• Published on Sep 19, 2018
  • Hey guys! I hope you guys enjoy this first impressions video on the new Desi x Katy Dose Of Colors Round 2 collab! Literally just got it in the mail and wanted to film so boom here we are lmao

    This collection is available on 9.24.18 :)
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  • Lina Wolf
    Lina Wolf Year ago

    I love her reactions to everything 😭😭 she’s so cute!! Girl your skin looks like wet luxurious skin! Like the Bond girls

  • Tahera Brown-Jenkins

    “GET IT”’ 😭. I’ve never felt so connected to you than I did until that moment 😂

  • Mic K
    Mic K Year ago +4

    That green with your eye colour!!! Omw absolutely gorgeous! 😍😍😍 you look stunning love you ❤

  • Kimjay Tv
    Kimjay Tv Year ago +1

    Beautiful makeup as alwayssssss queen! Btw I love when you do the white backdrop in your vids, I feel like this color backdrop almost blends with your skin tone too much. The white is so nice and clean in comparison

  • Bitter Topanga
    Bitter Topanga Year ago +3

    I was so surprised to see you come across my screen for once. I had to check the date on this because I haven't seen a video of yours in a while for some reason I get zero notifications even though I have my bell is set to all😤😤

  • Jocelyn Sanchez
    Jocelyn Sanchez Year ago

    I feel you on the chips 😂 it happens to the best of us lmao

  • Happy Weaver
    Happy Weaver Year ago

    Plzz do a review of the ND Safari palette

  • Boob Dylan
    Boob Dylan Year ago

    "If you know how to mix in a good brown... you can go to town!" Lolll I love you Alissa

  • Coral B
    Coral B Year ago

    Aaah I need that palette! And Chasing The Sun looks soooo pretty on you.

  • Boob Dylan
    Boob Dylan Year ago

    Lol I love your highlighter dance Alissa ❤️

  • Kat Robbins
    Kat Robbins Year ago +1

    U ARE SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! this look is stunning 😻

  • Mary Pimentel
    Mary Pimentel Year ago +1

    Ok fuck this just made me know FOR SURE I WANT LITERALLY EVERYTHING 😭😭😭😍😍😍💛💛

  • Allison Funches
    Allison Funches Year ago

    I’m so happy to see you ditch the lashes for a spell! Your eyes are naturally gorgeous! I, personally, never add lashes and I love my own lashes! 😘❤️

  • Miranda Fowles
    Miranda Fowles Year ago

    I love your videos and all your feedback you give, like you really give great descriptions of everything. Your look is beautiful and the highlight suits you so well, I loved it on you❤️❤️❤️

  • Moa berglin nordling

    How are you alyssa? You are so beautiful from the inside out u don't even need makeup u don't need to be afraid of being crazy and creative. Love to you. Keep up your soul work and love yourself!😚💗👽

  • Tamara Fruits
    Tamara Fruits Year ago

    So pretty!! And the taste of alcohol is just sad 😂😩

  • Delaney May
    Delaney May Year ago

    Most people don't just shoot an aged tequila like this Alissa XD You're usually supposed to sip this straight.
    Tequila isn't for everyone though so I get it

  • Bianca Perez
    Bianca Perez Year ago

    Lmaaaooooo at the Don Julio revieeewww 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Serena Cotes
    Serena Cotes Year ago +1

    The line between her cheek and neck😂😂

  • Vivi White
    Vivi White Year ago +1

    How many times did Alissa say “wow this is stunning”???

  • Angela Mullis
    Angela Mullis Year ago

    Loving the look!

  • Mari Hannah
    Mari Hannah Year ago

    Very pretty!

  • Moe Anthony
    Moe Anthony Year ago


  • GuardianAngelxo
    GuardianAngelxo Year ago

    The shadow really brought out your eyes ❤️

  • Angela Johnson
    Angela Johnson Year ago

    Alyssa just beautiful! Gorgeous! The taste test of Don Julio, "PRICELESS!"

  • TheGhettoSnobSeries

    That eyeshadow definitely made your eye color POP! 💛

  • Kimby Murakami
    Kimby Murakami Year ago

    Girl you looked so beautiful trying out desi and Katy collection ! ❤️ that glow though stunning !

  • iakkinako1
    iakkinako1 Year ago

    you’re so cute 😍

  • فرح نورالدين

    Tell me why alissa is the only youtuber I love watching like....

  • Austin Quinlan
    Austin Quinlan Year ago

    This is honestly one of my favorite looks youve ever done. That lip color is stunning on you and that highlighter looks PERFECT!!

