Dear Snapchat!


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  • gdime74
    gdime74 4 days ago

    Snap chat is over with Facebook owner offer the guy money who owns snap chat and he said no so what did Mark do he copy it good by snap chat

  • ilysc
    ilysc 6 days ago +1

    Well just proves that iPhones were designed for women

  • felix
    felix 9 days ago

    The only reason I used Snapchat was to send streaks to people...

  • Ryan Bonner
    Ryan Bonner 10 days ago

    Do they still do that with Android phones? Like does Snapchat still not use my camera? Was there an update to fix this? Can an update fix this? It frustrates me because I have so many pictures saved to my phone using Snapchat, but it doesn't even use my camera to take the pictures??? 😟

  • Tobias Midhaug
    Tobias Midhaug 14 days ago

    im so sick of this problem android deserves a good snap

  • Insane Zain
    Insane Zain 15 days ago

    At least configure it for the latest phones. S9 Plus looks like a Nokia cam

  • Undivided Gamer
    Undivided Gamer 17 days ago

    Bro I literally don't use Snapchat for amazing/ stunning photos. It's basically used for messaging and streaks now. At least for me and every single person I know

  • Yegonizer
    Yegonizer 17 days ago

    You are really dead if Marques Brownlee confirms it...

  • AfricanAmericanDweebLife95

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  • 1000 subscribers with no videos

    Who is using snapchat in 2018?

  • One Inch Punisher
    One Inch Punisher Month ago

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  • Huwayne Williams-Morgan

    Please do a Dear HTC please they need your help !

  • Konrad RandomGuy
    Konrad RandomGuy Month ago

    Why are you always praying in the thumbnails?

  • King  Rillyza
    King Rillyza Month ago

    Snapchat on Android looks like your filming trough a potato

  • Roni Cordaro
    Roni Cordaro Month ago

    Snapchat garbage!

  • Paul Knight
    Paul Knight Month ago

    Pixel 2 owner here. I've found that Instagram stories look terrible when shot on my Pixel but iPhones seem to look great.

  • Gogо drawings
    Gogо drawings Month ago

    Dear Marcus I have an LG k10 and it works like an iPhone on Snapchat of course because I have an absolutely great camera is like the pixel 2 but I don't know anyway and it works perfectly on my phone and the quality is great everything is great the how the colour is great and everything is great on my phone because I don't know it has a great camera and yeah pretty much is good on my phone because I don't know why it's not very popular in Bulgaria because I live in Bulgaria English but everything is good on some Android phones but not all

  • SharkBait Ooh Ha Ha

    But until then, I'll see you on Instagram. Haha

  • Anthony Ramos
    Anthony Ramos Month ago

    What if you just take photos with ur camera and then use camera roll and post it, will it affect the photo

  • SoftTech
    SoftTech Month ago

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  • Shah M. Ryhan
    Shah M. Ryhan Month ago +1

    snapchat is trash

  • iago Brisola
    iago Brisola Month ago

    Lmao, snapchat is the king of stories and have fun with friends... Instagram is what? A copy that has a freaking bad design of stories, i just use history on snapchat, call me whatever you want, but i am traditionalist, and never gonna give up of snap, take care, cya.

  • Jack Barrett
    Jack Barrett Month ago

    Snapchat on android looks like ww2 footage lol

  • UnicornsOnLSD
    UnicornsOnLSD 2 months ago

    Snapchat does not need to cater to every phone, android did that with the camera API. Camera2 is the latest (Introduced in lollipop) but for some reason, snapchat uses Camera1, which was made around the first Android phones.

  • Mihajlo Vidaković
    Mihajlo Vidaković 2 months ago

    I feel like Snapchat team just started to hate you...

  • AgentBubbles
    AgentBubbles 2 months ago

    Dear snap chat stop placing ads after I view someones story

  • J- HOPE
    J- HOPE 2 months ago

    My streak is what still actually keeps me on snapchat. I don't hate it tho I just don't use it as much as b4

  • MrMusicMaster
    MrMusicMaster 2 months ago

    That intro certainly didn't sound like Ongoing Thing.

