WORST Punishments Kids Received From Their Parents


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  • GamingBeFly
    GamingBeFly 29 minutes ago

    Privacy. Crucial to society.

  • stefan Dekleva
    stefan Dekleva 2 hours ago

    WTF none of those are even bad. my parents did most of those

  • It's_Lady_ DragonBall
    It's_Lady_ DragonBall 2 hours ago

    My older sister would never let me in her room, (and now, I can see why) so instead of taking her door off, my Dad just took the lock off.

  • Quick Mafs
    Quick Mafs 3 hours ago

    That's nothing, once my parents forced me to stand on lego brick all day

  • Undine Skrastina
    Undine Skrastina 4 hours ago

    I haven't had any that bad punishments. I am 12 years old and I'm not bad child.

  • Asif Zamir
    Asif Zamir 4 hours ago

    Me too

  • XxMad StudiosXx
    XxMad StudiosXx 5 hours ago +1

    Well I mean that's not bad I swore and then I lost my electronics because if they turn the Wifi of I just find my Ds and play it lol

  • busy stormer
    busy stormer 7 hours ago

    I got molested by my stepdad he kicked me and he punched he even strangled my mom he also had kids that almost drowned me now he's in jail and I got a nice family with another stepdad but this one doesn't molest and is nice to me

  • Memes And more mems
    Memes And more mems 9 hours ago

    My friend got grounded for a whole year and he is still grounded

  • Nobody
    Nobody 10 hours ago

    2:21 the kid is not even in the house

  • Firey Odyssey
    Firey Odyssey 11 hours ago

    Number 8..

    Go!Animate users rise up

  • Sport Solutions
    Sport Solutions 12 hours ago

    11th thing is deletig your favourite game

  • Jai S Clarina
    Jai S Clarina 12 hours ago +1

    Try to be Asian

    Ps I’m Asian so that’s not being racist

  • Metal13 Wolfgang
    Metal13 Wolfgang 15 hours ago

    They’re all ok

  • Siva Tapu
    Siva Tapu 16 hours ago

    Ha no wonder u call this banned in my country we hit then till they learn tbh im a kid and when i was 8 they use a belt its is legal and in public

  • jaiden connors
    jaiden connors 17 hours ago

    I just shit myself my grandpa shot my tv it was so funny

  • SUPA Goose
    SUPA Goose 19 hours ago

    why does monky want to borrow banan? if he ets banan how does monky giv it bak?

  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper 20 hours ago

    My parents never punished me for bad grades: they worked with me to improve my grades.

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White 22 hours ago

    I was whacked with a wooden spoon once.. that shit hurt lol

  • Braeden Wessinger
    Braeden Wessinger 22 hours ago

    Grounded, Soap, that's normal! And I'm 12 so you can't say it's because of this generation.

  • Golden Clorox Bleach
    Golden Clorox Bleach 22 hours ago +2

    My mom hit me with the vacuum cleaner

    • RZ 1285608
      RZ 1285608 15 hours ago

      what ABOUT a alarm clock?

  • springweek
    springweek 22 hours ago +1

    any punishment from your parent(s)/guardian which is in some form abusive is down right wrong and can and WILL affect you in later life. scolding/punishments should be more peaceful or calmer and should help you LEARN from your mistakes and elders, not fear them altogether.

  • Mico The killer
    Mico The killer 22 hours ago

    I never got spanked or grounded and I’m a good man a good husband a good citizen and a good father.

  • Ded Man
    Ded Man 23 hours ago

    Some parents are just plain horrifying

  • Clement From Pokémon

    My mom didn’t wash my mouth with soap and water she made me eat it don,t call cops on her we had a house set of fire and it is too much

  • Devin Does it 999

    Didn’t someone go blind because of soap

  • NJFilms 21
    NJFilms 21 Day ago

    My mum smacked me on the leg with a shoe when i was 9. I was Crying so much

  • AlexAndDiegoGame
    AlexAndDiegoGame Day ago +2

    number 1:

    SCHOOL SCHOOL!!!!!!!!

  • Mystic Flame7
    Mystic Flame7 Day ago

    If I ticked off my mom as a five to six years old my mom would use the deadliest weapon in the history of weapons stronger then a nuke stronger then a gun..........THE CHANCLA!

  • just an ordinary gamer

    i like turtles

  • Long Haired Lioness

    I used to get hurtfully punished but I refuse to believe in tough love

  • Kermit Is a frog

    My friend spent 100 dollars on fortnite his dad got the belt

  • Clawdine 212
    Clawdine 212 Day ago

    Who's butt has gotten the smack from their parents when they were young. Raise your hand 🙋

  • Loke Yoong Chen
    Loke Yoong Chen Day ago

    Sorry... but....

