Wife TRIES to name all the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters


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  • Cole Goodman
    Cole Goodman 9 hours ago

    what about incineroar.

  • Infinity Websling
    Infinity Websling 10 hours ago

    Is she just for clicks lol

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 16 hours ago

    I feel like she could do a good female joker cosplay.

  • AshUgandanPlayer
    AshUgandanPlayer 19 hours ago

    your wife is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!, wow very impressive i bet you didn't think she could do it. You guys are a power couple best of luck

  • Bigkillerkoopa
    Bigkillerkoopa 2 days ago

    Bro I forgot all about joven wtffff I missed you bro

  • TheLivingConsole
    TheLivingConsole 3 days ago

    *link boi* *wee fit boi* *flame boi* *wii boi*

  • RawrImABush
    RawrImABush 3 days ago

    She said Marcus for Pit and for Dark Pit she missed the chance to say Darkus

  • BKLife
    BKLife 5 days ago

    I did this too.. it wasn’t pretty 😂😂😂 ~kayla~ good video 😊

  • Zach Chambers
    Zach Chambers 8 days ago

    Ok to admit I haven't watched joven or anyone from old Smosh in a while I miss this feeling I really do, and since im late congrats on getting married

  • Brayden Loxley
    Brayden Loxley 12 days ago

    You get bayonetta but not cloud

  • Jalon Florent
    Jalon Florent 12 days ago

    Wee boi

  • xXSCAR117Xx Gaming
    xXSCAR117Xx Gaming 12 days ago

    Should have called Link Zelda just to make Joven mad.😂

  • MeMyself AndSomePie
    MeMyself AndSomePie 14 days ago

    She knew who ness was but she didn’t know daisy logic
    Edit: she knew who bayoneta was but she had had no idea who villager was

  • max chombo
    max chombo 14 days ago

    The R.O.B is Famicom color scheme

  • Minor Seisce
    Minor Seisce 14 days ago

    Who's that pokémon trainer?
    Joven: calls him pokémon trainer
    Fans:Goddammit can we please get blue instead...

  • Darryl Smith
    Darryl Smith 14 days ago

    Damn jovan good job mad shes hot

  • Fai Re
    Fai Re 15 days ago

    They both have great skin is it the lighting?

  • Waynetastic
    Waynetastic 16 days ago

    *B L U E - J A Y J O N E S.*

    i'm crying and laughing at the same time XD

  • Marth Prince of Altea
    Marth Prince of Altea 16 days ago

    fun fact, the Ice Climbers are actually married, it says so in the Ice Climber manual.

  • Sylvester Outze
    Sylvester Outze 16 days ago

    How did Joven get such a cute wife?

  • superfurryfox
    superfurryfox 16 days ago

    Love the hair!

  • retrovibe
    retrovibe 18 days ago

    Hi guys! I'm new to the channel!! Your vids together are Hilarious​!! Please make moreee! Hugs from Argentina!!

  • Itsonlymany YOUTUBE
    Itsonlymany YOUTUBE 19 days ago

    If my “Wife” looked like that I think I would have gotten another woman

  • leopold dreemingtun
    leopold dreemingtun 20 days ago


  • Charlie Jones
    Charlie Jones 20 days ago

    Im actually crying from this!! How did she know nes?

  • Depression Alley
    Depression Alley 21 day ago

    How do you not know Corrin

  • Tyler Knutson
    Tyler Knutson 21 day ago

    Wait when did Joven get married?

