the Woods for 4 years. You come back to civilization and start watching the news. Would you ever in a million years think that this mess was possible? That we would go from a rational, dignified President to this......thing......with a bunch of mob brothers in the administration? Even people who disliked President Obama (gulp) have to admit that the current administration is spreading the s%;t around and wading knee deep. tRump deserves everything he has worked to achieve. Hope they give him gold-plated handcuffs that turn his wrists green. Green and orange go together!

  • Jim L
    Jim L 19 days ago +3

    I believe Don Don is going through some thing right panic mode.

  • Long duk dong
    Long duk dong 19 days ago +4

    Didn't Jim Jordan look the other way as 100s of boys were raped? Good ole family values party.

  • Gia Scott-Heron
    Gia Scott-Heron 19 days ago +8

    If it was such a "perfect" call, why tweet about someone who's been called to testify against you, WHILE they're testifying against you!?! That's STOP IMPLICATING YOURSELF 101!!

  • James Curry
    James Curry 19 days ago +2

    They give Trump good advise because they know he will do the opposite.
    He has to be the easiest "gotcha" victim in the country.
    Everybody, I mean everybody: "we are going to trick him by telling him the truf"

    NUNYA EFIN BIZ 19 days ago +2


  • Carol Norton
    Carol Norton 19 days ago +5

    And he is too damned stupid to stop.

  • Con Pham
    Con Pham 19 days ago +6

    Mob talk Mob work

  • Russell Ames
    Russell Ames 19 days ago +11

    Most accurate statement of all impeachment coverage = "Jim Jordan is as dumb as he looks."

    • 1849g chukma
      1849g chukma 18 days ago

      Jim Jordan's only qualifications for the office he was elected to is that he has vast knowledge about smelly crotches and arm pits. Don't ask him if he was a patient of the Doctor in the Athletic Department at OSU.

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia 19 days ago +2


    • Andrew Garcia
      Andrew Garcia 18 days ago +1

      @King Kold You're a Dragon Ball Z fan, but I'm the idiot? LMFAO! SMH

    • Andrew Garcia
      Andrew Garcia 18 days ago +1

      @King Kold Good for you Goku.

    • King Kold
      King Kold 18 days ago

      @Andrew Garcia and i'm laughing cause you sound like an idiot!🤣

    • King Kold
      King Kold 18 days ago

      @Andrew Garcia i'm a DragonBall Z fan.

    • Luis Odriozola
      Luis Odriozola 19 days ago

      Stupid as he sounds...

  • Political Toast
    Political Toast 19 days ago +6

    The GOP, once the party that loved law and order now knows nothing of order and everything about breaking the law!

  • Dodgy Trump
    Dodgy Trump 19 days ago +5

    Yes, tRump intimidated a witness so what is America gonna do about it ‘coz I don’t see anything being done...just chatter.

    • Tim THE F WORD Johnston
      Tim THE F WORD Johnston 19 days ago


  • evjay
    evjay 20 days ago +5

    One word, "Covfefe"

  • kevin wh
    kevin wh 20 days ago +7

    With the mob of fanatics that worship the dear leader I would be alarmed!

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law 20 days ago +6

    If things were reversed, and say. Obama tweeted during a hearing, Republicans would have brought him bodily to the hearing.

    • TheTruthMatters!
      TheTruthMatters! 20 days ago

      Lindalee RepubliKKKans would have been swinging from the trees!

  • Alonzo Castoire
    Alonzo Castoire 20 days ago +4

    I guarantee once Trump leaves office he'll be pardoned but mark my words he will be put in handcuffs along with the rest of those who broke the law.

    • Hyman O'Cohann
      Hyman O'Cohann 19 days ago

      He'll hide with is whole clan in Israel he's been bought.

  • Huib Wetzel
    Huib Wetzel 20 days ago


  • David Rogers
    David Rogers 20 days ago +12

    Strong women intimidate Donald Trump..... poor guy he's weak and he has very tiny hands

    • David Rogers
      David Rogers 19 days ago

      @Delete This personally I don't know any

    • Delete This
      Delete This 19 days ago

      how many weak women are there ?

