Avengers: Infinity War - Movie Review


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  • Darrell Jones
    Darrell Jones 8 days ago

    After watching the movie I came to the conclusion that Thor is stronger then hulk until I see a rematch or a comic that settles this once n for all this will be it I lost faith in hulk🤦🏾‍♂️😭

  • S. D.
    S. D. 8 days ago

    How is this not Awesomtacular???!!?

  • Ivory Rasmussen
    Ivory Rasmussen 11 days ago

    I'm so glad that you mentioned Thanos as such an AWESOME villain. I thought so to for that very reason. My dad and I had an awesome conversation that got really deep. We absolutely loved this movie. It's funny cause I realized that throughout the series, everyone talks about Thanos like he's this bloodthirsty villain who is evil for the sake of being evil and has no motivation for his actions. But I loved how eye opening it was to realize Thanos ' s motivation for killing people and it actually made me sympathize with the villain.

  • A-Town Alex
    A-Town Alex 12 days ago

    I totally agree about how Thanos was developed in this movie. Before Thanos, I thought Kilmonger was the best villain in the MCU leading up to infinity war and it made me worry about Thanos being another generic MCU villain but Josh Brolin and the Russo Brothers did an amazing job that far exceeded my expectations. I’m excited to see what more they do with him in Avengers 4

  • Crazy Dude
    Crazy Dude 12 days ago +1

    So, if Thanos killed half of Gamora's planet BEFORE the snap
    Then he did the snap
    Does that mean that half of the half that's left on Gamora's planet disappeared? so now it's only a quarter?
    Same goes for every planet Thanos did the half-killing before the snap

    • Crazy Dude
      Crazy Dude 11 days ago

      Connor Kubat Maybe they just ignored that. It's a small easter egg in a movie 4 years ago. It could be ignored.

    • Connor Kubat
      Connor Kubat 12 days ago

      Sorry bud but if you saw some guardian of the galaxys easter eggs all of Gamoras planet died. She was the last known member of her planet left.

  • Mason Ginn
    Mason Ginn 14 days ago

    Jeremy you really don't seem to pumped about this movie like the others and gave it a lower rating compared to t other Avengers movie

  • Dylan Gomez
    Dylan Gomez 16 days ago

    What’s your favorite marvel villain

  • Jayden Langford
    Jayden Langford 17 days ago

    You gave Age of Ultron an awesometacular. What the fuck

    • Jayden Langford
      Jayden Langford 12 days ago +1

      Kieron Campion Not gonna bag on you for something exclusively opinionated, but oh boy I hope you know you're in the minority on that

    • Kieron Campion
      Kieron Campion 12 days ago

      Ultron is a better villain and Hawkeye's farm scene is probably my favourite scene in a comic book movie.

    • Jayden Langford
      Jayden Langford 12 days ago

      Kieron Campion how's that

    • Kieron Campion
      Kieron Campion 12 days ago

      Age of Ultron was better.

  • No Name
    No Name 18 days ago

    WHY is Gamora?!?!

  • sudha bhatt
    sudha bhatt 18 days ago

    Why isnt it Awesometacular ???

  • MaximumMadnessStixon
    MaximumMadnessStixon 22 days ago

    1. Iron Man… Awesometacular
    2. The Incredible Hulk… Good time, no alcohol required
    3. Iron Man 2… Good time, no alcohol required
    4. Thor… Worth buying on Blu-Ray
    5. Captain America: The First Avenger… Good time, no alcohol required
    6. The Avengers… Awesometacular
    7. Iron Man 3… Worthy buying on Blu-Ray
    8. Thor: The Dark World… A better time, if you were drunk
    9. Captain America: The Winter Soldier… Awesometacular
    10. Guardians of the Galaxy… Awesometacular
    11. Avengers: Age of Ultron… Good time, no alcohol required
    12. Ant-Man… Worth Buying on Blu-Ray
    13. Captain America: Civil War… Awesometacular
    14. Doctor Strange… Worth buying on Blu-Ray
    15. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2… Worth buying on Blu-Ray
    16. Spider-Man: Homecoming… Worth buying on Blu-Ray
    17. Thor: Ragnarok… Awesometacular
    18. Black Panther… Worth buying on Blu-Ray
    19. Avengers: Infinity War… Awesometacular

  • JLacay
    JLacay 23 days ago

    I know it's late and it's his personal opinion but why is Avengers: Infinity War gets a Blu Ray while Age of Ultron gets awesometeculor?