  • ice-coldjoe
    ice-coldjoe 22 days ago

    Jovan dont lie to her she got 29 wrong

  • Kylie Payne
    Kylie Payne 23 days ago

    Her hair is the reason I clicked on this vid lol

  • BlakAxe
    BlakAxe 23 days ago

    She has definitely role played yoshi in bed

    KENSOWAVY 23 days ago

    Domestic violence is not comedy people this is a problem and it needs to be handled with proper punishment that falcon punch was uncalled for

  • Lazer Frog
    Lazer Frog 25 days ago

    I'm gonna call Pit and Edgy Pit Marcus and Tarcus from now on

  • Otacon464
    Otacon464 28 days ago

    Her answers are so inconsistent. Sometimes it seems like she plays games in general, sometimes it seems like she plays Smash, sometimes it seems like she never touched a controller

  • Sackbot_Ninja03
    Sackbot_Ninja03 Month ago

    Hey you didn't do King K. Rool, Dark Samus, Chrom, Ken, Piranha Plant, Incineroar, Simon Belmont, Richter

  • Sackbot_Ninja03
    Sackbot_Ninja03 Month ago


  • Sackbot_Ninja03
    Sackbot_Ninja03 Month ago

    Fox McCloud

  • 26Daisuke
    26Daisuke Month ago

    Hate me if you want.. But I wanted to pull my hair out... AND PERSONALLY SLAP THE FK out of him an tell him to tell HER the correct NAMES for the ones she Got Wrong

  • The Flames
    The Flames Month ago

    I love when you talk about who Wolf is!!! :)

  • Dj television [peach fan]

    Plz do part 2

  • A Person With a Name

    Marth - Ike
    Lucina - Ike
    Roy - Ike
    Young Link - Ike
    Pit - Ike
    Ike - JAMES

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown Month ago

    I was actually able to name them all

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown Month ago

    Your wife is as adorable an individual as you are :) (That means very adorable :) )

  • DKrs Patterson
    DKrs Patterson Month ago

    That last one was on purpose

  • Big Mean Squeeze
    Big Mean Squeeze 2 months ago

    let’s make nongamers look stupid episode 10,000. what a funny type of video

  • SteveGuyCP
    SteveGuyCP 2 months ago

    i mean technically the ice climbers dont have names so shouldnt she get that one righhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht?????

  • hedgehog the sonic
    hedgehog the sonic 2 months ago +1

    I will forever call ike james.😂😂 This was really fun

  • APH Finland
    APH Finland 2 months ago

    I am disappointed in you, Joven.

  • Ronaldo Mateo
    Ronaldo Mateo 2 months ago

    U guys are sooooo cute!

  • Tyler Formby
    Tyler Formby 3 months ago

    Kate is hot

  • Albino Cadillac
    Albino Cadillac 3 months ago

    I will never get over how Kate and I share a name. Yay!

  • Anton Rueda
    Anton Rueda 3 months ago

    You have a wife??? How have I not noticed.

  • Sharod .D
    Sharod .D 3 months ago +2


  • Moonlight_theWolf / Mister Quality Dirt

    Super Smash Ike

  • BKLife
    BKLife 3 months ago

    Lol I made my wife do this it was hilarious.. your wife did wayyyy better than mine 😂😂😂😂😂

  • GoombaFang
    GoombaFang 4 months ago

    Y U MISS SIMON, RICHTER, CHROM, DARK SAMUS, AND KING K. ROOL? (i know this was a month ago but i wanted to make a joke)

  • Beanieboo Star101
    Beanieboo Star101 4 months ago

    4:10 I died 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • SSGoku 71
    SSGoku 71 4 months ago

