15 RAREST Minecraft 1.14 Mobs

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
  • These are the MOST RARE MOBS you will ever find in Minecraft!
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    To find any of these mobs in a regular vanilla minecraft 1.14 world is nothing short of amazing! These are all the most rare mobs that exist in minecraft. These 15 mobs are so rare that many people might not even know they exist outside of creative mod. We talk about the different rare foxes, the rare brown panda, and of course the red and brown mooshrooms. But we also tell you the odds of getting a unique fish in minecraft and how rare it is to get a sheep that isn't white. Of course, we share the rarest minecraft mob to exist in the game.
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    ✅ 15 rare Minecraft Mobs By VelVoxel Raptor tvclip.biz/channel/UCEH6ORtkeUxwMBQiOrTstdA

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  • Logdotzip
    Logdotzip  22 days ago +1220

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  • GamerPlays Games

    that happened to me the selution horse

  • Railee Playz Roblox

    I've seen so many charged creepers, tropical fish, wandering trader, Skeleton horses, Brown, black, and grey Sheep.

  • xXluluXx
    xXluluXx Day ago

    hey I just have a little question..
    how rare is the baby zombie on a normal zombies shoulders cuz on a survival world with my friend 6 months ago it spawned in naturally in my in-lit chest room

  • TeylaTheLeopardGecko

    I've seen a brown panda, a skeleton trap, a pink sheep, and a wandering trader. I think I've seen a spider jokey.

  • Tangerinetbh
    Tangerinetbh Day ago

    i found a baby pink sheep in my world

  • Clickerty Gaming

    1.5% chance of a spawning wandering trader?
    I see this as an absolute win.
    Edit: ah wait me no lucky as i thought ;_;

  • SmolMellow Smore

    Omg wait.. I was once in a world and I found a jungle biome and a river so I had to swim to get to the jungle but while swimming I found a Pink Sheep :000 omg I’m so happy :))))) I found something cool in Minecraft that day and I didn’t know it was that rare! ^^

  • AbsoluteMooreon
    AbsoluteMooreon Day ago

    I had 2 wandering traders outside my house at once, thought I was lucky till one of the llamas trampled my crops

  • Fluffles_skittykat 6

    What about a mob that I found that is a baby zombie villager riding a zombie? I also found a jockey that was a normal baby zombie riding an adult zombie.

  • Luna Playz
    Luna Playz Day ago

    I thought wandering villagers are common I have a bunch of them around my world that are naturally spawned.

  • Gigi Walczak
    Gigi Walczak Day ago

    Pewdiepie literally has the luckiest surver

  • Jane Alexa
    Jane Alexa Day ago

    12:52 you forgot about the pink sheep with mustache..
    Chance of seeing:

  • Marvelous Madmen

    Once I was playing Minecraft with my friend and he gave me an egg to throw so I threw it and there were four chickens. I thought it was a glitch but he googled it and told me how rare it is!

  • Jane Alexa
    Jane Alexa Day ago

    10:49 one of those mobs spawned right at the house entrance of mine, with a llama!

  • aydan schoreck
    aydan schoreck Day ago

    i seen all riders

    VETERAN EUGENE Day ago +1

    I found multiple pink sheep and killed them cuz I couldn't trap them

  • KaixinX
    KaixinX Day ago

    I named my pink sheep jeb_ .

  • Bardis Aythen
    Bardis Aythen Day ago

    12:58 That is clearly a about a tenth of 2%

  • Jetfighter 1000
    Jetfighter 1000 Day ago

    You’ve got a few extra chromosomes

  • Dimis Didis
    Dimis Didis Day ago

    Oof today I killed the mob 7

  • Kala the melon Boy

    The rarest I’ve found was a chicken zombie villager with a full set of iron armor on.

  • Ivan Reece
    Ivan Reece Day ago

    You can spawn lightning in survival with a trident with channeling on it (if it is lightning)

  • ConnorAMVgamer
    ConnorAMVgamer Day ago

    What about Bob

  • Paspalj
    Paspalj Day ago +1

    i know you wouldnt believe me but i finded a seed who has above 100+ pink sheeps like a loot sheeps i switched computer and lost the seed and the world

  • ConnorAMVgamer
    ConnorAMVgamer Day ago

    I have cages of wandering traders and I have more then 30 in survival I don’t think their that rare

  • therealteardrop
    therealteardrop Day ago

    I saw a group of pink sheep before

  • ConnorAMVgamer
    ConnorAMVgamer Day ago

    All u need for a charged creeper is a channeling trident

  • therealteardrop
    therealteardrop Day ago

    I found a wandering trader before with two lamas

  • Speedydog14 Create


  • Addisyn Washam
    Addisyn Washam Day ago

    my minecraft dog killed my pet brown panda once ;-;

  • Luis Diaz
    Luis Diaz Day ago

    Bruh I kill sooo many brown sheep I never knew they were rare

  • Jackson Barbin
    Jackson Barbin Day ago

    10:06. HOW ARE WANDERING TRADERS RARE??? It seems that they always spawn. I can’t go a minute without one spawning in my base and annoying the sh** out of me

  • OLItheTurtle
    OLItheTurtle Day ago +1

    In the older versions of Minecraft i would see spider jockeys more common but in the later versions of Minecraft spider jockeys are getting so rare and more rare that i absolutely forgot about them.

