Earth Millions of Years Ago

  • Published on Sep 4, 2017
  • What was earth like millions of years ago? Could you live during the dinosaur era? Let's find out in this episode of The Infographics Show - Earth Millions of Years Ago ⭐ SUBSCRIBE: ⭐
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  • Jason Waller
    Jason Waller 16 hours ago

    100 quintillion to 5.5 billion years would be a much closer number.

  • 69 memes
    69 memes Day ago

    *Everyone gangsta until cells start evolving*

  • Sebastian Pereira
    Sebastian Pereira 2 days ago

    “why did a small amount of land mammals survive while all the dinosaurs met their fate?
    well, according to one evolution specialist and paleontologist..
    science just doesn’t know.”

  • xxx_JT_ YT
    xxx_JT_ YT 4 days ago

    3:49 Ali-A is triggered on missed spelled dino name

  • Taqifsha Nanen
    Taqifsha Nanen 5 days ago

    We do not know how the first self-replicating molecule came to be.

  • Vadim Leschinskiy
    Vadim Leschinskiy 5 days ago

    You socks

  • MaryStewart
    MaryStewart 5 days ago

    dinos need oxugen. so no o oxy in the dino days is false.

    so much for "science"

  • richard klegin
    richard klegin 6 days ago

    Cats will take over!

  • richard klegin
    richard klegin 6 days ago +1

    The moon was made by mice . Lol

  • Alex Timms
    Alex Timms 27 days ago

    brainless Republicans and religious nuts argue to differ.

  • Nick Ruiez
    Nick Ruiez Month ago

    Why do we keep trying to progress this species?we deystroy everything.why not focus on revamping earth.

  • Riyan Hussian
    Riyan Hussian Month ago

    i am glad that i wont be around a billion years😁

  • Waarom
    Waarom Month ago

    Talks about scorpions in meters,
    talks about birds in feet.
    Weird flex but ok.

  • Amir Eghlima
    Amir Eghlima Month ago

    Well im glad i am not going to be born in a billion years

  • Chris Casillas
    Chris Casillas 2 months ago +1

    For the big bang to happen by chance and out of nothing. It sure created a lot of rocks! Even ones that obey each other!!!

  • Vinny
    Vinny 3 months ago

    Nobody knows. And dont ever tell me a elephant is going to change into something else in thousands of years according to darvin and evolution.

  • GiGi Marona
    GiGi Marona 3 months ago

    @INF0graphics... booooo!!! That is NOT HOW OUR MOON CAME TO PLACE!! FACT..where is ur science behind ur hypothesis that ur preaching as fact.. you can't because there is no science to prove what you're saying. Shame on you.

  • Angelica Martinez
    Angelica Martinez 3 months ago

    How do they know the sun gets hotter every 1 billion years if the human species hasmt even been around long enough to experience the effects of a swelling sun

  • sloop
    sloop 3 months ago

    *Religion has left the chat*

    JVIRUS GAMING 4 months ago

    I think the dinosaurs are aliens and the crater is one of their U.F.Os and the fossils are when they die and when they were gone mammals came out of their caves and ruled the earth 🌍

  • Jake The Steak
    Jake The Steak 4 months ago

    The hilux will never die

  • Bill Ronan
    Bill Ronan 4 months ago

    I think humans will destroy themselves.

  • Power gaming828
    Power gaming828 5 months ago

    Can'tyou install rockets on earth?

  • asdf
    asdf 5 months ago

    guys I skipped my biology class and just watched this channel and aced my exams in college!!!

  • Yggy Faeldo
    Yggy Faeldo 5 months ago

    Who else realised that in 4:16 it said ponds instead of pounds?

  • 3rdeye Brand
    3rdeye Brand 5 months ago

    the majority of us today will see the end before it is all over

  • monster horror terror
    monster horror terror 6 months ago


  • MrMarmalad
    MrMarmalad 6 months ago +1

    OnLy NiNeTiEs KiDs ReMeMbEr ThEsE dAyS

  • Alicia Lingane
    Alicia Lingane 6 months ago +1

    Oof doof roof

  • Professionally Curious
    Professionally Curious 6 months ago

    These are still just speculations... The evolution theory is just that a theory... It has many loopholes but it is being taught as facts by the scientific community when they know by now that this is just a lie... To believe in this theory requires more faith than to believe in the creation story which actually has alot of merits to it. If macroevolution was real why aren't we naturally evolving and where did the first cell come from?... Should I really believe that we are related to rocks and stones?... After the first cells, how was that cell able to become as complex as we know it now?... The lies just continue... Just man's false doctrines... Peeps start asking questions before believing certain things... We won't find all the answers but some things can be debunked if we start thinking critically, rather than inheriting opinions...

  • Mario D. Zmaj
    Mario D. Zmaj 6 months ago

    all these videos you find on youtube are interesting but also false in some way or another (the scorpion part inspired me to write this comment...and vsauce and their toptenz, someone should make vsause topten mistakes)

  • Saiyan 8
    Saiyan 8 6 months ago

    My last name is Gibbons

  • Brodric Johnson
    Brodric Johnson 6 months ago +1

    I only clicked here to see how guys were going to lie to people. "What we call", evolution which is a religion.

