People Laughed At My Weight but Then I Became a Model

  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
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    This is Margaret. She has a very inspiring story for those who are fat-shamed and feel miserable about it. The thing is that a couple of years ago, she was famous at her school as Fat Maggie, yet now everyone wants to date her. Unbelievably, she didn’t need to lose a kilo to see this turnaround. Here is the story of her life.
    She has always been overweight. Her family, all in all, is quite a slender one, and no one actually knows why she was born plump. They thought it would disappear as the years went by. It didn’t. She didn’t overeat, and was a very active girl. She’d been involved in lots of sports ever since she was a small child. Her parents thought that maybe she had some intestinal or hormonal problems, and took her to the doctors, but they came up with nothing. Then they gave up. She wasn’t actually suffering because of her health, and didn’t consider it a “condition”.
    When she went to school, she stood out of the crowd at once. You know how cruel kids can be, and they sure did mock her. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t know that apart from being a “lump of fat,” as they called her, she also had a great deal of muscle. She already did rugby and karate, and after a couple of broken noses her classmates learned to show some respect towards “Big M”.
    Things weren’t that bad really. Slowly but surely, Margaret became part of the group, and everybody respected her - although she had no idea whether this was because they liked her, or because they knew she could beat them up. She even made some friends and felt happy enough, until she had to go to high school where she didn’t know anyone. That meant starting all over again. She still had some hope that that everyone would be more mature by this stage, and they wouldn’t mind her looks.
    She was both right and wrong. On the one hand, no one called her a lump of fat anymore. On the other, instead of insulting her directly, they talked about her behind her back and gave her disgusted looks. Those were times when working out had become very trendy, and everyone spent their evenings in the gym. Margaret was still doing lots of sports, and a couple of times she tried to explain to people that she wasn’t simply a lazy coach potato - she was actually an athlete. But they didn’t believe her.
    They became accustomed to the way she looked, but unfortunately she still wasn’t able to socialise much. She was called “Fat Maggie” and became one of the school’s freaks. It’s sad, but true. The worst thing was that at some point, everyone started dating, and she was totally excluded from the process. She knew a couple of boys liked her, but they would never approach her - because who would date Fat Maggie? The thing was, despite being overweight she had always had a well-trained body, and more importantly a pretty face, so she found the whole situation extremely unfair.
    She remembers the day that changed her life very clearly. One of Margaret’s cousins had ambitions to become a model, and she went to a casting organized by a big scouting agency. She was nervous and asked Margaret to go with her. Margaret thought about how she would look among those fitness bunnies, and felt pretty miserable. But her cousin clearly needed support. So when they arrived, she went into the audience hall nearly at once while she was waiting for her in the hallway. Suddenly a woman with the agency badge came to Margaret and asked if she was waiting for the casting as well. “Who, me? No, of course not, I’m here with my cousin.” “Would you like to try?” She laughed. “Me, a model? Can’t you see I’m overweight?” She smiled and answered “Have you ever heard of plus-size modelling?”
    This was the phrase that changed her life forever. She actually didn’t believe her, but as she was already there, she decided to give it a try. Everyone who was doing the casting became very interested when they saw her. “What a pretty girl! Nice curves!” She had a couple of shots taken, and they said she was a natural. Fat Maggie, with an exquisite hairdo and makeup, advertising evening dresses! No way! She started taking modelling classes at the same agency and believe it or not, after a couple of months she had already landed two contracts!
    The best part of it was when her pic was posted as an ad for a big shop in her local mall. You should have seen the faces of her classmates! It turned out that with a bit of makeup and expensive clothes, Margaret stopped being a fat outcast and became an attractive young woman. Obviously, her popularity rocketed, and everyone wanted to make friends with her or go on a date. But you know what? She had lots of interesting work ahead, seeing the world and making new friends. She still studies at that school and works at the same time, and she has learned a very important thing that she wants to share with you: There is a world out there that’s ready to accept you, you just need to take a step forward.
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  • Cookiequeenmaterlove146 Quinn

    This made me no that when you think your not other girl Just be your self and no one els because you pretty in the inside and the out side and if your a tomboy and girls bully you show them that you not
    Just a tomboy but a pretty cool and famous girl like me 😅 but I don’t tell them I just show that I’m a tomboy and I don’t care what you think so you just made a pretty girl go away

  • Angryicecream
    Angryicecream Day ago

    Well I was shamed a lot in about year three (2nd grade) and it scarred me for life they made up a song for me
    “Matt your so fat when your in front of me I can’t see the sun” and kept that on repeat that really upset me and I still will never forget the person who made the song and spread it I was made fun of until about the year 6 (fifth grade) it has now died down a bit but is still a hard time as on occasion people will make a joke and I try my hardest not to act out I don’t think I have ever expressed that it hurts when people make them comments anyway I have now grown a bit and am now trying to start my own TVclip channel thank you for reading this and I hope you never have to experience the same thing as I did

  • Green220 Minecraft
    Green220 Minecraft 6 days ago

    Margaret you are not fat

  • samay Restrepo
    samay Restrepo 7 days ago

    You know what that happened to me and I hate when that happens

  • kittycatwolfey lol
    kittycatwolfey lol 15 days ago

    you look better than those who bully because you accept who you are

  • Unlawful P-P Head
    Unlawful P-P Head 20 days ago

    83k people are fucking idiots
    And did everyone else realize this cow talks like a narcissist?

