How far will Mexico go at 2018 World Cup after beating South Korea? | ESPN


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  • unicorn angle 2
    unicorn angle 2 4 days ago

    I'm a Mexican andbim very mad that Brazil won mexico that's why I hate Brazil mexico o better

  • Giulia Nasc
    Giulia Nasc 16 days ago

    Not that far since they lost to Brazil

  • Jose Ortiz!
    Jose Ortiz! 17 days ago


  • Homeless Clown
    Homeless Clown 17 days ago

    They gping against brazil

  • Bony the doge
    Bony the doge 19 days ago


  • Ida !
    Ida ! 20 days ago


  • Johnny Umo
    Johnny Umo 22 days ago


  • Nestor Pelayo
    Nestor Pelayo 22 days ago

    With Mexico getting their overconfident asses handed to them by Sweden 3-0 (possibly 4), they're going to place second and are going to bet beaten 3-1 by Brazil in the Sweet 16, I'd say it's pretty laughable to assume they would win the Sweet 16, let alonr the cup. Especially when a cute little monster somewhere in the torunament named "Belgium" is the #1 contender for winning cup.

  • Anthony Vasquez
    Anthony Vasquez 22 days ago

    Mexico is losing 3-0 to Sweden lol I told everyone they tend to choke cx

  • reborn756
    reborn756 22 days ago

    I'd be surprised if SK gets to the next round xD

  • Edwin lopez
    Edwin lopez 23 days ago

    Mexico 3 - 0. 1 autogoal from Sweden. 1 goal from chicha and 1 from chucky.

  • Martin Ayala
    Martin Ayala 23 days ago

    I could see them going as far as quarter finals

  • L.A. PARK
    L.A. PARK 23 days ago

    Mexico will loose.

  • Mega Noob
    Mega Noob 23 days ago

    These dumb asses said they basically winning with hard work no talent 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 pinches weros ijos de su puta perra madre se la pelan a los Mexicanos

  • 069220
    069220 23 days ago +2

    Congrats Mexico, you're doing great! 🇨🇦

  • Twizted Dezign
    Twizted Dezign 24 days ago

    México was eliminated by Korea's goal. Mark my words. Nothing will be different for Mexico this time around. They are cursed until the end of time.

  • MickyAvStickyHands
    MickyAvStickyHands 24 days ago

    I kind of hate that they're doing good. Bad timing. They have Amlo a week away from possibly becoming president. Mexico needs to focus to keep that guy out. That guy is all the bullshit talk of Trump with all the impossible financial promises of Sanders/Chavez combined. And when Mexico is playing well, the people tend not to give a shit about politics. I lived there long enough to see it with my own eyes.

  • angel lopez
    angel lopez 24 days ago

    Mexico wins the 2018 World cup. (: I just came back from the future soo I know. Haha

  • Omar
    Omar 24 days ago

    Sweden will be their last game.

  • Jovana Sanchez
    Jovana Sanchez 24 days ago +1

    ...Hoping The Simpsons is correct in this World Cup and we see a Mexico/Portugal final.

  • Where Are You Now
    Where Are You Now 24 days ago

    USA better ! 😤

  • Melissa Sanchez
    Melissa Sanchez 24 days ago +3

    Thats what they all said when Mexico was going to play Germany. That we weren't going to win. now LOOK. Don't be determining the future lol anything can happen in soccer!!!!

  • Myra Gomez
    Myra Gomez 24 days ago

    Everyone likes to talk shit about MEXICO haters gonna hate I hope Mexico wins so all the haters can stfu GO MEXICO!!! 🇲🇽

  • culuri crystal
    culuri crystal 24 days ago

    Mexico out of stadium

  • Anthony Vasquez
    Anthony Vasquez 24 days ago +1

    Lol they're not gonna go far tbh they tend to choke alot when they are Winning like this happened in the past world cups. But if they do go far respect/ congrats to them .

  • Viva México!
    Viva México! 24 days ago

    All the way baby!!!

  • Ruben T
    Ruben T 24 days ago

    They'll exit at the Round of 16, like they always do.

  • Miguel Abrego
    Miguel Abrego 24 days ago

    This prick said Mexico wouldn't even make it out of the group.. now he's eating those words. I swear these pundits are a bunch of fucking retards.

