DO TEENS KNOW 2000s MUSIC? #19 (REACT: Do They Know It?)


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    REACT  Month ago +162

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    • Joseph Parker
      Joseph Parker Month ago

      React to Don't Stop The Music by Rihanna

    • Phillipc  Contreras
      Phillipc Contreras Month ago

      REACT When can y’all do a react video of Jhene aiko or HER they both got great music 🎶

    • Will Davenport
      Will Davenport Month ago

      You guys gotta get the adults or parents on the band Trice! The messages in their music are very dense and thoughtful and the music is outstanding.

    • Chadni Agarwal
      Chadni Agarwal Month ago

      React to John Mayer

    • Adam j
      Adam j Month ago

      React to offspring

  • sugahowyougetsofly
    sugahowyougetsofly Month ago +2

    And everybody knows rihanna and her songs .. Mama Riri is Queen

  • Mohammed AlShareef
    Mohammed AlShareef Month ago

    American Horror Story ( in addition to the upcoming SEAOSN apocalypse)

  • helenastarr
    helenastarr Month ago +1

    Haha the Jlo song i even remebered it was feat. Ja Rule from the jlo album... forgot the number of the track but oh my... memories are there for good 😂

    10M Views Month ago

    riri mama all i want

  • Dude McDudeness
    Dude McDudeness Month ago

    Stop saying bop!

  • bonita gonzalez
    bonita gonzalez Month ago +1

    Map by yeah yeah yeahs 💟💟💟

  • Zawadi Yebo
    Zawadi Yebo Month ago +1

    I was born in 2000 so i only know the songs from 2005+ 🤣

  • 39 Years
    39 Years Month ago +1

    Traveling back to the 2000s y'all want anything

  • minikels10
    minikels10 Month ago +1

    Damn! How do the kids love The fray so much?? I need to let my niece hear it.

  • Antonin
    Antonin Month ago +2

    still no chingy?

  • g12bzy
    g12bzy Month ago


  • James Angove-Walton
    James Angove-Walton Month ago +1

    React to Kylie Minogue

  • RollandDynasty
    RollandDynasty Month ago +1

    Yes, children. Check out the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, and Karen O in general.

  • Leon Licious
    Leon Licious Month ago +1

    React to the A Star is Born Trailer please 💕

  • Hailey Correa
    Hailey Correa Month ago

    Please react to Eminem’s Kamikaze album.

  • Syed
    Syed Month ago +11

    The moment when they didn't recognize 50 ;~;

  • •FrozenSurf •
    •FrozenSurf • Month ago +7

    What is wrong with them. I am 15 and I know most of these. Especially they ones that they did not know. Like come one.

  • Austin Walsh
    Austin Walsh Month ago +6

    Can you have someone react to music that isn't pop or rap lol. what about some metal

  • ban this guy
    ban this guy Month ago +3

    So you ain't got Carlos WOW

  • Barbara Garcia
    Barbara Garcia Month ago +2

    react to idol by bts

  • bethechange
    bethechange Month ago +14


  • Alden Ingalls
    Alden Ingalls Month ago +8

    You final played real music 🙃 thank you

  • King Trace
    King Trace Month ago +13


  • Warrior Sensei
    Warrior Sensei Month ago

    Please do an react video to John Meyer

  • Marco Hernandez
    Marco Hernandez Month ago +9

    please react to the Killers pleaseeee
    leave a like so they watch it

  • Kai Thompson
    Kai Thompson Month ago +6

    These guys were way too happy listening to the fray O.O

  • Cameron Albert
    Cameron Albert Month ago +9

    You guys should do zombies by Cranberries

    • Danniel H
      Danniel H Month ago +2

      Cameron Albert please no

  • Stoodmuffin Personal
    Stoodmuffin Personal Month ago +4

    IT"S ONLY YOU AND MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yeaaaaaaaaah

  • princess ali
    princess ali Month ago +5

    my dad never stopped playing 50 cent when i was growing up lmaoo

  • KingMar
    KingMar Month ago

    Do it feel like summer by childish gambino

  • oj43085
    oj43085 Month ago +7

    So many instantly recognizable songs and they can't guess. . so sad..Like beyonce check on it??!

  • Mélodie Kersaint
    Mélodie Kersaint Month ago +4

    What about the reason by Hoobastank??