  • Srijan N
    Srijan N 2 months ago

    snap chat is just useless

  • Zack Duncan
    Zack Duncan 2 months ago

    The Android that you used is 1000x better then the damn v30. I don't even post on my story anymore because the quality is probably worse then 240p. The v30 is disgusting on snapchat

  • LEAPSTORM115 __
    LEAPSTORM115 __ 2 months ago

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  • Ryan Knutson
    Ryan Knutson 2 months ago

    Snapchat on my S7 Edge lags so bad, videos come out with so much stutter

  • jamardoogle2 jones
    jamardoogle2 jones 2 months ago

    Dear Snapchat, we have had the best camera on any smartphone for four years now. Still waiting for software improvement

  • Naif
    Naif 2 months ago

    the only reason keeping me from buying an Android phone is the Snapchat thing

  • Rajat Roy
    Rajat Roy 2 months ago

    24¿ .... 😲

  • All Things Nele
    All Things Nele 2 months ago

    I also carry two phones for similar reasons. Hey why not have the best of both worlds. Snapchat is crap period since they changed it. I have directed all my viewers away from Snapchat period and dont even use it anymore. IG is #1

  • Freedom Dancer
    Freedom Dancer 2 months ago

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  • Spellcaster86
    Spellcaster86 2 months ago

    I invest in Snapchat, but I refuse to use it. There are too many unintelligent teenagers trying to send pictures of various body parts.

  • Anurag SAIKIA
    Anurag SAIKIA 2 months ago

    Snapchat hates poor countries

  • Peter Cummins
    Peter Cummins 2 months ago

    Personally I love the new porn section that only appears when you swipe left, just a shame it has so many adverts in it too

  • Enzo Smallenbroek
    Enzo Smallenbroek 2 months ago

    So thats why... ah well snap chat is dying anyway.

  • Born To Win
    Born To Win 2 months ago +1

    Video is Coming on Dear Instagram....Wynk Wynk

  • winner luaba
    winner luaba 2 months ago

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  • Bee Highve Drones
    Bee Highve Drones 3 months ago +1

    Android looked better than iPhone in these examples.

  • chase bank82
    chase bank82 3 months ago

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  • NickIsWavy
    NickIsWavy 3 months ago

    Does Instagram on android lower the quality of your story aswell?

  • datSweetSorelle
    datSweetSorelle 3 months ago

    Are you single?

  • Live Hard or die easy
    Live Hard or die easy 3 months ago

    I have a mate 10 pro and even that Snapchat is trash. Bye Snapchat, hello Instagram.

  • Hunter Blake
    Hunter Blake 3 months ago


  • Angie Loves
    Angie Loves 3 months ago

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  • Tim Vernak
    Tim Vernak 3 months ago

    My s7 edge was good with snapchat, but my v30 is god awful

  • Manhattan
    Manhattan 3 months ago

    Or you could just delete snapchat and move to instagram stories like i did. Sc is dying anyway with the ugly update

  • Aerlia
    Aerlia 3 months ago

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  • Akay Goldner
    Akay Goldner 3 months ago

    That intro track was NOT ongoing thing

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  • 22 Savage
    22 Savage 3 months ago

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  • Pointless Apple
    Pointless Apple 3 months ago

    Snapchat sucks since the beginning tbh.

  • Sourabh Jain
    Sourabh Jain 3 months ago

    If snapchat is using visual core in pixel 2 then why do you still use iPhone for snap and insta?

  • Joshua Pollack
    Joshua Pollack 3 months ago

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  • Lakai Bunch
    Lakai Bunch 3 months ago +1

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  • NRG \ Nerf Rashid Gaming

    I hate Snapchat. It's full of celebrities that are apple sheep.

  • azamrahman
    azamrahman 3 months ago

    is that shirt trying to symbolize dying SC

  • !!ラドワ
    !!ラドワ 3 months ago

    does snapchat use the s9/s9+ camera??? :((

  • Huub Bouwman
    Huub Bouwman 3 months ago

    On my s8 the picture quality is great. Its absolutely not less detailed than a picture with my normal camera!!