  • cecil rhodes
    cecil rhodes 24 days ago

    Mexico will always be in my heart but if they play against Brazil or France I'm switching sides

  • Lil Bitty Whores
    Lil Bitty Whores 24 days ago +3

    I dead ass thought South Korea was gonna catch up Wish then the best against Germany 🙏

    • jet44444
      jet44444 22 days ago

      Lil Bitty Whores Germany is out for blood. Going to be tough af.

  • Ivan Gonzales
    Ivan Gonzales 24 days ago

    who cares really ? way better than last world cup imo, and we already beat Germany 1-0 , Im already happy for my country, ps. Belgium is a straight threat especially with Romelu 😎

  • Raul Llamas
    Raul Llamas 24 days ago

    Rafa marques subbing In will be there kryptonite he is to old and slow

  • Miguel cortes
    Miguel cortes 24 days ago +1

    Mexico vs Sweden 3-2 you heard here first

  • NFL Superfan
    NFL Superfan 24 days ago

    Them making the infamous 5th game is good enough for me. Also, que change su madre el America

  • Poe Moe
    Poe Moe 24 days ago

    Analist is being accurated

  • Balti R
    Balti R 24 days ago

    Vamos Mexico🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽


    Mexico vs Colombia in the final will be a spectacle

  • PokeGMaestro! !
    PokeGMaestro! ! 24 days ago

    Semifinal games:
    Netherland vs. Italy
    USA vs. Chile

  • Ezekiel's landscaping barraza

    We have to wait and see don't we.

  • gaming threats
    gaming threats 24 days ago


  • Aces4433
    Aces4433 24 days ago

    This guy said it Chuky on the field means México has a chance but there is no more ceiling for México. . . They have the quality and surprisingly enough Vela has stepped his game up tremendously. . . That midfield is looking beastly and Herrera has yet to play lights out. . . Chuky will have a break out game and Memo is looking more solid than ever. . . Gallardo is probably the biggest surprise on defense and has been bossing that Left Back side since the first whistle. . . I'd like to see Ayala back at Right Center Back and Salcedo at Right Back they both played excellent there and Moreno seemed to play better alongside Ayala. . . Salcedo dominated the Right Back position against Germany and Edson Álvarez is always a great sub for a more defensive set México in the second half. . . México can make it to the final if they play lights out every game as they have these first two. . . Supreme ball control, ball movement and keeping Rafa on the bench. . .

  • Cam
    Cam 24 days ago

    I don't know that's why they play the fucking games. Brazil, Spain & Germany all still big favorites. Belgium and France not far behind THEN I think teams like Mexico, England, Croatia, Portugal, Colombia all have similar chances. Depending on the seeding, with a couple big boys getting knocked out, I wouldn't be surprised for any of the teams I listed to beat another in a one-off. Anything can happen, especially with a couple terrible refereeing decisions which are imminent even with VAR.

  • Raymond
    Raymond 24 days ago

    If they get first in their group with Brazil as well getting first, I could see Mexico easily making it to the semis honestly.

  • Diego Cuevas
    Diego Cuevas 24 days ago

    Mexico will win against sweeden. Germany was the only real challenge In this group.

    • jet44444
      jet44444 22 days ago

      Diego Cuevas I hope you’re right, I feel like Sweden is the real challenge.

  • Hector Espinoza
    Hector Espinoza 25 days ago

    Unfortunately the next one is the adios game!!

  • chivo theGOAT
    chivo theGOAT 25 days ago

    México tu papá

  • Aaron Keane
    Aaron Keane 25 days ago

    Mexico or Portugal for the World Cup.

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 25 days ago

    Not far with the partiality shown to some teams, it don’t matter how well they play.

  • Flash
    Flash 25 days ago


  • Santi Marmolejo
    Santi Marmolejo 25 days ago

    Yeah I also think Mexico lack the finishing

  • mixtele's Azul
    mixtele's Azul 25 days ago

    I was thinking 4 games an out, but might just be 3 games an out.

  • Enis Hrustić
    Enis Hrustić 25 days ago

    If they lose with 2 goals difference with Sweden and Germany wins Korea with 2 goals difference, Mexico does not go anywhere. So, the group is still open. Everybody still can go through, Even Korea can go in next round.

