Using a Saruca to find Diamonds, Gold and other precious metals/gems


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  • yesu ratnam
    yesu ratnam Month ago

    He didn't find anything

  • johnny llooddte
    johnny llooddte 6 months ago +3

    why wouldnt you do this over a bucket and then pan the bucket remains.. you lose 100% of your fines and gold.. which is over 50% of all gold

  • Chad Reynolds
    Chad Reynolds 6 months ago

    If there was any gold in that it's long gone....

  • Rahul. Varkala Varkala
    Rahul. Varkala Varkala 8 months ago +1


  • GoProspecting
    GoProspecting 11 months ago +1

    great video, thanks

  • aniquila canal
    aniquila canal Year ago

    helo mr. inscription in canal :adriano pedras preciosas , its in Brazil ok

  • A
    A Year ago +1

    Also in turkey in the south?

    • Dennis Dayton
      Dennis Dayton  Year ago +1

      Aa it would be nice to know if there is gold there as well! I bet there is!!!

  • Rock Prasant
    Rock Prasant Year ago +1

    I want to get all the diamonds

  • Dani de Zuger
    Dani de Zuger Year ago +2

    Nice video, would be glad to visit my page. gg from Switzerland Dani

  • Patsy Evans
    Patsy Evans Year ago

    I have done some panning and think I have very small diamonds or crushed..some are very clear ,,and some foggy,a rock with very small clear pieces through it.who checks these out

  • David Gravite
    David Gravite Year ago

    That guy trys to slide behind him and look for the his diamonds.

  • betty kuykendall
    betty kuykendall Year ago

    The heavier gemstones, gold, etc. goes to the midddle - forms a bullseye.

  • Alexander Mendoza


  • MsAzul69
    MsAzul69 2 years ago

    if you find any gems,gold,diamonds or other stuff can you do a give away please😀😀😀

  • Myles Nicholas
    Myles Nicholas 2 years ago

    Diamonds stick to grease.

    • WeThePrimitives:
      WeThePrimitives: 2 years ago

      Myles Nicholas so should i. spread grease on the saruca

  • Abubakarr Kargbo
    Abubakarr Kargbo 2 years ago

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  • tomer rens m
    tomer rens m 2 years ago

    Why do you work with a plastic pen?

  • Frank Reiser M.S.
    Frank Reiser M.S. 2 years ago

    I would also collect the lead.

    • keith mooney
      keith mooney 3 months ago

      I would too that way I have something to make spare bullets out of

  • gklpang
    gklpang 2 years ago


  • Eric jones
    Eric jones 2 years ago

    Did he find anything?

  • Kerra Blank
    Kerra Blank 2 years ago

    i have already been there

  • Paul Hawk
    Paul Hawk 2 years ago stuff....

  • June Kitzman
    June Kitzman 2 years ago


  • zippy
    zippy 2 years ago

    A lot of talk and work not much else.

  • J's Realm
    J's Realm 2 years ago

    Yeah and would find a Diamond

  • kathrinecollamar
    kathrinecollamar 2 years ago

    ㅡㄷ 새

    EUREKA GOLD SANDS 3 years ago

    dennis do ou have this monetized i hope?

  • Qiuyu Shi
    Qiuyu Shi 3 years ago

    I mean come there is no diamonds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • XxXPara MeniXxX
      XxXPara MeniXxX 2 years ago

      There can be. It's VERY rare, but it can happen.

    EMANON EMANON 3 years ago

    where is this at ??????

  • galihadventure
    galihadventure 3 years ago +1

    I love hunting precious things!! I used to hunt gemstone in Java, Indonesia, but mostly we only find chalcedony and jasper, a little bit of quartz crystal

  • Ong Yeow Ping
    Ong Yeow Ping 3 years ago


  • Aristila Santia Yumm
    Aristila Santia Yumm 3 years ago

    pause at 04:12 you gotta focus the diamond dazzling

  • Aristila Santia Yumm
    Aristila Santia Yumm 3 years ago

    and shining

  • Aristila Santia Yumm
    Aristila Santia Yumm 3 years ago

    i see it was dazzling

  • Aristila Santia Yumm
    Aristila Santia Yumm 3 years ago

    and you didnt pick it up

  • Aristila Santia Yumm
    Aristila Santia Yumm 3 years ago

    i just saw a diamond

  • Laboni Zaman
    Laboni Zaman 3 years ago

    my country is in bd how can i find

  • Aaron Grant
    Aaron Grant 3 years ago

    this guy really does a good job at this. it's like a pro

  • Frank Reiser M.S.
    Frank Reiser M.S. 3 years ago

    You seem to be left handed, like me.
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  • Hayden Lieberman
    Hayden Lieberman 3 years ago +2

    How many pesos of gold

  • Shana LMT CPT
    Shana LMT CPT 3 years ago

    They found gold and diamonds

  • Jay Stevens
    Jay Stevens 3 years ago

    oh gee, look...theres a bucket, I am sure with gems in it....not like the live pull from the river

  • MickyV23
    MickyV23 3 years ago

    Wait, I thought diamonds at its first stage a black color, or something like that.