  • I'm Kayle Nicole
    I'm Kayle Nicole Year ago

    Girl you are stunninggggg

  • Spiffy Ify
    Spiffy Ify Year ago

    Review on abh sultry please

  • Latina PR
    Latina PR Year ago


  • Naomi PR
    Naomi PR Year ago +192

    Companies literally wining and dining these influencers but you KNOW that Alyssa is our unbiased and honest queen 🙌 There is nothing annoying about you being excited about a gorgeous product!
    Edit: just watched the end, noooooo 😂😅🍸

  • Samantha
    Samantha Year ago +19

    “Don’t drink Don Julio” girl! I looked at the price of 1942 in Australia and I can’t even afford to look at it

  • Jak h
    Jak h Year ago +2

    You're blending with your back drop. Lol. Classy sending liquor

  • Lawrence Rosales
    Lawrence Rosales Year ago

    that lipstick and highlighter look STUNNING on you!!!!

  • Edwina Kaaya
    Edwina Kaaya Year ago

    Omgggg! I could not stop staring at your eyes in that shadow🌻

  • Crystal Lampkin
    Crystal Lampkin Year ago

    I'll take that Don Julio off your hands.

  • Patti Boyle
    Patti Boyle Year ago

    this look is BEAUTIFUL. I love the first lip color on you so much. WOW

  • Annette Janai
    Annette Janai Year ago +2

    Alissa it would be super awesome to see some bloopers at the end of your videos! Your super goofy and we love that about you!!!

  • Lena Marshall
    Lena Marshall Year ago

    I did NOT have a clue about how to use a brown with a nude like that! Thank you! I have avoided nudes FOREVER because they lay flat on me! Thanks for adding depth to my life! ❤️

  • Rebecca Busic
    Rebecca Busic Year ago

    Your genuine excitement is for chasing the sun and the first lippie you put in is so cute!! It’s nice to see.... the market is so saturated right now I feel like no one gets super excited about anything anymore.

  • Cheyenne Chante
    Cheyenne Chante Year ago

    Yes!!!!!!! I was waiting for you, Jackie, and shayla to do this review! I’m definitely purchasing this over the new KKW. No shade. But the highlighttttttttt is calling my name! 😩😩😩

  • Jane Pache
    Jane Pache Year ago +1

    OMG your eyebrows look BOMB AF, whats the product?

  • Lexie Watson
    Lexie Watson Year ago

    Def reviewing every single product when they come to Ulta wow

  • Dede B
    Dede B Year ago +1

    Don Julio is really good.. you just have to acquire a taste for it .. .. You're reaction was hilarious (LOL)

  • Ashley McAlpine
    Ashley McAlpine Year ago

    I already knew I was getting the palette... well shit Alissa thanks now I gotta buy the palette the highlighter and the lipstick. Jk lol but for real the aftermath lipstick looks so pretty 😍

  • Dede B
    Dede B Year ago

    Such a beautiful beautiful look ... I love it ♥♥

  • Sara Reed
    Sara Reed Year ago

    You’re not even annoying at all! I love your reviews

  • so crosswire
    so crosswire Year ago

    SAMEEE TO ME !!!! 1942 is terrible ! I dieddd off that in college ! 😂😂😂 no ma’am ...

  • Makeup by monisha bathija

    Is the formula of the eyeshadow palette the same as the block party shadows??

  • Nikki C
    Nikki C Year ago

    absolutely gorgeous 😍❤️

  • Tia Gillespie
    Tia Gillespie Year ago

    You lowkey look like you could be related to Rihanna

  • Christina Cone
    Christina Cone Year ago

    Because of you I now want the highlighter 😩

  • Jalyn
    Jalyn Year ago

    you give the best reviews i just love you!!! you’re so gorgeous 😍😍😍😭

  • Apple Tan
    Apple Tan Year ago

    Chasing the sun looks so good on you like oh my god! And "Aftermath" is a really really nice shade! WOW

  • Stephy Johnson
    Stephy Johnson Year ago

    Can someone tell me how much that bottle
    Costs I'm jw

  • Kashia Jabre
    Kashia Jabre Year ago

    I LOVE this backdrop!!! 😩

  • Luv2LuvEm
    Luv2LuvEm Year ago

    That lip color has an almost orange-y feel. So that with the contrasting green on the eyes 😍 I would never have thought to wear a contrasting color on the lips but wow. It IS as you say stunning.