Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford F-450 Platinum Part 2

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
  • Did we just dodge a bullet? This wrecked 2019 ford f-450 has some sort of weird engine noise! The only way to figure it out is to tear it apart and see where its coming from. This build is going to be absolutely epic and we can't wait to share the journey with you guys. Thanks For Watching!!!
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Comments • 2 836

  • ismael delgadillo
    ismael delgadillo 6 hours ago

    Damn I can't believe that truck had a lot parts damage and still driver

  • Brian Sanderson
    Brian Sanderson Day ago

    Steering and brakes are hydraulically powered by the power steering pump...

  • James Rouse
    James Rouse 2 days ago

    How did these dudes get in to the rebuild game. I have questions.

  • T Nels
    T Nels 3 days ago

    "Brakes feel weird, must be out of fluid."

  • michael nunn
    michael nunn 3 days ago

    New to your channel. Are you guys twins? If so cool, your commentary is in sync. 👍

  • Keegan Foster
    Keegan Foster 4 days ago

    These guys seem loaded with somebody’s money tbh

  • Eliezer Salazar
    Eliezer Salazar 5 days ago

    Ponganle subtítulos en español

  • halokillernoob
    halokillernoob 6 days ago +1

    Bunch of idiots lmao. They do vehicle rebuilds as their profession and they don't even know that when you take off a serpentine belt, the alternator isn't being powered, so the battery, of course, will be slowly drained of all its power. That's like basic basic knowledge. It's not bad batteries, especially if the truck only has 1,000 miles on it and they weren't damaged in the wreck.

    Also, without the belt, none of the cooling components are working so it can overheat within a couple of minutes. I'm super surprised they don't know any of this and were just willy knilly running the truck without the belt on. I'm just an average joe shade tree mechanic and know more than they do, around their age too. They're super lucky to be in the position they are in with how little they actually know about the operation of vehicles.

    Extra side note: All the newer model fords have an autolocking tailgate so you have to unlock it first before you can let the tailgate down. It's nothing with the tailgate being broken and then it just magically starts working again smh.

  • Clayton Whitman
    Clayton Whitman 6 days ago

    This is the first time watching you guys. I see you use my technique of pictures, baggies for parts, labeling and keeping a good track of what came from where. Nice Job!

  • Scott Taylor
    Scott Taylor 7 days ago

    Missing ground bonding straps.....

  • Debraj Deb
    Debraj Deb 7 days ago

    If I were in the USA and had lots of money, I would have got this truck, a new one.

  • Darmaine Coker
    Darmaine Coker 8 days ago

    Dumb ass there's no belt on the car to the alternator to charge the battery 😐

  • johnyq
    johnyq 10 days ago

    i may be wrong but i think ford will buy them broken lights off you for the modules and whatnot

  • Bryant Nalls
    Bryant Nalls 10 days ago

    Good job guys!
    Is it worth money new or used? ? ?

  • SuperBeats4life
    SuperBeats4life 11 days ago

    You didn't need a new battery...but if you don't have the belt on the alternator doesn't work

  • Nathan Eberhardt
    Nathan Eberhardt 13 days ago

    How much was the truck?

  • Katy Nunnery
    Katy Nunnery 13 days ago

    But a2020 front end on it

  • Fegley Fixes it
    Fegley Fixes it 16 days ago

    All that crap? That clutch for the fan will run you about $260. Did you even test it to see if it was bad?

  • the king
    the king 16 days ago

    When Money is not a problem 😂😂😂😂😂🍻🍺🍺🍺🍺

  • Timmy Anderson
    Timmy Anderson 17 days ago

    Those jet burners are F***ing amazing!

  • Gregg Averett
    Gregg Averett 17 days ago

    This site regularly runs between one and two million viewers, nearly all automotive-oriented. Automobile manufacturers would salivate at being able to advertise to such a self-selected demographic. That is a service Goonzquad is essentially providing Ford for free as they explore, extol, and repair the many features of this premium, late-model truck(1000 miles!!).

    It would be cheap, leveraged dollars for Ford's advertising division to arrange to provide the repair parts needed for free to facilitate the build. If not national, regional sales divisions are also approachable. Whether it was actually out-of-pocket, Goonzquad could still marvel at the relatively inexpensive parts catalog prices of the acquired parts, further reflecting favorably on the benefits of owning a Ford product.

    The horse may be out of the barn for this build but Goonzquad should explore this potentially symbiotic business relationship with the associated manufacturer for future builds involving relatively late-model vehicles.

  • Richard Price
    Richard Price 19 days ago

    Can someone please educate me on how it is possible to give this a thumbs down? I watch a lot of videos and their editing is pure professional!

  • Hambone
    Hambone 19 days ago

    Hell yeah man. I see y'all are in Roseville. I live up on top of lookout mountain. Maybe sometime I'm back home and I'm town I'd like to get up with y'all and check out some of your builds.

  • Joe Miller
    Joe Miller 19 days ago

    The shots with the dog, made me happy.

  • Roy Serles
    Roy Serles 20 days ago

    Are you two brothers or just best friends?

  • Fegley Fixes it
    Fegley Fixes it 20 days ago

    Those alumminum blocks with the fins, the one down at the lower front and the one at the drivers side top near the fender run both coolant and oil through them.

