• Published on Apr 25, 2016
  • Stormzy returns with a brand new track produced by the one and only Sir Spyro.
    Filmed & Edited By: Kaylum Dennis (@kaylumdennis)
    Co-Directed By: Cordell Johnson (@CordellJay)
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  • XmoneyX777
    XmoneyX777 21 hour ago

    the best song he has put out

  • Malik Hoff
    Malik Hoff 23 hours ago +1

    Check out my music.
    I'm a rockstar Rapping 🔥👽🤘🏾

  • Malik Hoff
    Malik Hoff 23 hours ago

    Song: *Playing*.
    Me: Check my Music Out.

  • Alf Žiga
    Alf Žiga Day ago


  • Yusuf K
    Yusuf K Day ago

    This HARD😈

  • louis dee
    louis dee 2 days ago

    Stormzy, scary, big for your boot, disappointed,

  • Wideband Atlanta
    Wideband Atlanta 7 days ago +1

    Stormzy chatting lyrics fa real..
    Only way to clash stormzy is to come original which is hard because the people who could potentially clash and win have built their whole ting around samples etc pirate etc piracy at some point so can't ever win.

  • Jules Bowen
    Jules Bowen 7 days ago +1

    Pure Grime! 🤢🤮

  • Paul Tidswell
    Paul Tidswell 7 days ago

    I can rap I have a fight to but I like hip hop instruments a might try cross it

  • Angel Panchev
    Angel Panchev 7 days ago +1

    This song it mad makes me go crazy in school I have many haters makes me bust them up and

  • Wideband Atlanta
    Wideband Atlanta 9 days ago

    1:48 JME and others should think twice before silently or loudly dissing stromzy again...

  • Kingsley Gardner
    Kingsley Gardner 9 days ago


  • Castle Clash Raw
    Castle Clash Raw 10 days ago

    2020 and still the best stormzy track ever.

  • Elixter
    Elixter 10 days ago

    Bella per lukaku 💙🖤

  • Boss Dude
    Boss Dude 11 days ago

    Not at 1:27

  • Boss Dude
    Boss Dude 11 days ago

    At 3:21 his eyes are red

    • memsefer
      memsefer 10 days ago

      Hugo Diallo yea nice joke no one liked this

  • Herb G
    Herb G 12 days ago

    Dot’s coming bro....

  • VampzGrime
    VampzGrime 12 days ago +1

    Check my new Stormzy - Still Disappointed Dark Grime Remix, You won't be disappointed!

  • Casanova Frankenstein
    Casanova Frankenstein 13 days ago

    "pop" yeh? man vanquished Cadells entire spirit without mentioning him once 😤😤😤 about pop Kmttttt

  • xenia lewis
    xenia lewis 13 days ago +1

    Love him angry❤️ 🤣 I’d piss him off just to hear this kinda delivery 🔥😩😇

  • Silifa AA
    Silifa AA 14 days ago

    From here this is when i knew you couldn’t play with Stormzy

  • Kaizoku -o
    Kaizoku -o 15 days ago +4

    Who is searching for wiley’s mom?

  • GrumpyGrebo
    GrumpyGrebo 16 days ago +3

    This doesn't sound like Dot Rotten's flow haha

  • Iulian Bizga
    Iulian Bizga 16 days ago

    Respect!!! Omerta!!!

  • Neil
    Neil 16 days ago +1

    Wiley man why you fck with our boy stormzy soso... So Disapointed!!

