The Furry Community Is Worse Than You Can Imagine

  • Published on Nov 1, 2018
  • I'm done with the furry community. These are my reasons why. If you want to live like this, I'm not going to stop you. I just feel it's fair to warn those who are new and don't yet know what it's really like.
    Music is by Kamex, a remix of a song from Anova
    The art of my dragon in this is from shorty-antics-furries
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  • Ssj Seeps
    Ssj Seeps 4 hours ago

    I'm starting to think aids was a gift from god meant to rid the world of these subhuman degenerates

  • RussianGuyovich
    RussianGuyovich 7 hours ago

    But my hand likes it!

  • Lps Coco
    Lps Coco 10 hours ago +2

    Not all furries are bad 😧

  • Jeuxmax Rex
    Jeuxmax Rex 10 hours ago

    Furries are degenerates even for furry standards

  • GlitterBlitz
    GlitterBlitz 17 hours ago +2

    So many offended furries could have been spared if you had just added 'part of' before the title of the video...

  • Dovahheimiik
    Dovahheimiik 18 hours ago

    I have to say I agree with the toxicity. Furries are a toxic bunch. Toxicity can be found anywhere, but it is rampant in the furry community, because like you said, it's been normalized. But I still count myself as one. I enjoy the art, when it's not disgusting and perverted. I enjoy talking and hanging out with the furries who aren't toxic. I like yiff, yeah. Pedophilia and beastiality make me genuinely nauseous. I am rather cynical nowadays, partly from a year working the shitstorm that is drywall delivery. People are nasty, and, frankly, I think the whole trend of degredation in terms of maturity and reason, is everywhere. I have found the tactic of "do the best I can for myself, and just not care about the rest" to work well. In all areas of my life. I am a furry. I can be an asshole, and sometimes enjoy it. But, I believe the world as a whole has decided that coddling people is better than what amounts to tough love. Sometimes people need to be sworn at. Sometimes, they need to be hurt. Real life, it hurts. But like you said, most people run from it. I don't. If I have a problem, I stand up. I have issues, I know that. There are times I wonder why people like me. I don't do much to encourage people to like me. I state my opinions, and if people don't like it, that's their problem. I hang out with the good, and ignore the bad. If the bad can't be ignored, I search, and find flaws in their reasoning. I find what knocks them down, and use it. I don't like hurting people, I often feel like shit afterwards. But, if someone is attackimg me, I will fight back. Usually, they see that I'm not a pushover, and they leave. They throw a fit, they get upset, they threaten me, but I look them dead in the eye and prove to them that they don't scare me, and they leave. I'll never make everyone happy, that's impossible. So, I don't try. I live the best I can, help those who are good to me, and don't let the toxic ones push me around. Only once have I had a situation where I could not effectively stand up for myself in the face of toxicity. So, I made a discord, invited all the friends I had made, so I could keep in touch, and left. But I have only had to do that once, and I have an abrasive personality, so the toxic people like to attack me. This ramble was incohesive as hell, but I felt I needed to express myself. Feel free to argue this with me, I appreciate feedback, as that is one of the best ways to grow.

  • Zafara
    Zafara 19 hours ago

    I only consider myself a furry because I like drawing anthro animals. I don't sexualize anything, I don't frick my dog, and I don't want a fursuit. But I will not deny the fact that pedophiles and a bunch of crazy people exist in the community. It does have a good side, but the furry community is pretty messed up to be honest, and I enjoy staying away from the majority of the community and just drawing animals by myself in the corner.

  • Einsamerwolf92
    Einsamerwolf92 20 hours ago

    i can compleatly relate with my 10+ years in the fandom man. i've quit once and came back to it. I dont even know if iam technical still in the fandom since i only hang around my really old furry friends that are fed up by the same shit that is always going on in the fandom. We had a local meet going and that suddenly got popular with new people approaching us on a weekly basis, all young kids 15-19, with no interests besides sex and screaming drama. All the guys that started it left in less then a month, me included. Now we just stick to ourselvs. Those guys are the only reason that i consider my self a furry at this point. I was only once on a bigger convention and its always the same stuff, ether people keep to themselves or their little group, or go all out horny on people. The worst thing is that they dont even know what they are doing, they consider it "normal" and "appropriate" to go up to people and flirt with them and demand sex from them. Iam no one that is against sex or something but i do not like it if people approach me and pull my pants down in 5 seconds, and if you say no they gona make a scene and talk shit about you everywhere. Its incredible how many immature "adults" i've seen over so many years.

    • Einsamerwolf92
      Einsamerwolf92 20 hours ago

      i dont even start on the various amounts of paedophile/zoophile i compleatly distant myself form people that do shit like that in general, since the day i heard that people do that.

  • FurredDragon
    FurredDragon Day ago

    This is clickbait at it's finest, just all the reasons you want to leave.

  • Loki 22
    Loki 22 Day ago

    Looks like
    Kothorix is losing his mind like ghostexe ROFL!

