No Country For Pregnant Women | January 10, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

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  • Piriathy
    Piriathy Day ago

    Right wingers don't care that poor people are dying unnecessarily, right wingers believe poor people deserve to die b/c they can't afford not to.

  • Juan Villegas
    Juan Villegas Day ago

    Have you heard od flaccid donald

  • anita clarke
    anita clarke Day ago

    Love you Samantha !!! You Rock !

  • xrcrx ftfghjg
    xrcrx ftfghjg Day ago

    single mom's are a disgrace to society

  • So Isaidtogod
    So Isaidtogod Day ago

    Seems the states has "sh*thole" prenatal healthcare.

  • Mustard Seed
    Mustard Seed Day ago

    1,000 thumbs down people? Shame on your azzes. Must be men.
    This IS the War on women!!!!!!

  • Mustard Seed
    Mustard Seed Day ago

    How phukn sad.

  • J M
    J M Day ago

    May be also due to US having more over-weight women than any other countries.

  • Tamar Pelkinson
    Tamar Pelkinson 2 days ago

    Samantha is just so awesome :)
    Really sad and upsetting to hear about this issue, it's unbelievable

  • liberty2014
    liberty2014 2 days ago

    Well, if you did not pass Obamacare, which destroyed and closed hundreds of rural hospital systems, then we would not be having these problems. Throwing money at the problem alone, will not fix it. Need more Doctors and Nurses, which is less likely to happen because Obamacare is driving them out, or discouraging students from going into these fields to begin with.

  • Buddysimo Simonetta
    Buddysimo Simonetta 2 days ago

    This is what you get when corporations take over!!!

  • Musi Mir
    Musi Mir 2 days ago

    Wow, she looks amazing! I've would have never guessed her age! 30 TOPS would have been my guess.
    Also, she has awesome legs!

    ps. keep voting red, you reds! You'll soon die at your own hands. lol

  • LuchaCabre INC
    LuchaCabre INC 2 days ago

    This is what happens when health is a commodity for profit

  • charlidog2
    charlidog2 2 days ago

    Closing Planned Parenthood will help. bleh.

  • pop5678eye
    pop5678eye 2 days ago

    Fox News response: 'it's Hillary's fault! She is a woman, therefore she must have created these problems!'

  • Soldier1287
    Soldier1287 2 days ago +1

    Maybe stop overpopulating

  • Alix T.
    Alix T. 2 days ago

    This video is like looking at a single thread of a tapestry. Rural areas are underserved across the board, not just in maternal care. It's a conversation that needs to be had but is often overlooked. From my experience, part of the problem is that people in urban areas get a lot more media and governmental attention, and they tend to think of people in rural areas as some sort of abstract other.

  • Chuck-U Farly
    Chuck-U Farly 2 days ago

    Poor and middle class CONservatives are the most likely people to vote against their own best interest. They keep voting CONservatives into office and their lives just keep getting worse. There is always a CON in CONservative and the right wing CONs have CONned you.

  • Open your mind
    Open your mind 2 days ago

    The high liability and malpractice rates in our sue happy society cause a lot of OBs to leave the field or decline to specialize in this. I work in healthcare and those that live in rural areas do struggle to access services. Sometimes it is thier choice but also cheaper to live. We can do much better than this, but GOP is against women and healthcare, just for business and profit. But rural people vote GOP, so sad.

  • Alexia Tr
    Alexia Tr 2 days ago

    One fact they are not mentioning here is that the number of doctors available are diminishing, and although they get paid huge bonuses to live in rural areas, they don't want to live in small towns. One of the reasons there is not many doctors anymore is because it is very expensive to become one, the huge amount of debt is huge and it may take a long time to pay for it. Most of them are going for nurse practitioner or physician assistant because it's cheaper and faster, but in most states they have to be under a doctor.

  • justmemadison
    justmemadison 2 days ago

    Anyone noticing a trend? The only statistics where the US is number one in the world are horrendous: number of people locked up, number of people dying because they don't have access to affordable healthcare, number of gun deaths, and mother's dying during child birth. Oh, and the fact that we pay more than any other country for all the things we are failing at. I wonder how long before people start paying attention to what's happening in this country.

  • Fiona Tanzer
    Fiona Tanzer 3 days ago

    Have men considered that it is not just a woman issue? That it is a man issue too? These women are your partners and they are carrying your children that you helped to make. Men should be out there campaigning alongside women. As Samantha said, babies are the only way that new humans are made. Women are precious.

  • Fiona Tanzer
    Fiona Tanzer 3 days ago

    America is beginning to sound more and more like a S#!+#0£€ country!

  • PhazonInfuser
    PhazonInfuser 3 days ago

    What a shock that California did something about this horrible problem, and is FIXING IT!

