Film Theory: Black Panther's Economic CRISIS!

  • Published on Feb 20, 2018
  • 2:35 - 2:44: Special shout out to OnlyLeigh ( for the use of her avatar!
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    Wakanda's choke hold on Vibranium will be it's downfall! The country refuses to communicate and trade with the the rest of the world and history shows that is a BAD IDEA. How can T'Challa save his people from economic destruction? Well, loyal Theorists, that's what I'm here to solve.
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Comments • 26 797

  • Vane B
    Vane B Year ago +17293

    Hey! Venezuelan here. This made me cry for multiple reasons: 1.- The fact that someone is actually factually reporting on what happens to us and in some ways, this has been more through-rough than a lot of journalist.
    2.- Because it reminded me of exactly how bad this is, with no end on sight. :(
    Just to fact-check/expand on context: Venezuela did have a real, albeit imperfect democratic system from 58-98... The year we elected that asshole Hugo Chávez. And to be fair, plenty of people-both local and immigrants- profited: there was more social mobility and the opportunity to study, get good jobs, make a living, take care of your family, etc. Venezuela was much like the US, a migration magnet.
    And food scarcity started in 2007: milk was one of the first things to go. The thing is that because of the high oil prices is like they could keep cooking in spite of a gas leak, but eventually you rub out of gas.
    The thing about controlling of the 1 resource=control of the population is true. Is like how abusive partners will try to prevent their victims from having their own money or take away any income they generate so as to keep them subdued.
    The Venezuelan government is responsible for people not finding food, but they will SELL you boxes of government selected food for you. So, also Maslow’s pyramid: you keep people from being able to protest because they’re relying on that food box you sell them. And government officials are the ones who import that food and make money off of it.

    • Seamus Burke
      Seamus Burke 6 days ago

      Hey, mate. I don't know how many other people have said this, or how few, but it should be said as many times as possible:
      Stay strong. The world will find a way to help you. Keep your chin up. Prayers from New Hampshire.

    • CntyMcFckr
      CntyMcFckr 15 days ago

      how do you have internet

    • Matthew Klepadlo
      Matthew Klepadlo 17 days ago +1

      Wow, what an amazing story… really… but on a less emotional note…
      Since you're poor and in a socialist state, you should love capitalism!

    • Caleb Rigby
      Caleb Rigby 28 days ago

      Come on over to America the beautiful, where we get paid roughly in 2 days (I'm just guessing I can't do labor yet) what you get in a month (no offense)

    • apple juice
      apple juice Month ago

      Venezuelan here too. Left when I was 7 around 2014....

  • Th3_Lon3 W0lf
    Th3_Lon3 W0lf 5 hours ago

    "A super strong metal that's strongest on earth"

  • Samloudy
    Samloudy 5 hours ago +1

    Socialism and communism ruin economies. Period. That’s the way it’s always been and always will be. That’s how economies work

  • Something Else
    Something Else 6 hours ago

    When are you going to replace the right spotlight in the intro

  • currently inexisting
    currently inexisting 15 hours ago

    Matpat clearly explains the paradox of plenty WAY better than my 7th grade geography class lmao

  • Optical YouTube
    Optical YouTube 15 hours ago

    Usually Africa is portrayed as wild, rural and/or poor. It's so nice to see it portrayed as a high-tech utopia.

  • Mike Soverns
    Mike Soverns Day ago

    Hey what about Dubai

  • Ryan Jameson
    Ryan Jameson Day ago

    So what are the worst forces in movies?
    Star Wars: A recession
    Antman: swartzchild radius
    Black Panther: Marcoeconomics
    Superman: newspaper corruption
    Spiderman: physics
    Ready player one: compression force
    Man you have some interesting theories addressing threats

  • catercornguy lambert

    i dont like this theory because wakanda dose not sell the vibrainiam people smugle it out of the country and sell it but wakanda farms multiple reasorces if you look in the movie in some sceanes it will show it

  • m i a
    m i a 2 days ago

    But the thing is wakanda hasn't been TOUCHED by outsiders at all. Thats how they have evolved so drastically (They have cool flying ships and crazy advanced tech) also not to mention that Shuri is shown to be just as smart (if not smarter) then Bruce and Tony. I thought that was why they had such a rich economy because outside countries didnt even matter ...until they open their country to others I guess...which is probably a BIG mistake.

