Alexandra Waterbury on Sexual Exploitation in Ballet | The Scarlet Letter Reports

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
  • Alexandra Waterbury sued New York City Ballet after discovering some of its male dancers had been exchanging explicit texts.
    While the case raised concerns about unsafe atmospheres for dancers, Alexandra’s story has now fostered an important call for change.
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Comments • 2 830

  • imogen Green
    imogen Green 3 days ago

    I know this is unrelated, but she is absolutely stunning

  • mary downs
    mary downs 4 days ago

    Poor lady, glad she’s standing up for herself

  • Stephanie Vosburgh
    Stephanie Vosburgh 5 days ago

    She's amazing...

  • So L
    So L 9 days ago

    That guy should be a frustrated gay

  • ben Relasse
    ben Relasse 11 days ago

    That's a joke ?? An alleged murderer and psychopath is interviewing this courageous woman... Incongruous and inappropriate !!!!!

  • Xtina X
    Xtina X 12 days ago

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but be distracted that she used the word “like” over 50x!!!

    • DC Jay
      DC Jay 11 days ago

      Like, me too! She has such a powerful message, so I tried to ignore it.

  • Playliszt Man
    Playliszt Man 13 days ago

    she is like the human incarnation of the
    👁👄👁 emoji

  • frugalwitch
    frugalwitch 14 days ago

    It’s like, like, it’s like, like. She needs to develop a vocabulary

  • Sarah Pineapple
    Sarah Pineapple 14 days ago +3

    Men really gotta ruin and infect everything, even the ballet industry.

  • !mrdunn brucvald
    !mrdunn brucvald 15 days ago


  • Cumberpatch Fingerbottom

    Your use of the word “like” clearly shows your lack of education and any form of intelligence.

  • Rebecca D
    Rebecca D 20 days ago

    Of course his name is chase, it all makes sense now

  • Sofia Lulla
    Sofia Lulla 21 day ago

    I hate that she apologizes for being hurt when something that awful and messed up happens. It’s like women are expected to shield everyone else from their pain and expressing it is wrong.

  • M Krafts
    M Krafts 23 days ago

    Wtf did you think ballet was even for? Training people for military? No! Its for fat rich men to take their pick. Maybe the part where they told you to dance in tights was your red flag?

  • Agnes Rodriguez
    Agnes Rodriguez 25 days ago

    amanda knox? She killed a girl in italy

  • MondoBeno
    MondoBeno 25 days ago

    What he did to her was wrong, but in every article I read about her, she comes across as a woman who's used to getting a lot of perks, probably gets by on her looks. If that's the case, she set herself up to be used by people like Finlay.

  • IFBC Ballet
    IFBC Ballet 25 days ago

    I think was she is passing through it's very sad but it doesnt has nothing to be with the New Yourk City Ballet its Chase and her problem not the building and not the Company!!!!

  • yesloow
    yesloow 25 days ago

    Misogyny and sexually abusive/exploitative behavior "outside of working hours" is not an excuse. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter how great Amar Ramasar, Zachary Catazaro, or Chase Finlay are as dancers. They should never be allowed to dance in a company that includes women again. If I was a subscriber at NYC Ballet (I am not, as I live on the other side of the country), I would cancel and never support them.

  • Kathleen sarachinsky
    Kathleen sarachinsky 28 days ago

    The interviewer is SOO bad. What dumb questions

  • TheProSays
    TheProSays 29 days ago

    Ruin her career? Are you kidding? Any ballet company that has a marketing director who can pull his head out of his ass would hire her in an instant! The publicity would guarantee full houses for years! Women are the biggest patrons of ballet and they would go just to show their support for what she did.

  • Eureka Opium
    Eureka Opium Month ago

    She looks like Gollum

  • erepsekahs
    erepsekahs Month ago

    "A culture of shame." Why ????? The people who should be shamed are the revolting men who had the disgusting audacity to post the comments and photographs. These women did nothing wrong at all. The men should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.....and beyond. The women have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

  • winterrrsea
    winterrrsea Month ago

    Why are people like Amanda Knox so into using their (for lack of better word, ugh) fame this way? You got away with it.... disappear?! This whole scandal is awful :( she had to insert herself in it? She's going to a conference that my partner is going to for work later this month and we're both scratching our head that she goes on tour making appearances. I'm flummoxed that you wouldn't get the heck out of the limelight asap, it's just so fucked up. It's like you're running around bragging.

