The US President's Bulletproof Railcar

  • Published on Apr 2, 2018
  • US Car Number 1, the Ferdinand Magellan, sits in the Gold Coast Railway Museum in Miami. It's 120 tonnes of bulletproof, armoured railcar: a train carriage designed to move the President of the United States around the country in safety and style. At least, it was, until other transport came along to do a better job.
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  Year ago +2562

    I realise I said "railway" instead of "railroad" at the end. Apparently I haven't picked up too many American dialect words yet...!

    • Al Grayson
      Al Grayson 6 days ago

      +Caridor - "y" = "ee."

    • Al Grayson
      Al Grayson 6 days ago

      +33kaus holokaust - Trains don't run on roads? What do British trains do? Plow through fields? I see pictures and videos of British trains running on roads made of rails. Roads made of rails (on crossties) are called "rail roads." "Way is an alternative term for a road or path.

    • Al Grayson
      Al Grayson 6 days ago

      +rockyfalldownstairs - British speed bumps are "sleeping policemen."

    • Al Grayson
      Al Grayson 6 days ago

      +rockyfalldownstairs - A "bogie" is anything that is new, not understood, foreign, and hath a devil, like "bogie" for "spark(ing) plug." The 🐸s share this with the Brits: they call a spark(ing) plug "bougie."

    • Al Grayson
      Al Grayson 6 days ago

      +Paul Sengupta - Brits breathe "aero," not "air." They inflate their "tyres" with "aero." Brits think that adding extra vowels: "colour" instead of "colour," "aluminium" instead of "aluminum," etc., makes them superior to the Yankee colonist riff-raff. However, when the going gets tough they don't mind being rescued by the colonials.

  • David Maschetti
    David Maschetti Day ago

    '' America '' is not a country. ''United States of America'' yes it is.

  • Doctor W. Richthofen

    The term bullet proof doesn't exist only bullet resistant


    I wish more of my country took an interest in history any history I know American history anything war history British Egyptian History I feel you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been it’s shameful to me that American youth don’t even understand geography some of them I fear for the future of my country

  • adlerzwei
    adlerzwei 7 days ago

    Kim Jong Un has joined the chat.

  • Allyn Alama
    Allyn Alama 7 days ago

    No STOPPING the Trump TRain.. Trump will win BIG in 2020

  • Zenas Starchild
    Zenas Starchild 16 days ago

    Widow Wilson's rail car is in the dungeon of Grad Central Terminal in New York City.

  • Jason Fedelem
    Jason Fedelem 27 days ago

    Around 4:30 there is a paper with the names of David Livingstone and Roald Amundsen. I presume this refers to the missionary to Africa and the Antarctic explorer. I'm curious the connection between the two and this rail car....

    CAT DURGS Month ago +1

    American rails have fallen far it seems, America has resources to build the greatest rails the world has ever seen. Alas...

  • Carl Klinkenborg
    Carl Klinkenborg Month ago

    These god-fearing leaders clearly don't rely on faith when it comes to their own lives...

  • Floridian Railfan
    Floridian Railfan Month ago

    Hey, you’re in Florida!

  • Timothy Hartzell
    Timothy Hartzell Month ago

    I'm surprised about the security of this car, after all, they would get out of it and ride in convertible autos.

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M Month ago

    Great video!

  • Happy John
    Happy John Month ago +1

    Woah, Tom Scott's still active! :o
    2:58 PM

  • Jon Robinson
    Jon Robinson Month ago

    Very, very interesting Thank You for posting

  • Miangel02
    Miangel02 Month ago

    I didn't knew you visited my city

  • OVO Sound
    OVO Sound Month ago

    That train was wicked

  • Aa Gg
    Aa Gg Month ago

    Coulnd't you just blow up the tracks?

    • baraxor
      baraxor 14 days ago

      That's probably the second biggest reason Presidents stopped using rail travel. For every trip, each foot of line had to be inspected and guarded before the train could pass, and other rail traffic had to be diverted to sidings. This was a security and logistical nightmare.

  • MountainRain
    MountainRain Month ago

    Thx British guy :D

  • Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine Month ago

    The greatest president. FDR.

  • Alex Johnas
    Alex Johnas Month ago

    Armored train? *blows up bridge, making it fall into water*

  • Likey
    Likey Month ago

    Isn’t Kim jong un still traveling by train..

  • Faceofthesun
    Faceofthesun Month ago

    Presidential bulletproof rally car!

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago +1

    Does someone said *Rail Force One* ?