    *my wifi is gone for 4 months*

  • amnv p
    amnv p Day ago

    5:12 they are probably Asian “you get D you now die” but isn’t a d a passing grade

  • JonJontheGerman McBoss

    My dad's dad was supposed to be grounded for 10 years when he was 8 until he was 18, there were bars on the window and the doors were locked and there was a hatch in the door to get food through, very potter-esq minus Hogwarts and magic,
    At 14 he got a job at maccas after 6 years of being grounded. His best friend/boss had to use his ure to pull the bars of the window and he had to be realy quick and escape.
    He was homeless and lived in his car from when he got his licence for 2 years. Very sad

  • keedanu halls
    keedanu halls Day ago

    how ever embarrassment is eeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllll

  • keedanu halls
    keedanu halls Day ago

    corproal punishment is better than everything after because pain is temporary

  • keedanu halls
    keedanu halls Day ago

    corpral punishments isnt that bad child need it and i am a child. i am not saying beat tell damage a little pain never hurt it helps

  • Michael Balice
    Michael Balice 2 days ago

    My parents could throw slippers at the speed of sound

  • Shark Martin
    Shark Martin 2 days ago

    My brother had his mouth washed with soap

  • HumpMeFučkMe DaddyBetterMakeMeChoke

    I believe discipline nothing is wrong with hitting A child

  • only destiel
    only destiel 2 days ago

    A 3 years old kid had a blue eye my mum who is her teacher asked her what happened she said her mum hit her with a pan

  • amahl Cotterell
    amahl Cotterell 2 days ago

    This is nothing, I got my hands burned on a stove because I “stole” money from my mom when I was 7 I’m 29, later she found out that I didn’t. Up to this day I’m scarred both mentally and physically because of that

  • Aishma Gurung
    Aishma Gurung 2 days ago

    My mom spank with a broom to my brother when he was in nursery she hit him till blood came from his mouth😖 but it was accidently came by cutting his own lips by his teeth and the end she was scared too😱i cried😭 in my room coz i was way little to cool my mom 😟

  • Joshua Campbell
    Joshua Campbell 2 days ago

    smacking is abusing! >: (

  • Darnyex
    Darnyex 2 days ago

    That's nothing, My dad spanks me with all of his strength.

  • Julian Bangayan
    Julian Bangayan 2 days ago

    I thought hacking your child literally means hack with blades😂😂😂

  • mfw my ass hair itches

    Nothing hurts more than the feeling of dissapointing someone. My parents never hurt me but when i did something bad they would show how dissapointed they were. I can say no amount of spanking, no amount of torture can stick to me like that feeling.
    Also doesn't make the child form hatred for the parents. I can never think of a time i hated my parents. But i can think of a time that they punished me with that feeling

  • Moonman
    Moonman 2 days ago

    When your parents take away your WiFi access you can kill yourself

  • Ch33zeburger 45
    Ch33zeburger 45 2 days ago

    These are weak

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin 2 days ago

    1909? I want to spend a week there

  • Ava Banker Box
    Ava Banker Box 2 days ago

    I never been grounded YET

  • Green bean brain.
    Green bean brain. 2 days ago

    10 talking back
    9 talking back
    8 not happened
    7 No, because I don't have any digital services. This is my parents' phone.
    6. I had to do that and the sign said I ask stupid questions necessantly.
    5. My parents cannot hack. At all.
    4. No because THAT is child abuse
    3. What the #&$@?

  • Some Scrub
    Some Scrub 2 days ago +1

    i didn't get 80 and up on my math grade so my mom beat my ass so fucking hard with a belt

  • Amazinglols 2019
    Amazinglols 2019 2 days ago

    When I do something wrong..
    She picks up a scissor and chases me to cut of my tongue
    *unless I say sorry*

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 days ago

    I have gotten 10 and 9

  • Esther's Weird World


  • Rhanke
    Rhanke 3 days ago

    Did you know that in sweden it's illegal too spank children

  • Anonymous Wonder
    Anonymous Wonder 3 days ago

    I honestly dont find anything wrong with using a belt but as in everything some people take things too far. I got hit with a belt but I wasnt abused.

  • Kaizen Aura
    Kaizen Aura 3 days ago

    The best punishment i ever got was when i wasn't allowed to take my gun to school.

  • kawaii kitty chan
    kawaii kitty chan 3 days ago

    Im always grounded lol

  • firey and leafy bfdi

    give me links for guy shot laptop,teennager holds sign and child was hacked

  • nash ward
    nash ward 3 days ago

    when i was 5, my dad tied me to the bed and hit me with a cane.

