The iPhone X... (NEW iPhone 10)


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  • Fortnite Thug life
    Fortnite Thug life 19 days ago

    iPhone XR

  • Apurv Abhyankar
    Apurv Abhyankar 6 months ago +1

    I use 1+5

  • The Rauler
    The Rauler 7 months ago

    I got a iPhone ad

  • DJ Crawford
    DJ Crawford 8 months ago

    Samsung galaxy s9

  • Adrian Cruz
    Adrian Cruz 9 months ago


  • max mr.awesome
    max mr.awesome 9 months ago +1

    I have a moto. Ps I’m your number 1 fan.

  • Kylan Wagner Vatterott
    Kylan Wagner Vatterott 9 months ago

    iphone 6s. I'm 13 by the way.

  • HazzaGAMES
    HazzaGAMES 10 months ago

    I have the Sony Xperia e5

  • Larsen Dankha
    Larsen Dankha 11 months ago

    I’m watching this on a iPhone X and
    I hate how he’s calling it a iPhone 8 that’s the design of the iPhone x

  • Game Boy
    Game Boy 11 months ago

    Zobzob lol

  • Game Boy
    Game Boy 11 months ago

    Emma c not 8 x x

  • MegaGengar XYZ45
    MegaGengar XYZ45 11 months ago

    I got an IPhone 6s

  • Matthew Hosein
    Matthew Hosein Year ago +1

    I have iPhone 7 Plus 5s 6 plus and for iPad iPad Pro 3 3mini

  • Max Conville
    Max Conville Year ago

    I have iPhone 6s Plus

  • Georgie boii
    Georgie boii Year ago

    iPhone se

  • 10kChuy
    10kChuy Year ago

    It’s not worth calling it ten because there is no nine

  • Jackso 7946
    Jackso 7946 Year ago

    Ali A

  • End Light
    End Light Year ago

    Why is a gamer have to put this on the gaming channel

  • Kelvin John
    Kelvin John Year ago

    That is iPhone 10

  • Fishing Reality TV

    Samsung galaxy A5

  • BabyFace
    BabyFace Year ago

    iPhone 7

    MMB GAMING Year ago

    iPhone 7

  • YTS Beats 35
    YTS Beats 35 Year ago

    Iphone 5s

  • x CrisBeKillin1527 x

    I'm a fan of Samsung Galaxy's but I don't have one myself

  • Liana Kazanova
    Liana Kazanova Year ago

    iphone SE, I have an iphone SE...

  • cnb chase
    cnb chase Year ago

    iPhone 5

  • B-Boy
    B-Boy Year ago

    Hi if you get youre new Iphone can I get your Iphone 7 plus!?🙈🙈Please

  • The Bloxatears
    The Bloxatears Year ago

    iPhone 5s

  • Shakey
    Shakey Year ago

    Samsung galaxy j3

  • Sophie mckenzie
    Sophie mckenzie Year ago

    So u can buy a IPhone X but can't buy a house?..

  • Elite Players
    Elite Players Year ago

    i got lg g5 and its LIT

  • MaxiPro
    MaxiPro Year ago


  • Gamer Gaming
    Gamer Gaming Year ago

    I got iPhone 7 plus

  • TheInsaneGamer 101

    I have an iPhone 5s

  • UchihaProdigy
    UchihaProdigy Year ago

    I still got my iPhone 6 (as a 2nd phone right now, but not using that much
    anymore) and also upgraded to the
    Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is btw. amazing.

  • Kevin Veloz Vasquez

    iPhone 6S+

  • X-Fiber
    X-Fiber Year ago

    I have the iPhone 7

  • Firepig Andrews
    Firepig Andrews Year ago

    I don't have a phone ☹😞

  • HyPzzz3d
    HyPzzz3d Year ago

    I have the iPhone 7

  • Like a boss 07
    Like a boss 07 Year ago

    I phone

  • Fonda Gaming
    Fonda Gaming Year ago

    believe it or not i have the iphone 2g cause i broke my iphone 5

  • Nick Bowling
    Nick Bowling Year ago

    One plus five on board. I would never buy an iPhone but ipads and ipod touches I've had. I prefer to have an Android phone and an ipod touch or iPad to keep up with both worlds. Some people like the reverse order but I could never go apple only or vice versa

  • FaZe Pioneer
    FaZe Pioneer Year ago


  • harley hill
    harley hill Year ago

    i phone

  • Karol S
    Karol S Year ago

    I have a Sony xperia X, I don't see the need for a iPhone, my friends at school both have Android phones and so our cables are compatible, I have 32gb internal storage but I can expand with a sd card, on android you can customise your phone way more than you can a iPhone. And the specs on my phone are better.

