Kyokushin vs Muay Thai - Motivational Video

  • Published on Aug 6, 2018
  • Kyokushin vs Muay Thai - Motivational Video
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    Artist By Ender Güney
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Comments • 75

  • Sunny dutta
    Sunny dutta 5 months ago +2

    I m from koykushin karate . But I love both of these effective martail arts .

  • Happy; Humble; Hermit
    Happy; Humble; Hermit 5 months ago

    Kyokushin vs Muay thai = Godzilla vs Kong

  • kyokushin everyday
    kyokushin everyday 7 months ago

    see more about creation of K-1 kyokushin style and muai thai:

  • mike tyson
    mike tyson Year ago

    Muay thai will win again.

  • Trunks Briefs
    Trunks Briefs Year ago +1

    Karate Kyokushin É O Karate Com O Treino Mais Pesado Que Tem ! Mas Respeito O Muay Thai

  • Captain Prabaharan

    Kyokhushin karate is best of all martial arts

    • anh quoc Do
      anh quoc Do 2 months ago

      MMA dude, it's MMA, Kyokushin no match for MMA

  • louis dubois
    louis dubois Year ago

    vote victim fresh poll your AIDS herself.

  • Thai Corralo Vigo

    The best two striking styles, in my opinion.
    Amazing arts.

  • Ruben arias villalobos

    Casta de puro campeón

  • cloudyyo
    cloudyyo Year ago

    Dude! Was that Stephen Chow?

  • Sam Hayden
    Sam Hayden Year ago +3

    Muay Thai fighters are legit warriors. Most of the Thai fighters come from nothing. But with shear determination and willpower they beat the odds and become warriors.

  • Kolorado I
    Kolorado I Year ago

    Wow :)

  • Ya Ghos
    Ya Ghos Year ago +2

    I am a yellow belt in shin kyokushin and I respect both Martial arts

  • Indrini Mazumder
    Indrini Mazumder Year ago


  • Matari Sambia
    Matari Sambia Year ago +1

    ** Nice **

  • Aaron Trujillo Alegria

    Having practised both arts allow me to tell you that the only side of fighting in where Kyokushin can compete with Muay Thai is leg kicks. Mas Oyama incorporated the Thai low kicks when he saw them in action. If Muay Thai is allowed to use any of their other weapons the odds quickly stack up against the karateka. Kyokushin requires too many changes and specific adjustments in training and sparring as well as overall approach to truly compete against Muay Thai. Punches to the head alone require an almost rebuild of Kyokushin fighter. And don't even think of trying to outclinch a Muay Thai, not gonna happen with or without training. Both are great striking arts and certainly better than some others out there but the ruleset of Kyokushin DOES show its limitations against arts like Muay Thai or boxing, there's a reason why karetekas who competed in K1 trained in kickboxing before stepping into a K1 ring.

    • John Reeves
      John Reeves Year ago

      Kyokushin teaches punches to the face and clinching. It’s only tournaments that don’t allow it. But I have trained in Kyokushin and it teaches that. Reason why they don’t allow head punches and knees is due to safety and it’s bare knuckle. You can still fuck up your hand conditioned or not. If gloves were included then they would allow punches to the face. But for some reason that’s not what they want to do.

  • Bala Mohammed
    Bala Mohammed Year ago +8

    Two of the most dangerous hard styles of martial arts

  • mrcat89
    mrcat89 Year ago +1

    Ryu vs Sagat

  • bryan smith
    bryan smith Year ago +4

    No Edge can go to one or the other in this case. Karate is well known known for its strength and techniques as well as its accuracy, Muay Thai is no home for brute strength skills and brutality. Both Fighters appeared to be equally matched, and very equally brutal, plus both styles were designed to counter most other martial arts. So putting one good fighter from each style against one another and seeing which one would win is a flip of the coin.

    MUAY BORAN Year ago +2

    A muaythai elite fighter can destroy any kyokushit karate.

