WORST Punishments Kids Received From Their Parents


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  • Arthur PATKIN
    Arthur PATKIN 3 hours ago

    The worst thing that could happen?
    Forced To Play Ultimate Custom Night At 3:00am with your Parents wearing Freddy Heads.

  • Mia Falcon
    Mia Falcon 11 hours ago

    Lmao when I was little I used to be beat with a belt, and one of my cousins said that one of his worst beating was when his mom went three straight minutes beating him😂 (I’m Native American btw)

  • Jesús •
    Jesús • 16 hours ago

    I got a chancla to the culo...

  • xd Karlukoven
    xd Karlukoven 20 hours ago

    My dad makes me stand in a corner on my tip toes with nails under my heels

  • Dreamer's Land
    Dreamer's Land Day ago

    Who's have a dad that give a punishment called f#$k?

  • B1SQ1T
    B1SQ1T Day ago

    Lol... if a parents hacks their kid’s social media... they just messed with someone they don’t wanna XD

  • B1SQ1T
    B1SQ1T Day ago

    What does blaspheme mean?

  • B1SQ1T
    B1SQ1T Day ago

    In China kids have like no rights smh

  • Wendy Palmer
    Wendy Palmer Day ago

    I've never been grounded

  • Uttėrly Blü
    Uttėrly Blü Day ago

    I’ve had my iPad broken before lol

  • Nellie B
    Nellie B 2 days ago

    i really dont see a problem with beating your kid because that happened to me and my siblings and we’re okay as teens now soo its your kid and like do what you want to

  • Julius Ceasar Marquez

    nah philippine parents don't actually ground their kids lucky for me

  • Regan Baily
    Regan Baily 2 days ago

    One time I cussed infront of my mother....She made me brush my teeth with soap.

  • Tatyana Turner
    Tatyana Turner 2 days ago

    I literally spent 75% of my childhood grounded

  • michele pelerin
    michele pelerin 2 days ago

    I never got punished in my whole life so I'm like the good child😇

  • impfhla tkd
    impfhla tkd 2 days ago

    When I was little my dad spanked me with a paddle and I hit h back😐

  • Smowtie
    Smowtie 2 days ago

    2:20 why the mother said not in my house, he sweared outside...
    But great video tho

  • Aiden TheTuber
    Aiden TheTuber 2 days ago

    2:58 why does she have 1000 posts but 2 pictures? 😂

  • susan crockett
    susan crockett 2 days ago

    I've been grounded for 2 months from electronics

  • Eva Skourteli
    Eva Skourteli 3 days ago

    I have ages to get grounded

  • Shadow Puppet
    Shadow Puppet 3 days ago +2

    My mom threatens me and my big sister about takeing the doors of the henches

  • ian allyn
    ian allyn 3 days ago

    I was wrapped up in a sheet and shoved into a closet

  • ian allyn
    ian allyn 3 days ago

    Palmolive soap is terrible it's sticks to your mouth

  • Island Lps
    Island Lps 3 days ago

    I was hit with a stick once when I was younger...

  • PM154
    PM154 3 days ago

    My personal favorite was the das that took the riding lawn mower to his “gamer” sons games.
    And people need to understand the difference between spanking and beat the hell out of their kids. I got spanked as a kid. I understood why and I never did that shit again. Same with most of my friends. All ended up pretty well-adjusted, productive people.

  • Its Kaleigh asmr Beaulieu

    Punished for 8 months jeezz😭😂💀

  • Ahmed _ Noor
    Ahmed _ Noor 3 days ago +1

    IM 15 YEAR OLD PAKISTANI, thanks go i haven't been strictly punished since i was born!!

  • FortniteOnly TV
    FortniteOnly TV 4 days ago


    BANANA SLAMMA 4 days ago

    2:20 she said not in my house bit the man/woman was outside soooo

  • Stephen Fernandez
    Stephen Fernandez 4 days ago

    I has never

  • K4tommes
    K4tommes 4 days ago

    This is my opinion but most of these aren’t actually that bad, like I can see myself in the future doing something similar to my future children if they do something bad. Once they become 18 then they can do what ever they want but for now they are still children and need to know the difference between right and wrong, but of course you only resort to those things after telling them on several occasions not to do it.

