• Published on Nov 2, 2017

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  • Joe Freeman
    Joe Freeman 6 hours ago

    I.m from chicago. This here issa hotttt mess.

  • Harry Parker
    Harry Parker Day ago

    Now imagine what it was like back in the mid to late 40s.

  • Louis Reyna
    Louis Reyna Day ago

    CAIN's children destroyed these areas.

  • Eduardo Juan
    Eduardo Juan 5 days ago


  • AlienPickle jar
    AlienPickle jar 5 days ago

    I live around these hoods, to be honest, it's true I dislike the city of Philadelphia Every now and then people don't clean the streets there are crimes every once in a while.
    My mother misses being in Philadelphia cause she's was raised there.
    To be honest I don't know what This women see in this city.
    I was born in North Philadelphia, PA and I don't even like it here.

    ABH_KRASH 7 days ago

    Caucasians love videos like this bc the can be in the hood without being in danger lol

  • red red
    red red 9 days ago +1

    Look nasty. Pick up the trash look bad

  • Evan K
    Evan K 10 days ago

    This could look like 1800s England and shit this area could be beautiful

  • Norma Torres piquet
    Norma Torres piquet 11 days ago

    Philadelphia looks like México straight up

  • PETER swed
    PETER swed 11 days ago

    Hallo Africa.

  • Kessia Oliveira Soares
    Kessia Oliveira Soares 12 days ago +1

    This is Philladelphia? Cruzes 😭
    Looks CUBA

  • Kurt P
    Kurt P 13 days ago

    Yet these people keep voting in the libs to "represent and fight for" them. What are they actually doing for you? More importantly, what are these people doing for themselves in order to become a net benefit to their community? The Dems...certainly not encouraging education and progress. They just keep the government handouts coming, so this situation will never change.

    MOPAR OR NO CAR 15 days ago

    I'm from Texas,this shit looks wired af. Everything so close together. No graffiti anywhere,just trash all over the place. Weird

  • Invisble Ninja5000
    Invisble Ninja5000 18 days ago

    philly is a trash city

  • Mr.31
    Mr.31 19 days ago

    I think the black ones love to live in such terrible areas

  • The Ultimate Male
    The Ultimate Male 19 days ago


  • Ja Man
    Ja Man 19 days ago

    dangerous? dirty as fuck fur shore!!!

  • Roger Tarbox
    Roger Tarbox 19 days ago +1

    Typical Dem s..tholes

  • ბესარიონ იაკობიძე

    ირლანდიელი განგსტერების ქალაქია

  • Matthew Logan
    Matthew Logan 20 days ago

    Look up gang stalking I'm from Philadelphia and I'm a target of gang stalking there videos out there that are dumb but this is serious

  • enisa6
    enisa6 20 days ago

    America is no good

  • VST Kingz
    VST Kingz 20 days ago

    Some the other hoods he drive around don’t even look like hoods to me. I like Philly cuz this what I’m used to seeing 😂😂😂 real hood appearance dirty dense city blocks for days the definition of the ghetto

  • Joe Hayting
    Joe Hayting 22 days ago

    looking nice and bombed out. another formerly nice city rotted to shit

  • M F
    M F 23 days ago

    sad that the folks don't take more pride in where they live. it's so easy to pick up trash, and fix things up.

  • 杨雯凯
    杨雯凯 27 days ago +1

    Can't imagine if you drive 20 minutes from here to there in the same city, it is like driving from a third world country to a first world.

  • Dythia Viney
    Dythia Viney 28 days ago

    The crib is FD up and the surrounding area.......but the "whip" out front is good!😏

  • charina herrera
    charina herrera 29 days ago

    All your videos are racist and classist as hell. You should be ashamed. In what frame of mind do you have to be to deliberately go to other states just to film the "hood" spots of inner cities? I'm offended by your content. I'm offended that you even thought this was ok. Ya'll don't know the conditions of the ppl living in those areas, ya'll don't care about them, and at the end of the day someone is benefitting off of them living in such conditions. Purely pathetic. Get a real hobby.

    • CharlieBo313
      CharlieBo313  28 days ago

      Then don't watch TVclip moron, that's the whole point. If you post videos, who's not trying to get views. I also have videos of nice neighborhoods which you probably didn't know because that's really not what you're looking for. Is that exploiting too ?

    • charina herrera
      charina herrera 28 days ago

      @CharlieBo313 OMG!!!!!! What a coincidence! I have some groundbreaking advice for you as well! How about you stop further exploiting these communities for content and views? :)

    • CharlieBo313
      CharlieBo313  28 days ago

      OMG! I just thought of a brilliant idea. Type in searches for the videos you like and watch those.......Now is the some ground breaking shit or what?

    • charina herrera
      charina herrera 29 days ago

      @CharlieBo313 I watched a couple bc you did one on my neighborhood, please don't be flattered. If you seriously think that the conditions are brought about by the "gangster lifestyle" and not white supremacy/capitalism/classism/anti-black racism, you are clearly delusional and I suggest you read up a little more about the history of the US. In the meantime, stop making these shitty videos. Thanks.