  • otk _ts
    otk _ts Day ago

    hentai is better

  • Jorrell Joestar
    Jorrell Joestar Day ago

    I always hear that the furry community is toxic, but this much... it's crazy... no wonder someone with a brain would want to leave. I'm not a furry and will definitely never be one... degenerates, as you say. But you're the proof that even in the shittiest groups there exists a few with an actual brain. Which is good to see. I wish you success with your "new life" and good luck from now on!

  • Vilmy21
    Vilmy21 Day ago

    I remember yersteday on FA, seeing someone stating political things such as France starting WW3 and making the US look bad.
    I didn't know what that person was talking about, so I asked him while giving them exemples of recent events that match the most with what they said (the gilet jaune movement/the attack in Strasbourg and what happened at the WW1 centenary).
    And they answered by "wow so many triggering words you used".
    I mean I know I've been a bit subjective about Trump (although I apologized in the same post to whom wasn't against him) and this wasn't the best place to talk politics.
    But wow. You can't have a political discussion apparently. And I'm sorry if people see this as me generalizing furries but this was just a wrong impression.

  • Sputzee Dalcassian

    This pretty much defines SJW in any community or medium

  • Lolo Cardona
    Lolo Cardona Day ago

    Ew and I feel bad for you man, but ew

  • GlitterBlitz
    GlitterBlitz Day ago +2

    Avoiding internet drama is healthy. You're saying "Someone sends you a rude message, don't block them"
    Tell that to all the people who killed themselves after deciding to feed on the bullying instead of just blocking and ignoring them.

  • art에반
    art에반 Day ago

    You grown ass motherfuckers need to stop playing in fur suits and pretending to be animals or someones gonna get shot
    You furries are gonna end up on the show my strange addiction or doctor Phil because you guys need to grow up and stop with these strange ass fetishes

  • MegaPlayDoe
    MegaPlayDoe Day ago

    So all furries are retarded or pedophiles

  • Kob Nunes
    Kob Nunes Day ago

    Huh, I thought this was just a video from a random guy who had no idea what he was talking about, talking shit about a community that I don't even interact with, despite enjoying the art they produce.
    Turns out this is more reasonable than the title and thumbnail suggests.
    I'm glad I don't bother with social media.

  • kemonotaku
    kemonotaku Day ago

    Well maybe its part of the bigger issue of growing older in a fandom that generally is young. This may change over time, this may not. But you see this phenomenon in regular life. The impressionable, yet chaotic, youth gradually becoming more staid even conservative as they age. I've been in the fandom since near its conception, old enough to literally be your father, and yes things were much different years ago. But I fear a lot of this change is more reflective of the change in overall society and less fandom induced. Perhaps now that things are changing for you as you head in the middle years of life, you are finding the current youthful chaos unbearable to be around. Then so be it. I personally due to many factors have never been more than peripherally involved in the fandom (though I wish it had been different). So my perspective may be not as intense as what you have experienced. But just because you walk away does not mean there are still others in the fandom, more level headed and staid whose company you can enjoy. For ultimately as you pointed out, your experience will not affect you love for anthro stories and animation. Wishing renewed happiness in this at some point. Believe me you are not the first, nor will you be the last FGTOW from the popular fandom. As Razorfist says, "God Speed!"

  • Kob Nunes
    Kob Nunes Day ago

    People are shit. You can find the same kind of thing in any kind of community if you go deep enough or meet the wrong people in it.
    Every basket has its own rotten apples.

  • Nancy Cousintine

    The downside of the internet, where people who have real identity problems and or perversions can come together, even organise and try to convince themselves and others that while fringe, this sort of behaviour is acceptable. I'm sorry, if you are sexually aroused by imaginary creatures, toys,anything that you can't possibly have a relationship with in reality( inanimate objects, waifu etc.), non humans, humans who are under the age of consent, humans who cannot give informed consent regardless of chronological age, are unable to give consent, people who are abused or pressured into unwanted advance...I'm sure there may be other conditions as well. These things indicate that there is something wrong you.
    For as long as humans have had imaginations, there have been those who have wished to be something that they are not..strong like a bear, swift like an eagle or a cheetah, brave like a wolf. Understandable, but being any of those things is impossible in reality, and the life of any of these creatures isn't anywhere near as wonderful or noble as people would like to imagine...that's why it's only certain characteristics of these creatures that people choose. if you want to pretend you are something non human, and even dress biggie..there are many celebrations where dressing up and pretending for a bit is fine...but it is with the knowledge that the costume is a costume,and the costume isn't you. No matter how hard you wish, or click your heels, or how much money you spend, wishing and pretending, yiffing, writing fics...nothing is going to change your DNA.
    Deviance isn't something to defend, or be proud of. It means that you are having some sort of difficulty with processing and interacting reasonably and as a functionally normal human being. These days because of the PC environment etc., people who should be seeking help are being allowed, even encouraged to continue in these delusions, to the point, far to often where mental and physical damages happen and it's far more difficult to address the underlying problem of what is wrong in the first place. "Furries " who just dress up for a hoot, and can leave it aren't the concern, unless they get dragged deeper into the less healthy aspects of what is among other things, a fetish, and even an excuse to indulge in dangerous sexual diversions, or even be manipulated into scenes they might not have wanted, but felt "compelled" to do so as to find what they hope would be a deeper level of inclusion/belonging. . Sorry for the gruffness of this comment. I know that furries aren't all bad, and many are extremely harmless,...sadly it is the worst of the bunch that really are what come across as representative of the group. Change comes from within the group, and being self aware about what and who you are, and what is going on around you, and choosing who should and should not be associated with you. Apologies, once again.The whole world seems so out of synch these days.