  • Jimmy Doonko
    Jimmy Doonko 24 days ago +1

    Thumbs up, if next year you want to hear Jeremy say:
    "And I will say that Avengers: Final Hour IS ... ... AWESOMETACULAR!!"
    *👏 applause 👏*

  • Super Steel Man
    Super Steel Man 27 days ago +3

    How can you give Age Of Ultron Awesometacular, but Infinity War Worth Buying On Blu-Ray? Age Of Ultron is terrible! Ultron is a joke! Infinity War is Awesometacular.

  • Patrick Preston
    Patrick Preston Month ago

    Remember when Jeremy's highest grade was "Awesometacular?" Yeah, neither do I

  • Kronickillness Nikolaos

    hmm i wonder if shield won't make some teleport tech cuz they got AI now lol or do they? lol but that could explain the jumping around which i expected with this many characters to be an issue no matter what lol. i just hope they pull this off and do not go the way of the force cuz it went limp tranny then suicides full on cycle the demise of a great series much beloved now dead! So long as it doesn't do that n remains epic and funny n fun and don't get fuckin politically correct maybe make fun of how everything does that these days! ffs

  • Kronickillness Nikolaos


  • sfighter00
    sfighter00 Month ago +2

    Seen this movie about a week ago, and I'm gonna go a step further and say imo that this movie was...AWESOMETACULAR!!!
    Great Review as always.

  • Unified Gaming
    Unified Gaming Month ago

    I went and watched this review again after I saw it a third time and when jeremy said nailed it before the review officially started I immediately thought of the Ubisoft e3 2018 press conference

  • Aditya Agrawal
    Aditya Agrawal Month ago

    Spoiler Alert

    DC Dies

  • Hakers1309 and RecapDay

    The poster tag line for civil war was "divided we fall"the tag line for this movie should have been "shit even United we fall"

  • Jeff Lauriel
    Jeff Lauriel Month ago +1

    did we watch the same movie, this was definitely awesometacular

    • Robert M. Dunn
      Robert M. Dunn 22 days ago


    • Sam Roberts
      Sam Roberts 27 days ago +1

      yeeeeah, it was the best marvel movie i have ever seen! going to review Captain America and Hulk) thx God, i may watch the whole collection of Marvel movies using boxxy soft for free!!!

  • alvaro alas
    alvaro alas Month ago

    marvel has done it again,another badass movie

  • Remember that one time

    I personally was really disappointed with the movie Thanos May be a good villain but he is the only person in the movie with a character arch, Tony Stark was exactly the same in the end as in the beginning, they tried to have some with Dr.Strange and ruined it with a “It was the only way” instead of him actually learning from the whole situation, and Thor was just a completely different character from the other movies he’s in that gives off he illusion of having a character arch

  • Kishan Bhatt
    Kishan Bhatt Month ago

    Why? OH WHY?
    Is this not AWESOMETACULAR!!!!?