  • philip013
    philip013 3 days ago

    53% of white women voted for Trump. The racism in America is strong.

  • Kevin Krueger
    Kevin Krueger 3 days ago

    Sarah Palin called Obamacare "death panels." What do you think the board-of- directors in an insurance company is?

  • Galo Aguirre
    Galo Aguirre 4 days ago

    Hemorraghe cart, rothl

  • Teresa Boze
    Teresa Boze 4 days ago

    #wedeservebetter That is the answer to it all. Challenge: "Make America Great Again" Rebttual: We deserve better

  • Aaron Burley
    Aaron Burley 4 days ago

    listening to this chick I get exactly why they value the child's life and let the mother die.

  • Airsoft G.I. Operator

    india is even worse so nice lies. Oh and heres a nice fact take in that most women spit out babies as fast as possible for welfare and then they dont pay the hospitals for maturnal care thats the reason they close and thats the reason yall are called libtards who are trying to destroy our statues which are only offensive to snowflakes. Also a lot of blacks do have more babies for welfare.

  • G. G.
    G. G. 4 days ago

    Sam says: "American women deserve better than this..."
    wow!!... so all others can die for all americans care!!

  • When I grow up I wanna be BJP IT cell Troll

    America need feminist to save women.

  • Bob Rolander
    Bob Rolander 4 days ago

    The USA is now officially a 3rd world country. Thank you Reagan. Thank you Bill Clinton!

  • abilitynorth
    abilitynorth 4 days ago

    you left out the men of tgr the Greedy ol old Perverts who made sure women's health services do not get $ if they have planned parenthood in the name or of.they give teenagers info about avoiding pregnancy using anything but abstinence

  • Ewoud Weijmans
    Ewoud Weijmans 4 days ago

    America is a third world country

  • Lesley Agams
    Lesley Agams 4 days ago

    wow....they could be talking about Nigeria

  • Elliott Getz
    Elliott Getz 4 days ago

    our healthcare 'sytem' is broken

  • Linda Liebenthal
    Linda Liebenthal 5 days ago

    This is horrifying! An animal gets better care delivering!! I'm thankful to live in Portland, OR. Hopefully these states stand tall and fight- I know we will join.

  • Votonic
    Votonic 5 days ago

    rural voted for GOP. Against their own benefit

  • Votonic
    Votonic 5 days ago

    Guess they only wants baby with broken home to go fight war for them. They don't want healthy baby with parents not in crazy debt from medical bill or single parent

  • Jack Kraken
    Jack Kraken 5 days ago

    Are conservatives ok with this? Because they are sure gonna find out the hard way.

  • Wylla James
    Wylla James 5 days ago

    trump voters dont care. and neither should you.

  • Cath' J J
    Cath' J J 5 days ago

    You should know that those stats for rural women are exactly the same for black women in New York City: over 3 times the rate for white women.

  • KittyBear
    KittyBear 6 days ago

    All the $ 🍊💩🤡 has and where are the hospitals or libraries?

  • Brig Land
    Brig Land 6 days ago

    Thx u Sam Bee.
    .as always u r doing an awesome job for women... Luv from Texas

  • Mary
    Mary 6 days ago

    The Mayo Clinic is creating more of problem in southern Minnesota by closing the Labor & Delivery unit at the Albert Lea Hospital (they are also closing the ICU and in-patient surgery unit, too.) The L&D is being moved to Austin, 23 miles away. 55,000 people in 3 counties rely on the Albert Lea hospital. And as a retired state trooper said, without a Full Service Acute care hospital in Albert Lea, when the weather gets nasty and the interstate is closed,!

    THE16THPHANTOM 6 days ago

    or dont have babies, god. this video makes it seem like they are forced to have children. you are making it seem like they have aids. or like a sickness that no one has any control over.

  • Judy Villani
    Judy Villani 6 days ago

    I work in health care and one of the main reasons for lack of OB Dr.'s is litigation. They have to carry very expensive insurance.

  • Ali Y
    Ali Y 6 days ago

    My sister's first labor was 45 minutes long TOTAL. She would never have made it if we lived in some of those places. Grateful we live where we live.

  • Billie Whyers
    Billie Whyers 7 days ago

    I’m speechless 😢

  • Kat I M
    Kat I M 7 days ago

    Yup shut down Planned Parenthood so women who have life threatening pregnancies don't know until they die.

  • Beretta249
    Beretta249 7 days ago +1

    Oh hey look: the War on Women has actually generated _casualties_ .

