Secrets of the Kerbal Space Program 2 User Interface Revealed

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • I got a glimpse of the new interface while visiting the developers of Kerbal Space Program 2. Here's my take on what this could mean for the game.
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Comments • 453

  • ShadowZone
    ShadowZone  Month ago +362

    Just to be clear and to avoid confusion: As I state in the video, the UI you can see here was made by myself in photoshop based on my memory of seeing the real thing and sketches I did in a notebook. The real UI will look a lot better, this is just to give you an idea of what's going to be where.
    I am no Photoshop specialist, so the mockup you see is rather crude.

    • The_Blazer
      The_Blazer 28 days ago

      "No pictures no film please"
      -> TVclipr immediately rediscovers the good ol' art of courtroom sketches.
      Great job!

    • Michael Werle
      Michael Werle Month ago +2

      @Ive Harzing While I'm not against revamping the UI to improve usability I do somewhat agree with @ted cameron. The bits that had me really concerned was the insinuation that the new game might no longer require right-click (dumbed-down for mobile) as well as the on-screen "GO" button.
      Yes the KSP interface is complex. But it's a complex game. Some games should NOT be ported to console/portable as-is. Some games should be left as PC games, and separate "light" versions created for less capable interfaces, instead of dumbing down the entire game so it can run on the lowest common denominator. You don't get Microsoft Flight Simulator on console either, do you?
      There's just some games which are eminently suited to consoles, and other games more suited to PC. What is it with the current craze to try to shoehorn everything everywhere? Not just games, but applications as well. Dumbed-down user interfaces are everywhere now and getting in the way of productively working on capable machines.
      One good example of this is Elite Dangerous; the UI has made some very questionable choices in recent updates, mostly, it seems, to accommodate more casual players and especially console players. Great, fantastic, except these things are not optional and forced on competent gamers with high resolution displays as well. We now get garish consoley popups everywhere in huge fonts reminding us of keypresses and silly status updates which are perfectly visible in other displays already. While not quite completely dumbed down yet, it's certainly moving further and further away from "sim" and towards "console shooter".

    • Byto333
      Byto333 Month ago +1

      It's an interesting topic because the navball in the bottom center does definitely get in the way (on landing), but moving it to the side then feels like its not prominent enough. I don't really think its a big deal either way tho, you already look at the bottom left for fuel levels/deltaV for staging. Also how often do you guys just click the navigational direction next to the navball and just watch the speed instead? Because that's very often for me.
      PS @Ted Cameron
      You losing your mind is hilarious. Muscle memory can be retrained in like a week so if you were really going to play KSP2 for years then that 1 week is not even a drop in the bucket. Plus I'm sure its all gonna be customizable and moddable to create every different desired effect.

    • Łukasz Sypień
      Łukasz Sypień Month ago +1

      I think this information should be placed in the video. With all respect to Your work, someone might think the whole game is a crude sketch of KSP 1. Moreover If the intention of this video is to show the UI, then I think the look of it is just as important as the layout.

    • Victor Sundström
      Victor Sundström Month ago +3

      @Ted Cameron What the hell did this come from, you haven't even played the fucking game so why are you just going in with a mindset that wasn't even set up in the first fucking place. He never said that Loot boxes was cool and should be in everything, he never said it was ok to lock going to other solar systems behind DLC or extra payment. And are you for fucking real, just listen to me for a moment, *changes are not always bad,* moving around the ui wont make your world fucking explode you'll probably get used to it in a couple of hours. And are you seriously judging the developers completely just because of a fucking ui change, you've probably never even listened to a single interview, because apperently you have a third fucking eye 'cause of what I've heard the developers are trying to find what made Ksp special in the first place, and mixing it in with Star Wars is just so dumb... so dumb. But if you're so up in arms just because of a ui change that apperently made you think the game will be shit then go ahead, the majority of the fanbase is probably happy about seeing more of the game they love.

  • Isaiah Belter
    Isaiah Belter Day ago

    I'm honestly excited. KSP was the first steam game I ever bought. Probably way back in 2012. Not entirely sure about that though. I remember playing the demo version of this awful laptop that would heat up like crazy and was barely able to run the game.

  • Orignal User
    Orignal User 3 days ago +1

    If you watch the Developer Story Trailer at 3:04 you can see the UI unobstructed! GO GO GO!

  • Lukas Mcath
    Lukas Mcath 6 days ago

    this UI look too much pre Alpha to bother with it ... bu of coarse, thx a lot for your work :) Dam I would love so much to be at that expo just for KSP 2

  • Eternally Angelic
    Eternally Angelic 6 days ago

    Having to look at more things to figure out your orientation, speed, angle, etc. is NOT simplifying it... The old way of doing it I think is much easier for new people.. You could see the orientations still on the nav ball, and all you had to do was spin your ship until it was dead center on the nav ball.. how is that not simple as hell already?

