Top 10 Self Defense Martial Arts Styles

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    For this list, we're ranking various schools of martial arts training and thought, specifically those where self-defense tactics are most promoted and utilized.
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Comments • 80

  • Sheikh Safat
    Sheikh Safat 17 hours ago

    World no1 in tai chi and wing chun you speak mistake

  • MSJ Rey
    MSJ Rey 3 days ago

    I trained in Kyokushin for 4 years. Our training was very tiresome but made us feel stronger in the end. I witnessed one master who managed to power through a fight with at least 60 other high ranking black belts for 1 hour with few breaks. He had to go to the hospital, but it was still impressive match.

  • rasha upa
    rasha upa 3 days ago

    1) Wrestling
    2) Muay Thai
    3) Brazilian Jiu Jutsu
    4) Boxing
    5) Fook everything else

  • seannyC74
    seannyC74 4 days ago

    Aikido's not real.

  • yt king
    yt king 7 days ago

    the best martial art is karate forever

  • D Traveller LK
    D Traveller LK 10 days ago

    you missed systema

  • SHERIFF __143
    SHERIFF __143 14 days ago

    “This is my Glock.40”, “This is my problem solver right here”.

  • Karate kid Ian
    Karate kid Ian 14 days ago

    Pretty sure cobra Kai is tangsoodo

  • Harith • 9 years ago • edited


  • Dirk Smith
    Dirk Smith 15 days ago

    At least 5 of these styles are known in the world of martial arts as a joke.. Who ever put list together needs to educate himself properly on MA... Hapkidi.. Aikido, wingchun... Haha... Probably the world's least effective styles

  • Will Walker
    Will Walker 17 days ago

    No krav maga

  • Aron Va'asa
    Aron Va'asa 17 days ago

    Sooo Boxing doesn't not make it??😂😂😂

  • JollyJuice_99
    JollyJuice_99 20 days ago

    1:40 me and my brother playing ninja like:

  • Sebastian Tapia
    Sebastian Tapia 22 days ago

    You know nothing, watchmojo

  • Bradley Chang Hoe Zhit Bradley

    Muay Thai

  • jean -paul Frazier
    jean -paul Frazier 27 days ago

    Hung gar ,,,, or a good .45 lol

  • Jason Boston
    Jason Boston 29 days ago

    I train in Taekwondo. But we focus heavily on Krav Maga and Brazilian Jujitsu as well. I also like to incorporate my correction officer and military training into our classes. I wouldn't dare say that one martial art is better than another, but I would say that it definitely depends on the person and how much he or she practices. Personally, I love to learn as much as I can, just for fun.

  • Dee Henry
    Dee Henry Month ago

    Tony jaa is the man too

  • Daxi
    Daxi Month ago +2

    The funniest moment is when you train martial arts your whole life to see some youtuber say wing chun is more effective than let's say muay thai...or mma.

  • sam clukey
    sam clukey Month ago +1

    Krav can be defeated by wearing a cup.

  • Arhangel Mikail
    Arhangel Mikail Month ago

    Be advised judo with taekvondo is supreme but others are holyshit

  • AK Man
    AK Man Month ago

    Just got my Orange belt in Krav Maga.😁

    DJ KNUCKŁ3S!! Month ago

    Very good who the fuck comes at you with a knife like that?

  • Jackson Janis
    Jackson Janis Month ago

    What about Systema?

  • Angelos Mortis
    Angelos Mortis Month ago

    Hello groin ... 😂😂😂

  • Derrick Haggard
    Derrick Haggard Month ago

    For obvious reasons I start thinking of Nightwing when I see videos of people doing Kali/Escrima.

  • Fanie
    Fanie Month ago

    This list is retarded. Please rename to top 10 flashiest martial arts. More than half of these are useless in an actual fight. Only ones on here worth knowing for self defense is judo, jujutsu and muay thai. Also maybe mention boxing and western wrestling. Or are they to practical for you?

  • Nade Nedeva
    Nade Nedeva Month ago

    I think i am gonna use the simple and helpful anime techniques though xD

  • The martial artist
    The martial artist Month ago +1

    No all wrong

  • Belmont Lineage
    Belmont Lineage Month ago

    Krav maga was designed by combining so it can't be seen as an real art , though it's very deadly and practiced by marines

  • Kim-Jong Un 100 million subs or I declare war

    I just bring my gun

  • Omar Gillespie
    Omar Gillespie Month ago

    Best self defence? A fucking gun. There's no debate.

  • tony nelligan
    tony nelligan Month ago

    greatest fighting style man has is uzi-chun it makes noise but your attacker doesn't.

  • Studio Sudonic
    Studio Sudonic Month ago

    UFC and MMA... which styles do the top MMA fighters use. That, is the only question one must ask.

  • Origin
    Origin Month ago

    I fell like wrestling should of been on this list

  • Ein Sof
    Ein Sof Month ago

    You forgot systema

  • Ejen Aliya
    Ejen Aliya Month ago

    No 1 is PENCAK SILAT

  • Abdlkaf Aman
    Abdlkaf Aman Month ago

    Wing Chun Should Have been number one

  • Hassan Najr
    Hassan Najr Month ago

    You can't exclude kickboxing and K1

  • B4LT4ZAR
    B4LT4ZAR Month ago

    WHERE'S japanese ju jitsu

  • Alexander Telek
    Alexander Telek Month ago

    The best is Ninjutsu in my opinion.