  • Em C
    Em C Day ago

    Mind if I throw in my own two cents?
    I wouldn't really consider myself an active member of the furry community, but I feel like you're describing this bad and toxic side of the community as if that's the only side of the community.
    There were other furry youtubers who shared their own experiences within the community and they pretty much describe the complete opposite of what you described.
    This video made me feel bad about calling myself a furry, but now I just don't know anymore.
    This video felt more like a way to bash as many furries as possible in one video than it is a legitimate farewell.
    I feel ashamed of myself for wanting to be more involved with the community because of this video, and I feel like that shouldn't be the case.
    But I don't know anymore.
    I don't know if I should be disgusted at myself, anymore, nor do I know if I should be proud of myself, either.
    I think it's safe to say that this video messed me up.
    And messed me up bad.

  • DeVante Crawford

    Oh fun a furry hater this’ll be interesting

  • C M
    C M Day ago

    So this is a thoroughly confusing, nonsensical video. I've watched it in its entirety and I'm not sure what you mean by toxic. Having spent close to a decade in the "furry community" (which I still think is an odd term to use for a group of people whose only real common, identifying characteristic is their interest in anthropomorphic animals but fair enough), I would have expected to see some of that toxicity by now. So far, the only toxic people I've come across are incidentally the same humorless, attention-seeking drama queens who like to declare, as often and as loudly as they can, that they're done with the furry community, whatever that is, and that they've had it and that they're going to leave for good.
    And if all your friends are furries, and if your obsession with this so called community has gone from fun to pathological, and you find yourself making 30 minutes long youtube-rants about the supposed toxicity of a community that, again, isn't really a community and that, again, whose core interests you still seem very much to share, then perhaps it is time to sign out for good. Nobody said that obsession was ever healthy. Nobody said that defining yourself, your lifestyle and every aspect of your personality from this one hobby you have is a good way to live. But certainly that's true whether you're a gamer, a furry or a stamp collector or whatever.
    So I would argue that the "furry community" isn't toxic. Or at the very least, it's not more toxic than the toxicity you bring with you. And when you eventually leave the fandom (good riddance!), make sure to bring all that personal toxicity with you when you go.

  • vinod kumar
    vinod kumar Day ago

    Digital "hugs" will never help.
    I hate it when people send me them.

    I want to leave as well soon.. i dont feel like i want to do furry stuff. I dont think i am one. Just because i have an anthro sona. I still use my human sona about 80 percent of the time..

  • Ethan Stephens
    Ethan Stephens 2 days ago

    22:07 ima do this

  • Topaz The bloxian
    Topaz The bloxian 2 days ago

    You make the furry community sound like its scary but believe me, there are worse communities. Theres one community where if you don’t like a youtuber by the name of inquisitormaster, then you will be bombarded with hate ranging from dislikes to death threats. Even if its just very light criticism!

  • Karma Kitsune
    Karma Kitsune 2 days ago

    I am 15 and a Furry, I don’t Deny that we have a lot of Fu**ed up and The absolute scum of earth in our fandom, but what fandom doesn’t have a bunch of terrible people who do the worst things ever, and you can say it’s mostly the Furry fandom, and I could believe that, but I’m someone who prefers to stay here and stay away from the bad side, I won’t deny it ever existing, and I know how to avoid people, but this fandom got me out of a really big slump and got me to actually pursue my passion for art and other things.

  • ayden gerber
    ayden gerber 2 days ago +1

    Why the hell are you so mean, so what if it is true. It does not mean you can roast these people because they pass S.T.D.s, it does not give you the god given right to say these things so harshly. I know you are trying to inform us and yes most of them are... but what about the others. the people who are not like you say, the people who have sense, the people who have a heart, the people who are trying to change people inside the fandom. The ones who are mistaken, chastised and thrown into a state of depression that was caused by people like you. People who don't have a heart, we all can change for the better. We are able to speak freely, but we have to accept the consequences for the things we say. If you read this, so you know i'm one of the innocent ones. The ones that aren't who you say everyone of them are. I know you won't care, and you probably wont read this and if anyone watches this video, then read this.😥😪😰🦊🦊👫

  • SlapTrap
    SlapTrap 2 days ago

    You can control them you can ask GOD to rid of them and he will religion never brought anything bad to you you let the devil twist your mind

    • Nancy Cousintine
      Nancy Cousintine Day ago are recommending an imaginary being as a cure for people who have identity difficulties are victims looking for inclusion, and some who are sexual deviants and predators??? Give your head a shake. You haven't got a very firm grasp of reality yourself...

