Grump's Dream Course: Obama Watches Game Grumps - PART 55 - Game Grumps VS

  • Published on Apr 6, 2017
  • "My fellow Americans."
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Comments • 2 382

  • No Homo
    No Homo Day ago

    what the hell does pre mean XD

  • E
    E 8 days ago +1

    Banney and Arnold

  • Marceline Chan
    Marceline Chan 11 days ago +1

    I'm gonna pre dude

  • Lukas Lukas
    Lukas Lukas 13 days ago

    I was watching the episode of the office where Andy finds out he’s related to Michelle Obama and I thought of this

  • OGWinston
    OGWinston 22 days ago +4

    Who is here after they posted the picture with the Obama poster, after the Seattle show?

    • Ari G
      Ari G 16 days ago +1

      OGWinston me, and I really think there needs to be another petition because this shit is too funny

  • Lord Shaxxx
    Lord Shaxxx Month ago +1

    Umm... we have nothing to do with this

  • youthgirl08
    youthgirl08 Month ago

    *Yes Queen Slay*

  • Melos Jaha
    Melos Jaha Month ago

    i mean Dan and Arin could launch an episode of guest Grumps and claim that Mr Obama was the guest and people would fucking love it. And that includes me, just the thought makes me pre.

  • Wells B.
    Wells B. Month ago +1

    If they got obama on guest grumps, my life would be complete

  • Black7Ninja
    Black7Ninja Month ago

    There are fewer sounds on the whole of TVclip more magical than Danny Avidan's laughter

  • John Middleton
    John Middleton Month ago

    Still one of the best episodes

  • Brennan Perry
    Brennan Perry Month ago

    The top three coments are all Obama, and I don't know who to shoot.

  • AMULovsCookies
    AMULovsCookies Month ago

    Looking back at this episode, I realize its entirely just Arin bringing pure gold to the episode, while Danny is too busy laughing with his only interjects involving "I'm gonna pre" lol.
    Arins making Dan laugh too hard to think.

  • Lucky Arceus
    Lucky Arceus 2 months ago

    7 ass.

  • Zom8ie5layer 117
    Zom8ie5layer 117 2 months ago

    2 years later. Still waiting for Obama on guest grumps

  • P1K3L
    P1K3L 2 months ago +1

    The animated version of this is fucking hilarious, I didn't really like what Obama did while in office, but you guys make him sound like a pretty cool guy, I bet he's a great guy in real life, I'd like to meet him.

  • Fran's Room
    Fran's Room 2 months ago

    Someone send this episode to Obama

  • Fran's Room
    Fran's Room 2 months ago

    What's your favorite game grumps episode?
    I like the one when they were doing impressions in Obama for a LOOOOOOOONG time

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama 2 months ago +1

    Man Daniel and Arnold... I love these guys... Im gonna fuckin pre dudes

  • acvrosblueand Red
    acvrosblueand Red 3 months ago


  • PoopGaming
    PoopGaming 3 months ago

    It just hit 1M views!

  • Siraga Hikari
    Siraga Hikari 3 months ago +1

    Who else got paralyzed by Dan's laugh

  • Zackary Santos
    Zackary Santos 3 months ago

    i wanna hang out with these people

  • A. Vasquez
    A. Vasquez 4 months ago +1

    This might honestly be my favorite GG episode, Arin was on fire here. Every joke is a 10/10.

  • Connor Wilburn
    Connor Wilburn 4 months ago

    When he said danny and arnold I could not stop laughing

  • Darius Mebane
    Darius Mebane 4 months ago +1

    I'm gonna say it, Obama was a good PREsident.

  • idiotbox41580
    idiotbox41580 4 months ago

    We're so close to 1 million views on this episode 😍😍

  • Luis Y. Gonzalez
    Luis Y. Gonzalez 5 months ago

    Pre we can believe in.

  • 1forallful
    1forallful 5 months ago

    I miss Obama. Thankfully this episode holds me over! Then to hear Arin as Obama saying he's gonna pre...too damn funny.

  • Max Phoenix
    Max Phoenix 5 months ago +1


  • Bombur's Banter
    Bombur's Banter 5 months ago

    Wow is that luigis ballad music on the scoreboard?