    • TheOptionaut .tailer
      TheOptionaut .tailer Year ago

      John Reeves Both styles are not equal. MT would easily dominate in a free open match! Training to strike, defend, and take head shots just can't be adapted on the spot! If that was the case, why train at all?! You need to train for it and train to take them and react to them. I've done both and while I believe that, in terms of bareknuckle, KK does have a slight advantage. If the MT fighter is allowed to throw knees, elbows, and use the clinch, no questions asked the KK guy is done.

    • John Reeves
      John Reeves Year ago

      Dude both arts are equal. Just because tournaments don’t allow head punches and clinches don’t mean they can’t play the same game. When you are actually training the art you are trained to punch in the face, knee and clinch. The reason why tournaments to not allow it is because they just don’t want to allow it. They seem to care a lot about safety which is the reason why. If gloves were allowed then they would have Kyokushin tournaments allow punches. Also one video of a Burmese boxer (aka Burma’s version of Muay Thai) got beat by a Kyokushin fighter in the same rules as Lethwe. I think that’s how it’s spelled. It’s called the art of 9 limbs instead of 8. But same brutality.

    • Tariq Ali
      Tariq Ali Year ago

      Andy hug k1 96 Champ Kyokushin

      MUAY BORAN Year ago

      Asmit Roy Kabbo go fuck your request... the one who trained me is expert in karate, krav maga, kali, sistema, bjj, muay boran. And he went to thailand stayed many years there. And he cant compare karate to muaythai coz karate is design for samurai attack. Based on him muaythai has the most hars and most powerful kick in martial arts And the most dangerous form compared to any specially in street fights.

    • Asmit Roy Kabbo
      Asmit Roy Kabbo Year ago

      FETUS Terozoid ,watch the kyokushin karate videos.

  • Ronnie White
    Ronnie White Year ago +4

    They're hardcore through and through.

  • Sagar Verma
    Sagar Verma Year ago +1

    Both are Amazing

  • Ronnie White
    Ronnie White Year ago +6

    Don't let the physical stature fool you. They're stronger than they look, they can do a number on you with their legs. It's the extreme conditioning that makes them hard,as for kyokushin karate they put their bodies through extreme conditioning as well. You have to watch out for their kicks, it's the one you don't see coming.

  • يارب يارب
    يارب يارب Year ago +2

    Cool work 👍

  • Neha Sharma
    Neha Sharma Year ago +4

    Kyokushin is best

    • anh quoc Do
      anh quoc Do 2 months ago

      Well the Best K1 fighter is Ernesto Hoost and he's Muay Thai fighter, Andy Hug fight him and lost, ok, he's 4 times K1 champion, so tell me my friend, how many times Andy get K1 champion? Yeah, it's only 1, so which is better?

    • Dmacc
      Dmacc 8 months ago

      Droné Whono yeah pussy bitch what he said

    • Urn A55
      Urn A55 9 months ago +3

      Droné Whono obviously you don’t know the history of kyokushin and Muay Thai encounters, so let me educate you a little. Mas Oyama when he created kyokushin challenged Muay Thai’s top 3 greatest fighters against kyokushin top 3 greatest fighters in Thailand. Unfortunate one of kyokushin fighter got sick and had to be replaced by another fighter who was not as elite as the others. The outcome became 2 - 1 in favour of kyokushin. 10 years later they had a rematch and the outcome would be the same where kyokushin wins over Muay Thai. That being said in the era of the 90’s K1/pride were dominated by kyokushin fighters with the highest percentage wins over all other styles including Muay Thai. In that era Muay Thai were so highly defeated they were practically non existent, eliminated in all cases. Prior to K1 kyokushin held a world tournament where all styles were allowed to compete, Muay Thai fighters were very easily defeated in that tournament where kyokushin came out the winners taking 1st 2nd and 3rd place. The second world tournament result would be the same result or similar, none the less kyokushin taking 1st place. Now if you are going to argue about modern era in the ufc, well again I hate to disappoint you once again, because the greatest fighter in ufc history my friend is, yes you guessed it right a kyokushin fighter, gsp. So there you have it, if you think kyokushin is as useless as you say there are some fact to prove you wrong otherwise. Now I do agree to a certain extent yes a lot of karate styles are fucking useless but you cannot say that about kyokushin my friend unless you know it’s history. They do not call kyokushin the strongest karate for no reason, for decades it has proven its worth and can stand against any style and hold its own. Don’t get wrong Muay Thai is a wonderful and very effective style of martial art and I fully respect it. Anyone in their right mind should, but don’t say kyokushin karate is anything less. Do your research and you will know it to be true.