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    Captain America: The First Avenger - Worth seeing and worth buying on Blue-ray
    The Avengers - AWSOMETACULAR
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    Avengers: Infinity War - AWSOMETACULAR

  • Noah Ayres
    Noah Ayres Month ago +1

    The Avengers: Awesometacular
    Avengers Age of Ultron: Good time no alcohol required
    Avengers Infinity War: Awesometacular

  • I'm not TAK3N, I'm TheNabOwnzz part II the pornstar


    The 6 infinity stones are weak, how did all of them get smashed by Stormbreaker (bad writing I guess)

    • I'm not TAK3N, I'm TheNabOwnzz part II the pornstar
      I'm not TAK3N, I'm TheNabOwnzz part II the pornstar Month ago

      when i said smashed I didn't mean it 'smashed' I meant it as in it was weaker, that's just how I talk in stead of saying "the infinity stones were weaker than the stormbreaker" I will say it more like "the infinity stones got smashed by the stormbreaker" that's kinda like mylanguage

    • GrayFox370
      GrayFox370 Month ago

      Again the stones didn't get smashed. The storm breaker was strong enough to severely ingure Thanos. The stones are fine. After the snap, Thanos left arm got damaged along with the gauntlet.

    • I'm not TAK3N, I'm TheNabOwnzz part II the pornstar
      I'm not TAK3N, I'm TheNabOwnzz part II the pornstar Month ago

      well I'm not saying it got 'smashed' I meant as in it was weaker than the stormbreaker, there are six infinity stones imagine one infinity stone, very powerful and it can destroy an entire planet, now imagine 6 powerful stones *together* and it got smashed by one stormbreaker I call it bad writing in the screenplay

    • GrayFox370
      GrayFox370 Month ago

      They didn't get smashed by storm breaker. Watch it again

  • M Burks
    M Burks Month ago

    Thor became the Daryl of the MCU.

  • Thomas Bludis
    Thomas Bludis Month ago

    Infinity war deserves an awesometacular

  • Jack Hussey
    Jack Hussey Month ago

    Why didnt you give it Awesometacular

  • MrSkullHead1250
    MrSkullHead1250 Month ago

    I haven't seen the film yet, just been too busy to do so. I heard that banner doesn't turn into the hulk in this movie. Without spoiling anything is that true? Just yes or no lol.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Month ago

    I've been disappointed with all the other Avengers films. This one was phenomenal and the pacing was great (considering it was almost a 3 hour movie)

  • Abdullah the village idiot Afzal

    No awsometacular!!! Jeremy what have you done. The mcu fandom will ravage the lands in search of you.

    TERIYAKI PAPII Month ago

    i give it awesometacuular

  • Rey Mustayne
    Rey Mustayne Month ago

    Not awesometacular? Well fuck you too.

  • Nick Howard
    Nick Howard Month ago +2

    Im sorry, but what development for Thanos are you talking about. Loki was shown as a child and had a complicated self identity as well as family issues that lead towards his interesting and diverse character but I honestly couldn't tell you why Thanos wants genocide other than his own self righteousness. and i keep hearing this idea that sense thanos thinks hes the good guy that somehow makes his character not the stereotypical bad guy but if thats the case then why aren't whiplash or Ultron more highly regarded. Thanos is bad ass and thats largely just because of the actor portraying him but he is no spectacle of amazing character development. If you ask me everyone is getting way to carried away by the hype this movie created and not seeing it clearly. I think it will age very badly as a stand alone mcu movie. If this was a tv show i would say it was amazing, but as a movie its lacking in everything but action, why is everyone blinded to what this movie really is? half-baked.

    • Osterman
      Osterman 21 day ago +1

      I disagree. In this film alone Thanos was incredibly well-developed. I think you’re oversimplifying his role to seem un-compelling. I believe to an extent he *is* a sympathetic villain that truly believes his actions would cause good in the universe. He’s clearly been psychologically scarred by the demise of his beautiful Planet and due to his inability to save it, he now has this responsibility to prevent this from happening to other homes by any means. The difference between him and Ultron as the “heroes” of their own story is Thanos’s means of protecting others seemingly proves successful when he mentions the fact that Gamora’s planet is now thriving and living in peace after he “balanced” it. And not only that but there’s also a tinge of regret and doubt for what he does. Again, he feels like this responsibility was thrusted on to him- it’s his curse which is woefully apparent when he’s forced to kill the one person he truly loves. He actually cries upon Gamora’s death which is something we rarely see from a villain. And when he is asked by his subconscious “what did it cost?” after he accomplishes his mission, his response was “everything.”.
      Thanos has depth, layers, pathos, and his arc is very compelling. That becomes more clear when you compare him to a lifeless, CG, blank slate like Steppenwolf from Justice League. As well as not giving Thanos enough credit, you aren’t giving enough credit to those who consider him a great character. I’m not blinded at all- I think my opinion on what I genuinely believe is a fantastic accomplishment of a film and villain is quite valid as any.