  • angelicxjasminez16
    angelicxjasminez16 Month ago +7

    the fray :')

  • John Dobb
    John Dobb Month ago +8

    The "how to save a life" song by the Fray has a sad meaning to me, it was played at the funeral of my neices 3 day old daughter Erin, it's 10 1/2 years since she passed away but it's still raw, I take her oldest sister to visit her grave every week with fresh flowers, and as I drive to/from work every day I always shout out "morning Erin love or evening Erin love" when I pass the cemetery

    • The Eyebrow
      The Eyebrow Month ago +1

      It should be a sad meaning. It is a sad song

    JOHN MARCO MINA Month ago +35


  • boris maarschalkerweerd

    rear vehicle helpful previously offering false interested

  • Mya Rodriguez
    Mya Rodriguez Month ago +9

    anyone else cry when they heard how to save a life 😭 thxs greys anatomy 😂

  • Victor Estrada
    Victor Estrada Month ago +8

    My Gawd Who Picks These Kids And Songs Smh

  • PikaGirl
    PikaGirl Month ago +12

    How to Save a Life is the best song ever

  • Antonio Luiz
    Antonio Luiz Month ago +14

    No one knew JLo because it's Ashanti's voice on that version of Ain't It Funny, this happens when you can't sing at all.

    • dignature123
      dignature123 Month ago +1

      I knew I wasn’t buggin!!

    • Lael K
      Lael K Month ago +1

      Fr tho i tought it was Ashanti

    • Bri Sims
      Bri Sims Month ago +3

      I knew it sounded like ashanti

  • KiddDripp
    KiddDripp Month ago +1


  • Dre Glazed Mafia
    Dre Glazed Mafia Month ago +3

    Teens REACT to Cascada - Everytime We Touch!!!!! Or better yet their hit songs discography!!!! 🤗

  • EJ4
    EJ4 Month ago +3

    Kids react to Coldplay

  • eustagoesout
    eustagoesout Month ago +3

    What are the coincidences!

  • titaloveification
    titaloveification Month ago +1

    React to Breathe by Fabolous for 2000s

  • ellezc
    ellezc Month ago +10

    3:20 im so sad no one knew this song

  • Seth H
    Seth H Month ago +5

    Put there age

  • kdotdachamp edits
    kdotdachamp edits Month ago +8

    Can I be one of the reactors? PLEASE

  • Thisura Thiranagama
    Thisura Thiranagama Month ago +28

    you listen to pimp with you MOM!?!?!?!?

  • Cha De Villa
    Cha De Villa Month ago +1

    lol. no one knew j.lo. she used to make good music before haha

  • S A
    S A Month ago

    plz react to sierra burgess is a loser:))))

  • MClovesNJ
    MClovesNJ Month ago

    React to Luis fonsi!

  • M.J.G. TV
    M.J.G. TV Month ago +17

    How did they not know “Here without You” .... I’m extra shook.

  • PapagalGaming
    PapagalGaming Month ago +3

    adults react to Cardi B

  • fevin britto
    fevin britto Month ago +2

    I want to know how old are Jair and Jayka before I say something.

  • raphshady
    raphshady Month ago +7

    Teens/Adult react to Eminem - The Ringer

  • LightningGmr
    LightningGmr Month ago +1

    I got everything but the one from 50 cent. I don't listen to him, wouldn't be able to ever pick out music from him.

  • Phenomenal Lyricist
    Phenomenal Lyricist Month ago +6

    React to eminem

  • aMABcreation
    aMABcreation Month ago

    React to Poets of the Fall

  • KRHH 979
    KRHH 979 Month ago +8

    Gavin needs to not be on this planet anymore

  • DeafEyeOfficial
    DeafEyeOfficial Month ago +10

    Teens react to The Kamikaze Album by Eminem

  • W 36
    W 36 Month ago +1

    Jaxon lmaoooo

  • Olivia Grace 2007
    Olivia Grace 2007 Month ago


  • Campbell Jackson
    Campbell Jackson Month ago +5

    Marley looks like Nancy from stranger things

  • Ryne Rowley
    Ryne Rowley Month ago +5

    No one knew JLo tho...

  • Alex Macneill
    Alex Macneill Month ago +8

    how to save a life is such a bop

  • Chris D
    Chris D Month ago

    Love the channel. My musical suggestion would be to throw in some tunes from They Might Be Giants.

