Why I Left The Furry Community

  • Published on Nov 1, 2018
  • I've decided to change this video's name. Everything I say in the video is just as true, but I feel like the former title was making it into a spectacle and kind of a joke. It should be taken more seriously.
    Music is by Kamex, a remix of a song from Anova
    The art of my dragon in this is from shorty-antics-furries
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  • Kothism
    Kothism  6 months ago +10978

    I'm free!

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      Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name. 18 days ago +1

      Now that you have freedom, do you have any other commentary about the furries?

    • Mundane magik
      Mundane magik 18 days ago

      Lol why are u mad? There is no reason to be mad at difference as long as it isn't harmful. I know I am not going to change your mind but lol I don't care about your opinion and neither does anybody you are ranting about. Have a good time wasting your life complaining

    • Memeulos Rip off
      Memeulos Rip off 18 days ago

      Kothism well done mate well done

    • Mundane magik
      Mundane magik 24 days ago +1

      You probably are never gonna see these this or care. But thank you! Literally I can relate to everything you bring up from being religious to a furry. I am still a teen and will take sense to your warning.

    • Chlaco
      Chlaco 26 days ago

      Kothism love the video, every single server that I’ve joined has proven every single thing that you had said in the video.

  • Katlyn Lopinto
    Katlyn Lopinto 11 minutes ago


  • AgentMissouri
    AgentMissouri 2 hours ago

    Didnt you make a video about wantin to fuck a dragon...that's an animal dude and also didnt you defend pedos?

  • Kevin
    Kevin 8 hours ago

    true true... i never knew this fandom was this off the rails.....yare yare

  • YourLocal Furry
    YourLocal Furry 18 hours ago

    As a furry who is brand new i cant say from experience, but i believe you because you have been in the fandom, much longer than me.

  • Gorgeous Freeman
    Gorgeous Freeman 22 hours ago +1

    People can be furries that dont do all the nasty stuff. You gotta think of it basically as all hobbies, jobs, races have people that do bad things. But not the whole of said jobs or races..

  • ItsMartin
    ItsMartin Day ago +1

    Gj glitter

  • Atomic Noodle
    Atomic Noodle Day ago

    *one less of them, one step closer to a purified internet*

  • Stupid Motherfucker

    25:54 to 26:13
    I was just seeing this on my Twitter timeline today.

  • SK Gaming
    SK Gaming Day ago +2

    Ok so some of the reasons mentioned on why you wanted to leave the fandom is pedophilia and beastiality, and yet you made videos on fucking dragons and child labor right after your fresh start video, plus a defending pedophiles video that you apparently unlisted despite the fact that you said here that you wanted to reevaluate defending these things and that you never want to encourage them. Was it already too late and the fandom corrupted you, are you being a hypocrite, or are you just plain stupid, or all of the above.

  • X Stick Goddess X
    X Stick Goddess X 2 days ago +3

    I am pretty anti furry for all of these reasons
    Also how was this in my recommended I’ve never heard of your channel before

  • Woozy the Clown
    Woozy the Clown 2 days ago

    *I don't like furries*

    *In My opinion :D*

  • Hums Vz Furs
    Hums Vz Furs 2 days ago

    I'm hunting bad furries for my fur collection

    • pyrka 001100
      pyrka 001100 2 days ago

      Hunt all of them
      All of them are like that

  • JakeTheGreat 803
    JakeTheGreat 803 2 days ago +1

    Dude fucking relax you wanna know something people will fucking mess with kids as a whole and it’s pretty sad and it is not certain you will get preyed on and the furries are ok and btw I’m quoting you rn “YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT”

  • Emyr
    Emyr 2 days ago +1

    Yeah, I don't completely agree with what he said. While some of it is true, these are usually still a small amount of people within the entire community, you usually just see them or hear about them more often because they go looking for attention and trouble. But honestly this whole video makes me cringe, it's generalizing everyone and basically insulting everyone too

  • REfan1996
    REfan1996 4 days ago

    Thank god, I thought someone forced you to take the video down.

  • Codin Fox
    Codin Fox 4 days ago +2

    Most furries are not like this, you just found weird groups 😑

  • FloofyTheDragon
    FloofyTheDragon 4 days ago +1

    I agree about this but im not gonna leave it cuz of those people.
    I am not into bestiality and i am not a pedophile. And i do not ever want to do irl sex with some random stranger. And i don't even erp anymore, i used to but i stopped. But ive met like over a hundred furries. Only 2 of them were into bestiality and 1 was a pedophile. In my oppinion there are less degenerates than there are normal people in the fandom.

