10 Things Spider-Man Homecoming ALREADY Got Right About Peter Parker

  • Published on May 31, 2017
  • With Marvel about to release Spiderman Homecoming, here are 10 Things Spider-Man Homecoming ALREADY Got Right About Peter Parker Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/wMuSDD
    Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for over sixty years. He’s been swinging on webs, and saving citizens, for a long time, and showing no signs of stopping. Thankfully, Peter Parker is a comic book character, so he can stay young, or grow old, as the plot deems necessary.
    When you’re making a movie though, you only get a couple of hours to make a proper impression. There have been a handful of Spider-Man films, with several actors under the mask. All of them made a good Spider-Man, but Tom Holland is about to put the GREAT into Great Power and Great Responsibility.
    It starts with perfect casting, and the young British actor looks the part, and bring the attitude to match. He’s a young man, playing a young character. Parker finds himself back in high school in Homecoming, staying true to the origin of an unlucky teenager whose luck is about to turn around. This time he’s bringing quality friends, like Zendaya, with him. The new movie also pays homage to New York City, the birthplace of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
    He’s hooking up with fellow superheroes as well. Showing off his smarts with one of the smartest in the MCU, Tony Stark. Following up on his Avenger-filled battle in Captain America: Civil War, Stark hooks up Spider-Man with new a new suit, and new sense of confidence. Which he’ll need, because this newest film is upping the ante with new villains like The Vulture and new love interests like Liz Allan.
    Spider-Man: Homecoming may just give us the best version of Peter Parker we’ve seen yet.
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  • Shea Kelley
    Shea Kelley 3 hours ago

    They’re all cute 😂

  • Shea Kelley
    Shea Kelley 3 hours ago


  • Roman Tamrat
    Roman Tamrat 6 hours ago

    I think tom Holland is the best spider man

  • Sarah heath
    Sarah heath 10 hours ago


  • gachaling stories

    Tom holland the best:)

  • b g
    b g Day ago

    Tobey was better than tom... Change my mind

    RED HOOD Day ago

    Tom was not a teen during civil war he was like 19 or 20 one of those definitely a teen you guys do great research also might I add marvel ruined Keaton by turning him into the vulture he would have done better as idk not in marvel

  • Asti
    Asti 3 days ago

    tom holland is the best spiderman 🕷️

  • Rossie Freund
    Rossie Freund 4 days ago +1

    I held off for two years to watch homecoming for reasons such as didn’t want to waste money in the theaters and I couldn’t see how Tom Holland a British man could play one of my favorite marvel super heroes honestly a let down couldn’t watch it more than once the plot was crap, I wanted to see what his parents looked like, they keep aging down aunt may and apparently he doesn’t give a crap about his parents or his uncle Ben seeing how he never really mentioned them and he’s not a photographer, and you don’t get to see how he adjusted to becoming Spiderman the iconic spider bite and how he learned to control his powers. And you could see how the plot was gonna turn out the second you turned on the flipping movie, and honestly way too over-hyped.

    • Rossie Freund
      Rossie Freund 4 days ago +1

      And also you can’t have Spiderman without the iconic origin story and who the f was the love interest she wasn’t even that pretty, but no lie I love Tom Holland as a person and his performance as Spiderman but as a whole the movie wasn’t worth watching again

  • Helen Keller
    Helen Keller 5 days ago

    Tom holland is 20

  • Margaret Beaver
    Margaret Beaver 5 days ago

    Tom isn't a teenager though he's 22

  • The Challenge squad 101

    Who’s better the old actor os spider or the new one aka Tom Holland

    Like if new actor Tom Holland and reply “old” if old actor

  • TheUranium Ninja7
    TheUranium Ninja7 5 days ago

    "Spider Man spider Man he was black and you never knew" like if you get the reference