  • blazin' awesome
    blazin' awesome 4 months ago

    Use camera mode

  • The Santos Lifestyle
    The Santos Lifestyle 4 months ago

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  • Aymen Haily
    Aymen Haily 4 months ago

    use instagram its great for all phones

  • Ashley Molina
    Ashley Molina 4 months ago

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  • AngelOfDarkness
    AngelOfDarkness 4 months ago

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  • Young GOAT
    Young GOAT 4 months ago

    Thats why i hate having a Android. I love everything about Android but Snapchat is just terrible and not worth using bc they don't want to support Android phones. I have a Note 8 but on Snap it looks like i have a flip phone. Thats why i switched to the Iphone X

  • saikou Khan
    saikou Khan 4 months ago

    Make a video on how bad the update is

  • Scintilla
    Scintilla 4 months ago

    Snapchat is dead

  • daniel horeluk
    daniel horeluk 4 months ago

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  • Qadar Moha
    Qadar Moha 4 months ago

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  • Dream Catcher
    Dream Catcher 4 months ago

    could I have 1 iPhone cause my b day is in 8/13/18

  • ero senin
    ero senin 4 months ago

    without forgetting the Battery drain in snapchat and one more thing if instagram was able to deliver good quality pictures in every single android phone why snapchat couldn't ?

  • Carbon_6IX
    Carbon_6IX 4 months ago

    Has Snapchat update any android devices besides the google pixel. I really want to get the S9 plus but I also use Snapchat kinda on the regular

  • Mike Do Hong
    Mike Do Hong 4 months ago

    I stopped using Snapchat a while ago & I’m saying this now MUCH BETTER. I don’t even know what the new update looks like. I mean most of us use Instagram & Snapchat. Why not just use Instagram? It has the Instagram picture/video we know & it has what Snapchat has stories. Minimalism/Simplicity 🤷🏻‍♂️ @mikedohong (Plug ;))

  • Just a cunt
    Just a cunt 4 months ago

    I only installed Snapchat a week ago to check it out and I don't get what is so bad about the update, as in I literally don't know. I've asked my sister about it, and she tells me it became way too complicated to use, which to me was very surprising and I'm wondering if she'll make it in life if she thinks that's complicated. On a more serious note, I just don't fucking get, I'm not gonna use it anyway but would like an explanation from someone older than a 15yr old who thinks the UI is complicated.

  • annoying hair
    annoying hair 4 months ago

    Instagram was better
    I don't care about snapchat

  • Völundr Frey
    Völundr Frey 4 months ago

    With the android thing it's not entirely about the fact that there's so many. If they would just use the android camera2 api they would achieve nearly the full capabilities of the camera. There's still some tweaking that could be done for each camera. But the results would be good, not perfect, just good.
    Focusing on the pixel seems weird since it's a low volume phone. If they should focus on one phone it should be the S9 (S8 when this video came out)

  • surjith India
    surjith India 4 months ago

    Rip Snapchat
    what a bad business decision.....!

  • JustLogan / Epiclogonio94

    What if you only ever used snapchat to talk to freinds

    POLYBIUS 4 months ago

    It doesn't matter if you have an Android. You can just buy Snap Specs! (I will never get my money back.)

  • Alexa Montes
    Alexa Montes 4 months ago

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  • Ourworld Mr Idgaf
    Ourworld Mr Idgaf 4 months ago

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  • sash A
    sash A 4 months ago

    Noooooooo you're 24? Man I had a crush on you!

    • RileyMoulds
      RileyMoulds 4 months ago

      how old did you think he was?

  • MarkimusMaximus9
    MarkimusMaximus9 4 months ago

    The interface of snapchat just completely turns me off. I could never stand using it.

  • Sarah Says
    Sarah Says 4 months ago

    All celebs and most content creators use iPhones

  • MiUi & stuff
    MiUi & stuff 4 months ago

    The discovery page was for that ppl misunderstood it

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    *How and why to delete your Snapchat account*

  • Rossy Rocks
    Rossy Rocks 4 months ago

    Literally all they need to do for android is just do the samsung phones and lixel

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    Precious Antwi 4 months ago

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