10 Things Spider-Man Homecoming ALREADY Got Right About Peter Parker

  • Published on May 31, 2017
  • With Marvel about to release Spiderman Homecoming, here are 10 Things Spider-Man Homecoming ALREADY Got Right About Peter Parker Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/wMuSDD
    Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for over sixty years. He’s been swinging on webs, and saving citizens, for a long time, and showing no signs of stopping. Thankfully, Peter Parker is a comic book character, so he can stay young, or grow old, as the plot deems necessary.
    When you’re making a movie though, you only get a couple of hours to make a proper impression. There have been a handful of Spider-Man films, with several actors under the mask. All of them made a good Spider-Man, but Tom Holland is about to put the GREAT into Great Power and Great Responsibility.
    It starts with perfect casting, and the young British actor looks the part, and bring the attitude to match. He’s a young man, playing a young character. Parker finds himself back in high school in Homecoming, staying true to the origin of an unlucky teenager whose luck is about to turn around. This time he’s bringing quality friends, like Zendaya, with him. The new movie also pays homage to New York City, the birthplace of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
    He’s hooking up with fellow superheroes as well. Showing off his smarts with one of the smartest in the MCU, Tony Stark. Following up on his Avenger-filled battle in Captain America: Civil War, Stark hooks up Spider-Man with new a new suit, and new sense of confidence. Which he’ll need, because this newest film is upping the ante with new villains like The Vulture and new love interests like Liz Allan.
    Spider-Man: Homecoming may just give us the best version of Peter Parker we’ve seen yet.
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  • pancake man superhero dude

    voice crack 2:20

  • Anjelic gal
    Anjelic gal Day ago

    I love how Tony was like "You're going home or I'll call Aunt May" THAT IS SO FUNNY AND TOTALLY LIKE SOMETHING A TEEN WOULD HEAR

  • Adetutu Osibanjo


  • The Pixel Key
    The Pixel Key Day ago

    the amazing spider man 2 still has the best costume

  • Derpboi 99
    Derpboi 99 2 days ago

    *five mins later*
    Sorry mr stark I was playing fortnite.
    Can I join?

  • Ambra Coss
    Ambra Coss 2 days ago

    Tom is OBVIOUSLY the best Spider-Man ever and the best thing ever in general😍👑💖 this angel deserves all the happiness of this world😢❤☁💎👼

  • Atipat Lorwongam
    Atipat Lorwongam 3 days ago

    whatever you said man... I might just watched too much previous versions of Spiderman... I couldn't take the previouse picture of spiderman out of my head right now.

  • Bessiemarie Wittrock

    Snapbooking and face chatting that made me laugh my ass off

  • blueberry muffin
    blueberry muffin 5 days ago

    *struggles* I... I.. got homework..
    *Tony Stark has left the chat*

  • Peterthespidy
    Peterthespidy 5 days ago +1

    zendaya is MJ or not?

  • hobi's sprite
    hobi's sprite 8 days ago

    *It's pizza time.*

  • kelly daniel
    kelly daniel 8 days ago

    Its good cuz Marvel knows how he behaves cuz they created him #RIPSTANLEE

  • Kevin M Abraham
    Kevin M Abraham 9 days ago

    he's the best spiderman. periodt

  • Joseph da boss Kwon
    Joseph da boss Kwon 10 days ago +1

    Spider man destroys everyone in civil war...
    *struggles to lift up a small piece of concrete of his chest in homecoming ...

  • The Whale // GachaLife

    *I.. Got homework!*

  • Raghav Khurana
    Raghav Khurana 11 days ago

    i love spiderman like bro he is so cool

  • Elizabeth Russo
    Elizabeth Russo 12 days ago

    praising tom holland for 11 minutes straight? i’ve never clicked faster

  • blueberry muffin
    blueberry muffin 13 days ago

    Tom is a meme *LEGEND* and I repeat *LEGEND*

  • Lucy Thomas
    Lucy Thomas 14 days ago

    Ever notice how his suit looks more like the Spider-Man suit than Toby McGuire’s or Andrew Garfield’s ever did?..... no?.... just me?.....

  • Shayla Gordon
    Shayla Gordon 15 days ago

    I feel like Spiderman and dead pool would be really good friends

  • Negan # 1
    Negan # 1 16 days ago

    He wasn’t even a teen when he made any of the marvel movies.

    • Raistlin Chesko
      Raistlin Chesko 15 days ago

      He was 17 when they started filming him as spiderman

  • Tara Yeo
    Tara Yeo 18 days ago +1

    toby 4 sure

  • katharinaa
    katharinaa 18 days ago

    i just love andrew garfield so im kinda lost

  • Punch Down King
    Punch Down King 19 days ago

    So many dumb fangirls. Spider-Man is only at his best in the movies in Civil War. Homecoming tarnished it so badly, he is not a goddamn Miles Morales type.