  • Yutima Barclay
    Yutima Barclay 6 days ago

    Batman is boring all he saids as batman is I am batman

  • Spectacular Ultimate Spider-Man

    Tom Holland is the Best Spider-Man! Tobey was a good Peter Parker but a terrible Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield was a good Spider-Man but a terrible Peter Parker d Tom Holland is Great as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man
    As for the High-Tech Suit! I think is a great Idea because we all know Peter Parker is a geek and has used Tech before and I think Peter Parker looks great in a High-Tech Suit
    I also Love The chemistry between Spider-Man and Iron Man
    My only complaint is the Supporting Cast such as Ned Leeds and Michelle, because personally I think Harry Osborn should be Peter’s Best Friend instead of Ned, and as for Peter’s Sidekick, I would rather have either Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson (Ultimate Versions)

  • Jackson McDougall
    Jackson McDougall 9 days ago

    Why does Aunt May look like Amanda Cerny !?!?!?!?!

  • BANGTAN JIN and Taehyung Lego fan

    in my opinion tobey maguire was a great peter parker and a ok spider man and andrew garfield was a ok peter parker and a great spiderman tom holland is the perfect spiderman and sry sony but the only good marvel movie you made was venom and the amazing spiderman series ( you know what don't read this comment i should delete this comment is this gets 10 dislikes atleast

  • Luke Sonbay
    Luke Sonbay 11 days ago +1

    I totally agree with everything you said, Tom Holland is the best

  • Braining Doppy
    Braining Doppy 12 days ago

    *every movie* 👍

  • Malik Cutno
    Malik Cutno 13 days ago

    Or left?

  • Aiden
    Aiden 15 days ago

    so um TVclip explain why this is in my recommended

  • Davey Morgan
    Davey Morgan 15 days ago

    Did anyone else lean toward the screen as spidey did his thing

  • Spicy Cinnamon Roll Studios

    Actually, Tom Holland was 19 when he was starring in Homecoming. While technically still a teenager, he wasn't in high school anymore. But hey, at least he's younger than Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

  • Prince Bonnie The son of vegeta

    Homecoming Spider-Man is my favourite of the spidy movies

  • James Fire
    James Fire 19 days ago

    I agree 100% and for exactly the same reasons (ALL of them) that you mentioned here! Tom Holland is the best of them all!

  • Lauren Sellers
    Lauren Sellers 19 days ago

    I liked spider man homecoming a lot better than other films

  • Francis York
    Francis York 19 days ago

    No, Spiderman is not an english limey. They got that wrong.

    I am THOR SON OF ODIN 20 days ago +1

    Tom Holland wasn’t a teenager when he played spiderman… he was 20

  • fortnitegod
    fortnitegod 23 days ago

    I want a Spiderman far from home suit

  • nat2coop
    nat2coop 24 days ago

    I like Tobey Maguire Spider-Man yes but Tom Holland I believe is the best Spider-Man of them all. He just what's the word equals it out, GO SPIDEY GO!!!

  • james monroe
    james monroe 25 days ago

    Tom Holland is better than all the Spider-Mans if you don't know what is Tom Holland it's the Spider-Man homecoming guy

  • Aymen Coucou
    Aymen Coucou 26 days ago

    just a side note: spiders dont have muscles, at least there muscles are not like ours, there sort of hydraulic, any ways im a big fan of spider man, best hero ever

  • hirahassan46
    hirahassan46 26 days ago


  • The Fun gang
    The Fun gang 28 days ago

    Peter and Tony is Basically Father and Son.

  • Roadie GG
    Roadie GG 29 days ago

    Spider-Man should be able to shrink or have even faster speeds comment fast speeds or like if shrinks

  • molly rook
    molly rook 29 days ago

    tom Holland is the best spider man there has ever been. he should play spider man forever

  • Fernanda Barreiro
    Fernanda Barreiro Month ago

    Soooooo... have you seen into the spiderverse lately?

