Apple Has the Best Old Phones

  • Published on Nov 9, 2019
  • I think Apple's iPhones aged better than any other phone from 4 years ago.
    The Greatest iPhone -
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  Month ago +1093

    Which modern-day phone do you think is gonna age the best over the next few years?

    • Bellamy C
      Bellamy C 11 hours ago

      I do shit on apple most of the time, but the current lineup has better battery than the android flagships, also software longevity. I have an xr as a backup and love the snappiness and security around it. I might change next year once they have a better fast charging phones.

    • Mario M
      Mario M 12 hours ago

      iPhone X. Unpatchable jailbreak for it 😏

    • CyberDasherXD
      CyberDasherXD 18 hours ago

      @Niklas Kraus lag and no more updates already

    • Clare Bearr
      Clare Bearr 18 days ago

      I think the XR will be solid until 5G takes off properly in a couple years. My iPhone 7 is my backup phone for when I travel and use a local sim.

    • Parm Sidhu
      Parm Sidhu 19 days ago

      iPhone XR

  • Dipo Ardianto
    Dipo Ardianto 15 hours ago

    I'm an iphone hater, ngl. But I admit, Iphones has aged way better than their android counterparts. I mean I would rather have an Iphone 6 with a really clean ui than a samsung s6 with a janky ass ui in 2019, and this is coming from a lifelong android user...

  • Conatus Gibran
    Conatus Gibran 2 days ago

    Well I would agree that the SE that I have is great or should I say was great because now, I'm having battery issues. In the blink of an eye it started. Should I change the battery ?
    Is it worth it ? Its a 64 gigs model and besides the battery it works fines ? It cant hold a charge for more than 4 hours if I use it in a normal way ?

  • GamePlay Series!!
    GamePlay Series!! 2 days ago

    still using 5c ;~;

  • Slothpixel Sk
    Slothpixel Sk 3 days ago

    I have a iPhone SE

  • Sultan Rafi Sadad Zulkarnain

    Carrying an extra phone just to be able to keep in touch with your wife. That's sweet, dave.

  • Henry Simmons
    Henry Simmons 4 days ago

    I’ve wanted to see someone talk about this for a long time. iPhones work better longer than android devices.

  • Obie Y
    Obie Y 4 days ago

    lg v30+ is my last non-google android phone, Never ever going to buy any android phone besides google again. I basically only buy pixel (when its good, pixel 2 and pixel 3A) and iphone. I tried almost every android brand, they all suck.

  • Jamal George
    Jamal George 4 days ago

    Whenever my old Iphone breaks, I just upgrade by 1 or two generations with a refurbished or used one. I did not so far have a single current iPhone. Up to this year I was using an iPhone 6 and now I bought a 7 because the old broke. Both perfectly reasonable phones in 2019.

  • Sloppy Toons
    Sloppy Toons 4 days ago

    I’m an Apple user and usually go by the idea that long term, Apple is the way to go. This video makes it not look like so.
    Just Shoving the pixel aside that it’s also up to date was what made me question it. I think pixel one won’t get Stadia support, and there is one guy maybe sad about that. If it gets android 10, that’s pretty good. My Galaxy Tab S3 got Android pie a couple of months ago, So not sure if the Samsung S7 didn’t get it. The specs support it, and another Samsung product that’s less popular has it. Community upgrades seem dodge, so with ya on the One plus assessment. But if you are happy with your OG pixel, waiting for the Pixel 5 is reasonable. And it wasn’t 450 at launch. It was 650 or something more in the iPhone price range.
    Also they updated the 5s for a year longer than expected, so they got good PR for that, but this year iOS 13 nixed both iPhone 5s and 6/6plus. So I don’t know it’s guaranteed the SE and 6s will get iOS 14.

  • Yousef Antonio
    Yousef Antonio 5 days ago

    You sound like Michael Scott

  • M8Cubing
    M8Cubing 5 days ago

    I don’t really see a purpose in getting a low budget or old android. If you don’t want top of the line Apple is far superior.