  • EqualAqua
    EqualAqua 4 days ago

    These are just regular punishments smh

  • justin sanjaya
    justin sanjaya 5 days ago

    my dad crush my ipad just beacause i was sick

  • John Nitrous
    John Nitrous 5 days ago

    I have a dad who is pretty abusive, he always make me work for the whole summer vacation at CNC millers, driller and angle grinder with no safety equipment like glasses, even no shield on the grinder themselves, I feel like my home is a hell for most of the time because of it. In that fateful day, I didn't work but playing games on my room for the whole afternoon and that's cost me a whole monitor because my dad blindraged, destroy the monitor right in front of me and threaten me if I don't work, my phone will be the next victim of the same destruction, I feel very upset but tried to hide it at my best, I have nothing to say about my dad anymore...

  • Stacy Najjar
    Stacy Najjar 5 days ago

    once my dad slapped me with a belt

  • Clacky/ DoomKillerPower

    Want to hear a joke?
    Ok.......First there a father who beats his son with a nail board!
    Then the son fell asleep

    I wonder why did the father send him to the hospital?
    His son is not sick

  • Return Of the Judai x

    My parents made me take a bite of a bar of soap and chew it till one of them told me to spit it out any time I spoke out of turn or cursed. If I spit it out too early or threw up they'd give me the ass whoopin' of a lifetime (my mom's favorite was a belt or wooden spoon) and made me do it again. I got into "devil's music" (literally Nirvana and Joan Jett) and they took the door off my hinges, thinking I'd be sneaking friends into my room to do drugs. When I cut my own bangs in middle school my mom shaved my head, when I was caught wearing a crop top (with a tank top underneath, I was way to insecure about my body to just wear a crop top lol) and I was tossed out into the front lawn, forced to strip into my tank top and underwear, and hosed down in my driveway to "clean the slut off of me". None of this is normal, nothing on this list is normal, it's all abuse, it's all awful. If you think any punishment on this list or comment is valid don't have kids. Don't babysit kids. Don't visit kids. Don't work with kids. Don't hang around kids.

    JJTRUBLE 5 days ago

    Shaved head and diaper that’s just evil

  • Playero 24
    Playero 24 5 days ago +1

    I was once FORCED to do my homework in my conduminium park just because i got a C+

    These days parents don't like C IT WAS A HUMILIATING EXPIRIENCE
    Thankfully there werent that much people BUT A few stoped to see me 😖😥

  • Ghalill 2008
    Ghalill 2008 5 days ago

    One time i accidently woke my dad up and he threw a plastic chair at me and it broke

  • dbjb40
    dbjb40 6 days ago

    Sooo what are you supposed to do? You're bad if you ignore their bad behavior, you're bad if you discipline them. This is why I don't want any fucking kids.

  • The Noob Gamer Jay
    The Noob Gamer Jay 6 days ago


  • Bouncy Banana
    Bouncy Banana 6 days ago

    That number 1 one is hilarious.
    You could make a hilarious thing about it

  • Can We Get 5000 Subscriber With Only 22 videos

    Thats nothing one time my mom took my phone and hit me in the head and i cried and she said if you dont stop crying i will beat your ass of and did'nt stop and she pull my hair to the ground and she slap me like 3 times and kick my head like 8 times and itry to call my grandma and he only says nothing and i go to the bathroom and see my face is all bumped up and then my came home from work and he did'nt even say anything. Edit: i forget i almost jump out of the window

  • I Lynch
    I Lynch 6 days ago

    my mom would always use the biggest wooden spoon. she made us lower our pants, and she heated it before she used it. It was 5 spanks for every year of age.

  • I Lynch
    I Lynch 6 days ago

    exactly. "Those People". Half the time mine are so brutal it's like i have no idea who they are.

  • Katzz
    Katzz 6 days ago

    They don't desvere Kids tho...

  • Joe Sie
    Joe Sie 6 days ago +1

    Everything on this list should be illegal and everyone that does this to their kids I unsubed to u, inconsiderate piece of $hit

  • lel SwaggyBird
    lel SwaggyBird 7 days ago

    Parents who do these should be deported to gulag
    No. I'm SERIOUS.

  • SwapSwapFell Sans
    SwapSwapFell Sans 7 days ago

    B*tch please.

  • Michie Rei
    Michie Rei 7 days ago

    god i wish i never spoke, noq i gotta wash my mouth out with soap....

  • Jevon Jackson
    Jevon Jackson 7 days ago +1

    To parents puinsh your kids now? End up in prison or in a old folks home later in life. Basically parents talking is better than violence just saying.