  • naughtykid000
    naughtykid000 Month ago

    In homecoming they forgot spiderman’s real friend, Harry or did something happen that I don’t know about

  • xxWynterGenisisxx
    xxWynterGenisisxx Month ago

    Honestly I really want to see a movie centered on the Spiderman/Deadpool team up. I totally admit I ship it but just hear me out, I don't need it to be canon. I wanna see like. 17 year old Peter Parker meeting DP, being shocked/appalled/etc at Wade's... general self, and then montage forward a couple years where he's just so used to Wade popping up in NYC and is Done With His Shit(tm) forever and ever amen. But somehow they manage to make a great team and hang out later with Mexican. That's the quality content I wanna see. 👌🏻👌🏻🙌🏻

  • A Beebo
    A Beebo Month ago +1

    11:17 omg the cringe is real

  • IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon

    8:25 uppp Tom nailed it

  • Mewy man
    Mewy man Month ago

    Tom Holland’s the best

  • Xx_SharpyFTW
    Xx_SharpyFTW Month ago

    I just got to say... it's not any of the actors fault that their movie of Spider-Man was crap.. its the directors fault

  • CelestialBlade
    CelestialBlade Month ago

    I think Tobey is the most role-modelly, Andrew is the coolest, and Tom is the funniest Spider-Man imo. They're all great in different ways

  • BDOG Gaming
    BDOG Gaming Month ago

    U forgot toby went to against sandman

  • riley’s luau
    riley’s luau Month ago

    A spider can’t die easy. That’s why Tom Holland doesn’t die

  • riley’s luau
    riley’s luau Month ago

    I spider cant subscribe

  • Falk Hammermüller
    Falk Hammermüller Month ago

    WAAAAYYYYY too much advertisement. Broke up the vid half way through and blocked the channel.

  • Charmeleon Hockey Kid

    I’m German, offended

  • Charmeleon Hockey Kid

    The iron spider suit IS THE BEST SUIT EVER

  • Charmeleon Hockey Kid

    But how..... Tom is British.... with an accent..... Peter Parker..... isn’t British.... he doesn’t have an accent either.... SO confused 🤔

  • Jane-Audrey Robson
    Jane-Audrey Robson Month ago

    Definitely the best Peter Parker and spiderman. Toby maguire was a great Peter Parker but his spiderman was poor. Andrew garfield was a great spiderman but his Peter Parker was not that great. Tom Holland strikes the perfect balance as both characters and pulls it off perfectly.

  • Cherry White 101
    Cherry White 101 Month ago

    Omg exactly

  • Cherry White 101
    Cherry White 101 Month ago +1

    Holland is great. He talks too much, just like a normal kid.

  • Safarirain222-AJPW
    Safarirain222-AJPW Month ago

    The Amazing Spider-man was my favorite movie. #CHILDHOOD

  • Mathias Rekdal
    Mathias Rekdal Month ago

    Anyone in 2019

    CHICKOM Month ago

    Everything is best
    Ur editing , roleplay everything but....
    Adds ooomy god irritate me a lot

  • xXFoxyGamerXx _
    xXFoxyGamerXx _ Month ago


  • SML/jeffy
    SML/jeffy Month ago

    Tom Holland is my favorite Spider-Man he is the perfect actor to play him

  • pancake man superhero dude

    voice crack 2:20

  • Anjelic gal
    Anjelic gal Month ago

    I love how Tony was like "You're going home or I'll call Aunt May" THAT IS SO FUNNY AND TOTALLY LIKE SOMETHING A TEEN WOULD HEAR

  • Adetutu Osibanjo
    Adetutu Osibanjo Month ago


  • Peristeronic
    Peristeronic Month ago

    the amazing spider man 2 still has the best costume

  • Derpboi 99
    Derpboi 99 Month ago

    *five mins later*
    Sorry mr stark I was playing fortnite.
    Can I join?

  • Ambra Coss
    Ambra Coss Month ago

    Tom is OBVIOUSLY the best Spider-Man ever and the best thing ever in general😍👑💖 this angel deserves all the happiness of this world😢❤☁💎👼

  • Atipat Lorwongam
    Atipat Lorwongam 2 months ago

    whatever you said man... I might just watched too much previous versions of Spiderman... I couldn't take the previouse picture of spiderman out of my head right now.

  • Bessiemarie Wittrock
    Bessiemarie Wittrock 2 months ago

    Snapbooking and face chatting that made me laugh my ass off

  • blueberry muffin
    blueberry muffin 2 months ago +1

    *struggles* I... I.. got homework..
    *Tony Stark has left the chat*

  • Peterthespidey
    Peterthespidey 2 months ago +1

    zendaya is MJ or not?