    • CharlieBo313
      CharlieBo313  29 days ago

      So that means you watch my videos. Why thank you. I'm sure you're just as angry at, and have written to the at the Hip Hop industry/artists and the motion picture industry for glorifying the gangster lifestyle that lead to these conditions.

    KVEEZY Month ago

    Philly always looked this shitty since the 1960s-1970s no improvement what so ever

  • David Lotti
    David Lotti Month ago

    People live like they are in a jungle. Pick up the garbage, sweep up, stop painting on the walls, morons .

  • Lazy Yoda
    Lazy Yoda Month ago

    At 03:13, juicy ass! Congrats!

  • Libertarian Prince
    Libertarian Prince Month ago

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  • Libertarian Prince
    Libertarian Prince Month ago

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  • Adal Mawajdeh
    Adal Mawajdeh Month ago

    I must say it's not getting any ghetoo than this

  • Vincent Briggs
    Vincent Briggs Month ago


  • Vincent Briggs
    Vincent Briggs Month ago

    I'm from North and them blocks NOBODY was out cursing fighting or nuff that was A EPISODE OF ITS ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA 😂😂😂

  • Westayfitwsf
    Westayfitwsf Month ago

    Why they all 1 way streets?! Philly look madd small.

  • b50262
    b50262 Month ago

    Temporary lay offs “Good Times” easy credit ripoffs “Good Times” and we lucky we got em.......

  • Kashif Khan
    Kashif Khan Month ago

    Looks like exactly Miami's Over Town one of the most dangerous area in Miami.

  • Mr C
    Mr C Month ago

    do you wanna visit a real danger hood. come to Tijuana to the zona norte and you see

  • NerolNiethsreg
    NerolNiethsreg Month ago

    Do you drive a broken refrigerator? Those noises sound like it

  • Michaela Parrotti
    Michaela Parrotti Month ago

    I like to know the names of those neighborhoods. The title implies specific hoods. So what are there names, Strawberry Mansion, North Philly, Tioga, Kensington. So give us names not just random pictures. Or don't you know the names?

  • Charles Mascari
    Charles Mascari Month ago

    What do all these neighborhoods have in common besides nice cars?

    JESSE B Month ago

    Coward ass driving through, searching for dope!

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson Month ago

    Name one place on this earth, where blacks gather in numbers, where life is not shit. Go ahead, name one?

    • Willie Moore
      Willie Moore Month ago

      There are wealthy black neighborhoods too you uneducated racist. I live in Detroit and the are wealthy black neighborhoods too which this guy also has videos of. Sherwood Forest, Palmer Woods, Rosedale Park are all Black neighborhoods you can't afford to live in. Now go shoot up a school and kill some children and get your uneducated ass back in your trailer home and get some rest.

  • Elizabeth Cervene
    Elizabeth Cervene Month ago

    Some of the cars are better than mine LOL

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Month ago

    Wait! Blacks neighborhoods, cities and coutries are shitholes? Im suprises, the reality muste be racist!

  • Safuwan Fauzi
    Safuwan Fauzi Month ago

    Black neighborhood just like sub-saharan black african country city, very2 clean, very2 good

  • Frank Grimes
    Frank Grimes Month ago +1


  • Jude Iz
    Jude Iz Month ago

    I was throughly disappointed in that there was no audio, I haven't learned a thing other than that numerous Philly neighborhoods are a sad sight. My question is, what was the name of these areas? Anyone can drive by a poor neighborhood, we need to get educated as to what neighborhood it is.

  • RS3 DR
    RS3 DR Month ago

    Have been there 2 weeks ago. Unbelievable

  • Grizz Flowers
    Grizz Flowers Month ago

    Kensington all day

  • gil wood
    gil wood Month ago

    That sure looks like K and A to me

  • A Howard
    A Howard Month ago

    This is so dumb

  • Eric Day
    Eric Day Month ago

    Yes its a tough neighborhood, but all of philly is not like that, why dont you just once show the contrast. Go just south of Lehigh and Huntington, maybe Frankford ave and its beautiful. All the way south until South Philly is really nice. Yes the badlands are that, very bad. But that does not include the entire city.

  • Providence Medina
    Providence Medina Month ago +1

    I live in north.phily you yust hace to clean keep it real😏

  • Albert Demarco
    Albert Demarco Month ago

    Hello! Kensington & Allegheny avenues is where I enjoy Hangouts. Meet girls of the streets. Day and night walks. 1970' s. 1978 to 1980 intense excitements. Jack in the box restaurants bustleton avenue Frankfort avenue shelmire avenue . Northeast Philadelphia the best times 1978 to 1980. Orleans movie theater was free tickets because of a manager. Actor, George Hamilton. The best times. Sex is the capital of Northeast Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

  • Levi Clark
    Levi Clark Month ago

    It wouldn't surprise me if there's some nimrod on here who is claiming that they are from the most dangerous hood. Lol...yeah that's something to be proud of

  • 215 B
    215 B Month ago +1

    Thanks to all the white customers you can live a good life selling drugs down there

  • 215 B
    215 B Month ago

    The funny part about the white ppl comments is that the white ppl that grow up in the hood are way worse super ratchet

  • Steph Watson
    Steph Watson Month ago

    Don't you know that it's true that for me and for you....... The world is a ghetto