Body Language: James Charles & Tati Westbrook + DEEP DIVE

  • Published on May 13, 2019
    Tati revived cancel culture, and I'm here to say something about it.
    My Previous James Charles Video:
    Tati's Video:
    James Charles' Video:
    Gage's Videos:
    Sam's Video:
    Tea Spill's Video:
    PewDiePie’s Video:
    I did not watch the second video Tea Spill made about James at the time of editing this, so I did not include that information in this video. There were two more boys that made accusations about James, one did post DM's from James, but I upon seeing them I again felt as though it was not enough to consider him anything other than thirsty.
    ***Keep in mind Body Language alone will not be a 100% way of knowing whether or not someone is lying, but it CAN be a big tell.***
    I’m sorry if there are fluctuating audio levels,
    i guess by now that's my brand™
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  • reagan wolf
    reagan wolf  Month ago +3156

    My first reading on James is still up but it is only accessible through my description on this video in order to avoid people not knowing the context was off :-) Thank you guys 4 watching !

    • Justmiss jamey
      Justmiss jamey 24 days ago

      Tanya Medina..I disagree. James is right back to where he was subscribers wise, 15 million plus. I kinda think they behind the scenes plan this stuff. It's always the same top youtubers that get into drama and it only seems on the TVclip world that's like a bubble. They make way more money with these dramas, sell whatever products they re selling t the time, plus make millions on views and subscribers, posts etc. Tatti just got 5 million subscribers out of this, which means MULTIPLE MILLIONS per video for her and PR, etc. Most people dont even relies how much money the main people make, and they kinda rotate people and casts etc into each drama...they are bringing gabe into the mix and shne there will be more in the mix in the future......just watch. And then drama channels and other channels make a LOT of money on this as well.
      I really think these main people network behind the scenes and play whatever drama out and then it gets smoothed over and the drama circle of TVclip goes on.

    • Justmiss jamey
      Justmiss jamey 24 days ago

      James is a lot stronger then what I think people give him credit for. Plus, he got his attorneys involved behind the scenes to shut tatti and jeffree up

    • Daniel Stoyanov
      Daniel Stoyanov Month ago

      @reagan wolf You should make a video about maria joyce back when there a drama about her being held hostage in her house, them videos are probably gold mines

    • Aspen Lindsey
      Aspen Lindsey Month ago

      After watching all the videos and drama, I still stand by reagan's reading!
      @reagan wolf PLZZZ do a rxn to Jeffree's apology video! I was legit laughing through the whole thing. He's a manipulative and genius businessman, but such shit...

    • sweettea 88
      sweettea 88 Month ago

      i know that this is late jeffree did end up regretting what he said about james on his snap just saying i do hope you read this

  • chelsey brown
    chelsey brown 21 hour ago

    Pleeease do one on Jaclyn hill!!!

  • Heather Hutchison-Cockburn

    She is an older woman trying to knock down the younger competition! Sickening, and she should know better. So sad she pulled in other older members of the TVclip community.

  • S L
    S L 2 days ago +1

    Most of you people are 14-25 . Quite a shame as this day and age "most" things are considered fine. BULLIES ARE NOT beautiful.

  • Kat in a closet
    Kat in a closet 3 days ago

    I’m sorry this is kind of off topic but what kind of mic do you use? I love the sound and was really curious

  • Gang of demons
    Gang of demons 4 days ago

    He is young?
    Boi Demon May cry but he is a child predator and being young doesn’t matter.

  • Cheyenne Roberts
    Cheyenne Roberts 4 days ago

    Please do body language on Jaclyn hill!!! On her new lipstick video

  • Hi
    Hi 5 days ago

    All these people go against James Charles during this drama but the second James proves the claims false they don’t want to acknowledge it

  • Sophia Falber
    Sophia Falber 7 days ago

    could you make a body language video on the waiter's apology to James Charles. It is very very very fishy and he looks scared...