    • Robert M. Dunn
      Robert M. Dunn 22 days ago

      everyone has their opinion

    • shoebox153
      shoebox153 Month ago

      You are spot on. Simply put. They're Idiots.

  • zynbw
    zynbw Month ago


    Thanos is thicc af

  • Joe Dunn
    Joe Dunn 2 months ago

    Was so, so disappointed. It was just one scrambled bunch of mess. I've seen all the avengers movies and this didn't even rate with them. I felt like I was being pulled left just to be yanked up and placed in another place. Title. . . . . AVENGERS INFINITY WAR. Not the Avengers and every other marvel character Infinity War. You could of cut out the Black Panther part ( which I don't really see what it had to do with the Avengers) and cut a half-hour off the movie. Really a half-hour to show 6 mins of some little girl doing something that didn't even get completed and ended up being done the only way it would end up being done. Left the theatre being very let down.

  • 80 Eight
    80 Eight 2 months ago

    Oh and BTW, Batman:Ninja got an 89 on RT where as this movie: 84. Guess which one I'm more Hyped for?

  • Maxord
    Maxord 2 months ago

    I honestly thought the writing, cinematography, and CGi was spotty at best. 4-5 instances of "I can't kill him/her because feelings and morality." Or even "can't destroy stone because rules and stuff."

  • Dusty Dust
    Dusty Dust 2 months ago

    People seem to forget that Infinity War is only part 1 of a larger Avengers movie. The actual Infinity War isn't over.

  • Zero
    Zero 2 months ago

    I think this movie a bit too over hype. I would give it just a 7/10.
    Soo much pointless talking and things happen toward the end but just to set up for the next movie.
    I think the first avenger still the best one out of three so far.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 2 months ago

    awesome movie

  • bob boberson
    bob boberson 2 months ago

    I liked it well enough. It was more about a bunch of fun characters interacting with each other that I liked rather than the actual plot.

  • Lee Capili
    Lee Capili 2 months ago

    So disaster artist is awesometacular (because you hadn’t given one in a while) and infinity war was only bluray? The quality of your reviews and ratings have fallen way off recently.

    • Jeff Lauriel
      Jeff Lauriel Month ago

      yeah, i think we'll be lucky if he gave at least one awesometacular this year. Considering age of ultron got awesometacular too i dont know what is up to him. I just cant see what disappointed him or gave him a feeling of, it was OK.

  • Tobirama Senju
    Tobirama Senju 2 months ago

    This guys video reviews are horribly shit. Thanos was not a good villain, hes in no way the same as the comics so how was he perfect? He sucks the ducks of all the movies from the mcu or that are really popular because he knows that all these piece of shit bandwagon fans like the mcu more than anything since they don't know shit about the real marvel. This is literally shit.

  • Neil Deeley
    Neil Deeley 2 months ago

    5 minutes of terrible fast cutting gibberish, what a trash reviewer.

  • Gentleman 33
    Gentleman 33 2 months ago +1

    Killmonger and Thanos are the best movie villains thus far in Marvel movies.

  • Tendai Ball
    Tendai Ball 2 months ago

    I think Thor is a god now

  • Andree Tungcab
    Andree Tungcab 2 months ago

    I told you..... YOU'D DIE FOR THAT

  • Eoin Feighan
    Eoin Feighan 2 months ago

    Nailed it.......by wearing the gauntlet on the wrong hand, I’m sorry it just bothers me

  • Agustin Grimoldi
    Agustin Grimoldi 2 months ago


    • Jeff Lauriel
      Jeff Lauriel Month ago

      I think everyone will see this movie just by looking at the box office lol.