  • phsyco yandere
    phsyco yandere 25 days ago

    Other country in the first day of school: hey you ugly worthless trash. My country:hey thereim new here to so wanna be friends?

  • Questionable Dork
    Questionable Dork 26 days ago +1

    I'm not fat, probably the complete opposite.
    I'm EXTREMELY skinny, or so I think I am. I'm 17 and weigh 109 pounds. I get bullied a lot, and always wear hoodies. I hate eating, and I think I have an eating disorder, I dont really know.
    I cant really relate to being over weight, but I know what it's like to be mocked and put down, its humiliating and awful. If anyone is going through being bullied, physically or mentally I hope things get better for you. 😞

  • Taylor Wallace
    Taylor Wallace 29 days ago

    Sa methinks happened to me but I was always too skinny
    Now I am the most popular girl at school
    And I get too tra el for shoots all the time

  • Craftyunicorn sisters
    Craftyunicorn sisters Month ago +1

    Love you

  • Wolf YT
    Wolf YT Month ago

    I feel like a B***t am about 124 pounds (age 10) ....

  • Phantomwolf115 AJ & More

    From back when this channel was actually good.

  • Darlene Hunter
    Darlene Hunter Month ago +1


  • Deshawn Flys
    Deshawn Flys Month ago

    I pick BBW any day

    KK RULES Month ago +1

    Your not even fat your pretty. Those idiots who bullied you now they want to be friends with you. They should have been friends with you before you became a model!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
    What does highlighted comment mean? Can you reply back my comment if you know what it means.

    KTN GAMING Month ago +1

    Fat? You mean Thicc?

  • luna blabla
    luna blabla 2 months ago

    This is completely me but I'm not a model yet and I'm still a kid

  • Minecraft Mccollum
    Minecraft Mccollum 2 months ago +1

    I was fat but then I joined cheer leading now I’m the most skinniest person in my family

  • Mashok Luk
    Mashok Luk 2 months ago +1

    Me, living in a part of Australia that made milk that is only in my small city, I thought that when she said “Big M” she meant the milk. Look it up if you’ve never heard of it! My favourite flavour is ice coffee

  • Sale
    Sale 2 months ago

    thanks u maggie im overweight too u no showed me that people will like me

  • Daisy Montano
    Daisy Montano 2 months ago

    I love the way Maggie is animated

  • Teacher Buttcrack
    Teacher Buttcrack 2 months ago +1

    Read the 4th word

  • Deborah Nwaoha
    Deborah Nwaoha 2 months ago

    I love her voice! 😍

  • August Krogh Petersen
    August Krogh Petersen 2 months ago

    Imagine if the cousin did not get the job... Wait....Maybe she did not 😶😶😶

  • Life w Mercy
    Life w Mercy 2 months ago +1

    I feel her personality and I love it do you girl ❤️.

  • Niaツ YT
    Niaツ YT 2 months ago

    I've been getting weird looks because I'm highly overweight and so tall.
    But I still have friends, best friends, and even boy friends that won't judge me like everyone does.
    You see, I have been living a nice life, and for those who hasn't I just want to say that, even if I dont know you, I'll support you and care about you. There's no such thing as "No one cares about me" because I do! ♡

  • K O
    K O 2 months ago

    Bruh she looks great right now honestly

  • Lil Peep Førever
    Lil Peep Førever 2 months ago

    I'm overweight too and I get picked on for it. It sucks

  • Viva Vahafolau
    Viva Vahafolau 2 months ago +1

    dat wass soo inspirational

  • Sharptooth100
    Sharptooth100 2 months ago +1

    Insulting people's weight is a body shaming negative. Most important is healthy eating, exercise, keeping your body strong and your active lifestyle only. Even if Margaret is mostly muscle, she only cares is healthy eating, exercise, keeping your body strong as possible and active lifestyle.

  • Maeve Humphrey
    Maeve Humphrey 2 months ago

    Ya I love your body shape

  • RC’s Awesome Channel
    RC’s Awesome Channel 2 months ago


  • Kayla Newby
    Kayla Newby 2 months ago

    I am also very tall and over weight I get shamed by my step family but never get shamed by my classmates why does my step family do this to me my classmates even tell me your skinny 🙀

  • Courtland Myers
    Courtland Myers 2 months ago

    I would date Fat Maggie ;) Regardless of weight, everybody's beautiful!!