  • poutipou
    poutipou 9 days ago

    Please talk about jaclyn Hill’s lipsticks !!

  • Mellissa Cross
    Mellissa Cross 10 days ago

    James' sexual jokes in the past are now coming back to haunt him because it was the CHEAPEST SHOT Tati could take. The waiter doesn't consider himself a victim, and he doesn't have anything like battered woman's syndrome or was so traumatized that he blocked it out of his head. And now James is ruined because it was the cheapest shot for Tati to take.

  • gman5338
    gman5338 12 days ago +10

    Again...I’m confused about what training and experience you have to give a qualified opinion on body language?

    • gman5338
      gman5338 7 days ago

      RedRubyTwilight xx 🤦‍♂️

    • RedRubyTwilight xx
      RedRubyTwilight xx 8 days ago

      She doesn't claim to be professional though and average people judge body language everyday. She has to practice somehow though.

    • gman5338
      gman5338 8 days ago

      RedRubyTwilight xx Ummmm ok...and that makes her opinion qualified? Nope 👎

    • RedRubyTwilight xx
      RedRubyTwilight xx 8 days ago

      Criminology major

  • makeuplover 68
    makeuplover 68 15 days ago should look up the article written by "without a crystal ball" titled " the criminal background Tati and James Westbrook are hiding from millions". Pretty damn eye popping.

  • Thea 111
    Thea 111 18 days ago

    Hey Reagan could you please do a body language reading on the recent nicokado avocado & Trisha pastas dramas? It is obviously to me that Trisha has been lying about this situation judging by the receipts that has been provided by Nicokado himself. I would really really appreciate it if you could talk about Trisha’s behaviors in those videos. Thank you so so much!!!!!!!

  • Noble Nemesis
    Noble Nemesis 18 days ago +1

    Both those people are kinda guilty of fault. Tati is clearly puppetmastering emotions, and doing this out out sheer ego/vengeance; but she's probably right about a lot of the creepy shit she called him out on. The difference is, she's a middle aged woman, and he's a (probably misguided) kid with lots to learn.

  • horrorvictim
    horrorvictim 20 days ago

    Could you please do a reading on J.C. Potts of Pangea piercings?

  • Aviana Penny
    Aviana Penny 20 days ago

    I think Tati was hesitant to talk about the manipulating straight men bc it’s a serious offense and putting it out there could ruin him and bring drama to her channel and brand.. like let’s be honest this was the biggest point that people talked about on twitter and dragged him for. And since she was speaking off the cuff, she may have in that moment still have been deciding if she was going to speak on it or even post the video.

  • Prudence Horne
    Prudence Horne 21 day ago

    This drama. Who cares. Tati is just as guilty as him. Theyre all the same.

  • katie crowley
    katie crowley 21 day ago

    I don't know these people but entirely separate from the topic, Tati comes across as really manipulative, fake, and desperate to be liked and in control of how others view her. She seems condescending and snobbish. Fake humble. I find her extremely unlikeable.

  • Pargos
    Pargos 23 days ago

    This is the sad truth: always the bad person get the help and suport. And the one who deserved it, remain in shadow. This is the real tea.

  • Justmiss jamey
    Justmiss jamey 24 days ago

    I believe this whole thing was fake, and made up behind the scenes all to stir up drama to make money and views. Every other channel it trickles down to make money as well. Look, James is right back to 15 million plus subscribers again, so he lost nothing and tatti gained a lot of subscribers and views and in turn made her way more money and put her up in the ranks of others that had 10 million plus, when she was sitting at 5 million, now 10.
    I think if if if if this is by chance true, James got lawyers involved and shut jeffree and tatti down.

  • Layla Webster
    Layla Webster 25 days ago

    So you only had one discrepancy for Tati and several points where you felt James was lying and then at the end you’re like “everyone is immature and judge mental and bullying James” you kinda sent some mixed messages here

  • The Outsider
    The Outsider 26 days ago

    Tati is *almost 40* she knows what she is doing and why would a 37 be hanging with a 19 year old for? She was 34 when he was 16 switch their genders and ya'll would be attacking Tati for sure.

