Sidney Crosby/Rituals and Superstitions


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  • Kari2025
    Kari2025 5 days ago +4

    He reminds me of young Prince William

  • CageKicker
    CageKicker 9 days ago

    I wanna hate on him sooo bad but I cant because he's so good he can get away with all that non-sense smh lol

  • Valerie Kydd
    Valerie Kydd 10 days ago

    Cause I have experience with Crosby is how whenever I’m working on something like working on the oatmeal at work I usually do what my boss tells what to do cause when I’m working on the oatmeal I like to have it a certain way is my bosses way that’s what I have in common with Crosby

  • C
    C 16 days ago

    I understand superstition but not washing things like his hat O_O. surprised he doesn't get sick from things like that

  • Vlql Vlql
    Vlql Vlql 23 days ago

    All these multi million dollar contract pro sports figures doing all of this to win.. So if I understand correctly, if they are good at what they do it is because of superstition.... If they would stop doing it, they would lose..

    • Ben Berr
      Ben Berr 21 day ago

      Vlql Vlql you are dumb

  • Maura Helman
    Maura Helman 24 days ago

    he’s the cutest ever i love him so much😂

  • Slicer Dicer
    Slicer Dicer Month ago +1

    Omg there is 87 comments

  • Scott S
    Scott S Month ago +3

    Superstitious and ritualistic or obsessive and compulsive ?

  • R4yyW4LSH
    R4yyW4LSH Month ago +1

    Such a nice Canadian boy

  • Brian Sutich
    Brian Sutich Month ago

    The beginning of this video triggered my Echo. Also, Greg Wyshynski’s impression of Sid is gold.

  • Stevie R
    Stevie R 2 months ago

    I’m a flyers fan but I have the upmost respect for his game! Hate him tho only because he’s not a flyer!

    • Cameron Waycaster
      Cameron Waycaster 6 days ago

      Stevie R Go Preds I used to be a Falcons and Penguins fan but decided to become territorial (I live in GA but Nashville is closest to me) and now I like the Titans and Predators

  • Gabby S
    Gabby S 2 months ago


  • dabatoir
    dabatoir 2 months ago

    Who is the girl beside Taylor Crosby? Wow

  • Brock Boeser
    Brock Boeser 2 months ago +4

    me 3 year super league

  • Nathan Toth
    Nathan Toth 2 months ago

    I love this!

  • hillhead11
    hillhead11 2 months ago +2

    It’s only crazy if it doesn’t work!

  • Team Dongnitas
    Team Dongnitas 3 months ago

    2:04 they kept Mario's place? thats fucking nice

  • Lainzer
    Lainzer 3 months ago

    What year is this from

  • blushirts94
    blushirts94 3 months ago +5

    I also heard that he likes his boyfriend to play “just the tip” with him before a big game

  • Anna Dorsch
    Anna Dorsch 3 months ago

    I'm almost as superstitious as Sid tbh

  • Braxton Rozsi
    Braxton Rozsi 4 months ago +1

    ive meet taylor crosby

  • Tim Zhang
    Tim Zhang 5 months ago +6

    That smile

  • laurenxoxo oxo
    laurenxoxo oxo 5 months ago +3

    His voice bugs me.

    • Maura Helman
      Maura Helman 22 days ago

      he was like 19 don’t judge him😂

  • Richard Spikman
    Richard Spikman 5 months ago +4

    "Superstitions"? Like being Catholic?

    • R. M
      R. M 2 months ago

      Not really. The archetypes and rituals in Catholicism are ancient and predate Christianity. Rituals that have been proven to be effective for empowering it's believers. Like any ritual, It's partially psychosomatic. The human mind is a powerful thing and certain rituals are designed to focus the mind on an outcome. It's not much different than any act of magick.

    SERIAL TUNA STABBER 6 months ago +5

    He still uses two pieces????????

    • Jason Schwartz
      Jason Schwartz 2 months ago

      I don't think anymore. This video was from a couple years ago....the original piece on TV that is. I think he's changed twice since then.

    • Dat Boi
      Dat Boi 3 months ago

      SERIAL TUNA STABBER that’s what I wanna know

    SERIAL TUNA STABBER 6 months ago +1

    RBK shoulders with the Jofa sternum pad sewn on. I was always a fan of the super thin sheer wood shoulder pads. Basically just caps on your shoulders and a half inch of foam on chest. Probably why my shoulders hurt so bad at 28. Lolol

    SERIAL TUNA STABBER 6 months ago +2

    Still fit in his cup from atoms? Atleast he's worth millions. That must be enough for his husband

  • James Albanese
    James Albanese 8 months ago


  • James Albanese
    James Albanese 8 months ago

    can I marry gonna, please

  • Yuri Tarded
    Yuri Tarded 8 months ago

    if he didn't score goals and win championships, he'd be labeled as a fucking weirdo (thats if he isn't already)

  • brizzosaurus
    brizzosaurus 11 months ago +4

    He also prays or does some kind of ritual during the national anthem and then skates away from his line in the same circular motion every game. I get it, though. I have weird hockey rituals, too, and I'm just a fan.