    • Corpus Crewman
      Corpus Crewman 3 years ago

      +MickyV23 “Mikey” Diamonds are truly just Carbon molecules. The same material that makes up pencil lead and charcoal, So technically; Yes it starts out black.

  • Alan Defoe
    Alan Defoe 3 years ago

    This is more of a hobby than anything else....the returns will pathetic lol

  • stewartfrye
    stewartfrye 4 years ago

    the only guy making money is sell siruca's

  • Im_name_is_bob3 Gaming

    it wasn't a diamond that was red it is a ruby.

    • Laura Cullen
      Laura Cullen 4 years ago

      The big D comes in several colors.

  • Dennis Dayton
    Dennis Dayton  4 years ago +7

    That would be awesome, someday I would love to go there!!!

  • kyng George
    kyng George 4 years ago +1

    this is fake what kinda diamond is red and black smh

    • Jeff M.
      Jeff M. 7 months ago

      Diamonds can form in many different colors.

    • Bella Everett
      Bella Everett Year ago +1

      kyng George Red diamonds are actually very very rare, the rarest of the colors

    • Laura Cullen
      Laura Cullen 4 years ago

      Kyng: what kind? ? The kind like me who pick them up and sell them for a lot of money when people like you throw them away. So easy + a good laugh.

    • kyng George
      kyng George 4 years ago

      Oh ok well if you want we can go to my homeland in west Africa Nigeria and mine the land and get rich a lot of land has been untouched and people walk thru diamonds everyd day and dont even know its there i just subscribes to ur page

    • Dennis Dayton
      Dennis Dayton  4 years ago +7

      Thank you for your comment kyng George, when you use a saruca, you will have different color rings in it, your red which is usually your garnets, black for the magnetite, and if you are in a gold or diamond bearing area, they will usually be right in the middle of the saruca bed. It is really cool how the saruca works, I have a second video using the saruca, one is cons from Arkansas and the other saruca bed is from my cons from Indiana. You will see the different color rings from them. Sadly enough there isn't that many diamonds in Indiana, but if you do find one, its pretty small. Thank You, IndianaGoldHunter

  • delilah cepe
    delilah cepe 4 years ago

    nice to see you doing it sir!how i wish to see it in real.....

  • Nassisa xoxo
    Nassisa xoxo 4 years ago

    All i can see is fresh fishes.

  • Siegmar Horsch
    Siegmar Horsch 4 years ago +1

    That's funny. I saw the word saruca on the Crater of Diamonds website and found this on a google search of what a saruca was. lol

  • Rory Bowskill
    Rory Bowskill 5 years ago

    I've just made myself one that fits in my rucksack because the last time I went to the local coast I brought hack literally a handful of garnet rich sand and when I went through it I found a Diamond, not bad for a British beach. Also we have some rather silly laws in England like I'm not allowed to pan for gold in English rivers but would be allowed to use a saruca to look for gemstones in the same place because they haven't heard about them so haven't banned them.

    • tactical aim
      tactical aim 3 years ago

      +Dennis Dayton thanks

    • Dennis Dayton
      Dennis Dayton  5 years ago

      Thank you for your comment Rory, maybe you will get lucky and find a couple of pickers or nuggets in your Saruca, just make sure you put those in your pocket right away! Good luck with your Saruca and I hope you find some nice Gems and Diamonds!!! IndianaGoldHunter

  • dmduck1
    dmduck1 5 years ago

    Todd, the saruca is down to 20/30 mesh. We use this all the time for garnets and diamond recovery . We often find garnets that won't pass through 12 mesh at this location, and have recovered several garnet in the 10-14 carat weight range and Chris has recovered one that was 106 carat weight here .

  • Dennis Dayton
    Dennis Dayton  5 years ago

    Hey Todd, The screen on the Saruca is pretty small, it should work pretty much anywhere!

  • Todd Knight
    Todd Knight 5 years ago

    And he is using this in Indiana...isn't most of our material too small for this to work?