  • Fatima Quinteros
    Fatima Quinteros 2 months ago

    Your so strong and brave 🦄🍔👑💪🏽

  • Kayla Reid
    Kayla Reid 2 months ago

    Thank u!!!

  • ChristiIna Jolie
    ChristiIna Jolie 2 months ago

    Girl 175, you're talking like your 250+

  • Kubzscouts Fan
    Kubzscouts Fan 2 months ago +2

    Maggie: I was always fat but now everyone wants to date me
    Me:no duh your DUMMY THICC gurl

  • Drew Olinger
    Drew Olinger 2 months ago

    the _real_ question is

    *_why is this video demonetized_*

  • Tom L
    Tom L 2 months ago

    Just remember whether you be 5 bullied at school, or your drop dead gorgeous, you’re always going to be beautiful the way you I are :)

  • Almobark Almobark
    Almobark Almobark 3 months ago +1

    I get bullied by being fat😭😭😭

  • Yamou Secka
    Yamou Secka 3 months ago

    They are rude they are fat she is not fat SHUT UP idiot

  • Jeslie Ilali
    Jeslie Ilali 3 months ago

    Ooooh girl u inspired me now a am good to shower everyone in my schoolgirlz that I'm a beautiful girl fast or skinny

  • Jeslie Ilali
    Jeslie Ilali 3 months ago

    Yooooo that is girl power

  • Raziya RS
    Raziya RS 3 months ago

    I'm not far but I got the hook of the story md my day

  • Hawraa Abdulsahib
    Hawraa Abdulsahib 3 months ago

    Me to i was fat and every body was makinng fun of me and i wrote all of that in my diary but i brcame strong and started telling my parents about that and they yold people not to make fun of or ther gonna have punishments so ya 😘 bye

  • unicorn puppy
    unicorn puppy 3 months ago


  • AngiShy
    AngiShy 3 months ago

    honestly plus size models are prettier and sexier than those skinny breastless bones barelly standing on their twig legs lol

  • I like memes
    I like memes 3 months ago +2

    I look like her, and I'm getting bullied.. Everyone says I'm fatass because I'm pear shaped.. What am amazing life...

  • Kith Blair Pateña
    Kith Blair Pateña 3 months ago

    There's no problem being fat. Remember that...

  • Ocampo Ramon
    Ocampo Ramon 3 months ago


  • Renča
    Renča 3 months ago

    Sorry iam not doc. but i think she might have lipidema (Iam NOT a doctor)

  • S.G Koop fan
    S.G Koop fan 3 months ago +1

    I wanted to say something not every story have a happy ending for example at first till 8th grade I was under weight and people always made fun of me but I never really cared because the people who made fun of me were close to me so I took it as a joke but once I started 9th grade I started to gain weight cuz in my country in 9th grade we have another exam apart from school exams it’s called ministry exam so I was stressing over the exams and I ate studied then slept but I got good grades but I gained weight a lot and from then people started to make jokes about me but I knew they where joking but I couldn’t help but feel offended but since 10th grades there are a bunch of girls in my class telling " are you pregnant? How old is the baby?" I was really offended until last year a new girl joined our class which was tall and slim but not pretty to be honest she started to call me a cow and telling me I have a big belly and she kept poking and poking my body and I had no one to take me my back they where just laughing it off so did I but I was really hurt 😔 and I never told anyone and I was 66kg and now I’m 60 I lost that much in just two month of the school holiday but no one seems to notice I tried my best to loose belly fat but couldn’t in two more months I will start 12 grade last year of high school I wanted to prove her wrong but couldn’t and I had no one who will take my back so what I wanted to say don’t let people ruin ur mind 😊

  • tillie Jukes
    tillie Jukes 3 months ago

    I was bullied in Brookfield school Daniel Oladjo called me fat and he stole my cornet for music and he often stole my IPad and iPod and my phone when I was hurrying up fora holiday with my family he won’t give it back he shouted mine right at me and he hit me over it

  • Fatima Adnan
    Fatima Adnan 3 months ago

    You are not fat u are thick... And thick grls are soooo like wanted!!!
    I m bullied by my frnds my family and everyone else for being skinny and short...i jst wanna get thick tooooo😞

  • Tessa Oliver
    Tessa Oliver 3 months ago

    I am beautiful

  • Isabella Stern
    Isabella Stern 3 months ago

    I was bullied too for being chubby...

  • Maya
    Maya 3 months ago

    You go! Black curvy and thicc girls are the best!!!

  • Daisy Zhang
    Daisy Zhang 3 months ago

    Well I am famous in 3 countries🇨🇳