  • Gusta Ant
    Gusta Ant 7 days ago

    I've been grounded for a year

  • Gusta Ant
    Gusta Ant 7 days ago

    What the crap half of these aren't that bad

  • Actually the worlds worst artist

    Okay... punishing your kid is one thing but.... abusing them is another

    • Hell Reaper
      Hell Reaper Day ago

      Actually the worlds worst artist agreed

  • Coctail Frank
    Coctail Frank 7 days ago +1

    i think that physical violence is good........my dad beat me every day and i can see i am polite in comparison to my friends

  • Coctail Frank
    Coctail Frank 7 days ago +1

    when your dad smacks you with a belt across the spine

  • Haku
    Haku 7 days ago

    Nº3 could've been a veeeeery different punishment.

  • No Cap
    No Cap 7 days ago

    Well I was a kinda good kid but did alot of bad things therefore my mom beat my ass with a belt and I'm not saying it in a bad way cause some kids really need it but hey look at how many teens in jail today that says something about the parents. Right or Wrong

    • azpro gaming
      azpro gaming 7 days ago

      No Cap wow dumbass go back 1970s child abuse

  • azpro gaming
    azpro gaming 7 days ago

    My mom is generation x so i have punishments that are old my mom still hits md and am 12 also grounded to for 5 months but right now am ok

  • Jester Kids
    Jester Kids 7 days ago

    I wasn't allowed to use any electronics including TV for two years for being suspended from my school for drawing two gay kids kissing...

    • azpro gaming
      azpro gaming 7 days ago

      Jester Kids wow i dont have privacy i have mom as generation x

  • The Raven
    The Raven 8 days ago

    My great-grandma would make my grandpa sit on his knees on jagged rocks 🙃 luckily my grandpa and dad just did spanking at most

  • Unpredictable Gaming

    When I was 5 my mum forced me to swallow some soap because I used to washvmyself with soap rather than shampoo

  • Abraham Jr. Okomanyi

    tying your kids us 2 7:12

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown 8 days ago

    yer most of these are bad but you cant ground your kids? come on thats silly

  • Xogb402 The gamer
    Xogb402 The gamer 8 days ago

    I hate parents, (at least mine) theyre too strict and they hide stuff from me

    • azpro gaming
      azpro gaming 7 days ago

      Xogb402 The gamer my parents dont let me have privacy even when i did something good.

  • D-DarkMonk
    D-DarkMonk 8 days ago

    Getting hit with a belt isn’t normal anymore??????????

  • Irrael Pena
    Irrael Pena 8 days ago

    stupid people we all have punish mwnts

  • A Day With A Weirdo
    A Day With A Weirdo 8 days ago

    Wait, the door thing is supposed to be a punishment? I've never had a bedroom door before and it's not a problem. In fact, the only door ever closed in the house is the front&back, along with the bathroom when its not in use.

    • azpro gaming
      azpro gaming 7 days ago


    • A Day With A Weirdo
      A Day With A Weirdo 7 days ago

      azpro gaming i don't, I'll probably wait until I move out. If I ever actually want to discover myself that way😂😂😂

    • azpro gaming
      azpro gaming 7 days ago

      A Day With A Weirdo lol i wonder how you jerk off

  • The Inner circle
    The Inner circle 8 days ago

    Boris assaults and abuses Caillou a lot

  • Banana boom
    Banana boom 8 days ago

    How aren't they in jail

  • MEEEH !
    MEEEH ! 8 days ago

    The removal of privacy is the absolute worst. Ja parents are grounding me as a normal Lifestyle I May only leave ja House for school and Walk in my room Evers five minutes. They are Constantly checking Evers Inch of my room when "Putting socks in my closet" they Monitor my Smartphone and forbid ne from having a girlfriend. Im fckn 16 years old and they literraly allow my 9year old sister more stuff than me.

  • The Media
    The Media 8 days ago

    To keep me from ever having sex my parents just told me horror stories everyday about girls and boys being brutally raped and murdered by their partners. My dad even said that the path I take for school is a common "raping spot" (which wasn't true. No rape even happened near my school). And my dad always told me "Men are horrible! They'll rape you then cut you up and put you in a box!" By the time I was 14 I had to much anxiety to even leave my house and had to start getting homeschooled.

    • azpro gaming
      azpro gaming 7 days ago +1

      Your parents had sex and made you bruh.

    • The Media
      The Media 8 days ago

      Blue Fred Yeah I know now that men aren't inherently bad like my parents tried to convince me.

    • Blue Fred
      Blue Fred 8 days ago

      Your dad is cruel (I'm a guy, but I'm not interested in raping anyone).