  • Eden Perez
    Eden Perez 25 days ago

    I Don't Know Y'all This Team Feels Different, This Might Be The Year, Don't Sleep On 🇲🇽

  • Just Anonymous
    Just Anonymous 25 days ago

    Viva!!!! 🎊🎉The United Mexican States 🇲🇽

  • Juan Mora
    Juan Mora 25 days ago

    I can see them achiveing el cinto partido (fifth match), but as long as they play well and don't get cocky

  • Kevin Engelhart Rivas
    Kevin Engelhart Rivas 25 days ago

    Mexico is going to win the 2018 World Cup. #AganistAllOdds

  • Mr. Rojo
    Mr. Rojo 25 days ago +4

    Ochoa to Liverpool

  • Nassir nas
    Nassir nas 25 days ago

    Mexico vs portugal in the final just like the Simpsons predicted

  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson 25 days ago +3

    Im glad México is doing good but they are not going to the finals. Farthest they’ll go this year will be quarter finals which is a huge step for them

  • Jose Roque
    Jose Roque 25 days ago

    As Mexico fan I don’t think they have the one player that can take them over the top. Like a Messi, Neymar, Suarez. They didn’t play with a lot of passion against South Korea like they did with Germany. There attack is not very strong either.

    • jet44444
      jet44444 22 days ago

      Jose Roque Mexico has a team, Messi, Neymar etc are just one person. You need more than one person to win. Just look at Lebron and his Cavs. 😂

  • Nena Radicevic
    Nena Radicevic 25 days ago

    Amazing Mexico ! Vamos e Viva Mexico.

  • SCT
    SCT 25 days ago

    Can’t believe purple shirts gets paid for such idiotic analysis.. “Winning for any team is how much you want it.. just ask Argentina..”

  • gportech
    gportech 25 days ago

    lozano highlights vs south korea:

  • Baby P
    Baby P 25 days ago

    Keep the subs out and Mexico has a chance especially keeping Rafa Marquez out OG needs to retire

    • El AZ
      El AZ 25 days ago

      Baby P couldn't agree more . His time has passed .

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee 25 days ago

    Mexico will probably get knocked out in the round of 16

  • Goldmindxo
    Goldmindxo 25 days ago

    Mexico has to break the course, I believe in them

  • Pramod Thapa
    Pramod Thapa 25 days ago

    Also mexico is not entered into group of 16. If Sweden beat then 2-0 and germany Beat korea by 2-0, Then they have to go home.

  • Pramod Thapa
    Pramod Thapa 25 days ago

    south Korean not yet knocked out. If they beat Germany and Mexico beat sweden by large margin, then all bottom 3 teams have 3 points each. by Goal difference one of them can be through.

  • MangoKingGaming
    MangoKingGaming 25 days ago +71

    Koreans were playing super dirty.

    • 잉김
      잉김 19 days ago

      We were desperate sorry :(

    • Melissa Sanchez
      Melissa Sanchez 24 days ago +1

      yes agreed.

    • Seulgi Kang
      Seulgi Kang 24 days ago +1


    • bigbluelt56
      bigbluelt56 24 days ago +3

      MangoKingGaming That's nothing. Go back and watch clips of South Korea in the 2002 World Cup. They clearly bought the refs that World Cup.

  • Carlos Nieto
    Carlos Nieto 25 days ago +1

    Mexico have the ability to go out and beat Sweden. They need to treat this like an elimination match tho!! no parking the bus or getting overconfident!!!

  • Kota Kidd
    Kota Kidd 25 days ago +8

    I'm going for Mexico

  • IE
    IE 25 days ago

    They have to improve their finishing. They can't have their striker keep doing failed strikes. More clinical finishing. More passes before the net. More wing action and reverse-angled cross volleys from inverted wings. More passing to safety. More patience. More holding back until they find the right moment to shoot. Must get closer to the net. Must pass to safety whenever threatened by defenders. Must not do crosses close to the keeper. More complex horizontal passing. More forward movement by attackers. More crowding the 18 yard box. More short passes. More reverse kicks. More reverse passes. Fewer through balls. Fewer long balls. More volleys. More quick darts in and out. More available strikers. More choice of strikers. More cooperation. More sideways passes. Less selfishness.

  • Martin Warford
    Martin Warford 25 days ago

    Mexico will Illegally sneak into the championship game and call anyone who has a problem with it racist xenophobes.