  • Janice Weetra
    Janice Weetra 7 days ago

    Surely this is the kind of truly important issue that your First Lady (and I use that term advisedly) should be taking front and centre to support. Maybe instead of looking like a roo caught in the spotlight whenever we see her in the media, she should be using her position to make maternal health at least as good as other first world nations.

  • Onryn Slim
    Onryn Slim 7 days ago

    When I tell these things to people here in the Netherlands, they don't believe me. People here still think USA is great because it's powerful and rich. They have a distorted view on America.

  • playerx2006
    playerx2006 7 days ago

    People don't understand, Rural America, is mostly white and should be considered 3rd world, but white news media never speaks about anything that puts the white race in a bad light.

  • Daniel Pena
    Daniel Pena 7 days ago

    The sky-high cost of Malpractice Insurance and the Litigious nature of the US is the main reason. OB-GYN doctors get sued far more often than any other practitioner. This has nothing to do with race, like they make everything out to be.

  • Samantha Burns
    Samantha Burns 7 days ago

    Amazing segment!

  • Mallory Anderson
    Mallory Anderson 7 days ago

    l live in a small town in Iowa. The two nearest hospitals with this kind of service are each at least a half hour a way.

  • Toby Towbs
    Toby Towbs 7 days ago

    Everything Trump has done in the past year, that relates to this issue. Suggests that ALL of these statistics, are only going to get worse.
    The fact that minorities are affected a lot more than whites, makes me wonder: if the statistics do get worse, would it just be by accident, or would it be by design?!
    A lot of Trump's policies involving pregnancy, seem to share a very unsettling theme. They all have the potential to reduce minority birth rates, significantly more than white birth rates!
    Furthermore, by reducing public access to birth control, and considering it in relation to the racial difference in the use of the service. Trump, could very well be trying to increase white birth rates, as well as reduce minority birth rates!
    Usually, that would sound like a crazy conspiracy theory. But, that was before the Trump age!

  • Michael Sowell
    Michael Sowell 7 days ago

    So much for pro-life.

  • Dave Ton
    Dave Ton 7 days ago

    Despite all the facts, still trumpests still blame Obama and crooked Hillary, Brilliant!

    AARON ANGEL 7 days ago

    Wow I'm so happy to have a child free life =)

  • The Pizarro
    The Pizarro 7 days ago

    I suspect that the rural hospitals are closing their wards, because illegal aliens who are required to be treated their pay nothing and then leave. Which would explain why Texas’s maternal fatality rate is so high.

  • Joseph Colasanti
    Joseph Colasanti 7 days ago

    "No country for pregnant women" makes me think of the same actor but, going around with a coat hanger. 😂😂😂

  • Adele Josepho
    Adele Josepho 7 days ago

    And have special needs because of poor prenatal and early childhood care and nutrition.

  • Lumby1
    Lumby1 7 days ago

    And they wonder why suicides are increasing in America. Depressing reality.

  • Ronald Rump
    Ronald Rump 7 days ago

    How do you make a profit out of stopping a woman bleeding to death? No experimental drugs, no hi-tech equipment, it's just not worth the effort without generating a return. That's capitalism 101. You have two solutions - a) Make sure you are born rich, white and in a city. b) become a GOP politician and have the state take care of all your medical needs.

  • allflying3
    allflying3 7 days ago

    Worse than third world country?

  • twyggy
    twyggy 7 days ago

    Fantastic segment, Sam! Thank you!

  • Bobby Shayne
    Bobby Shayne 7 days ago

    Looks like this bitch's network still paying TVclip to put her videos on trending how pathetic

  • Violet Wrath
    Violet Wrath 7 days ago

    And... catholic hospital chains are taking over the mid west, they could care less if the mother dies.

  • amazing tv
    amazing tv 7 days ago


  • California Girl
    California Girl 7 days ago

    Well we are living in the third world country....

  • razorwireclouds
    razorwireclouds 7 days ago

    "hurr durr, but the libtards, it's their fault."

  • RowJoe47
    RowJoe47 7 days ago

    300k views and a mere 7k ratings? Not fishy at all.

  • David Henderson
    David Henderson 7 days ago

    liberals are infertile

  • B Smith
    B Smith 7 days ago

    "Most people keep their brains between their legs"

  • Andrew Thomson
    Andrew Thomson 7 days ago +1

    Your show and your opinion are ABSOLUTE GARBAGE.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder. Go see your doctor.

  • ophiecat
    ophiecat 7 days ago

    More accurate, people of colour. Not only black people suffer, all of the shades of brown suffer just as much too.

  • Robert Crawford
    Robert Crawford 7 days ago

    serena williams almost died having her baby.
    let that digest for a second.

