• Published on Oct 2, 2019
    Check out a collection of recipes that you have never seen before:
    -You can prepare ice-cream that looks incredible! Take skittles and divide sweets by colors and crush candies using a blender. Add vanilla ice-cream to each color. Ready!
    -I love quick and delicious appetizers and here is the best choice. Cook chicken strips breaded with chips. Cut chicken breast in strips and mix with the sauce you like and bread with chips. Fry and enjoy
    -Check out how to make chocolate bars that look cool! Besides, it will be a beautiful gift for your friends
    -I love milkshakes and it’s the best dessert for summer days. My favorite one is Skicker’s milkshake. Place 2 snickers in a blender, add ice-cream and milk. Beat, cover with whipped cream and enjoy
    -Quick desserts is the best choice if you are waiting for guests. You can make cake from two ingredients: ice-cream and flour. Find out an easy tutorial
    -The next idea is also cool! Let’s make orange cinnamon rolls. Check out the video and follow these easy steps. Take oranges and cut off the tops, scoop out the insides using a spoon. Insert cinnamon rolls into the orange halves cover with butter and bake.
    -Check out a cool way to cook chicken breasts. Matinate chicken breasts in sauce. To prepare the sauce you will need: yogurt, pepper, thyme, garlic, parsley, paprika and lime juice. Place chicken breast one after another on a skewer. Cover with a half of tomato and bake two hours.
    -One more amazing idea is to prepare shawarma. Watch the video and find an easy tutorial

    Share these delicious recipes with your friends!
    00:09 Sausage barbeque
    00:37 Chicken strips
    00:57 Skittles ice-cream
    02:01 Coke jellies
    02:58 Ice-cream bread
    09:47 Chicken shawarma recipe

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    Next they’ll release a video with a shoe inside a microwave as the thumbnail!

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    Arif Malgatti 11 days ago

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  • Stefanos Mil
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    Make a 5-minute crafts food or candy

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    Nice video, apky ideas bht achy hoty hain
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    Totally logical Month ago

    7:29 WHY WOULD YOU TELL PEOPLE TO TRY THAT. Are you trying to hospitalize people??? For the love of god no one ever try this please

    • Kaz Walker
      Kaz Walker Month ago

      Ya, if this is done indoors, there's a risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, it just wouldn't work in general, anyone who has used a charcoal BBQ knows that if you don't have enough air flow, you'll just extinguish the coals.

  • Life with Shay Vlogs

    How are we supposed to do this but y’all never tell us the things u put I before everything 🙄😡

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    Is this a real thing? Are people actually out here baking their hot dogs in the sun???

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    • Totally logical
      Totally logical Month ago

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  • Siddh Bajaj
    Siddh Bajaj Month ago

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    KC Tan Month ago

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    This comment was posted on 3rd September, the day after it came out

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