  • BouRui Li
    BouRui Li Month ago

    Nike was around back then ? Airforce ones

  • OfficialThraxx804
    OfficialThraxx804 Month ago

    Of course the president would have a phone In 1928

  • ginger cat man
    ginger cat man Month ago

    The train has interestingly the same name as me (Ferdinand)

  • theguinevere fan 150

    Magellan i think was a spainard

  • Specops915
    Specops915 2 months ago

    Outstanding video sir.

  • J L F III
    J L F III 2 months ago

    Thumbs down for political bias

  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago

    It's the 1800's and they're using bulletproof stuff for the president. While Kennedy sat out in the open... I dont understand

  • famas
    famas 3 months ago

    that guy was great

  • MrATN800
    MrATN800 3 months ago

    So the wild wild west evil train ?

  • Sir Rounded
    Sir Rounded 3 months ago

    It's interesting that we, near enough, depend on trains in the UK, while in the US it's all about driving hundreds of miles to the next state

  • justingt3rs
    justingt3rs 4 months ago

    japanese bearings, wow !

  • Maher Zain's Fan
    Maher Zain's Fan 4 months ago +1

    This is highly confidential
    I, Kim Jung Un Watching you and learning your secrets

  • bob brown
    bob brown 4 months ago

    Put Rump in there and see if you can blow it up.

  • cole kottkee
    cole kottkee 5 months ago

    Thanks Kanye very cool!

  • Squirrel
    Squirrel 5 months ago

    nice to see where the President took a poo

  • Kashif Nawaz
    Kashif Nawaz 5 months ago

    What the Presidential Rail car looks like if they decided to built one today?

  • Greenid Guy
    Greenid Guy 5 months ago

    Where does the poop go once you flush?

  • Jack Soley
    Jack Soley 5 months ago

    Is it a bit odd that the surname of a railway museum guide is "Waggoner"?

  • Gods2ndFavoriteBassPlyr

    A great book: FDR's Funeral Train by Robert Klara - Tons of history .. well documented.. Worth the read.

  • Brain Stem
    Brain Stem 5 months ago

    Great video !

    Mr. Hahn COMMENTATOR 5 months ago +1

    We are still a proud nation 🇺🇸

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim 5 months ago

    Air Force one isn’t a thing but a name given to the vehicle that the president rides in. Air Force one is the plane. There would be Marine one for the helicopter. One is President and two is Vice President. They would never ride on the same vehicle.

  • Andrew Stirling
    Andrew Stirling 6 months ago

    I want one!

  • Johnmark VanderZee
    Johnmark VanderZee 6 months ago

    13 or 30?

  • Trumpenstein
    Trumpenstein 6 months ago

    WTF's an "Awfose"?

  • noirre99
    noirre99 6 months ago

    Am I the only one who came to the video having seen racecar instead of railcar?

  • Evenios
    Evenios 6 months ago

    would it be possible to get er up to say .90?

  • Sage Channel
    Sage Channel 6 months ago

    Oh, no special thanks for Cully Waggoner at the end. The guy did a good job showing you, & us, around the train.

  • 71502
    71502 6 months ago

    I understand you would want to armored a car or a house but why would you armored a train?

  • orange70383
    orange70383 6 months ago

    Screw you and your opinions ya GOOF.

  • Alek Zeng
    Alek Zeng 6 months ago +1

    Just don’t get too political mate

  • adelgado75
    adelgado75 6 months ago

    I agree, I wish we could get back a little of the old days.

  • James Ricker
    James Ricker 6 months ago

    Herbert Hoover needed the bullet proof rail car

  • Rich 91
    Rich 91 6 months ago

    5/8 thick steel isnt stopping a 50bmg two stage round

  • United Detinu
    United Detinu 6 months ago +1

    Oooh, tommy boi just called trumps train not "real" enough?
    What's dumpy trumpy gonna do about that boyee?
    Choo choo donatello, gotta deliver a steamy comeback sooooon right? ;)
    Pwease don't let us down again, k? You'd make sumboedy vewwy sad ;(

  • DrumtotheBass Woop
    DrumtotheBass Woop 7 months ago

    Train Force One

  • RaketenKuhGewehr
    RaketenKuhGewehr 7 months ago

    "I wish we could go back to that. Still keep our cellphones though, I ain't giving that up."

  • Edward Dieffenbach
    Edward Dieffenbach 7 months ago +1

    Hard to say that I have actually been to the Gold Coast Railroad Museum. I live right by it!