  • Phill-Ze -Tomato
    Phill-Ze -Tomato Year ago

    I don’t have any phones

    Sad life

  • Slushie
    Slushie Year ago

    iphone 6s: no real button
    iphone 7: no headphone jack
    iphone 8: no real back
    iphone x: no home button
    iphone z: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • UltraMaxGaming
    UltraMaxGaming Year ago

    I rock a flip phone NO IM SERIOUS

  • Anthony joshua
    Anthony joshua Year ago

    iPhone 7

  • SubToMeOrElse
    SubToMeOrElse Year ago

    I have an iPhone six

    OOF CLAN Year ago

    iPhone 6s

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Year ago

    I don't have a phone. Ive been waiting to get one for 5 years now :/

  • Henri Boyy87
    Henri Boyy87 Year ago

    I'm an iPhone sucker

  • Pablo S
    Pablo S Year ago

    I have the iPhone 7 Plus and gonna buy iPhone x

  • SilentSlasher/ 21
    SilentSlasher/ 21 Year ago +1

    I have got the iPhone 5 but I'm getting 8s

  • Cosmin-Gabriel Zgorcea

    LG L3

  • Tom Sherrell
    Tom Sherrell Year ago

    Ive got an iphone5

  • Tyrese Fairless
    Tyrese Fairless Year ago

    99.99% of this comment section is people like "Stick to cod" or "Stop doing unboxings" where as the other 00.01% is abiut the actual video.

  • TeaCup
    TeaCup Year ago +1

    Dope! Man, I even made a rap song about new iPhone 8 !

  • Nezmond Alps
    Nezmond Alps Year ago

    # WalkThrough

  • Nezmond Alps
    Nezmond Alps Year ago

    I'm getting it. But it cost $999

  • Nezmond Alps
    Nezmond Alps Year ago

    Also Ali go to Apples main website. Search : Iphone X. And it will give multiple details and a couple videos that shows depth of how the phone works. Please check it out

  • Nezmond Alps
    Nezmond Alps Year ago

    They are releasing the 8 and they completely skipped the 9 and went straight to 10. They created 2 phones the original which is the 8 and the secret phone that they secretly built while they were getting us hyped for the 8 is the X or= 10

  • TheDemonHellcat
    TheDemonHellcat Year ago

    Apple WAS good when Steve Jobs was alive, its really gone downhill and they are far behind on features for example android (specifically samsung) like wireless charging, water resistance, amoled display (which is superior to lcd) I personally walked away from apple after the iPhone 4s and moved to Samsung which I am really enjoying, so enjoy your missing home button and headphone jack iPhone fanboys

  • Millxnium
    Millxnium Year ago

    i got 6s

  • James Brown
    James Brown Year ago

    I have an iPhone 7plus

  • izi pizi
    izi pizi Year ago

    Iphone 7

  • Brandon Miljour
    Brandon Miljour Year ago

    Galaxy S7

  • Sammy Jandu
    Sammy Jandu Year ago

    When is the IPhone 8 releasing in the U.K.?

  • KhaosNasty
    KhaosNasty Year ago

    Samsung galaxy

  • Dimoz
    Dimoz Year ago

    Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Free Monya
    Free Monya Year ago

    iPhone 7plus

  • Troo
    Troo Year ago

    I got a flip phone. Who has one?

  • MR. RandUm
    MR. RandUm Year ago

    I have a iPhone 5s

  • Pacersfan 123
    Pacersfan 123 Year ago

    I have the iPhone se

  • Dylan Trump
    Dylan Trump Year ago

    I have a Moto Z

  • AcidxFrost
    AcidxFrost Year ago

    Galaxy s7

    ATL ATTACK Year ago

    samsung galaxy s8

  • Primo 420
    Primo 420 Year ago

    I've got an iPhone 7. I love apple. I don't like the lack of headphone port tho..

  • Archie GarrattEaves

    I have a iPhone 6

  • Brad275
    Brad275 Year ago

    I have a galaxy s8+ right now, but the iPhone x does look tempting

  • Stokieleo Playz
    Stokieleo Playz Year ago

    iPhone 6s

  • Joseph Heckenlaible

    iPhone X, i-x IX- that's 9

  • Dawesome bros
    Dawesome bros Year ago

    iPhone 6s

  • Jordan Black
    Jordan Black Year ago

    Just preordered iPhone 10!! So excited. Right now I have a 6 s

  • Arham Emperor
    Arham Emperor Year ago

    I have iphone 7 plus

  • Siti Zakiah68
    Siti Zakiah68 Year ago

    I got iPhone 7plus

  • British _
    British _ Year ago

    I phone 7 plus 😘

  • tyer7 -NERF
    tyer7 -NERF Year ago

    IPhone 4s and IPhone 5c

  • Mitz Hardy
    Mitz Hardy Year ago

    I have an iPhone 4S and iPhone SE

  • josesy-_- boi
    josesy-_- boi Year ago

    I have a blackberry and a samsung and a huawei

  • king kong gaming
    king kong gaming Year ago

    I phone 5s

  • Sean Flanagan
    Sean Flanagan Year ago


  • Paul Tucker
    Paul Tucker Year ago

    Moto g5 s

  • Lol Boy
    Lol Boy Year ago


  • xoxox22 232
    xoxox22 232 Year ago

    I like Samsung more

  • Rafael Dominguez
    Rafael Dominguez Year ago


  • Sop Clan Leader
    Sop Clan Leader Year ago

    I got iPhone 6 I had it over 2 years0.0

  • Spencer Barnett
    Spencer Barnett Year ago

    I have an iPad :(

  • LzerG
    LzerG Year ago

    iPhone 5s