  • SgtAlpha
    SgtAlpha 2 days ago +1

    “You probably shouldn’t fuck animals...”
    ... no. Incorrect. You DEFINITELY shouldn’t fuck animals. Not probably; DEFINITELY.

  • KH4KH3
    KH4KH3 2 days ago

    f you im a furry im proud of it and this is lies

  • Storm
    Storm 2 days ago

    Holy shit. WTF is going on!? - police? where the fuck are you?

  • Conner Wright
    Conner Wright 2 days ago

    The furry community has gotten better, though... we avoid having erp with minors, we shun those that are zoophiles and pedophiles. those people have given us a bad name in social media... we genuinely care about everyone, even though the people we try to help lash out at us. we try to survive in the world just like any other person. and it's not our fault we have mental disabilities. 24:58 OH REALLY? guess what? this very video has actually had the same effect last night! I am an autistic artist that has gotten a lot of flak, thanks to you. hope you enjoy the views

  • Donika Imeraj
    Donika Imeraj 2 days ago

    Gamers I made sandwiches for all of the gamers be ready for the war

  • DespacitoGamer420
    DespacitoGamer420 2 days ago

    Ah, another fighter in the furry war

  • Futon Gacha
    Futon Gacha 2 days ago


  • Dolly Dearest
    Dolly Dearest 3 days ago

    This was a pretty interesting video, to someone who knows nothing about the furry community. I will say this though, most communities will have toxic people within it, which destroys the reputation for all of them.

  • Likable Llama
    Likable Llama 3 days ago

    Wait a minute Kothorix...


  • Nico Beaton
    Nico Beaton 3 days ago +1

    Mmkay. Fair enough, point taken. I'm sorry to hear you've had to deal with predators like that in your life. That's really shitty, but I'm not sure you're being entirely fair with this "Furry Community IS TOXIC" thumbnail and all.
    I'll do my best here to produce a quick 'n dirty Furry Fandom Survival guide based on topics in this video.
    1. Block creeps. Seriously. Block them. It's a few seconds, a few clicks. I know sometimes they'll be stalkery and try again, but - just keep blocking them-.
    I literally learned this in primary school. You don't give them what they want, they get bored and go away. Has worked fine for me.
    I will say parents and more importantly school systems need to be making safe internet use a serious item in the curriculum.
    2.Know your sexual partner's status, use condoms. Don't bareback people you don't know well. It is NOT too much to ask of someone to see proof of being disease free. Maybe that'll put an end to your chances of banging that sexy fur you really wanna get horizontal with. Oh well. Plenty of fish. Having unprotected sex with people you don't know very well regardless of if they pretend to be dogs on the internet IS like playing Russian Roulette, indeed. People make their choices and have to live with the consequences.
    3. This entire hugbox issue is simply an item of the human experience in the modern world. This is not furry specific. To be entirely honest, none of this is furry specific. Raucous ideological donnybrooks are the flavor of the week. My advice is to pull the Aaron Burr strategy: "Talk less, smile more. Never let them know what you're against or what you're for."
    It comes off a little dishonest, maybe even spineless to be extreme, but you don't have to follow that every day in every way. It's just a good way to separate yourself from madness.
    Perhaps some female furry artist with many fans -is- being a proper cunt. Perhaps you want to tell her off.
    Perhaps it's wise to pick your battles instead, and maybe hold your tongue. If you do have it out and face white knights and their Court of Public Opinion on social media, you'll likely end up in a worse position than you were in previously, while not having dented the armor of your opponent. It helps to not compare yourself to them, rather compare yourself to who you were yesterday. At the end of the day, I think it is better to enjoy our commonalities than fight over our differences.

    4. Being open to communicating in a civil manner with people of different ages, backgrounds, professions, nationalities etc can offer you something I believe is very helpful in understanding the human experience, and that is contrast. Certainly, you won't be able to have a well-informed academic conversation with a 10 year old about Vladimir Putin, nor will you probably be able to talk nu-metal with your grandfather, but that doesn't really mean it's worthless to bother talking to them, as taking in more information from more sources while keeping your head clear and with a healthy dose of skepticism can be a great practice. A nice brief civil chat can also be quite uplifting! Certainly not every interaction needs to lead to a friendship.
    5. The image at 20:18 is fantastically absurd and I can't help but laugh and want to take in every ridiculous detail the artist has included. It's completely stupid, and also wonderful. It's so massively exaggerated and again, absurd. The tip for this section is going to be not to take yourself too seriously. Be open to taking a joke.
    6. Seeking attention vs. expressing oneself. I don't think these two things are mutually exclusive. We are social creatures, we crave attention inherently, it's in our genes, in our instinct. You don't need to feel bad for wanting to be noticed. As for wacky, outlandish, glowing, cartoony fursuits? Well, I tend to like more realistic styles myself, but there's no accounting for taste. Don't write someone off because of their suit.
    7. Respect others right to privacy! Don't dox. Innocent until proven guilty.