    8:15 :/

  • SSGoku 71
    SSGoku 71 4 months ago

    4:42 so ya call him Marcus it’s pit and dark pit

  • SSGoku 71
    SSGoku 71 4 months ago

    4:38 me-“bruh

  • SSGoku 71
    SSGoku 71 4 months ago

    She knows a lot of the names

  • _ ranotraino _
    _ ranotraino _ 4 months ago

    _Hi, I’m Val_

  • Personafan2018
    Personafan2018 4 months ago

    8:31 That’s Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates

    HIEK LAND 4 months ago

    L I N K B O I

  • Aidan Baessler
    Aidan Baessler 4 months ago

    When you get them all right. I need help

  • ka ching lee
    ka ching lee 4 months ago

    Daisy’s name is officially Val

  • Minibones
    Minibones 4 months ago

    Um can I just say cuties cause wow

  • Fire Walker
    Fire Walker 4 months ago

    Nestle milks moving up in the world

  • Gabrabelle
    Gabrabelle 4 months ago


  • Leather wolf
    Leather wolf 4 months ago

    She got most of them incorrect

  • faroshscale
    faroshscale 4 months ago

    I can't believe she got Daisy wrong omg

  • MADDIN Original
    MADDIN Original 4 months ago

    6:51 "weaboo" hahahahahaha u heard it too, don't lie to me

  • Landon Saavedra
    Landon Saavedra 4 months ago +1

    Still salty that we got daisy and not waluigi...

  • Skygazer
    Skygazer 4 months ago

    She's not even trying

  • Mike Roth
    Mike Roth 4 months ago

    I thought this title was referring to Chris Fabiszak.

  • J. Foresti
    J. Foresti 4 months ago

    Can’t even name Ridley

  • Lomero
    Lomero 4 months ago

    5:15 IKEEEE 🤣🤣

  • WoomyOnAVroomy
    WoomyOnAVroomy 4 months ago


  • Anissa Kriz
    Anissa Kriz 4 months ago

    Why the disrespect to Palutena and Corrin?? 😭

  • José Luis Bolland Mercado


  • Johto Legends
    Johto Legends 4 months ago

    Yo wait am i secretly ike????!!!!

  • king spider
    king spider 4 months ago

    8:25 you dont know corrin?

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar 4 months ago

    puke green hair

  • 芒果GangoMango
    芒果GangoMango 4 months ago

    Blue J Jones killed me 😆

  • Gambit2483
    Gambit2483 4 months ago

    Lol your wifey is cute af. Good job man...good job.

  • Raidcan
    Raidcan 4 months ago

    "Mr. Time and Clock" Lol Cute

  • Cameron Bryzek
    Cameron Bryzek 4 months ago

    2:18 .... No comments and 3:29

    4:01 NOOOOOO

  • Cameron Bryzek
    Cameron Bryzek 4 months ago

    Better than the other character naming videos I’ve seen

  • 1Edgyboi
    1Edgyboi 4 months ago

    I can tell she only has played brawl because of the ones she got wrong

  • Codex
    Codex 4 months ago


    IM ZODUSS 4 months ago

    It really triggered me when she called like 3 fire emblem characters Ike but couldn't name Ike when he came up.

  • Adriana Tartakoff
    Adriana Tartakoff 4 months ago

    Wie ur wife hav greeen hir

  • Ruben protuber
    Ruben protuber 4 months ago

    Mario: I am dr mario and I am saving lives.

  • Anthony lopez
    Anthony lopez 4 months ago

    Says almost every boy sword weilder Ike then Ike comes on and doesn't know him.........

    Edit: Roy comes on doesn't know Roy and then little Mac comes on says he's Roy L O G I C

  • Some Kid
    Some Kid 4 months ago

    1:56 wrong thats s a n s u n d e r t a l e xd xd xd xd

  • BigBlueGumball Kid
    BigBlueGumball Kid 4 months ago

    I Was Cracking Up On Mr Time And Watch Turkus The Meta Knight Name Nessley Its Lucas Gilbert Werwolf Of London Wii Boi Roy The Mac Brah Mounesta Dianistes The Hood Le Sky So Close And Mostly All Of Them...LOL

  • DavidBrit
    DavidBrit 4 months ago


  • Tom Woltjer
    Tom Woltjer 4 months ago

    4:55 if he actually said the name it would be waifu

  • Wolf Iak Fortnite
    Wolf Iak Fortnite 4 months ago

    2:20 OMG peach valentime

  • TurtleGOD 2104
    TurtleGOD 2104 4 months ago +1

    Marvel:infinity war was the worlds biggest crossover in history!

    Nintendo:hold my beer