    ILLUMINAUGHTY 27 days ago

    This is my fav ASMR channel

  • Carrie G
    Carrie G 27 days ago

    #1 - James is 100% aware of the fact that "being a celebrity" *DOES* give him extra perks of having more access to "straight" guys (because they're enamored with his *MONEY* and *FAME* ). # 2 - There are *THOUSANDS* of gay men who would *LOVE* to be involved with JC. Yet, he ignores them. Hmmm.... interesting. (That alone speaks volumes!)
    The bottom line is that JC *intentionally* goes after *very, very* (HIS words - not mine) straight guys. He thought Sam (the busser) was "very, very straight". He did it ON PURPOSE. He's also pursued *OTHER* straight guys... and when it doesn't work out... JC acts all butt hurt that he was "manipulated". Dude, there are *TONS* of attractive gay guys out there. Those men probably DM him on a regular basis - yet he doesn't pursue any of those relationships. He wastes his time going after Gage for five months - then cries over it when Gage realizes he's not gay. (Shocker.) JC has *NO EXCUSE* for not pursuing openly gay, attractive men (not that I think being "attractive" is necessary - it's just what JC prefers). *THAT'S* the point Tati was making.
    And JC was 100% using his celebrity status as a way to lure those guys into a "relationship" with him (or "bi-curious" men - who, surprise, realized they weren't bi after all). He knew having the perks of a celebrity would peak the interest in these men. Period. He can't play dumb about that. (Not that I'm condoning these guys' behavior for seeking out the perks of being around rich people. But, it happens. Male or female.) JC knows that it *DOES* matter to people. And, he used that as way to entice other guys to interact with him (whereas if he was a "nobody" and not rich, they wouldn't have bothered DMing JC in the first place).
    Those are the *REAL* issues. Do I think JC will stop "flirting" with straight guys?? *HELL NO* !! He could simply DM someone & ask if they're gay... THEN lay on the compliments. He doesn't do that. And, I don't believe he's truly changed. Because his excuse will always be "oh, I didn't know they weren't gay". Except for the simple fact that *HE COULD ASK FIRST* !! And THEN ask for their number and give them compliments... So simple really. He has no excuse.

  • verdielg
    verdielg 28 days ago +1 glad you finally accepted the need for use of baselines in making more accurate tells. Your Jordyn Woods analysis was noticeably off for folks who know her and as a result the review came across rather biased as a result. Its amazing what regular folks can pick up on without experience or professional guidance as far as transparency goes...

  • Sussette Bjorklund
    Sussette Bjorklund 28 days ago

    I can't think that James is a predator but a VERY young and IMMATURE young person!!!!!!!

  • Sussette Bjorklund
    Sussette Bjorklund 28 days ago

    Tati's statements about James, do not take into consideration the fact that is young and innocent of the wordily way of things. I am 65 years old, and KNOW that you should have more maturity in this situation!!!!!
    James made some immature decisions and some immature statements, BUT he is STILL VERY MUCH A CHILD!!!!!!! As an ADULT, you as a long time infulencer in this industry should PRIVATELY should have dealt with him!!!!!! You stated that you "loved" him, I feel that you should have taken him aside and helped him understand his MISTAKES!!!!! Remember that at 20 he is still VERY MUCH A CHILD!!!!!!

  • Koven Maitreya
    Koven Maitreya 28 days ago

    Oh my lord.... Screw the analysis, that FaceTime video sounds exactly like some crap my narcissist ex would say 😮

  • CC
    CC 28 days ago

    you should do a ted bundy reading if you haven't lol

  • Breanna Paul
    Breanna Paul 28 days ago +1

    12:55-13:00 I don’t know about you guys but at this part she was either thinking really hard on what to say next. Or she had a MK Ultra malfunction, ‘cuz she was rock solid right there. I thought that was hella weird. She was so still that I thought I lost connection bruh. Idk, maybe I’m just imagining things lol

  • April Herr
    April Herr 29 days ago

    Oh my goodness, I just got to the end of your video. I completely agree with you. I felt like Tati looks very unprofessional.