    Well, that's it. I can't finish the video. This is honestly just a discordant rant, it's pure flame.
    It's entirely clear you've been very hurt, and I'm sorry about that. The scars of persecution harden into spite.
    I hope you leaving helps you heal.
    I think some of the best money that can be spent is in wise counsel. I'd recommend you find what you can afford and get a counselor. Best of luck.

  • Moth
    Moth 3 days ago

    I bailed on the community for the same shit tbh... I still like the art and occasionally some yiff isnt bad, but my best friend of multiple years revealed to me he wanted to fuck dogs and kids and I was disgusted... Ive been to 2 furry conventions over the 10 years I was a "furry" and the events at those 2 were enough for me to hate them

  • Herbal
    Herbal 3 days ago

    What is there to turn to then?

  • bitfrost
    bitfrost 3 days ago

    So... you are not a gay dragon?

  • dakota
    dakota 3 days ago +1

    5:22 WHAT HOW WHY?!?!?

  • a guy from Florida
    a guy from Florida 3 days ago +3

    this video hurts ouch

    • a guy from Florida
      a guy from Florida 3 days ago

      +just a furry IDK sorry but it is, most of the fandom is true

    • just a furry IDK
      just a furry IDK 3 days ago

      a guy from Florida please help me... this video is sooooooooooooooooo not true

  • Leo the god of angels
    Leo the god of angels 3 days ago +2

    Im a furry

  • Chobits Otaku
    Chobits Otaku 3 days ago +1

    Why did u get in the furry community in the first place...just why? 'Furries' is a disease that needs to be eliminated or cured.

    • Chobits Otaku
      Chobits Otaku Day ago

      +JakeSpacePirate E Is that a degenerate triggered furry I see?

    • JakeSpacePirate E
      JakeSpacePirate E Day ago

      -Says the Otaku who can't even spell right.

  • rockowl 763
    rockowl 763 3 days ago


  • The yuanman
    The yuanman 3 days ago +3

    if furries want to be animals then we have the right to hunt them

    • Nancy Cousintine
      Nancy Cousintine Day ago

      +just a furry IDK You are already an animal, and whether you want it to be true or not, a member of the H.sapeins species.

    • Nancy Cousintine
      Nancy Cousintine Day ago

      Humans are animals... beyond that, humans have no "rights' to hunt each other, or other animals. We may have a need, for sustenance for survival purposes, and we don't naturally cannibalise our own, so we tend to get our protein needs from other animals that we hunt, or farm...

    • JakeSpacePirate E
      JakeSpacePirate E Day ago +1

      If Kekistan wants to be Nazis, we have the right to shoot em.

    • just a furry IDK
      just a furry IDK 3 days ago +1

      The yuanman we don't want to be animals... Don't listen this video is NOT true. TRUST me

  • savanna drew
    savanna drew 3 days ago

    I'm 10 and i am a furry am i "underage"

    • savanna drew
      savanna drew Day ago

      +Nancy Cousintine well I am watching this video because I am sick of the furry hate so I looked up furry hate and this was the first video

    • Nancy Cousintine
      Nancy Cousintine Day ago

      You aren't a furry. You are just pretending, because you are young enough to not really understand the difference between what is really real and what is not, and you are easily swayed into believing that being a furry is cool. You shouldn't even be aware of what a furry is, or be watching this video. Where the heck are your parents??? This is not a video a child should be watching. Either that or you are a poe, or someone who is a predator and looking for victims..or someone looking to catch such a piece of trash. If you really are what you claim to be...get away from these sort of videos. Stay in the safe and sane parts of YT. The people who think this stuff is alright, or cool are not normal, and need mental help. Stay away, and stay safe.

  • Monsour Drunkbird
    Monsour Drunkbird 3 days ago

    FURRIES REEEEEEEEEEE. Actually this guy and the strawberry girl person are fine

  • Krista Star
    Krista Star 3 days ago

    Not gonna lie, kinda thought this would be just a video hating on furries for no reason but that the dress up in costumes or smthn. I always hated people bullying furries just because they thought it was weird, and I’m not even a furry. I’m pretty liberal too and think that as long as it’s safe and you’re not hurting others, be into whatever you’re into. But this was genuine criticism, which is not the same thing as bullying. To be honest I had no idea the furry community was this toxic. I knew there was probably a minority like with any fandom or community. I hope it improves. Anyway, still not for the general bullying of furries. But as someone who suffers from mental health problems myself, it’s sad to hear that the furry community has enabling and toxic behavior. Again, I hope something’s done about it. Idk how I would help tho. And I do like your dragon avatar so I’m glad you’re keeping it, but I don’t blame you for leaving a toxic environment. I wish the best for you and anyone who has gone through this, and any other hard time frankly. I don’t know what else to say really.