    Then again i don't blame u for leaving it. It is your choice and i understand completly

  • Teresa Shinkansen
    Teresa Shinkansen 4 days ago

    2018:Leaves the fandom because "was too toxic and full of mentally unstable people, give me bad image"

    2019:"Lets make a petition to bring back child labor cos is more productive instead having them play games also they can get cyborg implants when eventually lose body parts in industrial accidents which is cool"


  • Brianne Angelo
    Brianne Angelo 4 days ago


  • sxatter
    sxatter 4 days ago

    In Conclusion:

    The Furry Community is literally Aids.

  • AUniqueDude
    AUniqueDude 5 days ago

    thank you.

  • Pyr0manc3y
    Pyr0manc3y 5 days ago +1

    deus vult?

  • Hen Tie
    Hen Tie 5 days ago +1

    Makes a video about leaving furry fandom,
    Makes a video on why he wants to bone dragons
    Talks about how having sex with kids is the same level as sex with animals
    Makes a video on why he wants to bone dragons
    See the trend?

  • Sprite The Bird
    Sprite The Bird 6 days ago +1

    Kothism:why i left the furry community
    Also kothism:how to fuck a dragon

  • Ya Boi B-Kun
    Ya Boi B-Kun 6 days ago +1

    We don't miss you.

  • Zaphy
    Zaphy 7 days ago +1

    Please don't come back. Ever.

  • Silverine Wolf
    Silverine Wolf 7 days ago +1

    I am sorry to hear about all the negativity you've experienced with in the furry fandom. Unfortunately it's also caused by the said people who you were around and associated with. Anybody who you associate with will change your views on things for both better or negative. Not everyone in the furry fandom is a degenerate. Using statistics and then making your own assumption is here say there is no bass and there's no basis for it so trying to use Wikipedia which granted anyone can edit not a scientifically proven documents is false. Unfortunately it is always affected by other people you are around affect how you be yourself and the yes The Hive Mind happens every damn place not just the furry Fandom not the star Trek Fandom not the Comic-Con Fandom or any other fandom you can mention. Also your labeling people without any documentation or proof. Any fandom whether big or small will always have toxic people no matter what you do though granted the larger the fandom the bigger the chance you'll have more toxic people. You also have to remember that just because somebody says their furry does not mean they are a furry they could be using it as an excuse due to the bad publicity that the furry fandom has already received to further their own personal interest and not that of the furry fandom because we don't have requirements.
    Also your friends dictate your social group and if you choose to stay with friends who have a bad social impact such as causing drama or dictating who should be your friends are they really your friends or they just acted this publicity of being with such people?
    I personally do not care whether someone is or is not part of the furry fandom but I will not have baseless accusations without Foundation made and your personal experiences are your personal experiences but you making your own statistics is false.
    Wish you best of luck I hope you Prevail in your endeavors.

  • Eugene Mclean
    Eugene Mclean 8 days ago

    Its the fandom that got me out of that shit

  • LylianaCat
    LylianaCat 8 days ago

    Stop it with the f word

  • Dragon Boo
    Dragon Boo 8 days ago

    Wow, this made me want to fight a furry. I’m sorry you had to go through this shit. You deserve to be a part of a community that isn’t fucking crazy

  • John Buhl
    John Buhl 8 days ago

    Hello Peasants how goes the harv-

  • Nano
    Nano 8 days ago

    "how awful the furry community is" **posts wanting child labor, defending pedophiles**

    • Nano
      Nano 8 days ago


  • animalzrightz
    animalzrightz 8 days ago

    The people who created anthropomorphic characters in the first place, are perverted, demonic and disgusting. To brainwash mainly white hormonal teenage boys with this bullshit is disturbing and devilish.

  • Edgy Emo Kid
    Edgy Emo Kid 8 days ago +1

    ...but the dragon thing tho...

