• Published on May 12, 2019
  • Watch as Heung-min Son is handed EVERY end of season award on the pitch at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium following Spurs' 2-2 draw with Everton to secure a spot in the top four!
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  • The Tree Keeper
    The Tree Keeper Day ago

    Basically gave him the award because he is like the only Chinese player on the team. He is just an average player really. They want to appease the Chinese government and giving him an award is like a token gesture for the token Asian. To be honest, there are many other players who deserve more than this foreigner.

  • theory8sf
    theory8sf 6 days ago

    My gosh he is so fast!

  • Arber kaltani
    Arber kaltani 10 days ago


  • Henry Herbert
    Henry Herbert 22 days ago

    Nice One Sonny
    Nice One Son
    Nice One Sonny
    Let’s have another one!
    COYS 💙

  • 난나야
    난나야 24 days ago

    Whenever i see this video, i feel happy..Sonny! Remember your fans are always behind you. We always support you💜

  • miso football
    miso football 26 days ago

    Best asian ever

  • Johann Sebastian Bach
    Johann Sebastian Bach 26 days ago

    He is a Asian soccer legend if you agree like and comment pls.

  • Ardelia Pringgodani
    Ardelia Pringgodani Month ago +1

    Well deserved!

  • Crayon_Logic44
    Crayon_Logic44 Month ago

    He said 4 awards in the beginning tho

  • Pat3on Various
    Pat3on Various Month ago

    English with a german accent 😂 damn

  • Modupe Ola
    Modupe Ola Month ago

    And he did it again against burnley

  • 日産スカイライン

    The dude even has a British/Scottish accent. Lol.

  • Game Maniac
    Game Maniac Month ago +3

    He gonna win the Goal of the season for Tottenham this season too.

  • B T
    B T Month ago +1

    Wait until you see goal of the season 2019/2020 by son

  • Itsato Assumi
    Itsato Assumi Month ago +1

    He's going to win even this year🤣🤣

  • John Kennedy Ekene
    John Kennedy Ekene Month ago +1

    I watch this guy like I watch my pix, this is how you stay consistent and professional, this is the route to success, respect,passion,humility and focus, he's the combination of all of that and I pray he wins the ballon d'or ( any day Tottenham wins the league or CL by accident).

  • Ellena Lalpekhlui
    Ellena Lalpekhlui Month ago

    Watching Sonny every day and night is my new hobby💯

  • T Lee
    T Lee Month ago


  • kaling degu
    kaling degu Month ago

    Proud to be asian

  • 엄기용
    엄기용 Month ago


  • ゆうせい
    ゆうせい Month ago +2

    pride of asia
    from japan🇯🇵

  • bx02chi
    bx02chi Month ago +3

    Been a fan since I first saw him in Bundesliga..

  • Asaptwo
    Asaptwo Month ago +6

    Sonny: sees no support and 3 Chelsea defenders
    Also Sonny: "Lets-a-go"🔥

  • 진창하
    진창하 Month ago +2

    He is a total packages of world class player, not just his skill but also personality

  • Gladxly YT
    Gladxly YT Month ago


  • taehun park
    taehun park Month ago +1

    YAY SONNYYYY let's move to Real Madrid

  • 2277 72
    2277 72 Month ago +1

    What a player

  • Seare Fessahaye
    Seare Fessahaye Month ago

    Did anyone catch how David luiz didn't even make an attempt to stop son.....what a joke.

  • Lector Apia Antica Heracles

    FUCK Tottenham imbeciles

  • cherish hush
    cherish hush Month ago +1

    I am so proud of you son

  • Dan Hardiy
    Dan Hardiy 2 months ago


  • Dương Tv
    Dương Tv 2 months ago

    Son. 200euro

  • ID K
    ID K 2 months ago +1


  • 강민숑
    강민숑 2 months ago

    You like Son you will put like!!🔥🔥❤️

  • Wesley Henry
    Wesley Henry 2 months ago

    Son we love u u should move better team I still love u !!

  • 먹고힘내
    먹고힘내 2 months ago

    토트넘 ♡

  • 사이다
    사이다 2 months ago +1

    손흥민 대박이야

  • Hendi Lim
    Hendi Lim 2 months ago +1

    Im chelsea fans,but i like sonny....nice one sonny,nice one son,nice one sonny,lets have another one

  • Hương Từ
    Hương Từ 2 months ago +1

    Sonny 😚😘💙💙

  • Noob Gaming
    Noob Gaming 2 months ago +1

    Guys does anyone remember the 2018world cup, when Son had to win a world cup trophy, unless he serves the army of South Korea? What happened there, any update

  • DiverseJoe
    DiverseJoe 2 months ago

    How many goals does son have in his career

  • Joy Lee
    Joy Lee 3 months ago +2

    Number 1!! Son

  • Sk Km
    Sk Km 3 months ago +1

    Proud of Donbuk

  • Duna Duna
    Duna Duna 3 months ago

    Kane might score more than him but Son is the one who plays well and assists.

  • Duna Duna
    Duna Duna 3 months ago +1

    He is damn fast and a really good player. I like that he has a lovely smile on his face always.

  • 장연후
    장연후 3 months ago

    I keep Son Heung-min since Hamburg
    I've been watching, and now he's going to be the happiest because he's the happiest because he's our hero
    Because we support you all the time
    Nice one!

  • 이앵로
    이앵로 3 months ago


  • shawn the savage!! Kim
    shawn the savage!! Kim 3 months ago

    손흥민 son best

  • Arber kaltani
    Arber kaltani 3 months ago

    Why spurs loss 3-0,

  • Arber kaltani
    Arber kaltani 3 months ago

    C'mon you spurs !!!!!!!

  • Arber kaltani
    Arber kaltani 3 months ago

    Sonny ohhhhh Sonny ho need bale we got sonny

  • 아라가키
    아라가키 3 months ago

    오늘 국뽕오지게맞고 저녁에 브라이튼전 한골 박자!!!

  • AidenVideos
    AidenVideos 3 months ago

    He's had ONE good season and didn't win the golden boot and hasn't won ANY TROPHIES. He is not world class, but just quite good.
    Deluded fan boys following him because of where he is from.

  • AidenVideos
    AidenVideos 3 months ago


  • ng 7777
    ng 7777 4 months ago

    무슨말하는지 1도 모르겠다 시부럴

  • Ming Lai
    Ming Lai 4 months ago +1

    He definitely deserved it.

  • WolfyyGames
    WolfyyGames 4 months ago +2

    There's not a lot of Asian players that people love expect Son

  • 아미방탄
    아미방탄 4 months ago +1

    Super SON~

  • paul kang
    paul kang 4 months ago +1

    sonny, a man in Canada cheers you up every single day..

  • 첼시에서보낸스파이

    Son i really want you go the other
    BIG club it is that moment!!!
    Spurs is not a big club