    ABU-MGTOW KRYSALAFI 7 days ago

    And you dipshitz want to bring more people into the country especially illegal immigrants from Mexico that are just criminal pumping facilities and Africa which or even worse criminal pumping facilities you all deserve to die I think this is good but don't worry soon we're going to start machine gun you down with the aid of un troops

  • HappiestSadGuy
    HappiestSadGuy 7 days ago +1

    I thought this was a spin-off of no country for old men.

  • Caleb Maier
    Caleb Maier 7 days ago

    Men get pregnant too

  • Law Miles
    Law Miles 8 days ago

    "Sithole country"

  • Kitty Jauregui-Hansen
    Kitty Jauregui-Hansen 8 days ago +7

    And people question women who never want to have kids or women who want to have an abortion because they don't think they're ready yet.

    • Alexia Tr
      Alexia Tr 2 days ago +1

      Kitty Jauregui-Hansen true, it is literally a life or death decision for many women.

  • G. F.
    G. F. 8 days ago +3

    For me, I'm German, I do not understand at all these American christians who say they are pro life but tolerate this unbelievable high death rate in infants and mothers in the US. I do understand if you are not in favor of abortions, but first you have to take care of the already born! This is some of the things, non Americans are stunned by.
    If they want to protect life, well you have plenty to do!
    So I guess they don't care for lives, they have other motives.

    • gogo kingpants
      gogo kingpants 4 days ago

      How intolorante of you. There are many christians who fund hospitals and pregnancy center accross america. They make a big contrabution to society and are the nicest peopel. How dare you say such a bigoted things. Its this kind of talk skrew christians and skrew white people and skrew men wich ia why president trump won becouse he cares about those peopel unlike racist and sexist leftist. And if course i dont think all leftis are bad but think twice before saying to bigeted. Your no better than an islamaphobe!

    • tamcon72
      tamcon72 6 days ago +1

      There is no hypocrisy like American Christianist hypocrisy. I've lived here my whole life and am still astounded by the capacity for self-deceit Americans exhibit.

  • Hello Hola
    Hello Hola 8 days ago +1

    Ronald Mc"Donald" Trump the White House Clown....

  • J.P. M.
    J.P. M. 8 days ago +1


  • Snodge Kat
    Snodge Kat 8 days ago +1

    I give thanks to my Canadian health care every day. I feel wretched for Americans who suffer from a lack of available health care. Universal health care is essential!

    • Ben Crandell
      Ben Crandell 8 days ago +1

      Snodge Kat How high are your taxes?

  • Julie Shepard
    Julie Shepard 8 days ago

    I was denied jobs because I was pregnant. How do you pay for a baby if you don't have a job?

  • Rejane Florinda
    Rejane Florinda 8 days ago +1

    I'm confused. Where are the pro_life protesters in these situations? They are supposed to be pro life in these situations too, right. And could you please stop saying that these sort of things should only happen in third world countries. First, the US is very close to become a third world country when it comes to health care,. Secondly: if there is such an emphasys on controling women's reproductive rights in your country, why arent the same control freaks freaking out at the perspective a woman can die for giving birth to a child?

  • Keith S
    Keith S 8 days ago +1

    Thank you for highlighting this serious problem. I have been trying to drum up support for a US house bill that would fund state panels to help address this problem. In November 2016 my niece passed away shortly after giving birth due to severe bleeding. I believe if precautions had been in place she would still be with us today. Tragically a mother and daughter will now never know each other. This doesn't have to happen!

  • Andrew Adricatico
    Andrew Adricatico 8 days ago +1

    The mother just was aborted after she gave birth duh

  • marisotoserna
    marisotoserna 8 days ago

    i had my son a few months ago hands down with the complications i experienced it was the scariest thing i ever went though but i was lucky enough to have access to a great health care team idk what i would do were i in these womens shoes but with midterm elections coming ppl should make their voices heard

  • R. B.
    R. B. 8 days ago

    Texas closed planned parenthood clinics and rejected medicaid expansion despite having the largest uninsured population in America....Texas also has the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world..

  • Olivia McSwain
    Olivia McSwain 8 days ago


  • Super Nova
    Super Nova 8 days ago

    Good information but I️ don’t think that I️t is presented in an original or interesting way. She seems like a less charismatic John Oliver

    • Annina Frey
      Annina Frey 8 days ago

      Super Nova whaaat, you clearly don‘t know her enough!!! Check out „Ladies who book“

  • Jeff Foehringer
    Jeff Foehringer 8 days ago +4

    So basically, a lot of red states brought this problem on themselves, but they don't care because it hurts the black community as much or more than the white community.

  • Gained Average
    Gained Average 8 days ago

    No. Historic highs. Remember abortion?

  • NUGGET!!!!
    NUGGET!!!! 8 days ago

    When will she drop off the face of the earth