  • Rivera Wynter
    Rivera Wynter 8 days ago

    Ladies and gentalman, we got him

  • Luchtig Broodje
    Luchtig Broodje 8 days ago

    i hate the community because of this i personally only like the art part i wish the two could just split

    • Das Furrymedic!
      Das Furrymedic! 8 days ago

      In some ways it has, though sadly you can’t get one end of the spectrum without the other
      Like this guy whom I enjoy. One end of the spectrum I agree with, and other ends I wonder as to where this sort of things entails.

  • Dr. Müller
    Dr. Müller 9 days ago

    A year later "Hey guys wanna know how to stick your small dick in a giant mythical creature"

  • FluffyBabii
    FluffyBabii 9 days ago +1

    I’m a furry and would NEVER rape an animal. The only thing I do is draw safe for work art and hang out with friends in a fursuit. Heck, I’m just a child. Raping an animal or a child is disgusting- and anyone of those furries should go get help.

  • Horn God67
    Horn God67 9 days ago

    Spreading AIDS without proper acknowledement evidently proofs that the furry community is toxic

  • Zachary Brooks
    Zachary Brooks 9 days ago +8

    says the guy who wants to bring back child labor

    • MinecraftSteve
      MinecraftSteve 7 days ago +2

      0:34 you shouldn't fuck kids, would make them less productive in the coal mines

    • Username
      Username 8 days ago +1

      Pretty much

  • swoo32
    swoo32 9 days ago

    bout fuckin time someone exposed the sickness of furries

  • Loa Koa
    Loa Koa 9 days ago +1

    Yes fuck furries they suck and they're so gay and stupid lets just destroy them

  • Jonathan Preston
    Jonathan Preston 9 days ago

    I've never been deep in the furry community, but always liked the art. Never knew it was that toxic, though. I'm really happy you made this video, I know a lot of people need to see it.

  • CJ Hunt
    CJ Hunt 10 days ago

    11:29 mfw someone actually cites Ben fuckin Garrison

  • Oh No Stoltzman
    Oh No Stoltzman 10 days ago

    I tried quitting the fandom a few times because of how 2010's they were. I love furry old school a lot. I also tried losing interest on TVclip but I can't eh. I wish i did.

  • Ignas A.
    Ignas A. 10 days ago +1

    Mabye there are some peolpe like this, but it dosen't meen everyone is like that !!!
    There are good things about them, like artists, costume makers and more.
    Everyone is diferent !
    Even thow i'm not a furry, but il still respect Furrys !!!
    And theres nothing you can do about it !

    • pyrka 001100
      pyrka 001100 10 days ago

      I support you opinion but i will add that there are big size (i am NOT saying that this is most of this fandom ) of people who realy have no morals and they are big problem

  • DogLoversONLY
    DogLoversONLY 10 days ago

    I've been in the furry community for 4 days and I'm out LMFAO

    • pyrka 001100
      pyrka 001100 10 days ago

      I also join fandom not long ago but i think that i will be happy here becouse you can just simply avoid all this people

  • DogLoversONLY
    DogLoversONLY 10 days ago +1

    OMFG I was about to order my fursuit I save up that much money for no reason I'm not gonna order it no more!

  • Formless Cube
    Formless Cube 10 days ago +1

    If your a furry please take your own life

    • pyrka 001100
      pyrka 001100 9 days ago

      +Formless Cube all ? For some reason i can't belief in this "all"

    • Formless Cube
      Formless Cube 10 days ago

      pyrka 001100 because they are all sorry excuses for humans and don’t deserve life

    • pyrka 001100
      pyrka 001100 10 days ago


  • MyYTdog 1
    MyYTdog 1 11 days ago

    I just watch anime, how is this in my recommended

    • Cryoptic
      Cryoptic 9 days ago

      Wait till you see his "defending pedophiles" video

  • Naudia the king
    Naudia the king 11 days ago

    Well good you left because we don't need a furry who makes us look like shit on porpoise for views in our loving fandom.

  • Sinnfuss
    Sinnfuss 11 days ago

    I can hear the american freak fatass in your voice. Change or kill yourself. No wait. Shoot up furrycons.

  • Raven Kraken
    Raven Kraken 12 days ago

    im not sure if you still read comments from older vids, but like you i have pretty much pulled myself from the community, and have really stopped calling myself a fur, instead, i have been saying im "anthromorphic" if that makes any sense, meaning i am still connected with my "older furry self" i just dont consider myself really a fur, things have changed for me so much that i really dont feel any part of it anymore aside from my old identity, but then again, it maybe due to being 36 years of age now *shrug*

  • Noah Nesbitt
    Noah Nesbitt 12 days ago +1

    I love how you criticize the furry community for "sexual degeneracy", and then went on to make a video defending pedophiles.