    • Agustin Grimoldi
      Agustin Grimoldi 2 months ago

      Jeremy Jahns I guess the point is to make an analysis of a movie, for which you need to talk about the details of it

    • Jeremy Jahns
      Jeremy Jahns  2 months ago +1

      Because people want to know if they should see the movie before they see the movie, and if they haven't seen the movie then they don't want spoilers. Now, given that information I'll ask the real question; What's the point of a Spoiler review?

  • Wonders
    Wonders 2 months ago

    crappy overrated predictable movie, and TERRIBLE CGI,

    • faith デッド
      faith デッド Month ago

      crappy overrated predictable movie, and TERRIBLE CGI,

  • Eddie Jackson
    Eddie Jackson 2 months ago


  • mindsetoverhaul
    mindsetoverhaul 2 months ago

    Review review - Perhaps write a script (or some approximation thereof) rather than jump cut all over the joint like a god damned spastic. The content was fine but this format hasn't aged well and seriously eats it's balls.
    Grow up. This shit stinks

  • Jay Lutz
    Jay Lutz 2 months ago

    It’s awesometacular!

  • Guy Gary Music
    Guy Gary Music 2 months ago

    I bet Nova Force from CEIM comics is more powerful than Thanos!!

  • mikehtv
    mikehtv 2 months ago

    This movie deserve awesometacular that's like the one word I would use to describe this movie to be honest

  • Jacko Gumfree
    Jacko Gumfree 2 months ago

    Great film.

  • nosuchthing8
    nosuchthing8 2 months ago

    Better than antman

  • S&M Gaming
    S&M Gaming 2 months ago

    I wouldve given this an Awesometacular
    This is literally my favorite movie XD

  • 80 Eight
    80 Eight 2 months ago

    Thought this was supposed to be the culmination of a great collection of films and it's nothing more than a aggrandized brawl. Really? Waste of time and money.

  • Lady Marmalade
    Lady Marmalade 2 months ago

    What really blew me away was that they had six damn years to properly develop Thanos, did fuck all, and then suddenly somehow turned him into a fantastic villain in *one* movie. Before, he was just the Big Bad who wanted power - The final boss for the Avengers. Now...Wow. Just, WOW.

  • TheYummyBurrito
    TheYummyBurrito 2 months ago


    ur mom gay lol

  • Factual Opinion
    Factual Opinion 2 months ago

    At least it wasnt mediocre like that overrated asf black panther

  • Factual Opinion
    Factual Opinion 2 months ago


  • Alex Gabriel
    Alex Gabriel 2 months ago

    not awesometacular? wtfffffff

  • Noah Lepper
    Noah Lepper 2 months ago

    Star Lord is the worst avenger of the entire movie

    • Noah Lepper
      Noah Lepper Day ago

      not star lord he screwed up the plan

    • Kieron Campion
      Kieron Campion 12 days ago

      Captain America, Star Lord, Doctor Strange, Gamora and Loki are all equally responsible for Thanos' victory.

  • Jahanzaib Dilawer
    Jahanzaib Dilawer 2 months ago

    I wanted to hear about the movie but all I got is the guy who just speaks a lot. Please be concise and stick to the point.

  • Reaper The Indoraptor
    Reaper The Indoraptor 2 months ago

    What I like about this movie is that they make Thanos a serious threat and not a comedic. Props to the Russo Brothers.

  • Mason Ginn
    Mason Ginn 2 months ago

    This is the only avengers movie you've given a blue ray rating, so why does this one not compare to the others?

  • sesparza5028
    sesparza5028 2 months ago

    I’m a little disappointed you didn’t review “Overboard”

  • Corristo89
    Corristo89 2 months ago

    A "good" villain should be the hero in his own movie. I don't know who said that, but that's how you make a "good" villain. And from a purely logical point of view Thanos was right. Ressources are limited, scientific progress is causing massive population growth (higher life expectency, lower infant mortality, cures for usually fatal diseases, etc.) and at some point a civilization will exhaust its own natural ressources if the population continues to rise. Thanos saw it on his own home planet, Titan.
    What he's doing is immoral from an ethical standpoint, but justifiable from a purely rational standpoint. From what we see he has little interest in actually running the universe after accomplishing his goal.