    • John Reeves
      John Reeves Year ago

      Buddy Kyokushin Karate has been proven equally as strong as Muay Thai. Look up Andy Hug. He destroyed Thai boxers with his Kyokushin alone.

    • Trunks Briefs
      Trunks Briefs Year ago

      No Exist Better Martial Art !

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Year ago +12

    As I like to say it's not the martial it's the man behind it.

    • Aaron Trujillo Alegria
      Aaron Trujillo Alegria Year ago

      Then you dont understand the concept of efficiency, not all techniques are equal, some are actually superior and more effective than others

    • John Reeves
      John Reeves Year ago

      That’s no misconception. It’s always the man behind the art. Because brains beats brawn. You just haven’t experienced it in a way that’s different than what you normally have.

    • Aaron Trujillo Alegria
      Aaron Trujillo Alegria Year ago

      One of the biggest misconceptions in martial arts, the truth is if i take 100 people and teach them say Boxing, Muay Thai or any proven full contact arts versus teaching the same 100 people how to play paddy cake (Kung Fu), Tai Chi, or some other unproven, ineffective art, after a year or 2 - Which group will have the better, more complete fighters? Its not the man behind it but WHAT and HOW he was taught

    • bryan smith
      bryan smith Year ago +3

      You may be right about that. However it is learning the techniques, and making them work for you that determines your victory. A strong body, a sharp mind, and a true Spirit are what helps you win the fight.

    • Widuliya.Com - Explore the Future
      Widuliya.Com - Explore the Future  Year ago +2

      Bruce Lee That's right bro. 🙂

  • IndigoXYZ18
    IndigoXYZ18 Year ago +15

    Kyokushin vs Muay Thai = Fire vs Earth

  • Ronnie White
    Ronnie White Year ago +6

    Both arts are lethal in their own right.

  • imasian rice808
    imasian rice808 Year ago +16

    Probably 2 of the more effective arts out their and if someone knows Muay Thai and kyokushin and can use them together flawlessly imagine how great of a fighter he would be

  • Ronnie White
    Ronnie White Year ago +3

    They've both maintain an edge over their opponents, I would hate to think if I face one of the two.

  • Egi 1
    Egi 1 Year ago +5

    Imagine we shoot muai Thai and kyokushin... That martial art will be deadliest I think

    • Asmit Roy Kabbo
      Asmit Roy Kabbo Year ago

      I am also trained in Jeet Kune Do

    • Asmit Roy Kabbo
      Asmit Roy Kabbo Year ago +1

      I am 16 years old,Black belt in Kyokushin karate and Taekwondo

    • Ryan Dravinski
      Ryan Dravinski Year ago

      bryan smith mister tough guy huh?

    • Egi 1
      Egi 1 Year ago

      bryan smith well bro I am 14 year old and I also train shotokan karate (blue belt) and I agree with you but you know what people think about muai Thai and karate, they don't know the truth..

    • bryan smith
      bryan smith Year ago

      Maybe I should kick your ass and let you see how good karate is. I am a 15 year veteran of Shotokan karate. You better pray you can draw a gun fast enough to hit me

  • Abdul Rauf
    Abdul Rauf Year ago +1


  • Endless Road
    Endless Road Year ago +17

    It’s almost like Ryu vs Sagat all over again.