  • Foreskii
    Foreskii 20 days ago

    Japanese Spider man is better

  • jessyee noir
    jessyee noir 20 days ago


  • James McGuire
    James McGuire 21 day ago

    Not entirely I still think Toby did it better

  • Oliwka Mr0zek
    Oliwka Mr0zek 22 days ago

    What about Michelle(MJ) played by Zendaya?!?!?!

  • Shahwar Basith
    Shahwar Basith 24 days ago

    Look at this overrated movie being overrated even more

  • KruptInCore
    KruptInCore 24 days ago


  • Shelby Loper
    Shelby Loper 25 days ago

    Yesss this is definitely the best version. Sorry Andrew

  • Lelouch Lamperouge
    Lelouch Lamperouge 25 days ago

    Tom is inaccurate to the comics

  • banan madani
    banan madani 25 days ago +1

    You mean six months

  • Carson Perkins
    Carson Perkins 25 days ago

    The 1994 tv series is my personal favorite. You can’t discount all those memes...

  • One random no good channel

    Bully maguire?

  • GHOST u-u
    GHOST u-u 26 days ago

    Andrew was my favorite *WAS*

  • Tanisha Magness
    Tanisha Magness 26 days ago

    Andrew Garfield is the best

  • Elli Mai Jenner
    Elli Mai Jenner 26 days ago

    Tom Holland is 22

    • Lilly Fox
      Lilly Fox 25 days ago

      Elli Mai Jenner he was 17-19 when civil war was filmed and 20 @homecoming and he highkey looks young

  • Spidey Succs
    Spidey Succs 26 days ago

    pizza time doesn't feel so good

  • Spidey Succs
    Spidey Succs 26 days ago

    I think that the original spiderman toby maguire movies were the best because they were the original ones that really started the spiderman movies going

  • LM Vlogs
    LM Vlogs 26 days ago

    CBR Zendaya is Mary-Jane

    • Lilly Fox
      Lilly Fox 25 days ago

      LM Vlogs no she’s Michelle Jones

  • THE BRO BOYS 9000
    THE BRO BOYS 9000 27 days ago

    2:20 Peter: I can't go to Germany.
    Me: because they lost the war...

  • Justin Gorman
    Justin Gorman 27 days ago

    Cbr. Your videos are to long, filled with ads and you always comstantly repeate yourself and take way to long to get to the point.

  • Dannnisshhh
    Dannnisshhh 27 days ago

    Face chatting and snap booking. I know it’s scripted but it’s fucking killing me

  • Gaming Legend
    Gaming Legend 27 days ago +1

    I bet Tobey Maguire is the best actor and his film's have an great storyline so Tobey is the best

  • Tom Kal
    Tom Kal 27 days ago

    3:30 you missed sand man numb nuts how can u do a review and miss one of the worst villains disgraceful

    THECHAMPION NIKE 29 days ago

    I really hate there CGI when they had too CGI his suit

  • smokey marshmallows

    When you said superior I thought automatically of superior spider man

  • Batman
    Batman Month ago

    How do you like dem apples?

  • same Dennis
    same Dennis Month ago

    Me superhero

  • lajla duro
    lajla duro Month ago

    ned is played by tom hollands real life best friend

  • Ray Is My Name
    Ray Is My Name Month ago

    "snap booking and face chatting" wow. how did you mess that up

  • Tom Holland-Spiderman Official


  • Rosie Sis
    Rosie Sis Month ago

    sister smoo-
    no no no no its
    spidey smooch ;)

  • A Person
    A Person Month ago

    I like the red subscribe button better than grey so I’m gonna keep it that way.

  • Scott O'Brien
    Scott O'Brien Month ago +1

    The big thing they got right was making Tom Holland the actor

  • Sarah Templeman
    Sarah Templeman Month ago

    Wasn’t he like 20

  • Two Eye
    Two Eye Month ago

    Asked me to sub before watching, instant dislike.

  • RaulPlays Official
    RaulPlays Official Month ago

    7:46 lol

  • Christian Leeperrr
    Christian Leeperrr Month ago

    7:25 HAHAHA I totally forgot Joey was an extra

  • About Me
    About Me Month ago

    *Hey it's been a year since premiere, where can i watch this online?*

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil Month ago

    8:44 I used to like as kind of serious, though.

  • Nicky Vanilla
    Nicky Vanilla Month ago

    everybody loves ~my little tommy~ peter parker :)

  • Jacob Gamer03
    Jacob Gamer03 Month ago

    Every spiderman ranked.
    1. Tobey Maguire
    2. Tom Holland
    3. Andrew Garfield

  • Sand
    Sand Month ago

    anyone else catch the 'snapbooking and facechating' line?

    POOPYRYANS Month ago

    How has he been Spider-Man for 60 years and he's only 15 or 16 years old?

