This Laptop Feels Really Good

  • Published on Feb 7, 2018
  • Dave2D review of the HP Spectre x360 13. The best 2-in-1 laptop from HP for student and people on the go.
    Available Here -
    HP worked hard and stepped their game up on the lastest Spectre x360. Tablet, Stand, Tent & Laptop modes are all solid and perform well. 8th gen Intel CPU with HD620 GPU deliver
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  Year ago +688

    I have yet to find the perfect convertible laptop, the spectre x360 comes pretty close. Thanks for watching!

    • Miguel Vera
      Miguel Vera 22 days ago

      who translate those titles to spanish? fire him pls. Nice vid as always.

    • harsh lekhwani
      harsh lekhwani 27 days ago

      Plz look at HP PAVILLION X 360🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • harsh lekhwani
      harsh lekhwani 27 days ago

      Plz look at HP PAVILLION X 360 2019🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • shailane bharathi
      shailane bharathi 3 months ago

      Hey Dave can you able to give review or an overview of dell Inspiron 15 7000 series laptop(2019)?

    • Максим Максимов
      Максим Максимов 4 months ago

      Бля. Что ы делаешь в рунете без русских сбтитров! 🤬🤬🤬

  • Laura Campoy
    Laura Campoy 7 days ago +1

    Writing this comment on it and it's amazing. The Bang & Olufsen's sound, the trackpad, the screen... I will recommend it to everyone!

  • Trafford Bage
    Trafford Bage 8 days ago

    If you're looking to buy the Ryzen 7 3700U model with 16gb ram, I've got it. Its fast, its cool, its quiet and its an amazing choice. CPU usage does spike due to McAfee security for some reason, and battery life is about 4 hours out of the box running full brightness while watching 1080p video. However, dont let that turn you away, if you lower the brightness by about 20%, (which is still bright enough for me) and the performance mode isnt maximum, the battery life extends to about 9 hours doing average tasks. Video playback will always shorten this value, but i dont think you'll be watching anything longer than 3 hours without giving it a charge.

    I havent tested this battery on streaming apps like netflix.

  • adwell
    adwell 13 days ago

    Will you review the late 2019 version of the Spectre x360?

  • Amir Ali
    Amir Ali 16 days ago

    Just bought this laptop for £800 and it is really good. Thanks :) I am a programmer btw ;)

  • BusinessClassOnly
    BusinessClassOnly 23 days ago

    yeah HP feels good , looks good but ultimately its shit. Either it will break down after a few months or the never ending whining fans will simply drive you insane.

  • zaki rahimi
    zaki rahimi Month ago

    hey make a review of HP ENVY 13 2019 model 10th Gen

  • NightScream MV
    NightScream MV 2 months ago

    Hp laptops are the most quiet lappy

  • PSYLove
    PSYLove 2 months ago

    I am here because of

  • SNKRhead Games
    SNKRhead Games 2 months ago

    I think $1,300 feels better in my hand 😬

  • Logan Carson
    Logan Carson 2 months ago

    Are you Canadian?

  • Nooby Gamers
    Nooby Gamers 2 months ago

    Did u say surface pen

  • Ameen Bel
    Ameen Bel 3 months ago

    dave ! , how the hell did u run intel XTU in a U processor !! tell us how

  • Roj S. Kerîm
    Roj S. Kerîm 3 months ago

    You feel good with HP laptops I think.

  • Robbie Fazle
    Robbie Fazle 3 months ago

    That’s the Envy 15; nice laptop, had it.

  • Shotiko Edisherashvili
    Shotiko Edisherashvili 4 months ago +3

    When are you doing the 2019 one

    ZAIN MAHER 4 months ago

    Nice bro

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami 4 months ago +6

    please make a video of the newer version

  • 7h_ g7
    7h_ g7 4 months ago

    Is it good for graphics stuff ?

