Wife TRIES to name all the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters


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  • Brennan Rodriguez
    Brennan Rodriguez 5 days ago


  • Legendary Niwatori
    Legendary Niwatori 10 days ago

    She can suck my dick tho

  • Me Duh
    Me Duh 13 days ago

    All i can look at is that greenish yellow hair

  • Woodworks bike Gonzalez Coto

    why..Why....WHy...WHY??! 🐍🐍🐍You know why i put snakes Mike :c

  • Carlee Jo Blumenthal
    Carlee Jo Blumenthal 25 days ago

    I love Kate! She’s so cute!

  • Blake
    Blake 26 days ago

    This seems really similar to another video I just watched. hmmmmmmmmm

  • The Pony Robot
    The Pony Robot 29 days ago +1

    74 not 66

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah Month ago


  • Teme 05
    Teme 05 Month ago +2

    Hey, what about Ken, Simon, Korrin, Richter, or incineroar?

  • Gus Tigrinho
    Gus Tigrinho Month ago +1

    I love Werewolf of London but I didn't like Werewolf Out of London the original was better

  • aubs ‘
    aubs ‘ Month ago +1

    *666 dislikes*

  • Mastered UI Goku
    Mastered UI Goku Month ago

    Where’s Pirahna Plant

  • dandre rattray
    dandre rattray Month ago

    A plant is in and a phantom theif

  • Shinkai Atusya
    Shinkai Atusya Month ago

    I know this..... Sky....
    Smh..... Soooooo close.

  • James Christensen
    James Christensen Month ago

    You don’t know palutena get out

  • harry prytherch
    harry prytherch Month ago

    8:20 what is in the SKY???? CLOUDS

  • Charlotte Hamilton
    Charlotte Hamilton Month ago

    She cracked me up 😂😂

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson Month ago

    Forgot king k rool

  • Zz TheKing90990 zZ
    Zz TheKing90990 zZ Month ago

    You forgot king k rool and incinaroar

  • Ryan Yeo
    Ryan Yeo Month ago

    It's daisy

  • Daniel Coronel
    Daniel Coronel Month ago

    Where meh boy dark samus and incinaroar and the discusting but cute isabelle

  • crimsonpirate9
    crimsonpirate9 Month ago

    The hair bothers me

  • La weezus
    La weezus Month ago

    So fucking cringey I can't watch this

  • Isaac Behrends
    Isaac Behrends Month ago

    You say "all" before they're even close to being all announced...

  • kaetce Games
    kaetce Games Month ago

    There’s 74 characters tho aren’t there?

  • John Francis
    John Francis Month ago

    Jason thinks you’re dead

    NJG_GAMER YT Month ago

    Correct ion on launch there was 70+ announced characters

  • JackSkxllxngtxn
    JackSkxllxngtxn Month ago

    Serious case of resting bitch face

  • best boy Leon Kuwata

    I'm so excited for Joker to be in it!

  • Saezzerrair
    Saezzerrair Month ago

    Cuteness overload!

  • musta savage
    musta savage Month ago

    Where is king k krool

  • Poison Ivy Saur ッ

    I hate when people edit there comments

  • Poison Ivy Saur ッ


  • TetrizBTW TTV
    TetrizBTW TTV Month ago

    rip ken and incineroar

  • Finn Balor
    Finn Balor Month ago

    Joven she didnt get everything right like :pit dark pit daisy ike pichu nessly

    That is why you are bronze

  • Finn Balor
    Finn Balor Month ago

    Joven has a wife ?!?!?!?!?!

  • Wolf Gamer 1147
    Wolf Gamer 1147 Month ago

    1:48😂😂😂😂😂😂 son of a bitch Lmao

  • GEMINIz _
    GEMINIz _ Month ago

    I kinda cringed lmao

  • Puff -_-
    Puff -_- Month ago +2

    *_Dont you mean S A N S ?_*

  • Kiss My Ace
    Kiss My Ace Month ago

    Everyone seems to like naming Snake Mike


    WAIT old and you never bragged for having a wife to the others in smosh games

  • T R A Y
    T R A Y Month ago

    Your one lucky guy !

  • Leo Judge
    Leo Judge Month ago +2

    Waluigi is not here

  • Switch ¿
    Switch ¿ Month ago

    Thumnail looks like the wrestler emma

  • The AtomicKid
    The AtomicKid Month ago

    Did they do k rool???

  • Cornelius Rodriguez

    You missed king.k rool

  • bendy x alice angel Love

    There are not 66 charaters in smach bros there are 75 or 74 and a new charater in smash bros is Pirhhanna plant

  • geraldine woods
    geraldine woods Month ago

    Ganon = beck Mc beckaton

  • geraldine woods
    geraldine woods Month ago

    N64 link = link boi

  • Lucas MotherBound
    Lucas MotherBound Month ago +1

    I ain’t no ‘Nessly’ boi

  • Roy Koopa
    Roy Koopa Month ago

    i mean he doesnt even know all of them...