  • Ekatarina*
    Ekatarina* Month ago +9

    "Your voice would hurt your career more than I would help it" powerful statement

  • Bunny S
    Bunny S Month ago

    Sorry, I have all respect for what she stands for, so this will sound mean, but her overuse of the words 'uhh it was like...' make her sound a bit irritating.

  • zaq voir
    zaq voir Month ago

    bitch is playing the Swan Queen

  • Lucille Bennett
    Lucille Bennett Month ago

    That is sick.

  • sakshi anand
    sakshi anand Month ago


  • Clovis Grinda
    Clovis Grinda Month ago

    Lovely video... Thanks lots. 👌

  • gogoback Marques
    gogoback Marques Month ago +1


  • Jacqueline Therese Plunkett

    I think this young man, this first love of hers...if it was real... won't ever get over it. Even if he was socialised in it. He knows.

  • Jennifer holts
    Jennifer holts Month ago

    It doesn't matter but it wasn't a company sponsored event it was an event held for people who financially support the ballet and they should be held accountable because what's the New York City Ballet believes it or not if it's a ballet related event it is representative of them and if they're people and sponsors are attending it is representative of them they need to start taking responsibility for the environment they create for these dancers I really hope that her court case goes well and that she wins because it sounds to me like the New York City Ballet is not backing up the most important answers they have which are the primary dancers of the art who are females and they need to take more serious consequences against the males when they do this type of exploitation of the true stars of the show.

  • Loam Bart
    Loam Bart Month ago +1

    So many worms behind the sophisticated mask of "high culture" ...

  • Olivia Dreisinger
    Olivia Dreisinger Month ago

    I just watched the city.ballet and remembered watching this video when it came out. It was very difficult watching the city.ballet series knowing everything about Peter and also Chase and just the complete culture of silence around the different levels of abuse that happens in NYCB and other companies. I'm so sorry Alex that this happened to you, but thank you so much for trying to change things.

  • Nikolai Maharaj
    Nikolai Maharaj 2 months ago

    A girl like this does not deserve my sympathy, looking like that she'll always be able to overcome her problems

    • Nikolai Maharaj
      Nikolai Maharaj Month ago

      Tell me tho is she happily married now and what's her financial situation like?

    • Yeontan's Eyebrows
      Yeontan's Eyebrows Month ago

      @Nikolai Maharaj yes, a friend of mine who is very popular and always considered attractive had a not so great home life, her father died and fell into deep depression which ruined her studies, which consequentially makes going forward in her life harder. Though I would not consider her situation absolutely helpless. However there are many beautiful people living in war-zones, and to many of them the situation is truly quite hopeless, and their looks will definitely not get them out of that.
      Though obviously it is not like this girl is living like that. Still, her suffering and the injustice she had to tolerate should not be ignored, as it is something that can and often will do permanent psychological damage

    • Nikolai Maharaj
      Nikolai Maharaj Month ago

      @Yeontan's Eyebrows have you ever met a person in reality who's considered extremely attractive or at the leasy above average and it seems like their in a hopeless situation tho?

    • Yeontan's Eyebrows
      Yeontan's Eyebrows Month ago

      You truly believe a persons looks will solve all their problems? Have you never met other human beings before, or were you dropped as a child? Sorry if that happened to you, I know that would not be your fault and it's a shame it ended up doing this much brain damage to you, completely killing your emotional intelligence

  • lisa evers
    lisa evers 2 months ago

    Take away the 'shame' of naked bodies...the 'shame' of sex...all perfectly natural things...and we take away the power of revenge porn, etc.

    I'm willing to bet that this is more of a 'problem' in the US, because we are so puritanical. There is nothing shameful about our bodies. Why should we be 'embarrassed' because others saw us naked? It's only as embarrassing as we make it to be.

  • Katerina rocks
    Katerina rocks 2 months ago

    How many times did she say "like"?

  • John Sanders
    John Sanders 2 months ago


  • Fanny Biggetywitch
    Fanny Biggetywitch 2 months ago +2

    You can tell he's a sociopath. Dead eyes.

  • maria manolaros
    maria manolaros 2 months ago

    Very well done! Amanda Knox does a great interview

  • Will Skubi
    Will Skubi 2 months ago

    When will we get sexual equality in ballet, with women doing 50% of the heavy lifting?

  • Will Skubi
    Will Skubi 2 months ago

    She DATED the guy for 2+ years. What does that have to do with the ballet company?

    I don't see that the ballet company did anything wrong.

    She apparently was reckless in protecting her privacy, which is her responsibility.