  • Where'sWally
    Where'sWally 25 days ago +5

    I think they are good enough to make the semi finals. If they win the group (which they should) they will probably play Switzerland in the next round and then probably England or Colombia, Senegal, Japan or Poland in the QF. They are good enough to beat Switzerland and England imo. Then who knows after that, maybe a final?

  • Tino Garcia
    Tino Garcia 25 days ago

    if you see how mexico was eliminated in the last 4 last world will see the strenght of mexico cabrones

  • Tito World
    Tito World 25 days ago

    Ah !me equiboque de canal fuck estos pendejos que saven jajajaaa🤣🤣

  • blub blub
    blub blub 25 days ago

    Round of 16

  • jason4275
    jason4275 25 days ago

    First they do amazing during the matches but as soon as the quarter or semifinals come up they end up losing, it happens all the time.

  • Newbosscollectiontailor Phuket Rawai

    I am Fan of Mexican Boxers Canelo Alvarez, jabez .. Marco Antonio Barera , Merkez .....ect...

  • julian ortega
    julian ortega 25 days ago

    mexico will go to quarter finales thats how far they will go

    • Ivan Salazar
      Ivan Salazar 25 days ago

      You must be mexican or mexican american .

  • jcyf94
    jcyf94 25 days ago

    If I were Brazil, would I rather play Mexico or Germany?
    Do I avoid Mexico because it is having a hot streak, or Germany because it is Germany?
    How should and would I play the next game?
    As Brazil, should I ask these kind of question, since we are Brazil?

    • jet44444
      jet44444 22 days ago

      jcyf94 no as Brazil, you play to win no matter who your opponent is. A real champ is ready to play whoever and win. Sure you can avoid certain teams, but what happens when you can’t? That’s the difference between a great team an a mediocre team.

  • PewPew Pie
    PewPew Pie 25 days ago +1

    Korea’s shit.

  • cheetoh macias
    cheetoh macias 25 days ago

    Is this the same dumbass that said mexico was a central American country man fuck the fox sports commentary team they always protecting messi and never know any of the Mexicans except J. Hernandez.

  • chucky boss
    chucky boss 25 days ago

    Germany will be praying that Mexico beats Sweeden.

  • Seulgi Kang
    Seulgi Kang 25 days ago +31

    I will cheer for you Mexico (from. South Korea)

  • funkymofo
    funkymofo 25 days ago +5

    South Korea, dirtiest team at the world cup. 47 fouls in 2 games. Hopefully they get sent home early. Well done Mexico!!!!!

  • The Rap Vault
    The Rap Vault 25 days ago +6

    If your a salty American talking shit about mexico keep taking this fat L for the next 4 years or 8 or until you make it to a world cup

  • O L
    O L 25 days ago +1

    A Mexico le faltan mucho para ir a la final de un mundial. El hecho de que gracias al Colombiano Juan Osorio han podido ganar dos juegos no significa que puedan ir mucho mas alla. Dejen ya de hacerse iluciones y masturbaciones mentales con que Mexico juega el gran futbol y que frijilito Hernandez es Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar o Maradona.

    • mae
      mae 22 days ago

      O L ya callate indocumentado..

    • mae
      mae 22 days ago

      O L indocunentada? de donde pobre idiota.. TE duele el culo huevon jajajajajaja..

    • O L
      O L 22 days ago

      Callate ya rata indocumentada.

    • mae
      mae 23 days ago

      O L mis huevos marica jajajajaja

    • O L
      O L 23 days ago

      Callate ya putita de Donald Trump.

  • Enzo Ravina
    Enzo Ravina 25 days ago

    Sweden will beat them and they won't make it out of the group stage

    • Ebenezer eliphaz Barbarossa
      Ebenezer eliphaz Barbarossa 25 days ago

      +Gerardito Aguilar in football no one can say anything.germany beat Sweden and lost to Mexico doesn't mean Mexico also beat Sweden.

    • Gerardito Aguilar
      Gerardito Aguilar 25 days ago +1

      Enzo Ravina If Mexico beated Germany and Germany beated Sweden, then México can beat Sweden

  • Biplav Shrestha
    Biplav Shrestha 25 days ago

    out next round.