  • Robert Isola
    Robert Isola Month ago

    Just realized Spider-Man reminds me of Aang...

  • tom tsianakas
    tom tsianakas Month ago

    Now it's dead

  • Crisp Nugg
    Crisp Nugg Month ago

    Tobey maguire will always be the best tom Holland was probably the worst spiderman

    • Lilly Fox
      Lilly Fox 25 days ago


    • PrinceOJr
      PrinceOJr 28 days ago

      Crisp Nugg The worst Spider-Man definitely goes to Tobey Maguire in terms of SPIDER-MAN’S character. Holland nails both parts.

  • 0 5
    0 5 Month ago

    Wait, so Spider-Man isn't meant to be a 30 year old that was just held back a dozen times and that's why he's still in high school?

  • power scourge
    power scourge Month ago

    #happendbro when you put your homework in your backpack ans the next day its gone and you get detension

  • Grace Craichy
    Grace Craichy Month ago

    GUYS! I just uploaded the new "I Am Gwen" (Spider-Gwen) trailer! Y'all should go check it outtt

  • Petite Nerf
    Petite Nerf Month ago

    Toby was my favorite idk why I just think he did the best

  • Petite Nerf
    Petite Nerf Month ago

    I wish May didn’t die in the game :(((( uncle Ben was really sad too but aunt May’s was a lot more dramatic because it had the beeping thing

  • Caroline Richardson
    Caroline Richardson Month ago +1

    Tom Holland is the best spiderman ever

    • Lilly Fox
      Lilly Fox 25 days ago

      Big agree

    • PrinceOJr
      PrinceOJr 28 days ago

      Caroline Richardson Amen to that sir

  • Edward Hutchinson
    Edward Hutchinson Month ago

    3:47 he also battled sandman

  • Steeve Trépanier
    Steeve Trépanier Month ago

    Tom Holland is hands down the best Spiderman-Peter Parker ever!! The only thing that bothers me a little about the MCU Spidey is the fact that they seem to have replaced Spidey's greatest power with the super suit. Beyond his agility, his strength and his brains, Spidey's greatest power is his spider sense. The fact that he can detect danger before it happens should be more incorporated in the character.

    • PrinceOJr
      PrinceOJr 28 days ago

      Steeve Trépanier And they develop that in Infinity War.

    AALTJE SING! Month ago +1

    💩 Poo

  • Mattingly van den Berg

    I like the Tobey Maguire movies, but I also like Tom Holland's movie. I really don't like Andrew Garfield like at all

  • Colorfull storm
    Colorfull storm Month ago

    why didn't the movie show haw Tom got bitten by the spider

  • Reverse Flash
    Reverse Flash Month ago

    *He's on the young side.*

  • Spider- Man
    Spider- Man Month ago

    Pizza time

  • TSM Dominick
    TSM Dominick Month ago

    I love the amazing spider man 2 suit

  • irshadanjoom irshad


  • Macadin Brown
    Macadin Brown Month ago


  • ͡
    ͡ Month ago

    You forgot Sandman (just sayin😆)

  • Vennesa Brownie
    Vennesa Brownie Month ago

    Tom is in his early 20's so not really a teen

  • Vennesa Brownie
    Vennesa Brownie Month ago

    tom puts the amazing in the amazing spider man....even though that's not his version spider man....

  • KSSXerxes Channel
    KSSXerxes Channel Month ago

    Literally a character called MJ in homecoming.

    • Lilly Fox
      Lilly Fox 25 days ago

      KSSXerxes Channel Mary Jane < Michelle Jones

  • Alex Saffioti
    Alex Saffioti Month ago

    The amount of things that they got WRONG strongly out weighs this. Just saying 😏

  • TheBeatdown
    TheBeatdown Month ago

    22 is not teenage age btw

    • Lilly Fox
      Lilly Fox 25 days ago

      TheBeatdown he was younger

  • surya krish
    surya krish Month ago

    The best version of spiderman !!! I think whatever marvel does it reaches us!!

  • Megat Arif Faizan
    Megat Arif Faizan Month ago


  • BB Hoe
    BB Hoe Month ago

    Tom Holland is 22 years old

    • BB Hoe
      BB Hoe 25 days ago

      +Lilly Fox damn, further knolage!

    • Lilly Fox
      Lilly Fox 25 days ago

      BB Hoe he was a teenager when civil war was filmed and 19-20 during homecoming. And he looks very young

  • Fajar Mujaahidin
    Fajar Mujaahidin Month ago

    Tom Holland is the best Spiderman

  • Jake Romero
    Jake Romero Month ago

    "And more cocky"
    *shoots web at guys junk* 8:50 😂😂

  • Savage The Calligraphy Write

    i just realized tom holland was like 20,21 when homecoming came out