  • Acheron
    Acheron 5 days ago

    Upgraded from s4 to s7 this year for 130-150 s this year. couldnt be more happy lol. I also pref smaller screen to have the one hand grip and reach over whole screen. only comparason is s10e i think in size but cost way2 much.

  • Jamal St John
    Jamal St John 6 days ago

    Watching on my OnePlus3T

  • sanch Sanchayan
    sanch Sanchayan 6 days ago

    Iphones have good build quality.

  • Maanav Khurana
    Maanav Khurana 6 days ago

    I use my iPhone 5s for music and iMessage that runs iOS 12, and it has aged better than my Samsung Galaxy S8. I like my S8, but in terms of performance, software, and battery life, I don't think it has aged well.

  • Rigo Torres
    Rigo Torres 6 days ago

    I have stuck with my Gen 1 Pixel XL since it came out, until I pre ordered the Pixel 4 XL. I still have the Gen 1 Pixel and it's held up pretty well. There is just minor hiccups in performance, not really noticable. I think the look is what didn't age well. Just look at a Gen 1 Pixel and it look old. It's still impressive I used it in extreme conditions. Up until the last few weeks of the Pixel 4 release, the battery on my Gen 1 Pixel XL started to fail me. I think in my case it aged decently.

  • LaVerite124
    LaVerite124 8 days ago

    Exactly why I stay with Apple. Samsung is so disappointing.

  • peter iddqd
    peter iddqd 9 days ago

    1. regular people dont update phones (pretty much they hate updates) 2. battery (non existant in apple after years)

  • felix luxshithan
    felix luxshithan 10 days ago

    iPhone 6s is the Best one ever ♥️

  • Kalio - Release The Snyder Cut!

    The bias in this video is fucking insane

  • ersia87
    ersia87 10 days ago

    Using an SE as well. Can’t tell how it compares to newer phones since this is the newest one I’ve owned, but it’s running as smooth as I would ever want. However, the battery has taken a hit, but that’s more of a universal phone problem.

  • Pedro Thevenard
    Pedro Thevenard 11 days ago

    Let's face it there's no meaningful difference between Android oreo and pie (which is the predominant Android nowadays) , i have 2 phones, one with each Android, and I don't feel any difference, my s7 edge is flying and works great, now there's no discussion that Apple phones do age well software wise, but if I want to watch Netflix on the doctors office lounge my s7 edge is miles ahead of the iPhone 6s, the picture just looks better, if you are a hardcore gamer you might feel some lag here and there with the S7 edge but only in fortnite or something like that and it will still play reasonably well for a phone, now that's an almost 4 year old phone, the security patches are on point and if I really want to keep it updated for the next 10 years I can, I just need to do it myself (which I won't), I don't see the fixation people have with this meaningless feature updates, from time to time something might be an actual improvement but that's quite rare and it might justify a new phone purchase every half decade, but that seams very reasonable to me, Apple phones are great but all phones you have in there do everything the average user needs without any problems and really freaking fast as long as it was well maintained, just drop the update elitism and actually use the phone and you'll have a very pleasant experience if you don't have a new phone side by side to see the very slight speed bump new phones have that are really almost pointless.

  • Lawrence Rodgers
    Lawrence Rodgers 11 days ago

    OnePlus needs to get its phones on Bell, Rogers, Telus, and Freedom for 2020!

  • Mohim Forever
    Mohim Forever 11 days ago

    Love to see you using the 7 pro

  • Goober and Buddy
    Goober and Buddy 11 days ago

    You're 💯 correct

  • Dwayne Lawrence
    Dwayne Lawrence 11 days ago

    I use both but Apple ages well.

  • Roldie
    Roldie 12 days ago

    If it hadn't been because it was only 16GB, I would have kept my iPhone 5.