  • April Herr
    April Herr 29 days ago

    I’m disappointed that Tati and James are participating in all this ridiculous drama instead of make up. Make up tips is why I started watching these people. I’ve unsubscribed from both. Now I’ve been wasting my time watching these drama videos. Ugh. I need to get back to regular life. I’m disappointed in myself.

  • WanaGlam
    WanaGlam 29 days ago

    Ok so I had to delete my comment. I didn’t see his reaction video till now. I can tell he’s being genuine. Forgiven make an impact. 🙌🏻💞

  • o.O? Really?
    o.O? Really? Month ago +1

    I don't like her... she did not come to where she is without being 100% calculated. She built him up to tear him down. He has a right to work with whoever he wants she's his friend not his mother wife or lover. If she was truly his friend and not someone who expected him to bow to her because she thinks she the queen of makeup she would have congratulated him on landing his bag. end of. She is entitling herself to take something from him because she thinks she's all that. Yeah he is what he is but she's no saint... she surrounded herself with him in order to get some of his tweens fan base the old cow. She got more traction for her shitty vitamins from throwing him under the bus that she did just staying in her lane and she knows it too. Poor James... He is is at the end of the day just a KID compared to her...

  • Elise Vinter
    Elise Vinter Month ago +1

    I really appreciate this breakdown. Seeing these broken down let me remember just how much of an about face his second video was. He went back on everything he said.

  • samuel xxx
    samuel xxx Month ago +1

    reagan wolf could you do a video about Hailey Reese? She speaks about spooky demonic things but I’m not sure if she’s always honest with us, it seems like there’s too much these paranormal things that could actually happen to her and maybe a lot of them are lies? I dont know but video about her would be graet. ❤️ you

  • Aaron Rainbolt
    Aaron Rainbolt Month ago

    (Not sure why tinder wouldn't allow him to be listed as a girl. Basically all his characteristics are girly. I see him mostly as a girl)

    (You said "he doesnt look like a female" and thats really weird to me.... He just 100% looks like a female)

    • Aaron Rainbolt
      Aaron Rainbolt 20 days ago

      @Jas M nah you're right.

    • Jas M
      Jas M 20 days ago

      Aaron Rainbolt he shouldn’t be listed as a female because he’s not and does not consider himself to be a female.

  • desertrose88
    desertrose88 Month ago

    So basically she had issues with him long long time ago, yet instead of sitting him down and talking about his behavior or how she doesn't like certain things, and she will stop being friends if he doesn't stop it, she chose to go online and make a video about it. Heck no.... She is vindictive.

  • Asia
    Asia Month ago

    Yes. All I have to say is yes to your final thoughts. It’s what I thought from the beginning.

  • Diana D
    Diana D Month ago +4

    Tati is a prime example of someone getting hurt and making up conclusions in her head; then feeling entitled to do this angry public humiliation to James. Going in, I did NOT think I would be on James' side but after his No More Lies video there is no doubt that she was in the wrong and should seriously apologize for doing something this vindictive.

  • Splenmikelol Games
    Splenmikelol Games Month ago +1

    Are you an detective

  • Pol Mak
    Pol Mak Month ago

    You were right after all

  • Mimchi
    Mimchi Month ago

    You were right all along, that's nice.

  • Demi Guerrero
    Demi Guerrero Month ago

    Im so happy the drama is over if james did do all that Karma is a bitch

  • StellarBeing0131
    StellarBeing0131 Month ago

    i agree with your final thoughts about this

  • Mark Hedington
    Mark Hedington Month ago

    Hey Reagan, I love your analysis, are you planning on doing an updated video with all the new info on this story?

  • The diddler
    The diddler Month ago

    To everyone who said she was biased, How does it feel to be wrong?