  • T K Chavan Chavan
    T K Chavan Chavan 3 days ago

    2:23 2018 be like 'tide pods'

  • Patrick Adams
    Patrick Adams 3 days ago

    My parents respect my privacy alot and i love them for that

  • twix twix
    twix twix 3 days ago

    Hit with a belt? Ha! I got hit with a thin bamboo stick

  • XF
    XF 3 days ago +1

    My friends mom put soap in his mouth for swearing

  • weird alien hell
    weird alien hell 3 days ago

    "You've probably been grounding"
    Asian kids: what is that?

  • KandyKquake YT
    KandyKquake YT 4 days ago

    TG I live in Canada so it's illegal and u would get arrested or fined $5000

  • midnight rider
    midnight rider 4 days ago

    Good vid

  • Rare Wolf
    Rare Wolf 4 days ago

    10, 9, half of 8, hammer 7, 6, and 5 this stuff is nuttin

  • Sophia Angel
    Sophia Angel 4 days ago

    What's about saying "You're not my kid anymore" and mean it?

  • fotis 5
    fotis 5 4 days ago

    The 10th one my parents have did it to me

  • Ashmit Sharma
    Ashmit Sharma 4 days ago

    Almost Everything has Happened to me I was even Hit with my phone and by Belt the only thing that didn't happen to me is the Last/No. 1

  • Neil Kothari
    Neil Kothari 4 days ago

    When I was small my mom once turned on the stove, took tongs put it on the stove and then grabbed me and put it in my mouth and tried to pull out my tounge. This was because I called my sister a donkey. To be honest I think the punishments work. Although its a lot of pain at the time the future is worth it.

  • Ugnius Fuck Off
    Ugnius Fuck Off 4 days ago

    1:27 Why was that girl sexually assaulted with a shoe?

  • I fly high a lot YT
    I fly high a lot YT 4 days ago +1

    Standing on legos for 1 hour The worst of them all :(

  • Vlad Vanguine
    Vlad Vanguine 4 days ago

    If you stop a teenager from doing something in their bedroom, they will more than likely just do it somewhere else

  • Ruby Dyer
    Ruby Dyer 4 days ago

    My dad abuses me because he thought of something that made him angry

  • Jayden Anonymous
    Jayden Anonymous 4 days ago

    For the hacking punishments, I feel like the parents didn't hack their kids' accounts, more like they just went on their electronic devices in which their passwords were saved.

  • MikeTheRoman
    MikeTheRoman 4 days ago

    you disrespect your mother, go get the belt, you kicked your sister in the face, get my flip flop, you rolling your eyes, get the belt.

  • unknown uchiha
    unknown uchiha 4 days ago

    Dad: son come get this spanking. 17 year old son: WOAHHHH HOLD UP

  • unknown uchiha
    unknown uchiha 4 days ago

    1:02 chick: a little spanking never hurt anybody. other chick: wait are we talking about you or your child?Me: ohhh I know all right;)

  • 83q
    83q 4 days ago


    THE RAT 4 days ago

    N°10 this is normal today
    N°9 cool
    N°8 cool cool
    N°7 Im dead
    N°6 keep privacy
    N°4 MEMES please just do it
    N°3 You messed up soul
    N°2 Necklace
    N°1 Gross and cool cool

  • Kelsey’s World
    Kelsey’s World 4 days ago

    I get hit with a belt

  • Cameron Gaming
    Cameron Gaming 4 days ago

    I got soap too

  • Gladden Empire
    Gladden Empire 5 days ago

    Sometimes I wish i was in the northern west

  • Gladden Empire
    Gladden Empire 5 days ago

    My dad uses a belt and I hate him

    Im Syrian😔

  • Mustafa Hawary
    Mustafa Hawary 5 days ago

    I've never been punished but only 1 time

  • Yolanda Payton
    Yolanda Payton 5 days ago

    The worst thing my parents could take away is my outside time

  • The Roblox Funnies
    The Roblox Funnies 5 days ago

    i have never been grounded or hit bye any of my family (apart from being hit by my bro)

  • Thomas Deem
    Thomas Deem 5 days ago

    Some stuff like hitting only happens when kids are horrible

  • mahboiis gey
    mahboiis gey 5 days ago

    Even parent does SM( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Boboi Nau
    Boboi Nau 5 days ago

    My mom would let me read read and read my books

  • TheBrotherHood 27
    TheBrotherHood 27 5 days ago

    No. 1 should have been kneeling down in a patch of salt for minutes

  • Kathlyn Bautista
    Kathlyn Bautista 5 days ago

    Any Filipinos here who experienced kneeling on salt while balancing books with both of your hands? 😂

  • Even more cringy
    Even more cringy 5 days ago

    A shoe is actually much worster than a belt

  • Park Hye Soo
    Park Hye Soo 5 days ago

    toxic family..