  • Adesh Bedre
    Adesh Bedre 4 months ago

    not sure if its just me but from my experience when you compare a HP laptops and a DELL laptop of the same specs the HP laptop tends to be slower, like waaay slower compared to the dell when given enought load to run.. maybe coz of HP's many background apps.. im guessing

  • Jun Ren Ong
    Jun Ren Ong 4 months ago

    I thought its the Pavilion 14 X360

  • ElPistolero50
    ElPistolero50 5 months ago

    This or the Surface Pro 6?? Intending to use it for university (graduate studies)..

    • Kaitlyn Kilpatrick
      Kaitlyn Kilpatrick 5 months ago

      I would decide whether you need a keyboard more or a stylus more. If keyboard then get this. Stylus - get SP6

  • Dodo Raslan
    Dodo Raslan 5 months ago

    my uncle actually bought me it

  • Shahzaib Alam Khan
    Shahzaib Alam Khan 5 months ago

    watching it on my hp spectre

  • Admin Stream-CR7
    Admin Stream-CR7 5 months ago

    i purchased one by watching this video - core i7 8th gen. 13inch cheers good review and a really nice laptop+TABLET Combo for me!

  • Angela
    Angela 5 months ago +2

    whos watching on their new hp spectre x360 :)

  • Benjamin Chiron
    Benjamin Chiron 5 months ago

    I really like this review and am looking to get an HP laptop for my day to day use. What do you think of the HP Elitebook 1050 GI?

  • APEX
    APEX 5 months ago

    Bought it last month for 750$ (8gb, core i5, mx 150 4gb) and I'm pretty happy with it so far.
    The price is really good for a 2 in 1 device with nice hardware and excellent built quality. It really feels like a premium product and can handle video editing and gaming pretty well.
    The only problem that I found is that the screen is not that bright and very reflective, meaning that even for indoor usage I have to keep the brightness to 75~100%, making the battery life drop to around 4~5 hours.
    Even with that this might be the best 800$ laptop!

    • SH
      SH Month ago

      Wait, did you get the specter or the envy? Over here I can barely get the envy for that price😱

  • Dave
    Dave 6 months ago

    OMG! I asked a month ago to do this product review and you really did it! thanks!

  • SeaOfFire8695
    SeaOfFire8695 6 months ago

    I wish a 14 inch slim and dedicated nvidia gpu(gtx 1050+) laptop exists... Unfortunately no.

  • Ben Andrei Leynes
    Ben Andrei Leynes 7 months ago

    This laptop is not for me. I'm no average person😎

  • Bibek Rai
    Bibek Rai 7 months ago

    U r the best reviewer bro

  • Gautham Ramesh Babu
    Gautham Ramesh Babu 7 months ago

    Can you review the new hp pavillion 14 series released recently?? I seems like a good budget laptop series

  • Karl the Pagan
    Karl the Pagan 7 months ago +1

    Bought an x360 8550u on a good discount this year. The B&O driver issue gave me a big scare. I'm having some TB3 PD issues, maybe thanks to my cheap TB3 dock, but thankfully the Anker Switch battery can charge it.

    • Karl the Pagan
      Karl the Pagan 4 months ago

      @Glenn L HP had a sale right after PAX East.

    • Glenn L
      Glenn L 4 months ago

      Karl the Pagan where did you buy?

  • Pol John Due
    Pol John Due 7 months ago +4

    Hey Dave! would you mind if you make a review on the new x360 gem cut???

  • Leogamer83
    Leogamer83 8 months ago

    i only have a envy x 360 13' with amd ryzen 3 and a radeln vega graphics

    • Leogamer83
      Leogamer83 6 months ago

      @gytux0258 it lasts at least 6 hours with the screen on. It only overheats when u use it for mire rhan an hourand a half or in your bed or a tipe cotton. And you van modify the fan speed for the noise

    • gytux0258
      gytux0258 6 months ago

      how do you like it?
      Im thinking of buying this laptop with a ryzen 5 2500u
      Is your apu a ryzen 3 2300u?
      I would also like to know how long the battery lasts and whether it overheats and runs loud.
      Thank you so much!