    • The diddler
      The diddler 28 days ago

      @FullMoonOctober You're so entitled, she doesn't need so make a multi part series for your ass bc you didn't get what you want. I bet this takes a lot out of her day and something she doesn't want to spend making weeks on end. 20 mins as in that's a ridiculous time editing not how much your attention span can handle watching or yt will allow, I bet if she touched on every little thing it would've been a lot more work and she'd constantly be coming to the same conclusion so she did a summarized version of it. Again understand people edit on end for hours for your but at the same time are forced to get it out as soon as possible for your enjoyment for basically nothing and in they are not entitled to spend forever on something, oh and not to mention this was requested by many. He was being held accountable that's what you're choosing to ignore or is guess assumed what she meant, and no one is dismissing that but at the same time no one gave him room to grow from this and immediately wanted to end his career and that's really what she was trying to touch one. Im actually sure at this point you either were biased and heard what you wanted or didn't watch the whole thing.

    • FullMoonOctober
      FullMoonOctober 28 days ago

      @The diddler 19 is not 9. He's old enough to be held accountable for his actions. I don't care who's canceled or not, but I don't let things slide when there's a history of repeated behavior. People learn from mistakes only when they have CONSEQUENSES for their actions. Forgiving and forgetting every bad thing he does is only going to enable him to get worse, not better.
      This isn't 2016, 10 minute videos are the bare minimum and many get into 25 or 30 minutes easily. If she's running long, she can make a multi-part series like others have, or just make a longer video. If she's not covering everything, then why even bother?

    • The diddler
      The diddler 29 days ago

      @FullMoonOctober She also literally admitted she was a fan if tati and actually could've been more biased. She was saying he's young as in this dude may not understand what he did was wrong and we should let him grow from this not try to "cancel" him. It honestly sounds like you came to a conclusion and expected her to spout out what you thought and didn't like it when she didn't. Like dude she said she was a fan of tati more in the beginning you're literally leaving stuff and yourself and being biased. It's a 20 min video, thats already too long. She can't cover everything. She did use facts you're just choosing to ignore them.

    • FullMoonOctober
      FullMoonOctober 29 days ago

      I'm still standing by it. She admitted she's a fan, and left out huge portions of videos when giving her analysis, and then used the 'he's young' excuse as to why no one older than him should criticize him (even though he's still a legal adult that goes out of his way to claim he's mature for his age more than once). That seems very biased to me. Whether she ends up being right or wrong isn't the point, the point is that she came to her conclusion not by facts, but by personal opinion driven by confirmation biased.
      I've watched a lot of Reagan's content and none of it was as sloppy as the ones she did on James Charles, and it's made me not want to watcher her any more. That and disabling comments that criticized her was a childish move.

  • star travels
    star travels Month ago

    Yall calling her bias because you dont like James This video is not the problem its you all with your sheep mentality. Where all the comments now saying sorry? She was right, James came with receipts.

    • FullMoonOctober
      FullMoonOctober 29 days ago

      Who hasn't come with receipts at this point? And a lot of those receipts don't line up. The Nikita ones, for instance. Screenshots can be faked, I'm still waiting for something more solid. This was a biased video because her conclusion was based on opinions (like saying his age should give him more leniency), not facts (that his version of events has changed repeatedly), and she missed a lot of tells that she wouldn't have normally.

  • Anthony Cimino
    Anthony Cimino Month ago +2

    body language and the direction one looks towards when processing information are NOT INDICATIVE OF LYING!!!!!! there’s no way to humanly tell the veracity of a statement based on these things alone

  • Jazhua Vanboven
    Jazhua Vanboven Month ago +2

    Did you analyze micro expressions in James rebuttal?