    • takamoto rei
      takamoto rei 3 days ago

      Kothorix isn't the most reliable source of information. He intentionally made the fandom bad for himself.

  • Ian Martell
    Ian Martell 4 days ago

    oh my bad, thats far too on the nose

  • Ian Martell
    Ian Martell 4 days ago

    you are toxic

    LABWAZHERE 4 days ago

    this is why i hate furries but this is just one persons experience soooo i can't really accept this knowledge until i have more accounts of this

  • FBI Agent
    FBI Agent 4 days ago

    Im glad they are not in Germany! They ruined America!

  • RNG-esus
    RNG-esus 4 days ago

    I find it interesting how your view has changed over the past year. I have only recently watched your videos out of curiosity. Im not a furry, i personally find it a bit weird but i have a friend who is and hes a great guy so that being said i really have nothing against furries but i have met a bunch only during gaming sessions with my friend and his friends who are mostly furries, and to me they were always pretty rude. I was the outsider i guess.

  • Terk_Ducki
    Terk_Ducki 4 days ago

    I don’t have a problem with furries keeping their face hidden because they’re shy but when they’re fucking each other as animals or hiding behind a mask acting tough, I just wanna set their stupid wee furry suit on fire

  • TheBestUsername
    TheBestUsername 4 days ago

    I, I'm sorry, bro, but furries honestly freak me out.

  • Masahiro Sakurai
    Masahiro Sakurai 4 days ago

    Hmm, sounds like verlisify.

  • Narodnik
    Narodnik 4 days ago

    As a recent furry i can't relate to any of these things

    • Nancy Cousintine
      Nancy Cousintine Day ago

      Either you are unaware, lucky, or you are trying to pretend that your chosen "community" is dysfunctional from the tip of your ears to the tip of your imagined tails. Get out while you can, and get some counselling for your identity dysphoria.

  • veveastrid
    veveastrid 4 days ago +1

    Kothorix 2017: "Furries have always been the most accepting, the most understanding, the easiest to approach and befriend people I have ever met."
    Kothorix 2018: "The furry community is full of some of the most hateful, vidictive people I have ever met..."
    I see youtube likes to recommend very contradictive videos of you to me

  • malina lungu
    malina lungu 4 days ago

    Do you hate furries,im a furry!

  • awesome dragon
    awesome dragon 4 days ago

    For a brief period I WAS in the furry fandom- just long enough to see a glint of it (like a year). I left the furry fandom about a half a year ago as a high schooler still being one nowadays. I was born in a heavily Christian family kind of like Kothorix except I felt guilt for breaking my filters and looking up furry sexual content. Nobody ever knew- not ONE real friend knows to this day what I have done and knows that I even have access to TVclip. Unbelievably I'm currently in my largest streak of not doing "The Bad" (my words for watching badapple content like porn) while having computer access.
    Despite "The Bad" existing in my life, I'm actually incredibly centered on morals for my age. For instance; I have never sworn once (unless it was like accidental meaning I paused in-between a word like 'damage' because something surprising happened); I have myself without any influence gone to insane distances to stop myself from "The Bad" such as literally unplugging my computer for a week; and I have a tendency to break the rules less than my fellow piers in high school.
    Why did I just type all that you ask? No idea. And besides- this is a fake account. No WAY can YOU find a way to spread this truth about me to anybody who isn't an internet friend.

  • Beautiful Stardust
    Beautiful Stardust 4 days ago

    They’re literally dressing as neon dogs, they should get along right away instead of making drama because those are the only people that won’t run away from them 😂

  • 4242/J0D4M4R/23
    4242/J0D4M4R/23 4 days ago +2

    Thank you. This video was very informative.

    • takamoto rei
      takamoto rei 3 days ago

      Kothorix isn't the best source of information. He intentionally immersed himself in the drama side.

  • AestheticTaebear Lyrics

    Thats nasty
    Like i mean
    Furries don't exist my guy
    But the furry community
    Needs to disappear

  • Jupiter Eye
    Jupiter Eye 4 days ago

    When you say "sexual thoughts about dragons" do you mean you are dominant in these thoughts or the dragon?

  • Sam Scott
    Sam Scott 4 days ago

    I love how hilariously melodramatic the graphics and music are, when the voiceover is like, kind of reasonable. It's pretty incongruous

  • CollieMerlin.22
    CollieMerlin.22 4 days ago

    Whoa!!! This comment section is a whole new level of toxicity.

  • NA NA
    NA NA 5 days ago

    oh no its retarded...