  • GlamBalam
    GlamBalam 12 days ago

    Can someone explain why having a lightning port is seen as a disadvantage? What’s so great about usb c? It’s always mentioned but I never get the big deal. Thanks!

  • Shanks Iscool
    Shanks Iscool 12 days ago +1

    xr and we will see!

  • Ty L.A
    Ty L.A 12 days ago

    Agree with everything you say Dave, I just wish Samsung could actually listen. They are really great at making powerful and beautiful phones but they just can't last more than 3-4 years.

  • WC
    WC 13 days ago

    Had the one plus 6 day one until a few month back, hated every minute of it, got an iPhone 11

  • FourMad
    FourMad 14 days ago

    Still using the iphone 5c, battery lasts all day and is perfect for daily driver use and for the gym

  • Kumar
    Kumar 15 days ago

    "I have escaped apple" My ass.

    SHIFAT RAHMAN MINAR 15 days ago

    Will the iPhone SE get the next ios 14 update?

  • prabh deep
    prabh deep 15 days ago

    My brother use iphone se still

  • Caster Lucci
    Caster Lucci 16 days ago

    Im watching this on a 2016 midrange honor6x. Still perfect and will probably use for another 2 years. 😊😊😊

  • Sunny singh
    Sunny singh 16 days ago

    Iphone 5se is the best phone..handy design, rectangular design..solid build. Easy to hide 😛

  • nunublige panda
    nunublige panda 16 days ago

    Still using my IPhone 6s Plus and loving it with iOS 13 love still hot pink .😁

  • Third Eye
    Third Eye 16 days ago

    Iphones are better - software wise & security too - and that matters the Most !

    I just was using the Iphone 6 for almost 5 years now - but that thing is almost dead - so I moved to OnePlus 7T - I honestly think Iphones are much better than Android.

  • StaticRainツ
    StaticRainツ 16 days ago

    there is also community builds for the galaxy S7 stop hating on samsung

  • Aiden Gorman
    Aiden Gorman 17 days ago

    yeah but the regular iPhone 6 dosent I should know because I have one and apples website said so

  • memr
    memr 18 days ago

    I got the new EMUI update today for my Huawei phone. Just in time for this post. Guess what - my live wallpaper now freezes all the time. Perfect! Just what I needed. And you tell me continued software update is a good thing. Well I tell you, this is bad for me. I got my system tuned up and running, and just because of the update I will need to redo everything now. I either need to look for a whole new mobile theme, redo all icons and stuff, or I will need to look for a way to roll back (which involves erasing all my data from the phone). Since I'm using third-party launcher, and half a dozen of tedious-to-setup widgets, it also means I have to spend another day or two rearranging them. This may be good for youngsters who just love to mess with their phone all the time, posting shit to instagram, looking for new toys, tapping like crazy, fixing what become broken all of a sudden... But not for me. I'd turn off the updates sooner if I'd knew they are this bad on Huawei.
    Bottomline: after dozen years of experience with android, I must (sadly) admit, that it is best to use your device as it was shipped, or close to that. Tune it up, then just turn off system update. This way your device will most likely run as intended. New software is obviously oriented for newer hardware, which you don't have. It might be somewhat compatible, but the further it goes, the worse it will be.
    So yeah, in the end, I agree that maybe iPhone will age better, as compared to Android phones, because it completely depends on the quality of the software they push to your device. Although, there are these rumors about deliberately slowing down the older phones to urge customers to buy a new one.

  • SpacesLegend
    SpacesLegend 18 days ago +2

    I can SE people using SE in 2019

  • Avi Seth
    Avi Seth 19 days ago

    Isn't this video a little misleading? You say the S7 has none of the features of newer Android versions (even though TouchWiz is generally ahead of stock android in terms of features) whereas you totally dismiss the fact that the 6s/SE are just numerically on iOS 13 but barely have any new features. Android updates don't ship with less features, ever. But iOS always ships with fewer features for older phones.