    • Yeontan's Eyebrows
      Yeontan's Eyebrows Month ago

      How was she reckless? It's not her fault her boyfriend was breaking the law without her knowing by violating her rights as a human being

  • monzorella1
    monzorella1 2 months ago

    Like, like, like, like, like, like, Like, like, like, like, like, like, Like, like, like, like, like, like, Like, like, like, like, like, like, Like, like, like, like, like, like, Like, like, like, like, like, likeLike, like, like, like, like, like, Like, like, like, like, like, like, Like, like, like, like, like, likeLike, like, like, like, like, like, Like, like, like, like, like, like, Like, like, like, like, like, likeLike, like, like, like, like, like, Like, like, like, like, like, like, Like, like, like, like, like, like

  • Island Air Cavalry Tango

    Her intimate trust was violated then broadcast by the closest person to her. That outrageousness is what I hate the most about the situation.

  • Rickie Odem
    Rickie Odem 2 months ago

    In the next generation this will not even get a footnote. Generation Z and beyond will be so accustomed to sharing their lives and intimate details online as well as being desensitized to porn. There will be 10 times as many cameras in use in home systems as well as microphones. Alexa and Siri are already listening to everybody have sex.

  • mericips
    mericips 2 months ago

    Seems interesting. But won't be watching b3cause of AK.

  • Bryan B
    Bryan B 2 months ago

    The guy is a sicko . What a disgusting violation in ways unimaginable.
    He should have coveted that sweet beautiful young lady and recognized what an honor and privilege having a relationship with her truly is.
    She trusted and cared for him.
    I hope he lives his tortured existence alone, no more victims.
    And I certainly hope this girl has the happiness she deserves.

  • Don Wornock
    Don Wornock 2 months ago

    If she would keep her clothes on and her legs together, she wouldn't have those problems.

    • Yeontan's Eyebrows
      Yeontan's Eyebrows Month ago

      What, now no woman is supposed to have sex so that our species goes extinct? Make it make sense.

  • Millennial medicine Kentucky Mike and Bama

    Awe, 😢 you beautiful sweet girl. We ought to protect these beautiful artists as a country this is a damn shame. Your beautiful sweet heart, you hold your head high. 💕💜

  • cynthia Obmerga
    cynthia Obmerga 2 months ago +1

    Brave girl. You did the right thing.

  • stone hurst
    stone hurst 2 months ago

    WARNING feminist high in 3...2....1...

    • Yeontan's Eyebrows
      Yeontan's Eyebrows Month ago

      You don't think the fact this person's human rights were violated is a problem?

  • Andre Silva
    Andre Silva 2 months ago +2

    What the... I can’t believe such a monster exist. This guy is clearly a psycho or with serious serious problems

  • Filming life to Remember it.

    OMG. You damn millennials. You depend and are dependent on us baby-boomers and the X-Gen, to get ya through life and hold this world together. You have no priorities nor discipline. You are the perfect hypocrites. Trying to mold a society into your delusional aspirations. What works for a singularity, is...good. Changing-it, never make it better nor profitable.
    Stop the bitching (politically correct?), and do the job.

    • Maysoon Ilyasi
      Maysoon Ilyasi 8 days ago

      Ok boomer

    • Yeontan's Eyebrows
      Yeontan's Eyebrows Month ago

      Sir, what the actual fuck are you talking about? That has absolutely nothing to do with this video. You look ridiculous

  • Es3iya
    Es3iya 2 months ago

    It is really the way people treat sexuality. They treat it like it's something separate from the dignity and the feelings of person, separate of love. That ballet dancers do such things to the girls is beyond understanding.

  • isabel maria
    isabel maria 2 months ago +1

    I loved the fact they got this two women who went through so much and put them together in this deep and sentimental interview

  • cat in the hat
    cat in the hat 2 months ago

    poor girl

  • Sam Frei
    Sam Frei 2 months ago +1

    This would have been so interesting to watch but I stopped after reading it was being presented by Amanda Knox. Shameless, shameless :(

  • Alicia Urbano
    Alicia Urbano 2 months ago


  • Michelle Tag
    Michelle Tag 2 months ago

    Trump says this is all fake.
    "Everybody knows that" says he.

    • Liang Xu
      Liang Xu Month ago

      Trump's wife would say "These are just boy talks. Not a big deal".......if the male dancer was a billionaire.

  • Trash Can
    Trash Can 2 months ago

    She's a beautiful dancer, this is so unfortunate and this is so unfortunate that that ballet company was that cruel to her.