  • V.G.C.
    V.G.C. Day ago

    How about baby zombie on a wolf? Its OP!

  • Gotyourtoes102
    Gotyourtoes102 Day ago

    Yesterday I saw a skeleton horse get struck by lightning and then they multiplied with skeletons on them😂

  • Joao Vitor Raimundo


  • meowz -owo
    meowz -owo Day ago

    I spawned a Brown Panda before

  • Peter Richard-Johnson

    Do you even play Minecraft? The wandering trader is always around
    Like everywhere

  • OZ Raptor
    OZ Raptor Day ago

    Then I’m really lucky because I always find pink sheep and iv had quadruple chickens twice in a row

  • Foxfoxtrot
    Foxfoxtrot Day ago

    and the skeleton trap happened to slogoman

  • IwinAndLooz Plays

    Ive seen a skeleton trap with full enchanted gold armour...

  • Foxfoxtrot
    Foxfoxtrot Day ago

    wandering traders litteraly spawned in every single world I have

  • Brynyx 7
    Brynyx 7 Day ago

    I can’t believe I got a pink sheep randomly walking around my house lol

  • despacito
    despacito Day ago

    I get a wondering trader every 1 minute

  • Ice IOS
    Ice IOS Day ago

    Bro i have a rainbow sheep and a pink one bruh

  • Ice IOS
    Ice IOS Day ago +1

    Wanderer village are overtsking my villages i even took his lamas

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Day ago

    The zombie villager jockey is rarer than winning the lottery...

    That’s quite sad

  • LOLagagginW812 Lol

    i have been spotting the wandering trader about 5 times and non of them sell good items

  • Embler
    Embler Day ago +2

    10:00 one of them spawned right in the window of my kitchen. I killed him and took his llamas but they disappeared the day after :(

  • Harrison Gentry
    Harrison Gentry Day ago

    There are foxes?

  • Lirlisa
    Lirlisa Day ago

    0:12 i think that's not a number

  • Dominika Janik
    Dominika Janik Day ago +1

    Omg you wont believe me but I thought ut was a glitch when 4 chickens spawned out of my egg 😯 but after it happened again then I decided to search it up and I was confused to why they spawned twice in a row

  • Cam Bryan
    Cam Bryan Day ago

    I've seen one naturally spawning pink sheep in my entire life of playing Minecraft and I've made thousands of maps and then my friend killed it 😑

  • Unknown Galaxy
    Unknown Galaxy Day ago +1

    How about finding a golden baby zombie riding on the head of a regular zombie??

  • Jacob Shank
    Jacob Shank Day ago

    7:46 didn’t you say mob greeting is off so this won’t work cuz they won’t pick up blocks

  • Lordikso
    Lordikso Day ago +1

    Bro how rare is a baby zombie riding a regular zombie? Every time I killed the regular zombie it would ride another one. Did anyone see that?

  • Trung Quy
    Trung Quy Day ago

    Wait... what about zombie riding a sheep???
    I just met one after 1 week playing

  • Othlas
    Othlas Day ago

    Brown sheep is only 3% ? I see th everywhere wtf

  • Logan Plummer
    Logan Plummer Day ago

    I'm new to the update and saw a wandering trader and I saw the lamas and saw his trades. My stupid self thought he was fairly common. Within 30 min of playing I had him spawn in and I killed him for his leads. I hate myself now.😐

  • Marcus Evaristo
    Marcus Evaristo Day ago

    If a charged creeper explode a whiter skeleton, the whiter skeleton will drop his head instantly ?

  • Jessica Jacobs
    Jessica Jacobs Day ago


  • richdave opena
    richdave opena Day ago

    Are you serious ? Thats the spawn rate of wandering traders but i cross by a village with 2 and kinda... killed them both....

  • Cangyu Lin
    Cangyu Lin Day ago

    4:51 Windener Höhlen

  • Maddy Kitty
    Maddy Kitty Day ago

    Mob: is rare
    Pewdiepie: *yea ok*

  • Zack Twinityy08
    Zack Twinityy08 Day ago

    I found zombie on zombie the small zombie on big zombie and that was the jockey then the adult zombie was so fast

  • Wicktoria Dracy
    Wicktoria Dracy Day ago

    The first time i use a ender pearl it spawned a endermite 😅

  • Joe245
    Joe245 Day ago +1

    An innocent kinner bully

  • Farouk The Artist

    wandering traders are so easy to find

  • Foxy06 - TheMemelords

    Everybody Gangsta till the baby zombie starts riding a chicken