15 RAREST Minecraft 1.14 Mobs

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
  • These are the MOST RARE MOBS you will ever find in Minecraft!
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    To find any of these mobs in a regular vanilla minecraft 1.14 world is nothing short of amazing! These are all the most rare mobs that exist in minecraft. These 15 mobs are so rare that many people might not even know they exist outside of creative mod. We talk about the different rare foxes, the rare brown panda, and of course the red and brown mooshrooms. But we also tell you the odds of getting a unique fish in minecraft and how rare it is to get a sheep that isn't white. Of course, we share the rarest minecraft mob to exist in the game.
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    ✅ 15 rare Minecraft Mobs By VelVoxel Raptor tvclip.biz/channel/UCEH6ORtkeUxwMBQiOrTstdA

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  • Logdotzip
    Logdotzip  3 months ago +2312

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  • EJ USI
    EJ USI 6 hours ago

    i saw the brown panda in my minecraft world

  • Drew Chappell
    Drew Chappell 7 hours ago +1

    you could just throw a channeling trident at them

  • Keemin Lee
    Keemin Lee 7 hours ago

    4:06 its like the other mobs are like... bro what are you doing no stop as they move away from the charged creeper and then when he lights it they call stare at him with pure despair

  • Asriel
    Asriel 10 hours ago

    This one wondering traveler is kinda getting annoying..HE HAS BEEN DRINKING INVISIBILITY POTIONS IN FRONT OF MY HOME EACH DAY

  • isabella harris
    isabella harris 10 hours ago

    Sad story:I found and captured a pink sheep, but when I showed my big sister she murdered the pink sheep along with my green sheep.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Seth Chapman
    Seth Chapman 11 hours ago

    19:40 do you hear that cave sound in the background?

  • Shiftyimp12470
    Shiftyimp12470 14 hours ago

    Warding trader is easy to find

  • Master Gamer
    Master Gamer 20 hours ago

    I got a pink sheep once using just a spawn egg!

  • FunguyTNT
    FunguyTNT Day ago

    Wandering trader = Free leads

  • zaid mohiuddin
    zaid mohiuddin Day ago

    I saw a brown panda and thought it was a old panda ^_^

  • Nina Glumac
    Nina Glumac Day ago

    i spawn 4 chick all the time😂

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia Day ago

    how about a baby zombie riding a normal zombie because i saw a mob like that in my survival...

  • Rajni Thakur
    Rajni Thakur 2 days ago

    I have seen spider jockey as well as chicken jockey

  • Remy The Anime Artist

    DISLIKE FOR FOX SLAUGHTER! I will NOT accept this blasphemy and cruelty to the poor foxes! NO!

  • tasty mittens noob bear


  • Frost the cat
    Frost the cat 2 days ago

    The top 15 mobs:I'm super rare!
    Logdotzip:*kills mob*
    The top 15 mob:x_x

  • sean gross
    sean gross 2 days ago

    How rare is a baby zombie riding two cat that are jumpping while he is switching back and forth between the two and the baby zombie had a enchanted leather helmet. Because on my bestfriends world that's what I saw.

  • Junior Moscato
    Junior Moscato 2 days ago

    Not lying at all but I once saw a baby zombie riding a pig! No joke!

  • Marijan Milovanovic
    Marijan Milovanovic 2 days ago

    Now I have pink sheep only 1 because it is where

  • Julius Eriksson
    Julius Eriksson 2 days ago

    So there is a higher chance of finding an Enderman created Golem than a Wandering Trader? (I know I got villagers at my base but still)

  • computer testing
    computer testing 2 days ago

    i find pink sheep all the time...

  • john chua
    john chua 2 days ago

    Karina found a ponk sheep before

  • Cooper Milham
    Cooper Milham 2 days ago

    I had a zombie villager with diamond armor on a cat

  • the gaming girl xxx
    the gaming girl xxx 2 days ago +1

    Me and my friend on a minecraft world have found a pink sheep!
    Btw love ya logdotzip

  • Madi The Weird One
    Madi The Weird One 3 days ago

    I love how in every single video that contains a mooshroom island in it the only ones I find are teeny little islands while these guys have a friking continent

  • Itz_gacha lil
    Itz_gacha lil 3 days ago

    I found 2 pink sheep in a week

  • Unpawpular
    Unpawpular 3 days ago

    I met a spider jockey two days ago!

  • sreelakshmi sree
    sreelakshmi sree 3 days ago

    Boo the wandering trader mob!!!!!