    • pyrka 001100
      pyrka 001100 11 days ago

      He was a furry when he make this wid . So this vid represent furry fandom

  • Kaitlin German
    Kaitlin German 12 days ago +1

    I know I’m pretty late in the comment section, but I absolutely love the views you put in this video. Though I don’t completely agree with everything- seeing as how I myself still find some people like you and simply individuals who are in the right state of mind- I do believe you are correct. To me, I feel like I should stay in the furry fandom, if someone looks at you, I feel like it’s better to set an example for the future generations to come when it comes to the furry fandom. I’m staying, but I wanna set a good example for others. I hope that others will follow my lead or even take the same action into their own hands. Again, sorry for the late comment, but thanks so much for this video.

  • lori gunderson
    lori gunderson 12 days ago +1

    And I deleted the cringie shit i said

  • lori gunderson
    lori gunderson 12 days ago +1

    All right I got the message now get fuck out of my recommendations... And thank you for this information it will keep me from getting my ass raped.

  • Communism Sucks
    Communism Sucks 12 days ago

    *Is their any proof that supports your statement?*

  • Karolis N.
    Karolis N. 12 days ago +1

    i mean.... I agree with most of what you say... But if there was a feral dragoness besides you rn, im sure youd fuck her in a heart beat :3 ..is all im sayi'n

  • Lathonland
    Lathonland 12 days ago

    The community I am a part of (medieval history buffs) is actually the best community I've ever been in. We shun weebs who attempt to join and draw anime crusaders, and there are almost no small children involved. One last thing, we don't dress up in a connical helm and a surcoat with butted chain underneath to smash. Very little of our interests have any sexualization, because most of medieval Europe is Christian, and most people who draw sexual things don't support Christianity.

  • TinyFoxTom
    TinyFoxTom 12 days ago

    Maybe you were just hanging out with the wrong furries. If you ever decide to give the fandom another chance, I recommend checking out the Order of the Golden Talon. 5.00 one-time payment to join, but that's to deter DDOS attacks. Religious and political discourse is left at the door. Best of all, NO MINORS.

  • Dolls4life Studios
    Dolls4life Studios 13 days ago

    I am a young furry and now I am scared

  • Kagusaki Wolf
    Kagusaki Wolf 13 days ago

    *sighs* Even though I haven't met you before, it's sad to see long time furries leave because of idiot teens. The fandom wasn't toxic back in the 90s when I discovered it as a 12 year old and the reason why people joined was because the love of anthropomorphic animals. Who gives a shit if you're a left or right wing. If you were a furry, we had something in common. When I see what the fandom is now, it's a huge fucking embarrassment with all the political talk and toxicity. The internet has made the furry fandom grow, yet it feels like it's destroying itself from the inside out.

    Unlike you, I can't leave the furry fandom. I guess I'm considered a greymuzzle now but being in the fandom for 23 years has made me who I am today. If I leave it, I'll feel like the good part of me has died including my only fursona I created in the late 90s. I will have to endure this toxicity and try to survive it. Also I am a therian so that possibly might be one of the reasons why it's hard for me to leave this fandom.

    Hopefully this toxicity will die out someday. Maybe you might want to rejoin the fandom if it did.

  • Quasimodo Mojo
    Quasimodo Mojo 13 days ago

    We need to make a furry². If only there was a way to just cut out the third of the fandom that’s toxic. I love the art and I love some of the people, but it is very toxic in some areas.

  • Marleau
    Marleau 14 days ago

    I see you rebranded the video... and I assume, yourself, to a degree

    ...interesting. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Alex
    Alex 14 days ago

    God, leftbook is just like this. To a T. I'm a communist but leftbook is hell.

  • Alexander Galanter
    Alexander Galanter 14 days ago +1

    holy shit. I'm so disappointed in the fandom, and humanity in general. disgusting. I want to leave that fandom too now.