  • TronLogic
    TronLogic 5 months ago +1

    Can we start a petition to get Obama as a guest Grump?

  • Shyness
    Shyness 5 months ago +2

    Has anyone tweeted out to Obama to tell him to watch this episode because I want him to see this

  • Ayden Callison
    Ayden Callison 5 months ago +1

    Someone better fucking send this to obama

  • Stop Stealing My Name Google

    This is a legendary video

  • Daan Rekker
    Daan Rekker 6 months ago

    What does it mean: "I'm gonna pre"

  • 2018 Connor Purcell
    2018 Connor Purcell 6 months ago

    I wish Obama could be on guest grumps

  • Fri Day
    Fri Day 6 months ago +2

    I wish we could storm obama's twitter to get him to come on guest grumps

  • Danyon Fuqua
    Danyon Fuqua 6 months ago +2


  • twomercedes
    twomercedes 6 months ago +2

    this video never gets old

  • CoolestCorpseOnTheBlock

    Didn't there used to be 2 animations of this

  • Carlzpudding
    Carlzpudding 6 months ago

    Obama on guest grumps... That would be amazing

  • Ultimate Arsonist
    Ultimate Arsonist 6 months ago

    Why does obama sound like cronk from emperor's new groove?

  • Chris
    Chris 7 months ago +2

    Is everybody gonna ignore YEAH YEAH SHOVE A DOOKIE IN IT YEAH

  • MrWhatdafuBOOM
    MrWhatdafuBOOM 7 months ago +1

    Obama puts the pre in president.

  • Cartoon Maker
    Cartoon Maker 7 months ago

    No time stamp needed. It literally starts 30 seconds in. I love these guys😂

  • Larry Martin
    Larry Martin 7 months ago

    Obama needs this

  • Blake Louthan
    Blake Louthan 8 months ago +1

    I do love Arin’s Obama impression but I think it’s weird he characterizes him as saying “uh...” a lot when Obama is famously well spoken and rarely says uh.

  • Deviltube 718
    Deviltube 718 8 months ago

    2:00 is when they start making Obama jokes

  • David Striker
    David Striker 8 months ago

    Those guys. Danny and Arnled.

  • Lanr Brainr
    Lanr Brainr 8 months ago

    Funniest things about this episode:
    1. Arin’s Obama impressions
    2. Dan’s laughs

  • Ayden Callison
    Ayden Callison 8 months ago

    Is this some sort of hack or fan game of Kirby dream course? Or is it just editing?

  • Sven the Man
    Sven the Man 8 months ago

    This might be my favorite GG episode in existence

  • Ryan
    Ryan 8 months ago

    8:21-8:28 I guess Jon won that Nickelodeon guts debate

  • Josh C
    Josh C 8 months ago

    I pre so hard watching this

  • Larry Martin
    Larry Martin 8 months ago

    PREsident Obama

  • 0
    0 8 months ago

    Can someone please tweet Obama to watch Game Grumps Kirby's Dream course episode 55 lol

  • ReesesTV
    ReesesTV 8 months ago

    6:39 troll account

  • Shoebill-Gaming
    Shoebill-Gaming 9 months ago +1

    I'm going to go to a random video and put I'm goin to fuckin pre

  • Justin Vincent
    Justin Vincent 9 months ago

    This video was so PREdictable...

  • Shane Harris
    Shane Harris 9 months ago

    I'm Gonna freaking pree

  • MrSkinnyWhale
    MrSkinnyWhale 9 months ago

    Haha this is great, sure hope someone animates it

  • Cryo The otter
    Cryo The otter 9 months ago +9

    "I, uh, I lost interest after Jim left the show."
    -Barack Obama

  • The Big Gregowski
    The Big Gregowski 9 months ago

    And at 2:12, history was made

  • Mr Taurus
    Mr Taurus 9 months ago


  • Taylor Lee
    Taylor Lee 9 months ago

    Daren and Arnold sound like the off brand soda versions of Dan and Arin.

  • The Blue Pixeling
    The Blue Pixeling 9 months ago

    I'm gonna pre, dude.