  • Seal Lord
    Seal Lord 7 days ago

    I hope they at least have an option to make it more skeuomorphic I think alot of the games personality came from the UI and is one of the reason KSP is more enjoyable than simple rockets 2.

  • The Taco Boy
    The Taco Boy 8 days ago

    The orientation stuff by the navball May be new sas target thing, notice how to sas orientation things aren’t by the navball like they were in ksp 1. The middle ship could be normal stability assist while the blue thing at the bottom could be target, everything else we know what it’s gonna be

  • Snazzie
    Snazzie 9 days ago +1

    I think you're over-analyzing the demo UI just a bit lmao. doubt the final UI will look like that.

  • Jmcgee1125
    Jmcgee1125 10 days ago

    2:49 I feel like this is more a fact that it's a simpler version for early development. I wouldn't be surprised if we get some nicer 3d effects later. Wonder if they might have a button for "retro navball," would be cool.

  • Spectrumen Dretrame
    Spectrumen Dretrame 17 days ago

    Wait. A. Ding. Dong. Moment. I see the exhaust of the rocket as 2d, wouldn't a new graphics process be more 3d compared to ksp1?

  • Elios0000
    Elios0000 17 days ago

    hud looks awfull if thats the changes they made number 1 mod will be changing the hud back to KSP1

  • Prototype Drakon
    Prototype Drakon 18 days ago

    I liked the old UIs 3D affect...I dont like the flat feel of the new UI.....

  • Koplj Polk
    Koplj Polk 18 days ago

    I really loved the cartoony look of the old kerbals :/

  • TOMO
    TOMO 19 days ago

    The ui looks older and more bad

  • Bernhard Blietz
    Bernhard Blietz 19 days ago

    I liked the Navball...

  • MiloTheSwift
    MiloTheSwift 20 days ago


  • Cheapfridays
    Cheapfridays 21 day ago

    oh god please never make this game with mobile players in mind.

  • Trash User
    Trash User 21 day ago

    *Simple planes and kerbal space program mixes*
    *Simple rockets 2 appear*
    Ksp: Im thinking about adoption
    *ksp 2 appears*
    Ksp: perfect

  • FlexZ
    FlexZ 22 days ago

    That's just an alpha, don't worry

  • Pinochet
    Pinochet 22 days ago

    This will be a Brave New World

  • Struan Robertson
    Struan Robertson 23 days ago

    I do like the new look they want to go for but still hope for a "classic layout" option where I can have them in the same pos as ksp2, plus, was there an atmosphere meter like in ksp 1 below altitude?

  • Daniel s
    Daniel s 23 days ago

    i like it

  • 1320crusier
    1320crusier 25 days ago

    While it has some nice touches.. the original UI is much less intrusive than this newer one is.

  • Михаил Костин

    Regarding the thing next to the navball. Maybe he just got it wrong. If you look at it at 0:41 it looks different and I suspect it might be for setting up maneuver nodes.

  • Placeholder
    Placeholder 27 days ago

    4:34 you forgot that multiplayer inclusion requires timewarp to function differently

  • George Ch
    George Ch 28 days ago

    KSP2 on the switch maybe?

  • Coffeezombie Great
    Coffeezombie Great 28 days ago

    Ray tacing? ... it will be super cool if RT is supported!

  • Nick
    Nick 28 days ago

    that looks like temporary art for prototyping, I highly doubt it's final

  • Ossy Koi
    Ossy Koi 29 days ago

    I don't really know what to think about the new ui at this moment. I'm sure that once I actually get to play the game, I'll like it a lot, but at this moment all that I can go off of is KSP. I feel like the nav ball should be in the centre, and that the addition of the new nav direction could be useful, but it wouldn't change much for me personally. The only issue I've ever had with the nav ball is that sometimes it might take a few seconds to orientate my ship towards the node that I want, and honestly, I don't think that adding a nav direction guidance would really help with that since human minds struggle to easily orientate themselves in a 3D environment in simulation. 2D is very easy, but in 3D I think that the new nav direction guidance would be quite confusing.

    Once again I'm personally biased towards the current KSP ui mainly because it's the only version that I've seen. I'm sure that once KSP2 releases and people get to feel the game out a little bit, people will comment more about how they think that changes are, and the devs will surely change accordingly should it be within their power to do so. I'm currently fine with the position of everything in KSP and without testing out the KSP2 system, I can't really judge.

