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  • Published on May 5, 2018
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    Hi guys! Today's video I'll be wearing some new goodies from the MAC x Patrick Starrr Spring collection. Hope you enjoy this MAC review and demo! xo

    My Diamond Glow Powders
    P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:
    MAC x Patrick Starrr Spring Collection
    Dose of Colors Cream Color Hit The Road
    Too Faced Born This Way Foundation
    NYX Foundation Brush
    Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer (dark warm)
    NAR Radiant Creamy Concealer Dark Coffee
    Urdan Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil Vice
    WhipLashed Fluff Lash
    Lancome Grandiose Liner (black)
    ABH Mahogany Bronzer

    C O D E S:
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    Morphe discount code! Use code EDGES for 10% off!
    Use code JACKIE for discount on all PUR Cosmetics purchases!
    Sigma Makeup Brushes use code JACKIESIGMA for 10% off

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    Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
    Phil 4:13
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  • Jackie Aina
    Jackie Aina  Year ago +1122

    hey guys, the user @lebronzejames is pretending to be Jackie Aina that is NOT MY ACCOUNT. My username on is @jackieaina ❤️

    • Kimmie SagOnFireInKy Houston
      Kimmie SagOnFireInKy Houston 11 months ago

      Imposters!!! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!

    • roneaka
      roneaka Year ago

      What’s the names of the powder and blush brushes that you used?

    • Jenna Upchurch
      Jenna Upchurch Year ago +1

      Jackie Aina I totally went out and bought the Tatcha primer.... 52 doll hairs girl! My coins were crying, but I trust you. Can’t wait to try it.

    • Sazhane's New Beginnings
      Sazhane's New Beginnings Year ago

      Jackie Aina I can’t find you

  • Sheeda Rose
    Sheeda Rose 4 months ago

    My favorite makeup look !

  • Louise Colburn
    Louise Colburn 7 months ago

    I needed some joy so I came to binge on you Jackie 😘😘😘 you always make me smile

  • Sam Arjona
    Sam Arjona 8 months ago

    Which foundation brush is she using???????😭😭😭😭😭

  • alex orback
    alex orback 8 months ago

    “Don’t trip chicken strip” 😂💛

  • Jasmine Schmidt
    Jasmine Schmidt 8 months ago

    You LITERALLY have the best lashes on TVclip. PERIODT you don’t even need falsiessss!!!! Fawk 😍

  • Ashley Ali
    Ashley Ali 8 months ago

    It's the NYX Pro Multi-Purpose Buffing Brush in 03.

  • C G
    C G 9 months ago

    Dear Queen Jackie (long may she slay), would you ever consider doing a historical era look/challenge? I would be so interested to see your interpretation of an aesthetic.

  • Miracle Coffee
    Miracle Coffee 9 months ago

    This kinda looks like her lifes a drag eye look

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  • Monique Shorten
    Monique Shorten 10 months ago

    Whoa! I’m loving that blue eye shadow! Beautiful look!

  • Delsa Lopez
    Delsa Lopez 10 months ago +1

    Woah when jackie speaks softly she especially sounds like beyonce. I dunno if it was just this video but it hit me hard

  • Lianabel Comas
    Lianabel Comas 11 months ago

    Shut it down!! This look is giving some great vibes you look stunning and I love it 😍

  • aqueenaija
    aqueenaija 11 months ago

    Dang the brush I got is a #2😣

  • Monica Guevara
    Monica Guevara 11 months ago

    I liked the inner corners the way u had it auntie Jackie ! Lol

  • Naturalbelle 329
    Naturalbelle 329 11 months ago

    You’re so gorgeous all that chocolate goddess going on ❤️

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    Jasmine VJA 11 months ago

    love the look! what shade is the foundation ?

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  • SugarPlum Faerie
    SugarPlum Faerie 11 months ago

    What is your suggestion for "wrinkly eyelids"? Especially when you're moving color around and your lid moves too... Is there anything to firm them?? =(

  • SugarPlum Faerie
    SugarPlum Faerie 11 months ago

    Don't trip.Chicken Strip. One more reason to love you Jackie... =)

  • The Q
    The Q 11 months ago

    Tumblr is the perfect for every inner weirdo....

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    z a myers 11 months ago

    something i s making me live for that blush😍😍😍

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    z a myers 11 months ago

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    Ermani Nevada 11 months ago

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    Rekha Bhaskar 11 months ago

    I Love Jackie.. she makes me laugh and help me b more confident... loads f love Jackie

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    Gulnaz Tabassum 11 months ago

    Use golden pearl 😂

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    Janene Ilar 11 months ago

    Wow over 300 dislikes!

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    Anna Bowman 11 months ago

    I am living for that blush on you 🤩

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    Evangeline Wtts 11 months ago

    Photo perfect eye! They aut to be in pictures. Beautiful

  • Valencia Arabome
    Valencia Arabome 11 months ago

    THIS LOOK IS BOMB JACKIE!! The color combos and the way they compliment your beautiful skin tone oh wow, yes ma'am! Give it to dem!!!

  • Alex King
    Alex King 11 months ago

    "Don't strip, chicken strip"😂😂 love Jackie so much.

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    Stunning with twinning commentary

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    Alba Viveros 11 months ago

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    So proud of you Jackie...You looked great in the MAC video & pics! So happy for you!

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    girlllll ur wearing the same suit demi lovato wore at a concert a few months ago. yall both look bomb as hell in it!!!

  • Lynn T
    Lynn T 11 months ago

    Blue and purple eye-shadows make brown eyes pop out the most. Don't @ me I've seen the evidence and know from experience.

  • Victoria Colozzi
    Victoria Colozzi Year ago

    Jackie, that eye look is AMAZING

  • Naomi Sunday
    Naomi Sunday Year ago

    Your facial expressions are killing me

  • zomgirene.
    zomgirene. Year ago

    Does anyone have any tips on how I can avoid having a lighter complexion on my face to my neck and body? This usually happens after I use baking powder - which is a new addition to my makeup bag so I don’t know what to do.

  • ChristianGyrl 3
    ChristianGyrl 3 Year ago

    Jackie, that blue looks nice on you

  • Gia Jones
    Gia Jones Year ago

    Jackie I love your look, it is just as pretty as you are. I would love to do colors on myself, get out of just doing neutrals. I wish I could have you do my makeup I think that would be the high life of my life. Keep them coming.

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    Jackie, I’ve ALWAYS liked you, ALWAYS enjoy your personality. Still do. But I really really don’t like Patrick-have you seen the videos of him shading people like he’s too cool for school? Ugh, used to feel ambivalent towards him (only cuz I don’t know his personality since I don’t watch his videos), he after those videos, damn. Every time I see anything Patrick, I’m like ugh don’t wanna support. But yeah love you. Don’t like Patrick

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    What’s the name/brand of the brush you used to apply the blush?


    What color in born this way are you using

  • Teaire Hill
    Teaire Hill Year ago

    That eyeshadow look is stunning

  • carmelcutie1991
    carmelcutie1991 Year ago

    If your wondering what brush it is its called the Nyx Pro multi purpose Buffing Brush. its 16.99 at ult and Ulta is running a special You get 100 points if you spend 15 or more dollars at ulta!!

    DIOR MURAKAMI Year ago

    I love you mom

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  • Amarnii Boo
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