  • DemonUnderTheBed
    DemonUnderTheBed 2 days ago

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm... I don’t think Tony’s gonna be devolving anything like that anymore...

  • Cool Boi
    Cool Boi 3 days ago +1

    Wait, isn’t vibranium also a energy source? Is it all use item?

  • Aaidens Gaming
    Aaidens Gaming 3 days ago

    Wait so your saying when I was 2 my parents had to EAT TRASH I NEED TO ASK MY PARENTS WHAT HAPPENED IN 2012

  • Aaidens Gaming
    Aaidens Gaming 3 days ago

    Why does EVERYONE love black panther it’s just weird

  • Влади Митров

    You are fucking capittalist.

  • DICK WEED9000
    DICK WEED9000 4 days ago

    MATPAT there is a mistake in the photoshop mistake if go to 14:43 you will see that you put Black Panther's face on a white guys body dude WTF?

  • SyphonEXP
    SyphonEXP 4 days ago


  • Da_Gaming _Potato
    Da_Gaming _Potato 5 days ago


  • Kakashi and Obito
    Kakashi and Obito 5 days ago


  • Kakashi and Obito
    Kakashi and Obito 5 days ago

    I'm from saudi

  • Bakugo Katsui
    Bakugo Katsui 6 days ago

    If wakanda sells vibranium then they will be like 17 century dutch because
    ,,Whoever controlls the spices controlls the world''

  • Bakugo Katsui
    Bakugo Katsui 6 days ago


  • Joris Boon
    Joris Boon 6 days ago

    The dabaddest name is tazerface

  • mr. wizard
    mr. wizard 7 days ago


  • Bean B. Beanie
    Bean B. Beanie 8 days ago

    That "We know you better than you know you" segment you said at around 7:00 can be found in American culture, too. Many schools (both private and public) are filled with certain kinds of people who believe they know a person's child better than that child's own parent (or even the child themself). My mother found this out when student teaching, as well as at a private school I went to once.

  • zeng22
    zeng22 8 days ago

    those aren't saudis, those are Indian slave workers that have their passports confiscated upon arriving and are stuck in limbo for the rest of their lives.

  • Pouya Nejati
    Pouya Nejati 9 days ago


  • True Reaper45
    True Reaper45 10 days ago

    Black Panther's still terrible lmao.

  • RyeenTheQueen
    RyeenTheQueen 11 days ago

    2019 Status report on Venezuela: It is no longer just starving. It is also on fire.

  • Trevor Khaba
    Trevor Khaba 11 days ago

    Bruce Banners radioactive crisis; "...exposure to high amounts of gamma radiation doesn't tend to make you indestructible. Take Hiroshima for example..."

  • Qusaipsv
    Qusaipsv 11 days ago

    I live in Jeddah which is in KSAمرحبا

  • Kalia Orozco
    Kalia Orozco 11 days ago

    Wakanda would still have the technology and trained military rinos

  • Jonas Fletcher
    Jonas Fletcher 13 days ago

    ... how are we gonna replace helium?

  • Marko G
    Marko G 14 days ago

    Here's the big problem with your theory Matpat...
    Wakanda's economy doesn't rely on the sale of Vibranium. Far from it. It relies on the research and technology that goes into vibranium and a healthy but simple farming economy. Money might not even mean anything in this country, save for it's dealings with OTHER countries? Why? Because vibranium is incredibly versatile, on top of being super strong, capable of being better then fiber optics while at the same time stronger then steal and making fricking hover cars and their own version of a wireless internet/cell phone system. That's insane, but some how vibranium makes all of their tech better by being a part of it. (When you have a hammer, I guess). Whatever the case is, Wakanda doesn't need money. They support their country internally with a true isolationist economy. The money they use, as we see in the movies, tends to be for international use. Go to japan, america, europe, and fund spies who watch for vibranium sales and for any foreign power looking to steal from Wakanda. Sure, it's useful, but they can live without it.