  • hobi's sprite
    hobi's sprite 2 months ago

    *It's pizza time.*

  • kelly daniel
    kelly daniel 2 months ago

    Its good cuz Marvel knows how he behaves cuz they created him #RIPSTANLEE

  • Kevin M Abraham
    Kevin M Abraham 2 months ago

    he's the best spiderman. periodt

  • Joseph da boss Kwon
    Joseph da boss Kwon 2 months ago +1

    Spider man destroys everyone in civil war...
    *struggles to lift up a small piece of concrete of his chest in homecoming ...

  • The Whale // GachaLife
    The Whale // GachaLife 2 months ago

    *I.. Got homework!*

  • Raghav Khurana
    Raghav Khurana 2 months ago

    i love spiderman like bro he is so cool

  • Elizabeth Russo
    Elizabeth Russo 2 months ago

    praising tom holland for 11 minutes straight? i’ve never clicked faster

  • blueberry muffin
    blueberry muffin 2 months ago

    Tom is a meme *LEGEND* and I repeat *LEGEND*

  • Lucy Thomas
    Lucy Thomas 2 months ago

    Ever notice how his suit looks more like the Spider-Man suit than Toby McGuire’s or Andrew Garfield’s ever did?..... no?.... just me?.....

  • Shayla Gordon
    Shayla Gordon 2 months ago

    I feel like Spiderman and dead pool would be really good friends

  • Itsplainxalex
    Itsplainxalex 2 months ago

    He wasn’t even a teen when he made any of the marvel movies.

    • Raistlin Chesko
      Raistlin Chesko 2 months ago

      He was 17 when they started filming him as spiderman

  • katharinaa
    katharinaa 2 months ago

    i just love andrew garfield so im kinda lost

  • Punch Down King
    Punch Down King 2 months ago

    So many dumb fangirls. Spider-Man is only at his best in the movies in Civil War. Homecoming tarnished it so badly, he is not a goddamn Miles Morales type.

  • Foreskii
    Foreskii 2 months ago

    Japanese Spider man is better

  • jessyee noir
    jessyee noir 2 months ago


  • James McGuire
    James McGuire 2 months ago

    Not entirely I still think Toby did it better

  • Oliwka Mr0zek
    Oliwka Mr0zek 2 months ago

    What about Michelle(MJ) played by Zendaya?!?!?!

  • Shahwar Basith
    Shahwar Basith 2 months ago

    Look at this overrated movie being overrated even more

  • 1eodar
    1eodar 2 months ago


  • Shelby Loper
    Shelby Loper 2 months ago

    Yesss this is definitely the best version. Sorry Andrew

  • Lelouch Lamperouge
    Lelouch Lamperouge 2 months ago

    Tom is inaccurate to the comics

  • banan madani
    banan madani 2 months ago +1

    You mean six months

  • Carson Perkins
    Carson Perkins 2 months ago

    The 1994 tv series is my personal favorite. You can’t discount all those memes...

  • One random no good channel

    Bully maguire?

  • GHOST u-u
    GHOST u-u 2 months ago

    Andrew was my favorite *WAS*

  • Tanisha Magness
    Tanisha Magness 2 months ago

    Andrew Garfield is the best

  • Elli Mai Jenner
    Elli Mai Jenner 2 months ago

    Tom Holland is 22

    • Lilly Fox
      Lilly Fox 2 months ago

      Elli Mai Jenner he was 17-19 when civil war was filmed and 20 @homecoming and he highkey looks young

  • Spidey Succs
    Spidey Succs 2 months ago

    pizza time doesn't feel so good

  • Spidey Succs
    Spidey Succs 2 months ago

    I think that the original spiderman toby maguire movies were the best because they were the original ones that really started the spiderman movies going

  • LM Vlogs
    LM Vlogs 2 months ago

    CBR Zendaya is Mary-Jane

    • Lilly Fox
      Lilly Fox 2 months ago

      LM Vlogs no she’s Michelle Jones