  • djsparrow yt
    djsparrow yt 3 days ago +1

    Baby zombie pig man in a chicken is the rarest thing

  • a1den 070
    a1den 070 3 days ago

    What about the baby zombie riding a zombie

  • dorritta1
    dorritta1 3 days ago

    Omg I was defeating the ender dragon and then I use ender pearls then it spawns first time omg

  • ISMANGO410 0
    ISMANGO410 0 4 days ago

    I saw a skeleton horse before

  • ISMANGO410 0
    ISMANGO410 0 4 days ago

    How the heck does he get spawn eggs of every type of tropical fish????

    Gotta be a mod

  • Cherison Saikhom
    Cherison Saikhom 4 days ago

    I have found wandaring trader more then 50 times

  • The Idiot On Youtube

    Bro, the first couple of sheep I came across in one of my games THERE WERE TWO PINK SHEEP like W H A T

  • Blackoutaj /ajpw
    Blackoutaj /ajpw 4 days ago

    I found and kill ever 5% sheep sand a ink sheep

  • Sanjay Verma
    Sanjay Verma 4 days ago

    i found a pink sheep in survival mode

  • ZK
    ZK 4 days ago

    I had the last one I tried to lead it to my house but it fell in lava

  • Grand Legend
    Grand Legend 4 days ago

    20:00 hmmm I think logdotzip Don't know the rares mob in Minecraft the mob is in the chat

    • Grand Legend
      Grand Legend 4 days ago

      Idk the the vid but its called perfectly cut screams gl

    • Grand Legend
      Grand Legend 4 days ago

      He just saw a sheep jokey and the baby zombie is riding on it

    • Grand Legend
      Grand Legend 4 days ago

      But he saw the baby zombie is gone so he take a look at the he's farm and.

    • Grand Legend
      Grand Legend 4 days ago

      The baby zombie runs

    • Grand Legend
      Grand Legend 4 days ago

      So I saw a vid of Minecraft memes and a guy who saw a spider jokey but a baby zombie on it but when he kill the spider

  • Eli Smith
    Eli Smith 5 days ago

    The thing is I’ve seen most of these after only 3 years of Minecraft

  • aiden ;-;
    aiden ;-; 5 days ago

    I looked some stuff up and the rarity of the rarest mob has about a 4 quattuorvigintillionths of 1 chance of spawning.

  • Lauren Werbel
    Lauren Werbel 5 days ago

    I spawned a brown panda befor and I are you sure Fox's with items are rare I get a lot of them with stuff In there mouths

  • Buxxguy342 :D
    Buxxguy342 :D 5 days ago

    You forgot the snow white Fox!

  • sadmochii
    sadmochii 5 days ago

    13:06 I’ve found three natural pink sheep in the survival world before, I genuinely didn’t think they were that rare

    JA ESSAK 5 days ago +1

    I saw 2 brown pandas in my game WOWOWOW

  • StiffStraw
    StiffStraw 5 days ago

    Wandering Trader are you sure mate? that's not rare... i get them all the the time when playing with my mates or just playing in a world

  • Fortnite n Stuff
    Fortnite n Stuff 5 days ago

    Brown isn’t hard

  • big kingd0m
    big kingd0m 5 days ago

    Wandering trader human thing is not rare to me. Per world there are littarly 28392373828292828 trader wanderhumans

  • :-0
    :-0 5 days ago +1

    i'm russia

  • Ashwattha Bandhaokar

    Thats a baby zombie villager.

  • Stavex Games
    Stavex Games 5 days ago

    Those traders are my biggest problem

  • Stealth Shadow
    Stealth Shadow 5 days ago

    I did it first try on accident

  • Teresita GSantos
    Teresita GSantos 5 days ago

    Omg I did not know this all of this happened in my world but mah phone broke

  • ๑ ιsαвεllα ๑

    I see wandering traders every single time I play my survival lands

  • AR _ ERA
    AR _ ERA 5 days ago

    I have found the rarest one 5 times

  • Watermelon World
    Watermelon World 6 days ago

    On my first day of Minecraft I saw a charged creeper but I ran away so he won’t kill me - I swear I saw one

  • Richard Pullar
    Richard Pullar 6 days ago


  • Yeetus Feetus
    Yeetus Feetus 6 days ago

    I've spawned in a brown panda first try ONCE

  • Luke Gonzalez
    Luke Gonzalez 6 days ago

    I found a spider jockey in 2018 and that was the last time I saw one!!! XD and in 2018 I also found a pink sheep!!!SO IM PRETTY LUCKY right XD. im not kidding I even found a brown sheep in 2019