  • LeggyPeggy HandyWandy

    Hummm I wonder of you are a Tati fan or not? *Sarcasm*

  • Nina Abbel
    Nina Abbel Month ago +1

    Thank you!! This was exactly how I was feeling about this entire thing

  • Camilla Rodriguez
    Camilla Rodriguez Month ago


  • Leahography
    Leahography Month ago +1

    Also, Lilac has admitted that they fabricated the story to see how far it would spread. Claiming that they were mentally ill, so there's that.

    • FullMoonOctober
      FullMoonOctober 29 days ago

      One accusation down. That just leaves how many now...?

  • Dude
    Dude Month ago +1

    Please please review the body language of his new video “No more lies”!!! Please!

  • Sharde Hiller
    Sharde Hiller Month ago

    James talks really fast I did notice that sometimes I can’t even understand what he’s saying

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo Month ago +3

    This still is so confusing. Tati seems so genuine and looks like she’s telling the truth, but James has the receipts so I don’t know who to believe? James also rehearsed before recording so that could also be the reason why it looks so forced? One of them is obviously lying and it’s scary how easily they can play people for views.:(

    • FullMoonOctober
      FullMoonOctober 29 days ago

      @Jo JoTati already said that she regretted starting drama and wanted it to stop before James showed his receipts, and Jeffery probably has legal advise to stop talking about it for now. Even if they have more to say, they likely won't.

    • Jo Jo
      Jo Jo 29 days ago

      FullMoonOctober they can be faked but also be proven wrong? They could’ve said it’s fake

    • FullMoonOctober
      FullMoonOctober 29 days ago

      Receipts can be faked. Never forget that. Also it's part of the entertainment industry, and at least James Charles has a PR team to coach him how to behave and word statements, possibly Tati, too. I base my conclusions on who's story has changed more, that usually works for me. It looks like lawyers got involved, so we might have to wait a little longer to hear more details that might be stronger evidence than what we've been shown so far.

    • Rachel Johnson
      Rachel Johnson Month ago

      And I think James was stiff because he knew he was mostly innocent but he didn't have the time to get into it with all the receipts yet for anyone to believe him so he needed to settle for an apology for damage control until he could put the full video together. Like knowing you're innocent and not even being able to prove it yet must have been very stressful as well as frustrating.

    • Rachel Johnson
      Rachel Johnson Month ago +1

      I notice that with people who get really hurt, their emotions cloud their judgement and soon everything the person that hurt them did seems sinister when they look back on it. I believe this happened with tati. I think she took everything too personally because she, at the time, couldn't see how it was possible that James wasn't being malicious with the sugar bear ad and so all of her assuming led her to wrongly reevaluate other things about James and his character she once thought innocent (the busboy incident). It didn't help the people and false stories coming out everywhere that made her think her assumptions were right. Humans are complicated. She was very geniuine because that was HER TRUTH. She really thought James must've been a bad person all along and she didn't catch it until it's too late. Her truth. Doesn't mean it was THE TRUTH. Of course she handled this all wrong even with the best intentions. She'll learn from this though. We all should. She'll know now to have honest conversations and look for real proof instead of assuming in the future. We're all human and make mistakes. We're all learning. Not everything is black and white.

  • Carlos Parreno
    Carlos Parreno Month ago +1

    Did any of you see James’ New video? He basically exposed tati and jeffreestar. He saved his career.
    Edit: I don’t want to make any false accusations but if Tati didn’t just misinterpret everything, than Tati has weaponized the negative homophobic stereotypes that gay men are predatory over beauty vitamins. That would be a whole ‘nother level of toxic pettiness.

    • Rachel Johnson
      Rachel Johnson Month ago

      I honestly think she just got in her feelings and misinterpreted everything. I don't think she tried to perpetuate that disgusting stereotype on purpose. I just think it was an unfortunate misinterpretation and fans of the me too movement (not bashing the movement itself) and also homophobes ran with it. It just all got out of hand IMO

  • Erebma Dammahom
    Erebma Dammahom Month ago +13

    Reagan Wolf, a few days ago I thought that your judgement was bias towards James and that you were crazy for thinking that Tati was lying about James being a predator. You were right this whole time, and I'm sorry that I doubted you. You were one of the few people who were able to see through the bull shit. Thank you for thinking logically and not jumping on the bandwagon just like everyone else (including myself) did.
    I also think we all owe an apology to James as well. I hope he's doing well.