  • Jooniper Walters
    Jooniper Walters 9 months ago

    I like the Vs intro

  • Stephen Hughes
    Stephen Hughes 9 months ago

    Yo anyone watching in 2018 yes I am sad

  • Infernra DarkFlame
    Infernra DarkFlame 9 months ago

    Omg. I. Am. Dying.

  • Nathan Swan
    Nathan Swan 10 months ago


  • Hairy Cornhole
    Hairy Cornhole 10 months ago

    0:30 - you’re welcome

  • Gronk The Orc
    Gronk The Orc 10 months ago

    Those Guys, Danny And Arnold.

  • Stuey Bert
    Stuey Bert 10 months ago +1

    Arin saying 'you're an asshole' as Obama still makes me lose my shit

  • Ian Hughes
    Ian Hughes 10 months ago +1

    Look... you can think whatever you want about this or that president, but uh... I don't think we'll ever hear Dan and/or Arin do an impression of any other president saying "I'm gonna fukken pre."

  • AlexSwanson
    AlexSwanson 10 months ago

    Oh my god! This... is quality Game Grumps. Jesus christ. Dead.

  • noahgonna doathing :0
    noahgonna doathing :0 10 months ago

    I like when they say *IM GONNA FLIPPIN PRE.*

  • Paradox of Mind
    Paradox of Mind 10 months ago

    "Man, I love watching Danielle and Aretha! Those gals, uhhh, do an amazing job!"
    _- President Barack H. Obama, 2017_

  • superlegoboysz
    superlegoboysz 10 months ago +1

    Oh my god this is so funny I'm gonna pre

  • DinoBroof
    DinoBroof 10 months ago

    You guys should be on Rick and morty

    • DinoBroof
      DinoBroof 10 months ago

      Stuey Bert can you me witch episode specifically

    • Stuey Bert
      Stuey Bert 10 months ago +1

      Arin voiced a minor character in an episode in season 2.

  • Jeremy Boateng
    Jeremy Boateng 11 months ago +2

    It's weird because I thought this episode would have AT LEAST 1 million views,
    if not 5 million.

  • Steven
    Steven 11 months ago


  • StarChildJax
    StarChildJax 11 months ago

    im gonna fuckin pre

  • Jazper Bungay
    Jazper Bungay 11 months ago

    Putting the pre
    in president.

  • Tyler White
    Tyler White 11 months ago +1

    Nothing is funnier than hearing Arin say " I'm gonna pre dude" In Obama's voice.

  • CheeseMaster27
    CheeseMaster27 11 months ago +1

    I like it when they say I’m good at pre

  • ThatOneDev
    ThatOneDev 11 months ago

    You know I was half expecting Obama to actually comment.

  • Luxurious_count_levi
    Luxurious_count_levi 11 months ago

    Ah I remember it as if it were yesterday

  • Zappa Boi
    Zappa Boi 11 months ago


    JEFFREY PULLIAM 11 months ago

    9:15 Luigi’s ballad in the background??!?! GameGrumps EXPLAIN!!!

  • O. Shutt
    O. Shutt Year ago

    I'm gonna pre

  • Leisure
    Leisure Year ago

    My stomach hurts of so much laughter.

  • 06hatter
    06hatter Year ago

    gonna fuckin pre

  • Lanr Brainr
    Lanr Brainr Year ago +4

    If Obama was to see ONE episode of game grumps, it would need to be this one

  • yellow devil
    yellow devil Year ago


  • _Obama_Rules_98_
    _Obama_Rules_98_ Year ago +2

    Man Arin you kinda suck

  • tailedgates9
    tailedgates9 Year ago

    Just the idea of Obama being a Game Grumps fan and constantly trying to catch up on episodes is just hilarious enough. XD

  • Dylan Harrison
    Dylan Harrison Year ago

    By far one of my favorite episodes LOL.

  • american captian
    american captian Year ago

    I feel so stupid for just realizing that the victory music is the tune for Luigi ballad

  • UpintheAir1395
    UpintheAir1395 Year ago

    Arin, Jay, and Alphacat do some of the best obama impressions