  • Metalcell
    Metalcell 25 days ago

    ESPN 720p! Come on!

  • The Rap Vault
    The Rap Vault 25 days ago +1

    Mexico Will Go All The Way!

    • Howard Stern
      Howard Stern 25 days ago

      The Rap Vault The U.S.A. will win it all

  • Logan Howlett
    Logan Howlett 25 days ago +17

    It is true that Mexico does well in the beginning of the games but once the World Cup gets closer to the end..Mexico ends up losing in the semi finals or quarter finals..but hoping for the best for Mexico!!! 👍

    • Rules S
      Rules S 19 days ago

      They do a real good job losing in the last 3 minutes. I swear.....

    • O L
      O L 22 days ago

      Whos the dumb ass then?

    • Ezekiel's landscaping barraza
      Ezekiel's landscaping barraza 22 days ago

      O L oh

    • O L
      O L 22 days ago

      On the round of 16 Mexico defeated Bulgary and went to play against Germany in quarter-final where Germany defeated Mexico in penalties 4-1

    • Ezekiel's landscaping barraza
      Ezekiel's landscaping barraza 22 days ago

      O L they beat bulgaria in the quarter finals dumb ass

  • CineFutbol By Scarlos
    CineFutbol By Scarlos 25 days ago +56

    They need a draw or win vs Sweden will be a hard match hopefully 2-1 or 1-0

    • Ja tack
      Ja tack 20 days ago

      Erick Martinez you were saying..?
      And it's "their".

    • Jesus sandoval
      Jesus sandoval 22 days ago +1

      Erick Martinez nope

    • Erick Martinez
      Erick Martinez 24 days ago +1

      I saw the first half of Sweden game, they're passing is horrible. Mexico should win

    • cheetoh macias
      cheetoh macias 24 days ago

      Christian Olivares hahaha ya I just noticed it was that person not u :p

    • Christian Olivares
      Christian Olivares 25 days ago

      If u scroll up to the comment section u replied to the same person I did. Lol

  • reborn756
    reborn756 26 days ago

    What people would say if Germany loses against Korea and Mexico and Sweden get 1-1 or something? just a what if

    • jet44444
      jet44444 22 days ago +1

      This is a World Cup of anything can happen

    • Bluray Gamer
      Bluray Gamer 24 days ago +1

      reborn756 then Mexico and Sweden would go through. Mexico coming in first and Sweden coming in second

  • Jose Serrano
    Jose Serrano 26 days ago

    I really want Mexico to win but not happening either Portugal or France will win it coming from a Mexican typing

  • Richard and Alma Hartmann

    Go!! Mexico!! We are with you!!!!!

  • Siznal
    Siznal 26 days ago +1

    If Germany wins by 2 and Sweden wins then Mexico is out.

    • Bluray Gamer
      Bluray Gamer 24 days ago

      The Rap Vault you obviously don't get how this works 😂😂

    • The Rap Vault
      The Rap Vault 25 days ago +1

      Siznal how Germany lost to mexico & mexico hasn't loss a game

  • Salamander
    Salamander 26 days ago +4

    They can still lose if sweden beat mexico and germany beats south korea and mexico has an inferior goal difference to both teams so don't jinx it mexico supporters.

    • The Rap Vault
      The Rap Vault 25 days ago

      Jinx is not real is up to the players to win

  • Jarred Wickham
    Jarred Wickham 26 days ago +2

    if Germany beat Korea by at least 2 goals and Sweden beat Mexico by 1 then Mexico would go out with 6 points that would be insane!

    • Bluray Gamer
      Bluray Gamer 22 days ago

      jet44444 yeah all Mexico has to do is just tie the game but Sweden wouldn't let that happen so Mexico has to win for sure

    • jet44444
      jet44444 22 days ago

      I see Germany beating Korea for sure. Sweden won’t be an easy team, it could go either way honestly.

    • Bluray Gamer
      Bluray Gamer 24 days ago

      The Rap Vault not really. Germany most likely would go through since they're playing against Korea. It's basically between Mexico and Sweden. For Mexico so go through they would have to tie the game or win. Although Sweden has to win for them to go through. It's going to be a good game for sure.

    • The Rap Vault
      The Rap Vault 25 days ago

      Jarred Wickham mexico wont lose Germany has a bigger chance of being out because they took an L from Mexico