  • Atma Thoughts
    Atma Thoughts Month ago +2

    It's not the beauty TVcliprs that are toxic AF, it's the beauty TVclip viewers. Gawdaym the vitriol in this drug store foundation estrogen pot.

  • Atma Thoughts
    Atma Thoughts Month ago

    James Charles has the body language of a liar with his Expose video. He blinked a lot and had stiff movements.

    • lil lunchbox
      lil lunchbox Month ago

      He always blinks a lot did you even watch this video?

  • Pink Puffin
    Pink Puffin Month ago +2

    do one of these for sam the waiter in his kavos interview

  • Kirsten
    Kirsten Month ago +1

    I share your opinions 100%. Shame on everyone who build this nothing burger into a situation. It didn't come from a place of love, it came from a place of hurt and wanting to hurt. And from what each of them of posted so far, I don't see any real growth coming from Tati nor Jeffree, but I'm hoping James will keep his word and grow despite this horrendous experience.

  • Nnenna Chukueke
    Nnenna Chukueke Month ago

    Great video!!!! I can't believe She put a 19 year old through this horror just because he was not Loyal... So what he lied ,who hasn't, but is that enough to label him a Sexual Predator?? Nah!!! What if he committed suicide? Then what? She owes him a big apology publicly and a retraction of her comments...

  • lil_ Trin vids
    lil_ Trin vids Month ago +2

    I love how all y'all didn't watch the receipts video and think this lying bitch deserves mercy

  • LA
    LA Month ago

    There are no men in this video - all girls.

  • Ashley Benson
    Ashley Benson Month ago

    Anybody else watching this after everything trying to figure out wtf just happened but James is still a little prick?

  • L D
    L D Month ago

    Do another one

  • Lonely To Organdy
    Lonely To Organdy Month ago +2

    Ok but pewdipie was right all along

  • Phoenix Rising
    Phoenix Rising Month ago +4

    Tati should go to jail for the false accusations she made about this man.... We all now know why she did it, she is a greedy greedy greedy human being with an ego the size of Texas.... when anyone makes a false sexual accusation about anyone they should go to prison and I firmly think she should do jail time and I pray he sues her.... Being called a "sexual predator" is a big fucking deal.... and this kid is just a flirt like any other nineteen year old... all the boys who hung out with him CHOSE TO! Why do we love to make people VICTIMS? Why do you love to point our fingers out ant the imaginary bad guy? she is a master maninpulator who wanted to hurt this young boy and so she took one of the most sensitive issues on our planet and used it to ruin his entire career.... the bitch deserves jail time.....

  • TheEmzSki
    TheEmzSki Month ago +10

    Watching James Charles new video and then watching this makes me think shes a bit of a psychopath... she was so believable but now James has shown the receipts... oof .. that's scary...

  • Brick house
    Brick house Month ago +4

    Well now that James posted his receipts for this whole situation and now we know this bitch Tati was lying and Jeffere Star is a lying bitchy bitch who jumps to conclusions. I've come to the conclusion that they all need a nap and some recess.

  • SJC _
    SJC _ Month ago +21

    Its funny how all the people commenting defending Tati before James Charles released his new video. Wait til they see the receipts

  • Martín Bruno
    Martín Bruno Month ago +10

    You were right all along Raegan, i can't belive your mind, they hated you because you said them the truth.

  • Eirie
    Eirie Month ago


  • loune fitzgerald
    loune fitzgerald Month ago +4

    To all the disgusting people on the comments section, go fucking watch James video

  • Christina Kambani
    Christina Kambani Month ago +93

    Umm is anyone gonna give Reagan an apology? Because she called it from the start, along with pewds and got backlash for no reason

    • Arcade Ganna
      Arcade Ganna 14 days ago +5

      Christina Kambani I know right ? Some of these comments are rude as hell.