  • flufflepufflover
    flufflepufflover 14 days ago +2

    Sand _is_ getting scarce, but the type used to concrete production

  • A Channel
    A Channel 14 days ago +1

    Russia be like
    Half of our people are starving
    Let’s send a dog to space

  • Nugget
    Nugget 15 days ago

    Whale oil beef hooked say it fast

  • Z Cyro
    Z Cyro 15 days ago

    That girl: Movie logic is logical
    Film Theorists: Well, yes, but actually, no

  • Gordon Maginnis
    Gordon Maginnis 16 days ago +1

    I bet tony will create a substitute for vibraniom

    Ha just kiddin he gone

  • Gordon Maginnis
    Gordon Maginnis 16 days ago

    I agree kill monger’s name suuuuucks but he is the coolest villain

  • Vasim
    Vasim 16 days ago +1

    But Matt, all the countries you are comparing Wakanda to are open countries, they trade their precious resources with other countries. They are more monetarily dependent on their resource than directly dependent, which is why they need a market, and demand for whatever their resource is.
    The same cannot be said for vibranium, it has many uses which could be benefiting Wakandan's in many ways. For example it might be their energy source, having so much of it means they're not spending as much as other nations on their energy needs. It seems to be much more valuable than just how much money it can fetch.

  • Kayla Barrios
    Kayla Barrios 16 days ago

    The pun at the end was yes

  • SleepySnow
    SleepySnow 16 days ago +1

    Venezuela Is Gone! 🦀

  • Droften
    Droften 16 days ago +1

    wait wakanda dosent use money so why dose the econemy matter mat

  • jacqueline amaya
    jacqueline amaya 17 days ago

    Did you not see the end Credicts that opens up for the world

  • sarah parma
    sarah parma 18 days ago

    a fiver is a term we use in england to represent a five pound note£5 💶 now u know😆

  • Alisha Khan
    Alisha Khan 18 days ago

    Did they again didn't invite you to the premiere?

  • Zora Le Strange
    Zora Le Strange 19 days ago

    First of all, great theory.
    Secondly, there needs to be a theory on what in the hell Vibranium actually is and how it is possible that a single substance can do what it supposedly can. Because it just seems implausible that a single metal can make a country so technologically advanced.
    Is it even the metal that makes Wakanda so techno, or is it the people? And what about the flowers? Does the Vibranium make people smarter or stronger? What effect does it have on them, if any?
    And what about when alien life shows up to trade with Vibranium a plenty? 'Cause remember, Vibranium is extraterrestrial in origin.
    So many questions.
    So few answers.

  • flareon jolteon
    flareon jolteon 19 days ago

    Hey just be glad kill monger is not evil man from the thundermans

  • Mr. Magnificent
    Mr. Magnificent 19 days ago

    Really bad theory with conflicting points....

  • Aidan n.j.
    Aidan n.j. 20 days ago


  • Bosco Guzman
    Bosco Guzman 21 day ago

    13:02 we are at a shortage of sand by the year 2100 67% of California’s beach’s would all be water so your wrong matpat and there literally a black market for sand and there’s also the sand mafia go search it up if you don’t believe me

  • Olmy
    Olmy 22 days ago


  • divyansh reacts
    divyansh reacts 22 days ago

    Thanos going to rip off that cap Shield.

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner 22 days ago


  • Marco Antonio
    Marco Antonio 23 days ago

    Capitan Marvel could bring Vibranium to earth easily.
    Fuck Wakanda and fuck totalitarian states.

  • George Pritchard
    George Pritchard 23 days ago

    4:59 I swear that's the live action pirate in SpongeBob

  • Daddy Nobucks
    Daddy Nobucks 23 days ago

    If the Emoji movie was the 1st movie allowed in the UAE after the ban.... Does anyone know if the ban is back on again?