  • Cat G
    Cat G 2 months ago

    why not awesometacular? :o

  • avenuePad
    avenuePad 2 months ago

    I'm assuming all the jumpcuts is because Jeremy can't string a sentence together? Holy fuck the jump cuts. It's terrible.

  • lucasisking
    lucasisking 2 months ago

    The two most shocking things about Infinity War:
    2) THAT end scene.
    1) Jeremy not giving the film 'Awesometacular'.
    Gradually coming to terms with 2. Still working on 1.

  • JDAdrian56 Gaming
    JDAdrian56 Gaming 2 months ago

    lol So I Just Came Out Of The Theater Watching Infinity War. And CONVENIENTLY I Get A Fortnite Notification Saying “Take Control Of The Gauntlet. Become Thanos Now” 😂

  • Gabriela Bravo Castro
    Gabriela Bravo Castro 2 months ago +1

    Best films 2018

  • Alex Grechanin
    Alex Grechanin 2 months ago

    fuck all of u who are praising this movie. critics talk up garbage and I truly cannot for the life of me understand why all these supposed movie "experts" give credit to movies which are obviously complete shit as an artistic expression. why you lying guys huh?

    • The Protagonist
      The Protagonist 2 months ago

      When did I ever say that it's the best marvel movie? Look dude, I'm not a fan of superhero movies, I'm just calling you out for being a pretentious douche.

    • The Protagonist
      The Protagonist 2 months ago

      Alex Grechanin so much for being a "good movie expert" get off your high horse, snowflake

    • Alex Grechanin
      Alex Grechanin 2 months ago

      let me guess you think this movie was "extraordinary" "the best marvel movie yet". please kiss my ass

    • Alex Grechanin
      Alex Grechanin 2 months ago

      I'm not trolling this movie was a 6 out of 10 at best and that's being generous

    • The Protagonist
      The Protagonist 2 months ago

      I don't know if you're trolling or just plain stupid

  • Ali Max
    Ali Max 2 months ago

    You idiot you dont have the 1/4 the budget of this film dont talk about it son of donkey

  • RandomNumber
    RandomNumber 2 months ago

    Ha, we have that same stupid oven mitt! And it is indeed totally f-ing useless. Works about as well as a paper towel.

  • 고추빈
    고추빈 2 months ago

    the humor once again made me wince so hard i bit my tongue

  • Cameron Yorke
    Cameron Yorke 2 months ago +2

    Only worth buying on Blu Ray? How’s it not Awesometacular???

    • Robert M. Dunn
      Robert M. Dunn 22 days ago

      no that just means a lot of people find it good that does not change the fact that its still subjective and down to personal preference and opinion because all movies are subjective also its a generalization to say the majority of people who watched it like it (i agree that they do but its still a generalization)

    • Cameron Yorke
      Cameron Yorke 22 days ago

      Robert M. Dunn it’s a lot of people’s opinion as well meaning it must be a pretty good film

    • Robert M. Dunn
      Robert M. Dunn 22 days ago


    • Cameron Yorke
      Cameron Yorke 22 days ago

      Robert M. Dunn it’s amazing

    • Robert M. Dunn
      Robert M. Dunn 22 days ago

      because its shit

  • Mario Faker
    Mario Faker 2 months ago

    A little more hyper-aware, a lot more hyper-verbal...

  • MarvelMex
    MarvelMex 2 months ago +1

    I got so pissed off about a year ago when douchebag gave SS a "worth buying in blu ray" & gave GOTG2 "good time if you're drunk" review, I even unsubscribed from this channel.
    Today, out of curiosity came today to check the rating of Infinity War ( a truly EPIC movie and far better than others, even tho is not a perfect movie) and he gave it the same rating as suicide squad ???
    really douchebag ?
    dear jeremiah..... fuck off !