  • usualbeast
    usualbeast 19 days ago

    @D2D 2016 is definitely not old. Still rocking my OnePlus 3.

  • Enoch A Asiedu
    Enoch A Asiedu 19 days ago

    you're right i guess...

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 19 days ago

    I’m using iPhone 5s now , well it’s suck

  • memr
    memr 19 days ago

    Yeah, about aging. What if I told you I was surprised how bad my new Huawei phone is compared to 6-years-old Samsung?
    I have a Galaxy Note 2 phone, and it has a feature which does not let the screen sleep as long as you (or somebody with eyes) are looking at it. This is not a face recognition! There was no such thing in that age. It simply looks through the front camera to see if there are eyes looking at the screen (determined in the similar way as the "red eyes" effect looked like with old photo cameras). That's it, plain and simple. You look at the phone, and it does not go down as long as you read from the screen, be it 10 minutes or 10 hours. Once you let your eyes off the screen - BAM! 15 seconds and it goes off. I can't begin to tell you how useful it is.
    Guess what. My (relatively) modern Huawei Mate 10 phone does not have this awesome feature. They didn't even heard of it. As a result, I have to set the screen timeout to 5 minutes. And I'm now in doubt does anyone else besides Samsung have it? Does iPhone have it? I mean, every phone have what it takes to utilize the algorithm - front-facing camera and proximity sensor is all you need. The question is, did they even bother to program it?
    So in my opinion, even without updates Samsung still age better. Just because of how much potential they put into it. I seriously consider replacing the battery (it is changeable) and continue using it, instead of my oh-so-flashy-and-stylish, but otherwise pretty boring top-line-phone Huawei Mate 10. As for the new Android versions, I don't really care. Note 2 fulfilled my needs perfectly 6 years ago, and nothing has changed since (except the battery life). Emails, chats, skype, browsing - everything is exactly the same as it was 6 years ago, so why would I bother?
    I don't really get why would I want to update any software in general, aside from security updates, providing that the current software already fulfills my needs and the hardware remains the same. The new software potentially needs more memory, more CPU, and generally provides little to no benefits for me. I've seen apps updating all the time in my phone, but I never seen any positive impact from this whole "process". I once tried to keep track of the updates and only update when there is anything I specifically need in the package, but I just got buried with tons of spam-updates that does literally nothing to my experience with specific app.

  • Andrii Povkh
    Andrii Povkh 20 days ago +1

    My iPhone 6 is still ageing...

  • Steven
    Steven 20 days ago

    iphone 4 the goat

  • Gillian L
    Gillian L 20 days ago

    Used my iPhone 6 Plus for 4 years-ish but I’ve dropped it one too many times so the screen edges are slightly popping up. But hey still works 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 21 day ago


  • Dreamy
    Dreamy 21 day ago +1

    Bah humbug. I hate how phones, batteries, and technology deteriorate over time. So much electronic waste. I wish Apple battery replacements weren’t so expensive. Trusted third party vendors can be hard to come by

  • Salah Mellah
    Salah Mellah 21 day ago

    I think IPhone X is the most amazing iphone that apple have ever made in terms of speed, reliability, battery, design and not to mention the material it was made from. I have used almost all of them since iphone 4.

  • aaron
    aaron 21 day ago

    I guarantee you have had to replace the battery on that piece of crap many times

  • irshaid tayyeb
    irshaid tayyeb 21 day ago

    my wife still uses iPhone 6s and refuses to upgrade to a new iPhone,

  • Wasis Haryo Sasoko
    Wasis Haryo Sasoko 21 day ago

    If you don't use Apple ecosystem, there is no reason to switch. I will pick samsung any day over apple, just because I don't want to stuck to apple ecosystem.

  • Encik Demure
    Encik Demure 21 day ago

    Iphone SE!!!

  • Rolf Geschwind
    Rolf Geschwind 21 day ago

    I really liked it. I love my iPhone. ❤️