  • Candy _cane
    Candy _cane 24 days ago +1

    Mat pat after you posted this in a while , my country (Saudi Arabia ) came with something called 2030 that they use to make other resources for a back up plan if petrol finishes and sadly we still have no freedom , they make us learn Chinese ,English ,French and our own language(Arabic) into 6 parts or more , not taking about the government so get sued I’m just saying .....

  • Palli Orri
    Palli Orri 24 days ago +3

    13:00 Actually, and strangely enough, a shortage of sand is developing

  • Rings817
    Rings817 24 days ago

    Search the vibranium vendetta spiderman comic, it covers the topic if we find a different resource/alternative

  • Enchanted Diamond
    Enchanted Diamond 24 days ago

    Yeah, uhh, about that iron man idea

  • Brian M
    Brian M 24 days ago

    13:42 he won’t

  • Diego Kiwi
    Diego Kiwi 25 days ago

    Botox also with a B

  • redfox 327
    redfox 327 26 days ago

    This guy forgot iron monger

  • Rebecca Clarke
    Rebecca Clarke 26 days ago

    1:10 Ever heard of Taserface?

  • Jeff Lin
    Jeff Lin 26 days ago

    Command and Control can work. Look up how Singapore works. South Korea is not far behind.. Both countries are commanded by a handle of people, disguised with some of democracy. Taiwan was like that when the KMT party ruled it also, during its economic boom. China same thing is happening right now. It so happens all 4 countries are in Asia where ruling by elite families have been kinda working for thousands of years. Confucianism? Maybe. You are right about the Single Resource economies though. Except Wakonda is no longer that. It's main cash cow is probably things that it can make that no one else can.

  • Hondo 626
    Hondo 626 26 days ago

    Notice how the seal of approval had blue and yellow on it at the bottom

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 27 days ago

    Fuck you

  • Vigil Vig Lantie
    Vigil Vig Lantie 28 days ago

    Diversify your stocks!

  • xximperial123xx Gayboi69

    I think he’s wrong because it’s very different for wakanda as in wakanda there are no shops and everyone is just given everything they need for free they don’t sell their resources to other countries. There’s no money in wakanda you get everything free there’s no poverty as there’s no money at all. In Saudi Arabia there are jobs and money and the exporting to other countries exists whereas wakanda is isolated .

  • Shovel Face
    Shovel Face 28 days ago

    I freaking watched the whole ad. Of one plus just because it had RJD in it... Love u 30000 man 🔥❤

  • Bryce Pertuit
    Bryce Pertuit 29 days ago

    They don't sell there vibranium they use it them selves

  • Kikipups
    Kikipups 29 days ago +1

    Well that’s never gonna happen now...

  • Td Td
    Td Td 29 days ago

    All ur examples where from earth vibranium is not. That should have been considered and so poor form matpat

  • CartBoi101
    CartBoi101 29 days ago

    Vibranium so tacky how about admantium

  • vishal raut
    vishal raut Month ago

    Check your facts bro, who the fuck say Optical fiber is cheap.

  • wedsa95
    wedsa95 Month ago

    Wait hold up wait, can people get tentation migraine? And Botox injections can help that? Why doesn't all the soccer moms say they use it for that reason?

  • big lancer
    big lancer Month ago

    3:53 communist propaganda

  • Cinderquil 229
    Cinderquil 229 Month ago

    Wakanda doesn’t trade. It doesn’t get money from trading vibranium

  • poop
    poop Month ago

    Yeah OK. Let's not mention these black run sh*t-holes. Botswana, Congo, Ghana, Zambia,.... Super rich in resources but super corrupt. Exactly like Wakanda would be in real life.