  • Fline
    Fline 5 days ago

    There are many people complaining about haters of the furry community but I believe that when 20% of your population wants to fuck animals there is a problem

  • Miqhail75
    Miqhail75 5 days ago


  • hazmat 2
    hazmat 2 5 days ago


  • Conrail 1634
    Conrail 1634 5 days ago +1

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but the Conrail is always welcome to people who are willing...

    Ok I'm sad now.

  • JohnGT 056
    JohnGT 056 5 days ago

    John the Anime community, it is awsome.

  • Alex Acosta
    Alex Acosta 5 days ago

    What the flipping fuck. How the living fuck did I end up here?

  • Robo Rat
    Robo Rat 5 days ago

    The furry fandom is very much an experiment in 'toleration for everything' gone absolutely bonkers, watching it from far FAAAARRRR away for over a decade it now looks like an extreme SWJ/Tumbler paradise to even many furs turned into communists.

  • jomppi 123
    jomppi 123 6 days ago

    ok furries have gone way 2 far

  • Grehn
    Grehn 6 days ago +1

    Are you telling me the furry community is filled with awkward, weird, disgusting, pedophiliac, sex addicted, dog fuckers???
    Oh my goodness...i had no idea, thank you for opening my eyes. Thank you

    • takamoto rei
      takamoto rei 6 days ago +1

      No it isn't. Kothorix isn't the most reliable source of information. Most furries don't ever want to fuck dogs.

  • Larissa Leigh
    Larissa Leigh 6 days ago

    the problem with most extreme communities is that they want "normal" people to respect and understand that they have to be who they want to be, but they wont understand how someone could want to be "normal"
    Its a double standard

    MDKAI 6 days ago

    I've had a feeling that you felt this way. Sorry all this realization forced you to distance yourself. But if it's for the best then I wish you the best ^^

  • Atum
    Atum 6 days ago +1

    I can't really judge the Furry community. It's just a form of self expression and unique behavior. However making something overly sexual is harmful due to lack of respect for other romantic sexual

  • jonathan Díaz
    jonathan Díaz 6 days ago

    Spare this guy

  • Ascent Ascent
    Ascent Ascent 6 days ago

    Heres the thing buddy, half of the guys in furry communities(disc servers) are just there for memes and irony.

    • Mikel Landa
      Mikel Landa 2 days ago

      Ascent Ascent
      In other words, they’re not furries.

  • alodogg 450
    alodogg 450 6 days ago

    This is why i want war on furrys even tho there is one on tik tok :p

  • Shearman TheWeeb
    Shearman TheWeeb 6 days ago

    Amazing video! You literally just described my exact views! I left the fandom 2 years ago after I discovered someone who I thought I was close with sexually roleplaying in a discord full of disturbing adults, keep in mind we were both 14. I'm still kind of scarred by that today and I'm so glad I left back then.

  • F0xee The Fox
    F0xee The Fox 6 days ago +1

    if your not in the fandom then stop talking about it, it can be bad but you dont have to say its crap

    • Xanax Bry
      Xanax Bry 6 days ago

      It is. Y'all are weird zoophiles and pedophiles.

  • Shearman TheWeeb
    Shearman TheWeeb 6 days ago

    I actually jokingly made a post on a furry forum asking if anyone wanted to do a man x dog sex roleplay and I had 3 responses in a day. That's actually really disturbing considering the size of the fandom. I engaged in conversation with one of them and he was asking for pictures of my dog's vagina. Not even making it up. I said I have a male and a female dog and he said quote "can you send pics of the female's pussy and ass".

    CYNTHIAPAM 6 days ago

    My main character was a fox changed her to human because i hate being called a furry. I don't wanna be known for being in the same community as animal fuckers and pedophiles. Btw what makes one a furry?

  • haru maru
    haru maru 6 days ago

    I have been in the fur community for close to 16 years. I tended to not rp. I am now 30, i watced the community change over the years. The community is not what it was when it started. It was a place you could go to feel accepted. Now it is not worth talking to people anymore. I have started to ware my tail more but i dont feel as if i should go outside to have people look at me for that. I feel like the fur side has grown with the human side. I ware it because i want to, it make me feel like it is right. Think it might be time for the more mature furs to have out own place. If we are getting attacked because of our opinions by furs who will not grow up. I hate seeing people get bullied out of a fandom because they dont share the same beliefs. As for the peddos and zoos only thing is to be ever vigilant.

  • Me
    Me 6 days ago

    I hunt furrys

  • fish the mighty
    fish the mighty 6 days ago

    sorry you had to go through this but there’s still good people in the community so I at least have a right to be worried about how this is gonna affect the fandom’s image, there’s good people in the fandom too and we were only just starting to get a good image, I’m 13 and have zero interest in the sexually deviant or toxic side of the fandom, just be considerate dude

  • spiritfired
    spiritfired 7 days ago

    21:24 is actually cool.