  • Ollie Dunn
    Ollie Dunn 16 days ago

    cadell scared 🤐

  • Ten S
    Ten S 16 days ago


    REEF KING 16 days ago

    make music stop the killing

  • Wolverine4898
    Wolverine4898 17 days ago +21

    Who’s here after Wiley diss...after finding out this was about Cadell

  • Nathan Kiflom
    Nathan Kiflom 17 days ago +23

    Who else came back to hear references of wileys little brother after “disappointed”

  • dami Okoisor
    dami Okoisor 17 days ago +117

    Who's back here after the Stormzy vs Wiley beef

    • Josh Herbert
      Josh Herbert 7 days ago

      @Wideband Atlanta stop hanging out of his arse freak

    • Wideband Atlanta
      Wideband Atlanta 8 days ago

      Me for one have always been busy with my own music etc scoring for film and TV, somewhat small pay cheques compared to famous famous but pays forever etc no money worries..
      One thing for a long time that's been bugging me and that's when did it become publicly cool to mc over garage? (Mc viper etc but So solid crew opened the door for grime etc and they didn't want to go through door or grime wasn't good enough because that was first and last ghetto Mc crew on TV, maybe me wrong but me live the times I don't wiki it) We have to say garage because wiley made grime from garage and before that he said he was chatting over jungle and drum and bass which he must have realised from the start that those mcs of that genre are far ahead with mcing as they have to have much more bars and versatility to fill the music genre tempo that eats time fast.
      Grime mc usually repeating the word, not even Jamaican mc do that and they can be lazy sometime's etc because his friend is a good mc or dj other friends wanna jump on the band wagon and try a ting, some get better to supreme where most just bloat the genre and potentially dead it off because they don't get the reloads or gun fingers they feel they deserve for any given bar, -schemes- or -wordplay- sorry that's not UK that's advanced bars like in the USA battle rap and some music. It's not about who's better UK or USA, it's about the truth and logic (if mc from other countries were broken English they would be at the top too, guys in Belgium etc can rap fast and accurate, none of this mumble mout f✅ckery).
      Most after numbers that's why people do stuff with drake etc, drake just got numbers, no one ain't playing drake like that let's be real, only time I listen to drake is maybe *bad behaviour* and the one with Ricky Ross *Aston Martin music* I think.
      Stormzy not doing track with jayZ is a story within it self, again using whatever logic you or anyone has its fair to say Stormzy and Jay z label don't see eye to eye, the other logic almost falls into conspiracy and tells us that Jay z ain't feeling it and that's maybe nothing to do with Stormzy, just the whole UK thing, for starters Jay z ain't broke so he gets information many ain't privy to and he knows the crap UK get up to and for what? He thinking London is nice and it is until people want what the high class have and think they are owned it. Kmt such dunce logic, if slavery actually happened and the offspring of today owe the slaved offspring something then there should still be harsh slavery carried out by the offspring meaning it should have never stopped, meaning been a long moan, that's why people still have nothing, moore's law has been predicted and manufacturers are typically the laziest to build and release if no high future profit involved, since slavery over it could have been easily predicted also that the slaved offspring would never be on the Web cussing each other or even stabbing each other up etc postcode wars and saying KKK words in their music video's, forget about the parents that were not there for child, what was the parent doing that was there? They are the influence, could have easily made social services take children and for the most part they should do better in life and certainly not stabbing..
      Forget my grammar and puctuation's etc, I use a smartphone always and never will I copy and paste a already prepared comment unless maybe I have a channel of my own and have to follow guidelines more like delete all the times I may seem offensive or swear.
      One more thing, I dislike edited comments because I think why didn't they just delete and make new comment on that same day? When I see am edit it tells me the original comment was far different to they original comment, it's because they have too many likes on the comment and now aware that loads of people think the comment sums up who they are which is the case most of the time, well I say don't make a comment you can't stick by and also why not just delete it? They keep it to show friends who are more successful in life than them etc wife kids big house etc
      Hey look at my comment it has ten thousand views, what I say count dude.. kmt , TVclip mussy ah pay people for comments then, I didn't know that..