  • Hey Ya Requiem
    Hey Ya Requiem 14 days ago

    Alright we just permission get the mp40 and arm bands we're gonna go re-enacting

  • Sunquad
    Sunquad 14 days ago +1

    "If something is making you miserable, maybe you just have to stop doing it"
    School: ima end sunquads whole career

  • Razor61 [GD]
    Razor61 [GD] 14 days ago

    Hi I'm a brony and I used this information to end furries in my school and let other fandoms spread
    Thanks man.....

  • detox eg
    detox eg 14 days ago

    Are you Realy

    • detox eg
      detox eg 14 days ago

      No your not nobody is

  • Cat 3048
    Cat 3048 15 days ago

    Ok ok I've been a furry for a year and I've never encountered a sex pushing furry

  • Billie Obviously
    Billie Obviously 16 days ago +2

    Blair White of furries 😂

  • Gregg rulez mkay?
    Gregg rulez mkay? 16 days ago

    I'll say it here because it seems appropriate.

    Fuck furrys

  • Shiny Splashes
    Shiny Splashes 16 days ago

    I've actually sat on the fence between being a furry and just leaving completely. I won't say the users, but recently I had a very, very popular fursuit maker get angry and send their followers to attack me because I said that "buying a suit doesn't make someone a furry, and that it could just be a joke" (talking about the odd1sout.) from this alone I know some people will know who I'm talking about, and may even attack me here for it, but I honestly don't mind. This person got so offended I dare say that people would buy her work as a joke and said I was being rude to them. Of course, the comment got popular, and so many people went to suck their metaphorical cock on the issue, saying how brave they were to respond to me, and then continuing to tell me how stupid I was.

    I don't care who you are, if you run a company, and someone buys your work, you can't be offended if they don't buy the work with full sincerity. Even if their plan is to burn the head when they buy it, that's their choice. You got your money, now move on to your next customer.

    I've been a maker for about two years, and I've sold a few suits in that time, I've sold art as well. One of the people I made art for bought it ironically, and I knew that. But he still supported my art and paid me. So at that point, it didn't matter to me that he bought it as a laugh between friends. "Look at this furry art I bought!" He paid, and was allowed to use it anyway he pleased.

    The maker I'm referring to is seven years older than me (I'm 19) and acts much younger. I used to really look up to them, but seeing how they acted was a sign to me that I didn't want to end up the same way. Conceited, in their own bubble, with an army of followers to attack if they ever felt like someone hurt them. I'm still maturing, and I know that I personally have a lot of issues to work on, but I can't imagine being their age and still acting like a child, where the world revolves around them and their happiness.

    I've seen this video of yours before, but I watched it again, and honestly I agree with everything said here, and it's pretty disgusting. There are some good people in this community, but even some of the eldest that we presume to be the most wise are immature in reality and get offended by everything.

    If you get offended by something that's not supposed to be taken as offensive, you're a fool. If you get offended by something that's meant to be taken as offensive, you're an even greater fool. This is something my grandpa would tell my mom when she was younger, and she had shared with me.

    This was a bit of rambling mess, but I sort of just poured my own thoughts out onto this comment without much organization.

    Whatever you choose to do with your account, I'm behind you. I've been a long time supporter of yours for a few years, and I really like hearing what you have to say. You don't shy away from anything, and its really nice to see considering so many people censor themselves to avoid any controversy.

    • pyrka 001100
      pyrka 001100 16 days ago

      Holy crap . it so long . You write a f*** book

  • Logan Shonk
    Logan Shonk 16 days ago

    So what your saying is that a sizeable chunk of us that do stuff......but your having everybody how does that make sense

  • GothicPleasure
    GothicPleasure 16 days ago

    I was just getting into the furry community after a long hiatus, I saw this video around TVclip a few times and I knew... I just wanted to believe, at least for a little while longer, that this fantasy that is the furry fandom was real. Thank you, for telling me what I needed to hear, before life taught me the hard way.

  • Cotton Cat
    Cotton Cat 16 days ago

    I believe this is kind of true....sad to say

  • Kitty Aj
    Kitty Aj 17 days ago

    Ok. I was joking bout being a furry.