  • Busy Bee
    Busy Bee 7 days ago +1

    Cool story bro..
    BTW wanna join my rp discord?

  • Tasera
    Tasera 7 days ago

    "I'm pretty sure tumblr is pretty much dead"
    Well, they will be soon now that the powers-that-be have decided to ban porn.

  • OhSoVeryKawaii
    OhSoVeryKawaii 7 days ago +1

    "You probably shouldn't fuck animals, and you DEFINATELY shouldn't fuck kids"

  • Kami Yena
    Kami Yena 7 days ago

    Good job with the rampant over generalizations and demonizing of an entire fandom that has nothing to do with anything you're complaining about, all because of a few bad eggs. There's tons of sick people out there and they make their way into every fandom and every large social group. That's a fringe element of the larger whole, and does not represent the community at large or its values. Likewise, most furries are not degenerate pedo animal abusers. Most of us like the art and the fursuits and going to cons to hang out and have fun. Glad you could further smear our image in the minds of the general population though, like we don't get enough of that from mainstream media. Congratulations on your crusade against furries. **slow clap**

    • Frédéric Brasseur
      Frédéric Brasseur 2 days ago +1

      +Xanax Bry First, I'm part of the furry fandom and I don't indentify myself as an animal, or more specifically as a rat, that would be otherkins mind you. I know myself, what I like and unlike some people, I don't need some silly rules made by some narcissist fools to tell me what I can do and what I can not, I'm more than capable to have a moral compass of my own, and I would rather keep it that way, thank you!
      Secondly, pretending to be someone else is something anybody should be able to do, not only a child. Restrains and balance are reserved for actions and ill manners... Imagination, on the other hand, should remain limitless because, in your own chaotic world, you are the god, you can bend the rules, if any, with your will.
      And don't you worry about the cash I've spended into my suit. It's my money, my problem... and to be honest, none of your concern.

    • Kami Yena
      Kami Yena 5 days ago +1

      Xanax Bry Wow. How dare you compare a white supremacist group with a long history of organized criminal activity and mob lynchings to a fandom of people interested in animal characters. If you can't see the massive difference there, you're ignorant, or a troll. I hope you get your head straight and quit unfairly judging others just because they are different from you. And with that I have nothing more to say to you since you obviously lack any sort of the mental maturity that you accuse furries of lacking.

    • Xanax Bry
      Xanax Bry 5 days ago

      +Kami Yena not all furries are socially inept? I have never seen a furry group chat without some bullshit role-playing thing or an uwu. Also even if you don't own a fur suit, believing you can "identify" as something you are not is completely ridiculous. You cannot change your biological being, I'm sorry to say. And pretending you're an animal is something only CHILDREN should be able to do. Anyways I have watched some videos of furry conventions, and it simply makes me disappointed to see how much money people spend to make themselves look like an animal that lost a few chromosomes and grew up in My Little Pony. Odds are, you could buy a Chucky Cheese mask from China and it would be hundreds of dollars cheaper. It is a waste of fabric and money. Even if being a furry is a "social group thing", the Klu Klux Klan is now mostly a social group. Sure there's a few racists here and there (the bad eggs as you would call them), but it's mostly just a social group nowadays. Yet the KKK is still disliked by the majority of society, because of its history. So tell me, how did you guys become on par with the level of disdain of the Klu Klux Klan?

    • Kami Yena
      Kami Yena 5 days ago

      Xanax Bry First of all, not all furries are socially inept and introverted, I myself love partying and hanging out with my many friends when I'm not busy running my own business. Other furs have youtube channels and we regularly have local meetups to hang out at clubs, restaurants, movies, etc. And for those that are introverted and shy, there's nothing wrong with that, its not a reason to hate someone unless you're a total asshole. As for dressing up like an animal making you look like a dumbass, only around 10% of furries own fursuits, its a hobby like other forms of cosplay (renaissance fair nerds for instance), and your opinion of it looking dumb means nothing. I could make fun of your hobbies too and you probably wouldn't care because its something you enjoy. So get your head out of your ass.

    • Xanax Bry
      Xanax Bry 6 days ago

      +Kami Yena 20% of a community is a lot of people. I wouldn't even consider it a minority, yet it's own community. They identify with the furry community, they are furries. Plus, it's extremely sad how socially inept furries, or any other "weeaboos" are. I have a girl in one of my classes who is a furry and she is RIDICULOUSLY introverted, to the point where she could die and nobody would realize it for a few weeks. Many furries have social anxiety and don't fix it. Instead they blow a shit ton of money to buying a "fursuit" to join a social group that is extremely disliked, furthering their anxiety. Dressing up as an animal makes you look like a dumbass, unless you are doing it in an ironic way, or it's Halloween.

  • ・octrea・
    ・octrea・ 7 days ago

    How can a furry just stop their interest in anthropormorphic animals completely if other people that enjoy it are toxic? They can just not be sex crazed assholes, that's it.