    • TheTruthMatters!
      TheTruthMatters! 20 days ago +1

      Drumpf has mommy issues. Hence he hatred for all women.

  • johnpro2
    johnpro2 20 days ago +6

    Donald the Fox considers the law applies to others.. .he can raid the hen coop whenever he likes.

  • Wohooo
    Wohooo 20 days ago +6

    Jim Jordan is slightly more annoying than jar jar binks

    • TheTruthMatters!
      TheTruthMatters! 20 days ago

      Jim Scumbag Jordan in his shirt sleeves is very PUNCHABLE!

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 20 days ago +9

    Jim Jordan Captain Enabler

  • Kim Vasconez
    Kim Vasconez 20 days ago +7

    Jim Jordan is Joe Paterno to Jerry Sandusky...we all know how that story ended. Paterno, regardless of his historic records, was held accountable for Sandusky’s behavior after it was brought to Paterno’s attention. This may be Jordan’s swan song with Congress so he is trying to get many shots in now to divert attention from his own scandal. It is sad that he is abusing highly professional Security, Military and foreign service professionals to avoid attention to himself. Trump has disrespected and tried to discredit US intelligence offices, State and USAID officers, and military brass and rank and file since the beginning of his term. Is it any surprise that these career Feds who take pride in representing the USG are ignoring White House and their political appointees’ directives to ignore subpoenas to appear before Congress?

  • Intercat
    Intercat 20 days ago +7

    It was important to have the Ambassador state that she felt "threatened". That is a key to victim intimidation, and we have now skipped the Republican game of it-didn't-count-because-she's-too-tough. It wasn't a stupid question; it was careful, specific documentation.

  • buddyrichable1
    buddyrichable1 20 days ago +9

    It’s bad enough that you have a pathological criminal in the White House.
    The real issue here is that you’ve had this pathological criminal in the White House for three years.
    By that I mean, nothing has been done about it, and people are still defending him. That is astonishing.
    He is a Russian asset, extorting foreign governments, while running a for profit Presidency and threatening and slandering dedicated government employees.
    People around the world are waiting for Americans to do something to stop this insanity, but this lunatic may run for another four years.
    News flash.... you won’t survive another four years as “America.”

    • TheTruthMatters!
      TheTruthMatters! 20 days ago +1

      Buddyrichable In three words (republiKKKan corrupt Senate) is why the orange Nazi has lasted this long.

  • Burnell Browne
    Burnell Browne 20 days ago +7

    trump has a habit of finger pointing and bully tactics life long. and still today

  • Kathy Goodwin
    Kathy Goodwin 20 days ago +12

    He’s so fu*king stupid!! Baby boy Tiny Hands is a big fat bully!!

  • First Lady
    First Lady 20 days ago +6

    When Fox calls you out, you need to stand at attention! There is so much corruption in this capitalistic government, American's need to wake up!!!

  • Washademoak
    Washademoak 20 days ago +8

    To the "always trumpers" that say "because he tweeted while the hearing was in progress there is no threat, she would not have known if Schiff hadn't told her."
    They do take breaks, chances are very good that she would have found out before she was done testifying. After all, it's not everyday that you get personally slammed by the President of the united States

    • TheTruthMatters!
      TheTruthMatters! 20 days ago +1

      Correction - the "President" of the United Knuckle-draggers of the Un-United States.

  • HoshiReed
    HoshiReed 20 days ago +3

    Don't forget that this is NOT just the President. This is a buddy of Putin. Or have we forgotten Ruslan Israpilov, Abdulwahid Edelgiriev, Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev (an Acting President), Berg-Haj Musaev, Rustam Altemirov, Zaurbek Amriev, Abdullah Bukhari, Zelimkhan Khangoshvili and Sergei Skripal.

  • Ricky B Buffalo
    Ricky B Buffalo 20 days ago +3

    Donald Trump reminds me a movie Mafia boss lol. Like how in the world do people think Donald Trump is a good person sure he might of did some decent things for America but most of the time he's lying about something lol. And I'm guessing the 40% who don't think he did anything wrong are the White Supremacist and Trump's Criminals lol.