  • Fegley Fixes it
    Fegley Fixes it 20 days ago

    That stuff that helps bond the fender to the body is called seam sealer.

  • Fegley Fixes it
    Fegley Fixes it 20 days ago

    Not much planning went into the shop design. Heated floors would have been the way to go before you poured the slabs.

  • Jman 123
    Jman 123 21 day ago +1

    I'm sorry I might of missed it, how much did you pay for the ford truck ?

  • Adam swaz
    Adam swaz 21 day ago

    If you guys talked less , you would come off as being a lot more knowledgeable than you guys really are Lol

  • Este guey dijo....
    Este guey dijo.... 22 days ago +2

    hahaha these guys.... the more damage they find the more fun they have, while I would be crying on my poor checking account.

  • ted roccie
    ted roccie 22 days ago


  • robin banks
    robin banks 23 days ago

    Please take a pocket knife and cut the blown airbags out, they are nothing but in the way.

  • Patrick Rambo
    Patrick Rambo 23 days ago

    Press and hold to start it with the key

  • Domino Diamond
    Domino Diamond 24 days ago

    I would like to see what you guys are going to do when it comes time to hook a scan tool up. I bet they take it to a dealer.

  • Juan Yepiz
    Juan Yepiz 24 days ago

    Great project. I will loved to be there with you guys and work on this kinds of projects.!.!.!

  • Juan Yepiz
    Juan Yepiz 24 days ago

    Hi Guys, just a hint I don’t know if anybody mention this before, but every time you work on a car my recommendation is always disconnect the battery.

  • ririshow
    ririshow 24 days ago

    Leeks make great soup!

  • TheMsjennieP
    TheMsjennieP 25 days ago

    How did the truck get in the car accident

  • Jake Day Williams
    Jake Day Williams 25 days ago

    One of the best channels on TVclip.

  • jabez lowe
    jabez lowe 26 days ago

    14:04 “Heavy Duty, Heavy Duty” 😂😭

  • I am nobody awkdla
    I am nobody awkdla 26 days ago

    Im new to this channel, how do they figure out how to put every single thing back together without forgetting? Or they just have good memory..

  • Thomas Fx
    Thomas Fx 26 days ago

    Neat project, but it's weird for me to watch a couple of orthodontists kids with unlimited financial resources rebuilding a wrecked $80,000 pickup.

  • frankabarca209
    frankabarca209 26 days ago

    Do these guys know much of anything? Every other sentence is “ it might this idk, yea idk, idk, idk, idk

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor 26 days ago +29

    I'd love to see a price break down for this truck from purchase through all of the rebuild costs, etc.

    • halokillernoob
      halokillernoob 6 days ago +1

      Probably ended up costing as much as what a new one costs, if not, real close. They can get away with losses because of their income from what their videos make.

  • Tony Chopper
    Tony Chopper 26 days ago

    Just curious why you didn't start at a dismantler or aftermarket first

  • Wu Wade
    Wu Wade 27 days ago


  • Chase Freeman
    Chase Freeman 27 days ago

    Do y'all keep the vehicles you fix?

  • Tom Lawyer
    Tom Lawyer 27 days ago

    rich kids spending daddys money

  • Mustang Mike 256
    Mustang Mike 256 27 days ago

    Ford put 2 Cooling systems on the 6.7L setups. You have a primary radiator and a secondary radiator. Plus there is 2 water pumps. 1 mounts on the block and 1 that mounts on the passenger side head. Good luck guys.

  • Joseph jo
    Joseph jo 27 days ago

    too hyper slow down so I can enjoy your explainations and plans

  • سفيان عبد الله

    No need new batteries, The modulus you have had to disconnect interface with the computer, these operate the steps and tailgate controls. Once you re-assemble the truck and re-connect all the components, the gauges, tailgate and steps should be back to normal as well as the batteries will also be charging!

  • Grammar Police
    Grammar Police 28 days ago

    Supper legit, dude.

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia 28 days ago +2

    They always in a great mood love the Energy they have great people

  • HBoo RIZZA
    HBoo RIZZA 28 days ago

    You boys are doing well it's a nice garage you have had my tool boxes stolen last year an really haven't been able to recover so if you do bad stuff an steel think of the knock on effect for the people you are taking from for me it's no work depression lost 26 kg in weight bad..all the best on your build lads boss truck that we don't have them in UK you would laugh at ours.small.👍🏻🙏🏼

    RCMOTO 28 days ago

    The stuff on the fender is NVH there’s different types and foams, I used the 3m stuff.
    Also the reinforcements are held in by bolts , they’re a weird inverted torx plus
    Hopefully you don’t have to use any self piercing rivets cause you’ll need a self piercing rivet gun that runs around $5K

  • Zarin M
    Zarin M 28 days ago

    OHHH. I get it. They are rich kids useing this as a way to generate subs and views. They paid out the ass for the truck and will only make money cuz of youtube. Was trying to get undersand the situation.

  • Jose Montanez
    Jose Montanez 28 days ago

    Compren nueva la luz , cabrones !

  • Adam Ingram
    Adam Ingram 28 days ago +1

    Price of a brand new F-450? $80,000
    Price of a rebuilt F-450 $120,000

  • Gary Artz
    Gary Artz 28 days ago

    I'll bet its the brake booster vacuum Pump or a line/hose to the booster