  • Gacha Universe
    Gacha Universe 6 months ago

    The best thing 1mil years ago was

    *tik tok didn't exist*

  • galaxy guy
    galaxy guy 7 months ago

    I DONT WANNA BE CYBORGS maybe I do too bad I'm not gonna be there that time

  • nathan gomer
    nathan gomer 7 months ago

    Damn, that would be crazy if our history was actually like that

  • Yeet Lord
    Yeet Lord 7 months ago

    How did humans survive the ice age

  • Omega326
    Omega326 7 months ago

    skip forward 38 million years, lmao

  • Joe meats
    Joe meats 7 months ago

    The show Ancient aliens said the moon didn't crash into the earth, the proof was the moons core was made of metal and when they landed on it, the moon rang like a bell. Also what are the chances the moon perfectly covers the sun, for a meteor to hit the earth and form into a moon to be able to completely cover the sun seems too coincidental

  • Sean Olmstead
    Sean Olmstead 7 months ago

    I like your videos, but it might serve you well to edit some pauses between sentences. You know, like how normal humans speak and take a breath between statements. Rhythm and cadence is pretty important in how we communicate orally. 😉

  • 3rdeye Brand
    3rdeye Brand 7 months ago

    ... if we are to think of the future... lets image the concept in millenniums..

  • 3rdeye Brand
    3rdeye Brand 7 months ago

    i think humans came once or with the comet/asteroid crash landed and what compose of our dna code

  • Alexander Shirvanian
    Alexander Shirvanian 7 months ago

    240 ponds

  • E_Lewis 7
    E_Lewis 7 7 months ago +2

    I heard Cambrian Explosion like bill wurtz plays it

  • Harris Seaton
    Harris Seaton 7 months ago

    ur wrong we were created by god, oh yeah yeah

  • ツeхтιncт_ĸyle
    ツeхтιncт_ĸyle 7 months ago

    The God o War was the deadl,iest sea creature whom ever existed in the world
    as it was 80 i think time larger than the megalodon

  • m0o mo0
    m0o mo0 7 months ago

    6:11 jUsT lIkE tHe MoSt oF Us

  • Rad Matic
    Rad Matic 7 months ago

    This is bunk. CO2 during the age of the dinosaurs was at most 2,000ppm. This is what it is a typical school classroom.

  • Playbrostuff
    Playbrostuff 7 months ago +1

    1:47 “THe Sun will kill us”
    No need us humans can do it first!

    • Freya_Matilda_Plays
      Freya_Matilda_Plays 6 months ago

      I know right! We won’t last much longer if we carry on with our bad habits. Hopefully one day the world starts again. Peaceful, but in reality. It will always end up as a disaster.

  • Brandon_ Gamer Tai
    Brandon_ Gamer Tai 7 months ago


  • Named Named
    Named Named 8 months ago


  • AJAliriza
    AJAliriza 8 months ago

    This means "endangered" animals are a joke.

  • Aaron Usi
    Aaron Usi 8 months ago

    correction during the dino days the oxygen level is so high

  • Lyfa Lee Zhure
    Lyfa Lee Zhure 8 months ago

    Years ago, non-religious me (spiritual, though!) attended a Bible study. There were about 10 of us sitting around a big conference table. For my benefit that evening, they discussed Genesis. As soon as the pastor said the Earth is 4,000 years old, my hand shot up. I stated that the science of carbon dating puts dino bones at millions of years old. Without missing a beat, the pastor said, "Satan planted dinosaur bones". I looked around at the high school kids in attendance, hoping someone--ANYONE--would back me up. Apparently they had all been brainwashed.
    I stood up, threw both my hands in the air, and said: "I'm out".
    On that same "pilgrimage", I then tried my luck with a "metaphysical church". Things were fine-n-dandy for the first couple weeks...until I realized they ended EVERY session with a big "Kum-bai-yah". A little too "touchy-feely" / "culty" for my taste.
    Needless to say...I've not set foot in a church since. I'll stay "spiritual" and keep believing in Darwinism.

  • Brayden Aimone
    Brayden Aimone 8 months ago

    At 4:29 the bird weighs how many bodies of water

  • Stephen Locksley Fernandez

    Since jellyfishes ruled most of the oceans, they have tentacles. Some stings are dangerous which can kill you. Some of them are harmless, which the harmless jellyfishes have mild stings or have no stingers.

  • Christian Paul Samano
    Christian Paul Samano 9 months ago

    I dont like the last part where you say that it will eventually all end

  • free thinker
    free thinker 9 months ago

    I got two issue with the clip , first the earth was elsewhere before (from the cuneiform tablet it look like it was the (if I remember 5 th planet , other translate it to be close to Venus because of bible saying as above so below (this one is doubtfull ) the other issue I got is science lack of ... flair I am a laymen I ll try !you are the solar system a long while ago , you see me , I am the gigantic electromagnetic bubble earth has been crossing for at least a million year . When you (the solar system ) smash at way faster velocity (I assume)then now what happened ? Everything in the universe is delta based ! And such a huge difference should have achieved something ! I suspect when you hitted me the electromagnetic bubble you sent me flying a bit this huge ripple likely cascaded my other end to expend in all direction but where I was ! Since I am the electromagnetic bubble. I likely slowed you down a lot everything interact with electromagnetism and this interaction is what likely started everything moving , something else was likely also stuck in the electromagnetic bubble tho!so what happen you the solar system get out of me the electromagnetic bubble in about 1.5 year or so ? I can’t slow you anymore then I already did , a huge electromagnetic disconnection between you and me will happen , at first we ll be stuck together but later we likely shove each other off !when this happen ? Not long after the sun will power down since electromagnetism bubble isn’t there to supply ton of junk ! And the solar system will likely speed up on its journey !this ?its happening , a Russian mathematician evaluated where we are in the giant electromagnetic bubble vs where science say we should have been !solar system sped up ! We 20 to 30 years further along our journey then we were supposed to be !that is why omouamoua missed its target

  • I am Bleach 8338367363
    I am Bleach 8338367363 9 months ago

    I already know everything for some reason