  • BADgamer #1
    BADgamer #1 8 days ago


  • Jazlyn Rubio
    Jazlyn Rubio 8 days ago

    "Things have changed now" I'm 11 and my mom smacked me with a belt until I was 8

  • OMG craft
    OMG craft 8 days ago

    Meanestmom are trying to get away by selling the site lol

  • OMG craft
    OMG craft 8 days ago +2

    1100 bad parents disliked 😏

  • Herbivore The Carnivore

    Parents that don't respect privacy are generally just shitty parents

  • the puginator
    the puginator 9 days ago

    I've had soap in my mouth from my parents

  • the puginator
    the puginator 9 days ago

    Out lawing spankings? Stupid

  • Phùng Công Huy Vũ

    Nomarl in viet nam

  • kylee_97
    kylee_97 9 days ago

    I think spanking is necessary in some situations. I don't agree with using anything but your hand though, and you should NEVER spank because you're angry. That is absolutely abuse.
    My dad spanked me only twice my entire childhood, once for running out in the street after being warned twice, and once for having an attitude all day and then hitting my mom. Both times he went in the other room and cried when he was done.
    I don't remember how much it hurt, I just remember always listening to rules that were there for my safety, and checking my attitude. And honestly my biggest struggle in life is dealing with people who were never properly disciplined.
    And obviously every child is different. The girl I babysit doesn't care about getting spanked, so she's stuck on her parents' bed until she behaves. But that would have never worked for me because I was always a loner with a big imagination, so I would just lay there and enjoy myself. 😂 Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk

  • Diamond Skye
    Diamond Skye 9 days ago

    Spanking is literally nothing

  • please close the goddamn door

    Punishments for me are most likely either being spanked with different kinds of hangers, being pushed outside and locked for hours straight with only myself and nothing else, being emotionally damaged due to my Father telling me to kill myself and how he wish he never had me or being chased with a knife and later press it against my arm or neck while saying I should die.
    Needless to say my childhood isn't the greatest and the result of that is myself right now, still thinking about death and suicide.
    _this is why parents need to know the limits when punishing their children_

  • Claire Xue
    Claire Xue 9 days ago

    I never been grounded

  • queen of animal jam
    queen of animal jam 10 days ago

    A korean mom separated 2 twins in a different house! That's something huge

  • Bunny Rabbit
    Bunny Rabbit 10 days ago

    number 10 and then starting from number 6 to number 2
    my mom did em all .-.

  • Nathan Gabriel Manalo
    Nathan Gabriel Manalo 10 days ago

    Why are they doing this😧😠?! That’s not right

    BDB PARANORMAL 10 days ago

    My mom once made me put a squirt of soap in my mouth when I was 7

  • Lavender Rose
    Lavender Rose 10 days ago

    The punishment that my mom gives me is a looooong lecture. Sometimes her lectures make me cry but I learn my lesson. My mom is a great mom tho! I can’t think of a time my mom hit me

    • doki doki literature club
      doki doki literature club 10 days ago

      i sometimes would prefer being spanked instead of an hour long lecture. all you can do is just sit and eventually just tune them out, thinking about "man, i sure could go for eggs on toast right about now"

  • alex
    alex 10 days ago

    The most extreme punishment is making you leave the house and never come back.

  • Luis Rios
    Luis Rios 10 days ago

    I’m 13 but my dad still beats my ass for doing something stupid

  • Engima channel
    Engima channel 10 days ago

    This is fake Parents just get Mad

  • черный призрак призрак

    Wait, but soap is poisonous right?

  • JR Bradford
    JR Bradford 10 days ago

    If only these parents felt how we felt about this they'd get it

  • Skorza Rblx
    Skorza Rblx 11 days ago


  • Tashawn memes
    Tashawn memes 11 days ago

    nOt iN mY hOuSe yOuNg mAn
    -my father 1992

  • Steven Pan
    Steven Pan 11 days ago

    mine brutalized my ipad

  • the wolfy
    the wolfy 11 days ago

    Me abuse alittle

  • Chase Jones
    Chase Jones 11 days ago

    I never thought no privacy was a punishment because my family refused to give me that regardless of the situation no matter what I was doing and the only time I was allowed to shut my door was if there was company then I'd get grounded for coming out of my room even to use the bathroom. I got the soap and water for speaking up and voicing my opinion then got hit. Also I don't know if it was just me but when I was grounded I wasn't allowed in the house except for sleep and food.