  • JMan C de la Barrera
    JMan C de la Barrera 7 months ago

    The name must have been written in Portuguese or Spanish, more correctly.
    It's as if we call, Uiliam Checaspeare in Spanish.

  • London 64
    London 64 8 months ago

    Great video

  • XxFazbearGaming
    XxFazbearGaming 8 months ago

    Ayyyy I was there yesterday! :D

  • richard maughan
    richard maughan 8 months ago

    Trump must have a new version of a rail train across the USA with bullet proof train at last.

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young 8 months ago


  • Entropy
    Entropy 9 months ago

    The guy that was giving the tour is the kind of person ppl from the past would imagine. Love it!

  • JohnnyDaPrankstaGangsta

    I could definitely see that guy explaining the train as a conductor.

  • Martin Gardner
    Martin Gardner 9 months ago

    Was it used by Lovelace in Wild Wild West?

  • brad
    brad 9 months ago

    If I was President I'd would totally travel by train

  • Tenacious Dean
    Tenacious Dean 9 months ago

    "I'm Scruffy, the janitor"

  • "Punished" Venom Charlierw

    Damn that guy loves trains

  • Ghost Tank
    Ghost Tank 10 months ago

    The president should ride in a train, not that stupid airplane.

    • whiteknightcat
      whiteknightcat 6 months ago

      That would make it just a tad difficult to go to places like ... oh, IDK ... London maybe? Or Paris?

  • mspenrice
    mspenrice 10 months ago

    So, Rail Force One?

  • Vitor Madeira
    Vitor Madeira 11 months ago

    Precious video, but why would you spell "MaJelan"?
    That name derives from the Portuguese word Magalhães which is spelled "MaGAllaes".
    So, no "gi" or "je" sound. It would be a "ga" sound.

  • Zachary Richards
    Zachary Richards 11 months ago

    Bullet resistant


    Derail it via destroying the rail

  • ACE_Lordz
    ACE_Lordz 11 months ago

    If it was 100% Bulletroof I wanna Put a bomb here

    • 007Cat24
      007Cat24 9 months ago

      pentagon Rush Bulletproof doesn‘t equal blastproof.

  • The Weird Part of Youtube

    Do why you hear yanny or laurel

  • Yusuf Nasihi
    Yusuf Nasihi Year ago

    Truman campaigned for reelection by travelling in that train? Surely state resources were not able to be used for partisan use...

    • Logan Barney
      Logan Barney Year ago

      Incumbent advantage. Some resources were used.

  • Smart Idea
    Smart Idea Year ago

    I thought Ferdinand Magellan Died in Cebu,Philippines.

  • 33kaus holokaust
    33kaus holokaust Year ago

    So cosy... i like it

  • DrunkMouse2030
    DrunkMouse2030 Year ago


  • J
    J Year ago

    The museum rep reminds me of Tom Skerritt of "Top Gun" fame.
    The President would never be allowed to travel by rail in the US nowadays... the tracks are in too poor of repair for the Secret Service to trust them with the President's life.

    • whiteknightcat
      whiteknightcat 6 months ago

      Your second sentence shows you know nothing about American railroads.

  • Rehan Murtaza
    Rehan Murtaza Year ago

    666k views baby

  • TheMan WithThePlan

    666,666th view

  • Flourishing Jam
    Flourishing Jam Year ago

    666k views and 222 dislikes. Interesting...

  • Koyakonsta
    Koyakonsta Year ago

    there are 666k views... more than worrying

  • Buynot
    Buynot Year ago

    They should have put this on the back of the American Freedom Train when it toured the country back in the 70's.

  • The Victorian Gamer

    So, could a president request this be reinstated? That'd be 100% amazing to see back in somewhat action

  • erwinderdoofe
    erwinderdoofe Year ago

    I like the guide, he seems like a nice guy.

  • Daniel Newsome
    Daniel Newsome Year ago

    Anyone else pick up on the origin of the phrase "whistle stop tour"?

  • Devin Henderson
    Devin Henderson Year ago

    Could you explain what a Double NAT is?

  • asif Khan
    asif Khan Year ago

    Cully waggoner is drunk

  • Adam Filinovich
    Adam Filinovich Year ago

    Did you say president? Oh no. Hide from the comments!

  • Supriya  Chhetri
    Supriya Chhetri Year ago

    *_this is the presidential toilet_*

  • MR Rehman
    MR Rehman Year ago

    MUST watch DAVID ICKE now
    must see for yourself

  • Wixard H
    Wixard H Year ago

    Wow, Ferdinand Magellan is one of our heroes in Philippines