  • Roy Koopa
    Roy Koopa Month ago +1

    i mean they all look like ike though

  • Landon Mcgeorge
    Landon Mcgeorge Month ago +3

    Dionysus is the god of wine and revelry in Greek Mythology

  • AlphaBluYT
    AlphaBluYT Month ago +1

    What makes no sense is her knowing ROB no problem but not Daisy 😂

  • Ed D
    Ed D Month ago

    Awesome video with you and your wife. She's been calling Ike through the whole video and couldn't get it right when Ike came out lol

  • Shrapnel
    Shrapnel Month ago +1

    “I know all the characters”
    *gets less than half of them right*

  • christos kourounis
    christos kourounis Month ago

    My dead grandma tries guessing all smash characters.thumbnail:"coffin says Ridley jeremy"

  • Kaleb W
    Kaleb W Month ago

    How does he not know Palutena

  • Roberto Vaz/terra13

    Kate who ? * steals ur gurl 😂🤣👌*

  • Jorge Dos sandos
    Jorge Dos sandos Month ago

    Peach last name is toadstool

  • plush King YouTube channel

    You missed incineroar Ken piranha plant Simon and Richar Ana Isabelle Pac-Man Sonic Dark Samus and I don't know if it's in a video but I'm pretty sure you miss Jigglypuff and Captain Falcon

  • kig the king
    kig the king Month ago

    Have you ever play smash you whoud know that the first one you don't know is palutena and the second one is corrin

  • Ciara Herrera
    Ciara Herrera Month ago +3

    She likes to play as Meta Knight bbuuuttt
    Doesn't know his name??

  • Mynsted 490
    Mynsted 490 Month ago

    3:58 triggered me

  • Lela Kurayami
    Lela Kurayami Month ago

    Female Bijuu mike!

  • lasangna series
    lasangna series Month ago

    Not gonna lie I disliked because She said ryu not cool

  • nightowing
    nightowing Month ago

    was king.k.rool in here or not.

  • Mat
    Mat Month ago

    Why u not know who efguvx is

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen Month ago

    4:50 ...

  • John Michael Meadows

    Val valentine

  • Fio UwU
    Fio UwU 2 months ago


  • drixg555
    drixg555 2 months ago

    Mike?!? I thought his name was Dave.

  • Misa Missa
    Misa Missa 2 months ago

    Bun bun is actually buneary from pokemon

  • Guttsu
    Guttsu 2 months ago

    Your wife is hot, sorry had to

  • Chilly Burrito
    Chilly Burrito 2 months ago

    WOAH JOVEN HAS A WIFE? I didn't even know he had a girlfriend

  • Dennis The Dragon
    Dennis The Dragon 2 months ago

    Nice hair

  • Stargys
    Stargys 2 months ago

    Wait, she didn't know Daisy? And then they both said Bowser kidnaps both Peach and Daisy. Bowser has never kidnapped Daisy lol

  • [Official] Decahexatris

    9:16 u forgot to say Ridley

  • [Official] Decahexatris

    8:28 Her/His Name is Corrin

  • [Official] Decahexatris

    8:28 Her/His Name is Corrin

  • [Official] Decahexatris

    7:40 her name is Palutena

  • MrRudyc85
    MrRudyc85 2 months ago

    Is it me or does Kate look like Rumer Willis with green hair.

  • Mewtwo
    Mewtwo 2 months ago

    Mewtwo. It's one word. Tell your wife that.

  • Joe Lamarche
    Joe Lamarche 2 months ago

    74 characters

  • Jim Jimmerson
    Jim Jimmerson 2 months ago +1

    Y’all are cute

  • Raphael Inghels
    Raphael Inghels 2 months ago

    son of...
    -A BITCH

  • Bribri 0303
    Bribri 0303 2 months ago

    You missed King Rool from Donkey Kong!!!!! 👑🐊

  • Lex UwU
    Lex UwU 2 months ago

    why does your wife look like justin bailey

  • Cole Goodman
    Cole Goodman 2 months ago

    what about incineroar.

  • Infinity Websling
    Infinity Websling 2 months ago

    Is she just for clicks lol

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 2 months ago

    I feel like she could do a good female joker cosplay.

  • AshUgandanPlayer
    AshUgandanPlayer 2 months ago

    your wife is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!, wow very impressive i bet you didn't think she could do it. You guys are a power couple best of luck

    SLURP STUDIOS 2 months ago

    Bro I forgot all about joven wtffff I missed you bro

  • PenChrome
    PenChrome 2 months ago

    *link boi* *wee fit boi* *flame boi* *wii boi*

  • RawrImABush
    RawrImABush 2 months ago

    She said Marcus for Pit and for Dark Pit she missed the chance to say Darkus

  • BKLife
    BKLife 2 months ago

    I did this too.. it wasn’t pretty 😂😂😂 ~kayla~ good video 😊

  • Zach Chambers
    Zach Chambers 2 months ago

    Ok to admit I haven't watched joven or anyone from old Smosh in a while I miss this feeling I really do, and since im late congrats on getting married

  • Brayden Loxley
    Brayden Loxley 2 months ago

    You get bayonetta but not cloud

  • Jalon Florent
    Jalon Florent 2 months ago

    Wee boi

  • xXSCAR117Xx Gaming
    xXSCAR117Xx Gaming 2 months ago

    Should have called Link Zelda just to make Joven mad.😂