  • Victoria Marulanda
    Victoria Marulanda Month ago

    FYI sand is an incredibly rare resources today, because desert sand can’t be used to make glass, it doesn’t have the same properties. So companies are digging up beaches, which in turn make that sand incredibly rare; so much so, they Florida is buying sand from the Bahamas just to re-stock their beaches.
    True story. 😊

  • Jānis Jūlijs
    Jānis Jūlijs Month ago

    Iron Monger is an even worse name

  • BlueFlaming Wolf
    BlueFlaming Wolf Month ago

    Also the fact they weren't trading vibranium with any other countries, and somehow having a strong metal with special properties, ends up making them way more advanced than all the other countries many that were sharing technology, and advancing through alien tech. Doesn't really sense to me, especially when many of the smartest people on earth were rapidly advancing that technology. They also never mentioned what kind of currency they use, but expect us to believe that they are the richest most advanced civilisation on Earth.

  • Ushanka Productions


  • Abram Plays Science

    Saudi Arabia has become a country I want to visit.

    • Kumar田中加奈と
      Kumar田中加奈と Month ago

      Abram Plays Science you will either die of a hurrendous heat death or get raped by a horny muslim

  • Alan Leone-Bridges
    Alan Leone-Bridges Month ago +1

    White people: Wakanda isn't real
    Black people: Neither is Hogwarts
    Me: *very triggered mixed person*

  • Calcaware
    Calcaware Month ago

    6:34 really caught me off guard XDDDD

  • Yokai main LaBottez

    well tony isn't going to make an alternative vibranium

  • powerfullest killer

    Saudi Arabia is doing pretty good and it's actually an example of how wrong the paradox of plenty is so yeah Saudi Arabia was a bad example

  • Nicholas Nadeau
    Nicholas Nadeau Month ago

    now in 2019 venezuela ran out of oil to sell and literally have nothing anymore

  • Crystal Cooper
    Crystal Cooper Month ago

    This theory is wrong!! I love you MatPat, but Wakanda doesn't have to sell their vibranbrium, because they can survive without the outside world. As they have been doing.

  • Milkman Gaming
    Milkman Gaming Month ago +1

    Your theory has a couple big problems.
    1- you assume the internal economy of Wakanda is at all based on currency, or at least on a currency that ties to the global economy.
    2- The world would have to have both a need and a taste for Vibranium to seek an alternative. All the world knows of Vibranium is that it's a super strong metal. And that Wakanda HAD some. But they think Klaw took it all.
    3- Wakanda's "official" economy as it's know to the world is made up of textiles, shepherds, and farmers. So it's not like it doesn't have an economy. Just a small enough one to go unnoticed.

  • Smiley
    Smiley Month ago +1

    worst villain name but damn good villan

  • Alek I. Rodesney
    Alek I. Rodesney Month ago +7

    6:21 .....
    Did that censored object just do a cart wheel?

  • Tacocat 1534
    Tacocat 1534 Month ago +1

    11:32 except when you remember that vibrainium isn’t of earth and is stronger then anything from earth and therefore nothing can be a better alternative, cheaper maybe, but not better

  • Dani Sushina
    Dani Sushina Month ago

    Why... Oh why did MattPat give the Russians an Italian accent....

  • Yasuke Nobunaga
    Yasuke Nobunaga Month ago

    I'm pretty sure Wakanda doesn't export anything?? so how does this work

    RED PANTHER Month ago

    Dude in Wakanda it must be cheap outside it must not be cheap because of it being illigal

  • Ramiel
    Ramiel Month ago

    Command and control economies make sense if your country only has 1 mayor resource to exploit.
    Let me explain: If a private owner/s own the oil business such as in USA then the money from that industry goes to them and some of it to their employees and unless you are part of that you never get to see any money for that natural resource in your country, such was the case for Venezuela before Chavez and Maduro.
    When Chaves came to power, he took over the industry and gave the people their share of their wealth due to oil. When the price of oil fell then the money also failed but obviously this is the case with anything... If your dad provides to you with a hot-dog stand and these hot-dogs fall in value or not many people want to buy them then he and you are struggling for money.
    Now people want to say "now what Venezuelan? where is your stupid free healthcare and housing subsidies nanana"
    But that is because we never had that... Not because it was wrong for them to have it. Sure they should create more industries but who are we to talk? we in USA are a indebted nation who is losing industries.