    • Wideband Atlanta
      Wideband Atlanta 8 days ago

      @dami Okoisor no offence to you if seems so, _not my intention_ - *i'm not talking to you like how the clash is* 😂😂, there's people that have said similar tight trouser wearing bat-e-guy comments on even funeral videos (etc sad) thats all.
      It's gone way too far.
      I'm alive just like you to make others think, we aren't here for ourselves at all..
      Contrary to popular belief (stop believing and use logic) more people actually die in hospital due to technology life sustaining equipment it's because surgeons more concerned with equipment and device firmware updates more than being futuristic surgeon's etc save more lives than ever before. The new surgeon education will be to use more machines than actually touch the patient.
      Quit believing in things if you do..
      I use logic, logic is to know at some certainty level, believing holds no certainty whatsoever.
      I would use logic to make a big jump over belief any day..
      Anyone believing they'll make the jump is when they'll fall to their end. The End.

    • dami Okoisor
      dami Okoisor 9 days ago

      @Wideband Atlanta bro did someone hurt you or something 😭

  • Yendeezy
    Yendeezy 17 days ago

    Someone show me where he used dots flow please😂

  • Ben _Jamin
    Ben _Jamin 20 days ago +1

    You cant be Overrated if your at the top. What your really wanting to say is you just do not like him or your jealous of him and you think he's sexy. YOU! just do not have the guts to say it too him yourself.

  • Raul 11
    Raul 11 21 day ago +14

    I'm going away for a bit, when I'm back
    Nobody's saying my name on a track
    When I get nervous, man, I start merking
    "Skengman 5" when I'm under attack
    Should've thought twice before you opened your trap
    Come into a nuclear war with a strap
    You can tell me to shut up, we'll both say shut up
    When I say "shut up", I get a plaque
    Difference, might come through all blacked
    Tings in the front row screaming out "brap"
    Oh, you thought it was gonna fall back?
    They think that I get paid in brand new clothes
    Like why would I mug myself?
    Plus Apple Music gave me a brand new show
    Little nigga, I'll plug myself
    Plug my scene, plug my guys
    This ting's more than a buzz, don't lie
    Wanna be a G? Real thugs don't cry
    Looking at Stormz like "the cunt won't die"
    Fuckboys soon get hit with the karma
    Leave man pissed like he split with his partner
    I ain't got a brand new chain or a Roley
    Then I said "Mum, buy a business in Ghana, " I'll cop that straight
    Stop dat, start dat, get dat weight
    Man talk greaze but I bet that's fake
    Dem boy dere never dropped no heat
    Therefore, I will not check man's tape
    Kick a man's face like Ong-Bak
    Blacked-out Adidas kicks and my combats
    Please don't put no Coke in my cognac
    Rudeboy, suck your mum, I ain't on that
    Yeah, pull it up, rewind it
    All the gun talk, I don't even mind it
    But don't get gassed 'cause you got the headline
    You only got it cause I declined it
    Lost my faith, then I went to find it
    Never been a fluke, man, I came and timed it
    Mandem are shook, better watch the throne now
    And if you can't see me, look behind it, pussy
    Yo (sounds of the)
    I'm going away for a bit, when I'm back
    Nobody's saying my name in their raps
    When I get angry, man, I move anti
    Turn Big Mike when I'm under attack
    Album's here, can you smell that cooking?
    Man wanna chat 'bout the proof's in the pudding
    Tell me to shut up, we'll both say shut up
    When I say "Shut Up", I get a booking
    Difference, box in the face, man hook him
    #Merky events, might book him
    Man try say it when I see him, it's peak
    Man have been out here for days, stop looking
    That loud pack's not a ten like mine
    Dem boy can't rep your ends like mine
    Put a big strap to your hairline, boy
    Push that back, get an M like mine
    None of these youts got a pen like mine
    Did you hear my man's send? I'm dying
    Anywhere I go, got my bro with the smoke
    Yeah, man, we all need a friend like mine
    Dem man know that I spun the remix
    Tried put faith in the non-believers
    Man keep saying that I'm overrated
    I'm like "yeah, cool, but I'm undefeated"
    Peng tings in Dubai, I spot them by the pool
    Taught to fight but not to fight with tools
    Dropped my pride, I lost a fight in school
    On the mic or off the mic, I'm cool
    See all the pricks and the hate, I love it
    Even though I laugh in my snaps, don't chuck it
    Everybody's talking light so fuck it
    Boy, if I spit on your tune, I'll buss it