    • TheTruthMatters!
      TheTruthMatters! 20 days ago

      Ricky Wait, t-rump did some decent things for America? t-rump never did one decent thing in his entire worthless money-grubbing life.

  • Frank Chase
    Frank Chase 20 days ago +10

    In my 67 years, I have often disliked Republican presidents because of their policies, but I could never imagine a man who would threaten a woman who gave 33 years of her life to public service. You crazy fucking 46% have put a crime-boss in the oval office. The founding fathers are spinning in their graves. Hopefully, Donald Trump joins them soon. "Sic Semper Tyrannis". Choke on a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken!

    • Frank Chase
      Frank Chase 18 days ago

      Thanks, I just wish that I could be a bone in his KFC.

    • TheTruthMatters!
      TheTruthMatters! 20 days ago +1

      Frank Chase Very well said.

  • JanusAtTheGate
    JanusAtTheGate 20 days ago +5

    Trump can't stop talking. And he can't do any work. The only work he knows is ways to fuck with people.

    • TheTruthMatters!
      TheTruthMatters! 20 days ago

      It is a lot of work though to haul his fat out-of-shape ass around a golf course, though.

  • Steven
    Steven 20 days ago +7

    Wouldn't you feel threatened like come on a lady with a superior record of standing for integrity my question is when the hell is America going to stand up ...grow some balls and get rid of all the disease of this presidency soon before the Russian flag flies in America and threat is a threat ..

    • TheTruthMatters!
      TheTruthMatters! 20 days ago

      Steven Just as soon as we VOTE OUT the corrupt RepubliKKkan Senate.

  • Mister Grizz
    Mister Grizz 20 days ago +2

    i'm a never trumper and trump supporter are >>

    • TheTruthMatters!
      TheTruthMatters! 20 days ago +1

      @Washademoak I call them t-rumpturds.

    • Mister Grizz
      Mister Grizz 20 days ago

      @Washademoak i call them

  • Tina Saenger
    Tina Saenger 20 days ago +12

    And people still support him. Unbelievable.

  • frank magadan
    frank magadan 20 days ago +9

    Jordan and Trump = dumb and dumber

    • Sonny Kelley
      Sonny Kelley 8 days ago

      Democrats are the bigges idiots on the face of the earth , nothing bunch of low life scum bags

    • TheTruthMatters!
      TheTruthMatters! 20 days ago +1

      frank Not to forget Ms. Lindsey and that trust-fund baby, Matt Gaetz.

  • Philip Young
    Philip Young 20 days ago +7

    I continue to remain appalled and oddly entertained by the fact that these people (Jordan, Trump, et al) are ELECTED officials. Think on that for a while....millions of people thought these cretins were worthy to lead. They are not the dumbest people in the room, sadly.

  • pearlgarden29
    pearlgarden29 20 days ago +1

    Well, trump should say please remember my buddy is MBS, “Ouch”.

    IMSPECIAL2 20 days ago +6

    Jimmy boy, Jordan seems to think yelling and having a temper tantrum will intimidate others. He acts likes #45. Two stupid peas in a pod. Ijs 🤔

  • rich dunn
    rich dunn 20 days ago +10

    Why is nobody talking about Jordan shielding a pedophile team doctor he worked with (covered for)?

    • Intercat
      Intercat 20 days ago +1

      Where have you been? If you listen to mainstream news, as do the rest of us, etc.

    • Judy Hayden
      Judy Hayden 20 days ago +2

      Amen! He is a pedofile enabler!!!

  • Joann Pasco
    Joann Pasco 20 days ago +8

    Trump rallies: FACT -- participants very well PAID!!

    • TheTruthMatters!
      TheTruthMatters! 20 days ago

      T-rump Nazi rallies = underpaid shills from Central Casting.

    • Tolu Osinowo
      Tolu Osinowo 20 days ago

      Joann Pasco bc a corrupt lawless president is much more serious.

  • Rita Boskovski
    Rita Boskovski 21 day ago +6

    This is just shameful & sad... how extensive the corruption truly is in this gov't.

    • Ice 247
      Ice 247 20 days ago

      Jacob Thomas Nope.

    • Jacob Thomas
      Jacob Thomas 20 days ago

      Yeah thank god for trump he will win