    I'm glad I found Chris Stuckman, a far better movie reviewer !

    • Jeff Lauriel
      Jeff Lauriel Month ago +1

      What flaws? The movie for what it needed to be and what it had to deliver on it accomplished with perfection.

    • MarvelMex
      MarvelMex Month ago

      see ? I'm right !
      my point is SS didn't deserved the same score as A:Infinty War being a far superior movie than the trashy squad.
      I didn't see the last jedi, I didn't grow up with star wars and I don't get the hype about them, my first star wars movie was the phantom menace and that was disappointing so ....
      Infinity Was IS a good movie, even with its flaws.

    • Jeff Lauriel
      Jeff Lauriel Month ago

      yeah that's true. But the critic were wrong on this one. Like 83% on RT is absolutely stupid while the last Jedi gets a 91%. Critics are complaining about being a part 1 and IW being exhausting and bloated. Like what did you expect? A culmination of 18 films it was made like this by design. It is not like you could cover the entire story and make it good in one movie. Like shut up you retarded critics. Anything different from what we got would be bad to mediocre or disappointing.

    • MarvelMex
      MarvelMex Month ago

      but Chris gave SS a 'C'
      which is a fair review instead of the glowing review of asswipe jahns'

    • Jeff Lauriel
      Jeff Lauriel Month ago

      chris gave it B+ though, not any better.

  • Joe Kemphaus
    Joe Kemphaus 2 months ago +9

    In my personal opinion Avengers Infinity War is the definition of an Awesometacular movie.

    • Joe Kemphaus
      Joe Kemphaus 22 days ago

      That is true. Which is why I used the phrase in my opinion.

    • Robert M. Dunn
      Robert M. Dunn 22 days ago

      all movies are subjective

  • TheGoodNewsGamer
    TheGoodNewsGamer 2 months ago

    I don't think they made Thanos feel like he's right or his own hero so much as he just was better acted, more emotional, and a bad ass s.o.b.

  • Republic of MAC
    Republic of MAC 2 months ago

    There is literally nothing to spoil. The movie isn't really that surprising, at all.

  • zilla2006able
    zilla2006able 2 months ago +3

    lnfinity war blow my mind away I give it 10/10

    • zilla2006able
      zilla2006able 2 months ago


    • Ali Max
      Ali Max 2 months ago

      zilla2006able yes it was a superawesome . Do you want to hange out with me?

  • Joe Lenton
    Joe Lenton 2 months ago

    Great movie but abit anti climactic still one of the best though

  • Matthew Osman
    Matthew Osman 2 months ago

    Did anyone cry when spider man said Mr stark I don’t want to go

  • christopher T
    christopher T 2 months ago

    Thanos looks like rich piana when he was bold

  • Marco Lautaro Mancilla Ortubia

    Good to see that the hype didn't kill your objectivity Jeremy. I agree with you it doesn't deserve an awesometacular.

    • Jeff Lauriel
      Jeff Lauriel Month ago

      what? But age of ultron did, if this does not deserve that rating then i dont know what does

  • Ajax
    Ajax 2 months ago +4

    Only a Blu Ray!?!?!? What

    • Ali Max
      Ali Max 2 months ago +1

      Ajax beacuse he is nothing front his god .thanose . I wish his chaneel have hacked.

  • addicted
    addicted 2 months ago

    is it not kinda obv thanos wears the gauntlet on his left hand? cman jeremy...

  • Conor Gregg
    Conor Gregg 2 months ago

    Everytime I think about this movie in enjoyment, I also see the fans and it just makes me cringe

  • Kristian Bullard
    Kristian Bullard 2 months ago +3

    Personally, I would've given this an Awesometacular x 20

  • Gods Son
    Gods Son 2 months ago

    I just got done watching....that ending really got me.

  • ze char char
    ze char char 2 months ago


    Willy wonka dies