  • Armal Zazai
    Armal Zazai 23 days ago +2

    You have a good voice for rapping

  • rosa lee
    rosa lee 23 days ago +27

    2020 anyone? His too wavy

  • rosa lee
    rosa lee 23 days ago +1

    Stormzy is fucking sexy 😍

    • rosa lee
      rosa lee 22 days ago

      Lol no need to be salty. That still won't make me think his not sexy😂 not everything is about looks uno. His whole aura, energy and confidence is attractive. Makes him sexy afffff😍 and he is a sweet one still

    • Adhesive Ninja
      Adhesive Ninja 22 days ago

      He's clapped still

  • Gamer Life420
    Gamer Life420 23 days ago +5

    Stormzy the voice of the UK

  • D-Wizard Music
    D-Wizard Music 24 days ago +1


  • D-Wizard Music
    D-Wizard Music 24 days ago


  • Little Leon
    Little Leon 24 days ago


  • Gary obrien
    Gary obrien 25 days ago +1

    Love stormzy wicked

  • Daniel mcgowan
    Daniel mcgowan 25 days ago

    Not grime.I was a fan but Millionaire Trying tell the people he relates getting political, fuck off mate you liked corbyn because he was your mate.

  • Mike
    Mike 25 days ago

    i swar i feel it ♥

  • Malik Hoff
    Malik Hoff Month ago +2

    The best Spittas from NYC & UK.

  • louise charley
    louise charley Month ago

    Your the best singer

  • Adventure Monkey
    Adventure Monkey Month ago


  • Jordan O'Connor
    Jordan O'Connor Month ago +1

    Not to fight with tools 💪🗡️ take head children dont use knives 👊👊👊👊

  • Explizit Contender
    Explizit Contender Month ago Please check out our scare video and share with friends

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe Month ago

    My lil bro man

  • dalmarVEVO
    dalmarVEVO Month ago +6

    You can tell me to shut up we’ll both say shut up when I say shut up I get a plaque 🤮🤮

  • James Silent
    James Silent Month ago +1

    1.25 speed jeeeez

  • Ryan West
    Ryan West Month ago +1

    Man I love this . Not one bad verse

  • Ryz
    Ryz Month ago +3

    Booted my Nan in the face when I heard this 😂

    • Buxton
      Buxton Month ago +2

      Ryz ngl woulda been funny if u dint shove that emoji in there. Now it jus seems forced g

  • lamar barnes
    lamar barnes Month ago

    Bitch 2020

  • lamar barnes
    lamar barnes Month ago

    U wannna b a g real facts i dont bang

  • lamar barnes
    lamar barnes Month ago +3

    When me get nervous i murder these tracks

  • Frank Blanco
    Frank Blanco Month ago +1

    The best right now

  • James Bond
    James Bond Month ago

    Man sold his soul

  • tyron Mo
    tyron Mo Month ago +333

    I think this is what ksi wishes he sounds like

    • SkylerXV
      SkylerXV 23 hours ago

      You're comparing a grime artist to a rap artist jfc

    • Jathusan Satkunarajah
      Jathusan Satkunarajah 3 days ago

      Who doesn't

    • Finley Kennedy
      Finley Kennedy 10 days ago

      Thesniperhendog Xxx SHUUUUUUUUSH ur probs some primary school nerd who thinks he’s on it cause he listened to 1 drill song

    • remerson4
      remerson4 12 days ago +1

      @Thesniperhendog Xxx not sure if you're being serious or joking... ksi is ass im pretty sure a wet fart could bang aswell if it had the money ksi had to put into his songs

    • Josh Cook
      Josh Cook 14 days ago

      @Thesniperhendog Xxx your mum bangs