  • John
    John 8 months ago

    Appearance-wise it looks very dated besides how thin it is

  • Alec Wong
    Alec Wong 8 months ago

    Hi Dave, can you review the Asus Chromebook C434 please!

  • Esa Kastella
    Esa Kastella 8 months ago

    is it good for light gaming?

  • Jon Child
    Jon Child 8 months ago

    Dave, what's your take on the new 4K Spectre x360 15t (Gem Cut) with either mx150 or 1050 GPU? Yay or nay? Thanks man! Love the videos.

  • Deepak Charan
    Deepak Charan 8 months ago

    Price in india this laptop

  • Harshitha Gogineni
    Harshitha Gogineni 9 months ago

    Please reply ,,, Is it good for programming

  • Niklas Hall
    Niklas Hall 9 months ago

    He was watching the science youtube channel Kygst-something 💓

  • IntelliSoft Engineers
    IntelliSoft Engineers 9 months ago

    Finally someone that xan review a product without talking for 30 minutes. Awesome work man.. Here is a question.. What is a good ultrabook for development

  • Omolewa Elijah
    Omolewa Elijah 9 months ago

    Any time i wanna buy a gadget i always look forward on your say about the product i trust only your revies.thanks for your amazing reviews

  • serega you
    serega you 9 months ago

    харош для кого украинцев и русских ?

  • Muddassar Gill
    Muddassar Gill 9 months ago

    This will make ur day 5:11

  • Rishabh Bhardwaj
    Rishabh Bhardwaj 9 months ago

    kindly review spectre folio. #LoveFromIndia

  • Anton Draws
    Anton Draws 10 months ago +1

    This review really helped me decide to get this laptop. You do a great job. No crazy intro or obnoxious music, you speak clearly and in a relatable way, your camera and microphone look and sound nice, and your editing is spot-on. I love the reviews, keep it up!

  • HoneyFikkle
    HoneyFikkle 10 months ago

    Do the new GEM cut with GTX 1050!

  • Anna K.
    Anna K. 10 months ago

    I actually have it but with Intel Core i7 and a little bit newer wersion. I really love it. Drawing is my passion so tablet mode is a must have for me :)

  • Little Zhan
    Little Zhan 10 months ago

    This laptop look nice, but I'm looking for HP pavilion 2018 (15 cs0053cl) and not find the review. T-T

  • nyw adenalliro
    nyw adenalliro 10 months ago

    Hi dave! i would love to see you review the Lenovo Yoga 730 13" model comparable to this. I am planning to buy between the HP spectre x360 13", surface laptop 2 or 1 (most probably the 2) and the lenovo yoga 730 13".
    I am now in in 40% spectre, 20% surface laptop 2 and 40% yoga 730.
    What do you think would be best for me to use within these 3 laptops. intel core i5 8th gen. with 256gb ssd and 8 gb of ram relatively speaking for the minimum specs i am looking for now.

  • A Random guy
    A Random guy 10 months ago

    The pen. Is it preassure sensitive? If yes whats the range?

  • Keiran W
    Keiran W 10 months ago

    I really wish it running a Ryzen APU like Vega 10 or something. Also can I get a link to the wallpaper in the thumbnail?

  • Adham Rakib
    Adham Rakib 10 months ago

    Best laptop I've seen so far

  • tadika digital
    tadika digital 10 months ago

    Hi Dave, if possible pls do some review on HP Zbook Studio G5. Thanks.

  • Deepak Krishna
    Deepak Krishna 11 months ago

    What is the gpu capacity of this lap?

  • eddie wap
    eddie wap 11 months ago

    I bought this same model the first week it came out but I had to return it because I lost my job and it was $1200. I miss it so much. Makes me cringe hard when I look to buy a new one now for the price I can afford.

  • Daniel Dougan
    Daniel Dougan 11 months ago

    One problem I had with using my old Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S in tablet mode was the aspect ratio. It was never easy to use for reading especially.
    Another was the weight. Even that device felt heavy as a tablet. I would rather have something that detaches from the keyboard. The Surface Book seems like a compelling design...if only it were cheaper.