  • Gilma Bonilla
    Gilma Bonilla Month ago +5

    I’m just in my room when everyone else is asleep singing along to the songs

  • Skylar Yon
    Skylar Yon Month ago +20

    I can't believe nobody knew Here Without You

    • JustinBieberiscool20
      JustinBieberiscool20 Month ago +1

      i know it but couldn’t remember who sang it was thinking daughtry for some reason lol

    • your mama
      your mama Month ago

      True 😢

    • Trang Vu
      Trang Vu Month ago

      Second that

    • Skylar Yon
      Skylar Yon Month ago

      +Watch Netflix same! Man that song used to be my jam lol

    • Watch Netflix
      Watch Netflix Month ago

      Skylar Yon I honestly kinda got pissed 😂

    HRDCR PEDAL Month ago +5

    Wait, what? Mikaela is teenagers? How old is she actually?

  • ZephyR | Rocket League

    When 90% of these songs are in your playlist you listen to daily...

  • Power Rangers/Super Sentai News

    Adults/kids/Teens react to Bobby brown/the Bobby brown story

    • Juh Jordan
      Juh Jordan Month ago

      Power Rangers/Super Sentai News no

  • Graceann Petrassi
    Graceann Petrassi Month ago +6

    i'm 14 and i started belting out here without you

  • Bored_teen :/
    Bored_teen :/ Month ago +3

    Did they already react to Cascada???!!

  • Joshua the Nerdy Weeb
    Joshua the Nerdy Weeb Month ago +4

    For the next 2000's do Yonkers by Tyler the Creator

    • Darrell
      Darrell Month ago

      That song came out in 2011

  • Lukesbricks16
    Lukesbricks16 Month ago +3

    I knew only the last one...

  • Stop-Motion Queens
    Stop-Motion Queens Month ago +2

    Will has grown up so much

  • Beastmode Jake
    Beastmode Jake Month ago

    Somebody hook me up with Jayka

  • sailorcarr
    sailorcarr Month ago +2

    PIMP. My Childhood. 👌🏼

  • sailorcarr
    sailorcarr Month ago


  • Squishy Mochi Min
    Squishy Mochi Min Month ago +3


  • nick Najera
    nick Najera Month ago

    React to Monster Magnet "powertrip"

  • Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson Month ago +7

    As a UK viewer, I struggle to recognise the mainly US artists. Maybe try adults and teens with only UK artists. See how they do.

  • Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.

    Old Mafia or Gangster Movies

  • Chadni Agarwal
    Chadni Agarwal Month ago +3

    React to John Mayer

  • Judah A.
    Judah A. Month ago +1

    You guys should add any a.f.i. song on your next list

  • james rocca
    james rocca Month ago +3

    do teens know mafia/gangster movies

  • pozitiwnie
    pozitiwnie Month ago +6

    Kid Cudi vs Crookers - Day n' Nite
    MGMT - Time To Pretend
    Lil Wayne - A Milli
    Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
    Lady Gaga - Just Dance

    • Juh Jordan
      Juh Jordan Month ago

      Your talking mid 2000s...

    • pozitiwnie
      pozitiwnie Month ago

      You mean original version or remix? For me remix is waaaaaay better.

    • Sharath Chandra
      Sharath Chandra Month ago

      day n nite is dope

  • Ben J
    Ben J Month ago +5

    to the amount of references to the fray in this vid is wild lol, the curly haired girl thought "here without you" was by the fray (though she couldn't name them), and then that song came up right after, and then they played maps, which id never heard before but hen they got to the chorus i was like wtf, this is by the fray. turns out they covered it for their album

  • Ben J
    Ben J Month ago +9

    the boy at 1:21, i just CAN'T... "it's more relaxed, more chill.. makes me feel like a P-I-M-P"

  • Xiyo Reven
    Xiyo Reven Month ago

    blows my mind they didnt add Down with the Sickness from Disturbed? many people might not like that style of music but everyone knew that song who was old enough to actually listen to music during that time

  • Llantasoft
    Llantasoft Month ago +4

    Gavin sounds like 'salad fingers'

  • isabella
    isabella Month ago +9

    I love how Jair said 3 doors down sounded “exactly” like the people who sing “how to save a life” but when the song came up she had no idea who sang it.

  • giovanni bernal
    giovanni bernal Month ago

    Love you guys💕💞🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💞

  • Titan Of Titans
    Titan Of Titans Month ago +6

    Please stop with "bop", please.

  • hope pruitt
    hope pruitt Month ago +5


  • Michael Viator
    Michael Viator Month ago

    React you need to get your act together, first the 80’s were completely messed up by you and now your pick for 2000’s music picks were absolute crap other than 3 songs

  • Queen Faith
    Queen Faith Month ago +14

    I got excited when I heard 3 Doors Down