  • Karmine
    Karmine 17 days ago

    I am glad i am not so involved with many fandoms i am in

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 17 days ago

    You also can't forget the entire "if you aren't LGBT we will keep you excluded" and the blatant SJW trends in the community. If someone dislikes something or disagrees with an aspect of the LGBT community the furry community will a lot of times attack them and call them homophobic so long as they are straight mind you. The amount of constant "I like dick" "dick dick dick" thing is also extremely annoying as is rubbing your sexuality non stop and bringing it up non stop constantly as if it's a personality trait If you dare counteract that behaviour with saying "dick isn't good etc" you will again be attacked if you are straight. It's really a fandom that is hypocritical in of itself as well as many other things such as an animal fucker fandom as seen with many representatives such as Kero etc.
    It's a fandom that is primarily made up of sex addicted people who struggle socially and who find the need to be extremely SJW over many topics and attacking you if you disagree with them. I get why people despise furries.

  • Loaf's bread
    Loaf's bread 17 days ago

    Thanks Kothorix.
    You broke up someone's GF and made them sent death threats to her and to her friends and now threatening to kill herself cause she can't believe that she was associated with furries.
    Just because of this one video
    (This is not a hate message but this is more like an information post. No hate from me or from her)

  • HaxxorElite
    HaxxorElite 17 days ago +1

    The old name was good, stand your ground ffs

  • Amegraヤンデレ
    Amegraヤンデレ 17 days ago +2

    Well... for me there are two fandoms!
    Sexfurs and NormalFurs.
    There are some normal people! Not only the toxic ones! Well I am the normal one.

  • SurvivorEH28
    SurvivorEH28 17 days ago

    I've seen furries make artwork romanticizing genocides and mass shootings. There's furry games that- reward you for raping people... Newer furs talk endlessly about how much they want to kill cops and kill other furs who don't share their political views or kill military members... Trust me, it's irredeemable... There's not a single piece of the fandom worth preserving anymore... I say, -- let it toil, let it eat itself, let it burn... Ignore that it ever was, and it'll vanish as quickly as the toxic Undertale fandom. Let it sink back to the corners of the internet where it belongs...

  • oochie_mate239 nut
    oochie_mate239 nut 18 days ago

    finally the gamer realizes the evil of a furry

  • BOSKAT450THEFOLF _System_

    I agree with all of this but I don’t think that leaving is the way to fix this. The cancerous ones of the community need to be stopped. I don’t want these things to be true but it’s all true. I hate this. The good furs in the fandom need to help stop some of the cancers to better the community.

  • Poka Tutu
    Poka Tutu 18 days ago +3

    We should start a new furry community. The purefurs and the sexfurs or something lol

    • Poka Tutu
      Poka Tutu 15 days ago

      Shiny Splashes Yeah unfortunately

    • Shiny Splashes
      Shiny Splashes 16 days ago +1

      I think there was something like this, burnt furs and ice furs or some crap like that. where one was sexual and the other wasn't, and they would fight nonstop. I wasn't a part of the fandom during this time, but apparently it was pretty nasty. I do wish there was a way to fix the bad side of the fandom, but there really isn't much, sadly..

  • 7
    7 18 days ago +1

    you made the right choice my dude

  • Memeulos Rip off
    Memeulos Rip off 18 days ago

    All I can say you poor poor child

  • Mute The Reploid
    Mute The Reploid 18 days ago

    *No fam,just no fam*

  • Lone wolf 308
    Lone wolf 308 18 days ago

    dafuq have I gotten my self into

  • Icarion Icarus
    Icarion Icarus 19 days ago

    I used to be a furry, i was, until i get much hate, like a lot, i disbelieve that the fandom itself really bad. Thank god my weeb friend made me quit permanently. Now i need a furry hunting license, i blamed them for the shattering of my sanity

  • jhett gomez
    jhett gomez 19 days ago

    congrats gamer, you have been cleansed

  • Jack The Taco
    Jack The Taco 19 days ago

    "like I just recruited someone into an animal tourting sex cult" I thought we were talking about furrys not PETA

  • XxGacha wolf logic Xx
    XxGacha wolf logic Xx 20 days ago

    I’m in love with furry’s

  • Heyyoutroll
    Heyyoutroll 20 days ago

    Furry fandom sabotage when?

  • BebeCoco
    BebeCoco 20 days ago +1

    21:16 to 21:33, the biggest reason of furries being so cringe, their fursuits are ridiculous, why they dont try to do something more realistic and cool? you will never see one cool fursuit like those that he showed on the video on a cringe compilation.

  • meme kid
    meme kid 21 day ago

    Furrys are gay and weird and super toxic