  • Ken Colvin
    Ken Colvin Month ago

    The Bourne fighting techniques were based on kali

  • Utsab [U.K]
    Utsab [U.K] Month ago +1

    Boxing fans.! Comment down below.

  • AJ Haas
    AJ Haas Month ago

    How is this ordered?

    • AJ Haas
      AJ Haas Month ago

      In Krav-Maga they literally teach you if a nut job with a knife attacks you hit them until they stop moving but “if you see a kali guy run” so it’s not ordered in effectiveness

  • 20 02
    20 02 Month ago

    Hmmmmm not sure about wing chun🤨

  • ShelbyShoeShine「しね」

    Krav Maga is epic

  • Ahs Oei
    Ahs Oei Month ago

    What about Dirty Boxing (is that even the name?)? I heard it's the common style in street fights.

  • MyNameJeff
    MyNameJeff Month ago

    I think wing chun is the best. It’s op as frick

  • Faris Daffa
    Faris Daffa Month ago

    Survive is the best way

  • coolsteve1985
    coolsteve1985 Month ago

    That wasn't Krav Maga that Jason Bourne used. That was a combination of Kali and Jeet Kune Do.

  • Colin Ratte
    Colin Ratte 2 months ago

    Sorry to say but Muay Thai is not a self defence martial art.

  • Tristan ivan
    Tristan ivan 2 months ago

    Kung fu?

  • Harry Theaker
    Harry Theaker 2 months ago

    What no capoeira. Lol

  • The Thai Boxer
    The Thai Boxer 2 months ago

    Personaly I find may Thai the most effective

  • George C
    George C 2 months ago +1

    To be completely honest, the majority of all martial arts aren’t effective - maybe when they were created, but not now. That’s why the best ‘self-defence’ is going to be MMA or that genre because it takes all of the relevant bits.. also to say one martial art is better than another is frankly naive, to say one is a more effective sure thing, but to call one rubbish just shows your arrogance. All martial art have their benefits and you have to respect what they are trying to do.
    Look I'm no martial art expert but I am realistic and I'm not like 70% of the commenters who believe they are martial art gurus after watching some YT videos. Some people need to learn to be more respectful, not only will this help them in life, it will bloody well help them to not get into fights in the first place.

  • Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson 2 months ago

    My style is gunjutsu

  • Zero Budget Productions

    Your list is invalid it does not include Ameridotae

  • Zero Budget Productions

    Too 10 martial arts styles presented to you by non martial artists

  • Kartik Kotian
    Kartik Kotian 2 months ago

    My favorite wing chun and shaolin kung fu 😍😘

  • Kartik Kotian
    Kartik Kotian 2 months ago

    Where is shaolin kung fu ?

  • Nappy-headed Gaming
    Nappy-headed Gaming 2 months ago

    Sooooo we're not talk about the fact that Bruce Kick the actual FUCK out of the guy, I forgot what that movie was called

  • RevampedHippo55
    RevampedHippo55 2 months ago

    Krav Maga is the best if you want effective and efficient attacks.

  • Elyse Moon
    Elyse Moon 2 months ago

    3:41 that was a completely pointless movement of which I could have snuck in a few jabs before the cane ever hit me

  • Abdelhak Saouli
    Abdelhak Saouli 2 months ago

    2:41 wtf u mean gentel way the dude almost broke his neck

    NOEL RODRIGUEZ 2 months ago

    Lol. Bjj.

  • Linus Wesson
    Linus Wesson 2 months ago

    Number 3, Muay Thai
    *shows no actual muay thai*

  • alan runner
    alan runner 2 months ago

    Just checking the comments to see what the experts gona say

  • Dusty Shirlz
    Dusty Shirlz 2 months ago

    Gracie school. That's my dawg right there.

  • Ksawarrior
    Ksawarrior 2 months ago +1

    Bourne identity: a movie where everyone made a big point that kali/escrima was the main style used. And its footage is used for Krav Maga.

  • Shubham
    Shubham 2 months ago

    No Where is Kung Fu ? No 1 Is Kung Fu 😎

  • Joe
    Joe 2 months ago

    >spends over 2000$ learning martial arts
    >dies to a 350$ pistol

  • Wilfredo 215
    Wilfredo 215 2 months ago

    Taekwondo did not make the list but Aikido did lol

  • Isaac Yeon
    Isaac Yeon 2 months ago

    Akido over Hapkido? Gtfo

  • Mr. Pickles1234
    Mr. Pickles1234 2 months ago

    Jeet kune do should have been at least 3rd

  • Debbie Downer
    Debbie Downer 2 months ago +1

    Why isn’t boxing in this list?

    VIKAS KUMAR SINGH 2 months ago

    The best is not mentioned its gun 🔫

    RANDY TKD BOHOL 2 months ago


  • Madhi Maran
    Madhi Maran 2 months ago

    My top ten pick.,
    1. No panic
    2. Face fear
    3. Stay focus
    4. Open ears
    5. Empty mind
    6. Balance
    7. Never show your back
    8. Solid defense
    9. Iron fist/shin
    10. Go for K.O

  • dumb student
    dumb student 2 months ago

    Nothing is effective as boxing and muay Thai 🥊

  • ILike Wings of fire
    ILike Wings of fire 2 months ago

    There is no “Effective Style”
    It’s the person.
    Also capoeira is the best so SHUT!