  • gR Z
    gR Z Month ago +7

    Tati took down the video... she’s guilty he brought the receipts. Snakes exposed, the truth always prevails!

  • 莫芳琪
    莫芳琪 Month ago +1

    Your videos are always so interesting

  • Donna Rupinski
    Donna Rupinski Month ago +1

    After James's last video all I can think is....... PewDiePie called it right!

  • Gunyalee
    Gunyalee Month ago +1

    I appreciate all of your work and research on this reading/opinion

  • Bicultural Familia
    Bicultural Familia Month ago +8

    FYI...brands do hold tons of expensive passes precisely for opportunities like this or things that may come up. How could she not know that? She flat out lied about that part.

  • Bicultural Familia
    Bicultural Familia Month ago +6

    She sounds pretty anti-gay to me...and I think that's the real reason for all of her assumptions. Watching her original video, it was pretty clear that she was being judgemental and petty.

  • Sasha Shallies
    Sasha Shallies Month ago

    Watching this after james’ video and Jeffree’s ‘apology’ like 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • Daniel Stoyanov
    Daniel Stoyanov Month ago

    You should make a video about maria joyce back when there a drama about her being held hostage in her house, them videos are probably gold mines

  • Apple Slices Unite
    Apple Slices Unite Month ago +1

    When Tati was blinking all over the place and getting hyper, you didn't point that out as her possibly lying. You should have honored the signs for both people and you would have been on the mark with what was really happening. Instead, you wanted to make a 'trash' James vid and so now it makes you look like you don't know what you are doing.

    • reagan wolf
      reagan wolf  Month ago +2

      Apple Slices Unite did my video...?

  • RhazYT
    RhazYT Month ago

    So many hates on this comment. Can't find any positive comments lmao

  • Armand R
    Armand R Month ago


  • Americanhoney
    Americanhoney Month ago +1

    Tati is full of shit and it’s sad you bought into her bullshit she’s almost 40 she has perfected the art of manipulation CHECK READ RECEIPTS Tati is mad she’s old &bitter Jams is younger and much more successful she’s clearly held back a lot of jealousy here she’s wrong and totally out of line EXPLOITING A TEENAGER trying to ruin him and embarrass him to make her more popular so disgusting and anyone who SUPPORTS her old bitter ass is WRONG WRONG WRONG

  • Helene Jovial
    Helene Jovial Month ago

    He got caught. Plain & simple.

  • Rachel D
    Rachel D Month ago +1

    So you gonna delete this or

  • Natasha Mcilveen
    Natasha Mcilveen Month ago +5

    We all know she's a liar. She's backtracked and so has Jeffree star. Mid-life crisis brigade

  • Noelle Casteel
    Noelle Casteel Month ago +3

    Lilac Grove admitted they made up the story as a fucked up social experiment. So basically none of the accusations against him have been legitimate. I'm not even a fan of James, nor do I really trust his character, but I don't believe he's a sexual predator considering there's no solid evidence of that.

  • shawnakayable
    shawnakayable Month ago +4

    I'm from the future and guess what she's right

  • Jenjo B. Jones
    Jenjo B. Jones Month ago


  • Lost
    Lost Month ago

    So people (including myself) gave Jeffree the benefit of the doubt with his past (racism, being an angry person, etc) but once someone says to give James (at the same age) the benefit of the doubt, it’s wrong????

  • tigaoranggila
    tigaoranggila Month ago

    You got new subscribers

  • tigaoranggila
    tigaoranggila Month ago

    James in "no more lies" video: *all smiling and talking like usual*
    What's in James head while filming : "watch for my lawsuits, once i upload this video"

  • Beautiful Perception

    I think the part where she's speaking of the conversation at dinner with his parents - I think she was trying to edit or censor parts of the conversation in an attempt to not really give too much detail but while still expressing the content.