  • Patrick Engelman
    Patrick Engelman 29 days ago

    I am worried that they are focusing on console playability, I find that any simplied console-friendly UI makes games garbage on PC. KSP should be PC only so that it can take full advantage of the keyboard / other resources that a PC has


    Simplerockets 2= i am inavitable
    Ksp2= i am KSP2

  • vortex Entertainment
    vortex Entertainment 29 days ago

    I like this new readout and all but I hope they have the classic readout in the options.

  • James Burleson
    James Burleson 29 days ago

    I expect modders to give me the old UI back.

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown 29 days ago

    the orientation indicator would be more intuitive than interpreting the navball markers, even for experienced players I think

  • Kinvert
    Kinvert 29 days ago

    I rely on finding my shadow when propulsively landing. Putting all this on the bottom could make that harder.

  • Insertfunnynamehere 56

    The navball just doesn’t look right. It’s looks to flat and it has a lot of thing in it. I’m fine with the new GUI but they need to change the navball. The throttle bar is to small also

  • iliketrains0pwned
    iliketrains0pwned 29 days ago

    So about the time warp, did you get any info on how it's supposed to be implemented to work with multiplayer? I remember that was probably the biggest hurdle that got in the way of putting it in KSP1, and the mods that did figure it out had all sorts of ways to get around it.

    • Claire Rostron
      Claire Rostron 9 days ago

      The model I hope they go for is that multiplayer time warp = the lowest setting that any of the players has selected. A chat bar could allow the necessary cooperation.

  • Aaron .J
    Aaron .J 29 days ago

    My question is, will it be worth the $60 for admission? That's Triple A game title pricing, so for essentially a glorified Indie game, I'm skeptical that its price is worth it.

  • noreaction
    noreaction 29 days ago

    Will there be Lagrange points?

  • Cole Smith
    Cole Smith Month ago

    I hope they have an option to just have the flight instrument layout. I don’t like the orientation indicator since I know how to use the navy ball.

    DATAxPUNGED Month ago

    I always disliked the skeuphormism, im happy thst theyre gonna change it

  • Kim Christensen
    Kim Christensen Month ago

    I really think that they should keep a 3d-ish NavBall. We are after all, trying to orient our craft in 3d space. Making it "flat" is just silly in my opinion.

  • James Walker
    James Walker Month ago

    Thank you for the rough sketch of the new controls

  • Meža animācijas studija

    I like the current navball, its vusable well and shows all the needed info on it

  • making in China
    making in China Month ago

    I'd rather use the old one just because of the nav ball

  • making in China
    making in China Month ago

    The flat navball looks like shit

  • turtle2720
    turtle2720 Month ago

    What do I think? 3:40 Moar struts! Look at those boosters buckling under the strain... totally Kerbal!

  • Jim Raynor
    Jim Raynor Month ago

    imo the old HUD looks better

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Not a huge fan of the new UI, Prefer the old one.

  • SpaceSanctum
    SpaceSanctum Month ago

    The UI looks really bad, like something you'd find in a mobile game knockoff

  • Holy Ravioli
    Holy Ravioli Month ago

    I feel like the UI takes up too much space.

  • Kerbal Space Institute

    How about an alarm clock/calendar for maneuver nodes?
    Obviously while running multiple missions lasting weeks or months it's easy to overlook when a particular maneuver node is coming up. Will a calendar be included in KSP 2?

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M Month ago

    I want the original nav ball

  • Perigee 400km
    Perigee 400km Month ago

    Those UI looks like mobile game

  • Billy A
    Billy A Month ago

    I really hope they at least add a 3d navball option.

  • witzaza Thailand
    witzaza Thailand Month ago

    Good game

  • allmhuran
    allmhuran Month ago

    In all likelihood a mod will be out within weeks of release to allow us to move elements around if the dev's don't do this themselves :D

  • Harold Weaver Smith

    You can already choose to position the navball to one side of the screen in KSP 1. I used to do it routinely, to make the clear area in the middle of the screen as deep as possible so I could see what was going on during landings.

  • Frozander
    Frozander Month ago

    I really hope "extensive modding capabilities" will let us change all this. Because I really do not like this at all

  • avaescaner
    avaescaner Month ago

    The only thing bad about the old interface was the altitude and vertical speed that far away from the main instruments: nav ball and speed. The rest of the indications are secondary and can be further away. I very much prefer the old one and a KER HUD with my altitude to the right of the nav ball. Putting the time acceleration in the most prominent place is just stupid. They should have done navball in the middle (or close to it if they don't want to hide the spaceship behind it) with speed to its left and altitude to its right. That is the standard on Earth and should be the standard on Kerbin because those are the most important instruments here and there.