  • Michael Mazola
    Michael Mazola Year ago +22

    ...really don't like seeing him hoist THAT cup

  • Inspired Milk
    Inspired Milk Year ago

    talk about high maintenance jeez

  • Mike Wright
    Mike Wright Year ago

    No surprise with he being a crybaby.

      KARAN HANS 5 days ago

      Mike Wright hehe

    • R. M
      R. M 2 months ago +2

      What's that say about your favorite team? that they're not able to beat a "crybaby"? That that "crybaby" has 3 Stanley Cups, 2 gold medals, 2 Hart trophies, 2 Art Ross etc... That must make your favorite player/team the biggest pussies in the world eh?

    • . .
      . . 8 months ago +1

      Mike Wright Can’t come up with something original then that?

  • Samuel _lovehockey88

    Wow he is weird

  • Fronni
    Fronni Year ago +1

    what a legend

  • FreezingOrange Productions

    My superstition is I must have a Tim Hortons tea and hate it when people talk to me

  • just a random person on the internet

    You know what's funny the fact that my iPad was at 87% while I was watching this

    • DizZy Frost
      DizZy Frost 16 days ago +1

      Whatta fuckin coincidence mine too lmao

    • Cyqnide
      Cyqnide 8 months ago +1

      Same here, but with my phone. I always think of Sid when my phones 87%

    • water bear
      water bear Year ago +2

      Letsgofleury29 HAHA THAT'S FUNNY

  • Debra Goforth
    Debra Goforth Year ago +24

    This is interesting to know, because I also have superstitions during playoffs. Sometimes it seemed like if I watched the game the Pens lost. Do for a while I stopped watching playoff games. Then in 2008 just before the season started I got something I had wanted since I became a Pens fan in the 70s...a Jersey...actually a Sidney Crosby Jersey. If I sore it they lost. As long as I didn't wear it they won. I missed most of the bad years between 2009 and 2016. I was afraid I would jinx them do I told everyone I would wear it if they won the cup. And I did! I don't have a tv, so I can only listen to the games. During a win or go home game that seemed like it was lost, I couldn't bear hearing them lose, so I went to bed...I know...don't give up...the next morning I wore my Pens Hoody in mourning, and was shocked to hear they had won!!! Except falling asleep during the double overtime game waking up during the post game to find they won!!! Stayed there to the end...and got to wear my jersey 2 years on a row...even though the freakish weather left us with temperatures in the 90s, I wore it proudly and will again next year!!!

  • falerdog
    falerdog Year ago

    yak why touch the vegina cup when you talk about it...

  • falerdog
    falerdog Year ago

    ofc the mad face is aimed to malkin lol

  • falerdog
    falerdog Year ago +3

    please do a patrick sharp his kids/fam,team pranks/ charity,fan pranks fighting/ day with the cup, such a good funny guy you don't have to be a hawks dallas
    fan to like the guy.

  • caught you in another lie

    cindies newest ritual will be sharpening his stick blade for more effect when he whacks another players nuts from behind like a little fumducker does...real class act...lmao

  • hjfdlt
    hjfdlt Year ago +15

    Cindy never uses the same tampon brand twice in the same playoff series

    • h ch
      h ch 4 days ago

      lol crazy

    • Lindi Loo
      Lindi Loo 28 days ago


    • R. M
      R. M 2 months ago +3

      So what does that say about your favorite team....when they are bested time and time again by a supposedly feminine guy? I guess that makes them even bigger pussies eh?

      ROBERT KELLY 9 months ago +1

      Nah he don't mind what a brand as long as hes raising cups

    • Taxuma
      Taxuma Year ago +21

      cause he uses none

  • UnrealGaming00
    UnrealGaming00 Year ago

    Do more of these

  • Joy H
    Joy H Year ago +33

    87th like. Don't change it!! Haha

  • karynnthedreamer
    karynnthedreamer Year ago +101

    He's so ridiculous and I love him so much

  • Mina
    Mina Year ago +159

    It's crazy to think that he's probably doing all of this right as we speak lmao.

  • Naw Fam Jr.
    Naw Fam Jr. Year ago

    Good video!

  • B
    B Year ago +7

    Laines Superstitions will be Better than Matthews

    • Po
      Po Year ago

      Bears beats battle star galactic

  • Ronit Narayanan
    Ronit Narayanan Year ago