BEST SCRAWLRBOX YET?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Drawing Woodland Creatures

  • Published on Jun 30, 2018
  • One of my favorite Art Supply Combos is the mix of Alcohol Markers, Fine-liners, and a nice white Gelly Roll. And this month's scrawlrbox delivered with a brand new brand i hadn't tried before.
    Don't forget that tip about marker paper, i've fallen for it before and I'm so glad I didn't make that mistake again. Well...i guess I did make that mistake...I just caught it early this time. haha
    ► (For Prices and More Information.)
    Featured Artist: anixen?hl=en
    Supplies in May's Box:
    - Spectra ad Alcohol Based Brush-Markers -
    - Sakura Gelly Roll White Gel Pen:
    - Sakura Pigma Micron PN:
    - Nameless marker paper...
    Anyone reading this who cares...I was really struggling with my medication while filming this. My hands felt like they were vibrating and I really didn't think i would be able to draw anything, but I manage these doodles. Sorry they aren't up to maybe my usual standards and thank you for being so understanding. I still had fun and I hope you enjoy the video!
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  • Bamboo Milkshake
    Bamboo Milkshake Year ago +2136

    “Sqwak sqwak. Birdie!”
    -Rin 2018

    • Kathie Jones
      Kathie Jones 4 months ago

      @Kay Is Lame whos? the bird? PLEASEEE respond

    • Kiwi and Kona
      Kiwi and Kona 5 months ago

      bøñ būñ her name is Catherine so she just signs rin for short like I do my name is I’ not telling you but I sign al

    • Little White Wulf
      Little White Wulf 7 months ago

      Bon Bun lik

    • Wild Flowers
      Wild Flowers 8 months ago +1


    • Afroza Hossain
      Afroza Hossain 8 months ago

      I thought she said quack quack birdie
      MOm are you ok
      Me noooooo im broken

  • slate grey
    slate grey 2 days ago

    It wouldve been even better if u drew a baby deer surrounded by flowers but i still loved this💞

  • Cookie Claire
    Cookie Claire 3 days ago


  • eva nasto
    eva nasto 5 days ago +1

    Get better waffles

  • Miep ._.
    Miep ._. 6 days ago

    "oh is that a brush nape!?,,
    *1 second later*
    "Oh yes babe!,,
    I love you xD💞

  • KrazyZombieUnicorn
    KrazyZombieUnicorn 6 days ago

    Isn’t pn point nib?

  • grey boi
    grey boi 9 days ago

    mini paintings.

  • Wen_blox YT
    Wen_blox YT 13 days ago +1

    RIN!! Kasey said she hates *_PURPLE_*

  • Aiko Animations
    Aiko Animations 15 days ago

    Bye Felicia~

  • AliseIam
    AliseIam 22 days ago

    Those look like Blick Studio markers

  • Stephanie Coffey
    Stephanie Coffey 22 days ago

    Ooohhhhhoohhhhhh look guys Rins a beauty guru

  • Pinya FOI
    Pinya FOI 26 days ago

    Waffles: the fox🦊
    Me as an intellectual: the fucks

  • Jas46725
    Jas46725 Month ago

    Oof I'm laying by a window with our pet racoon in a cage outside and my parrot in his cage right beside me haha I just thought it was funny but if she drew a dog I'd be creeped out

  • Music’s Mind
    Music’s Mind Month ago +1

    I wish my pads where made out of that paper😅😢

  • Lena Hyche
    Lena Hyche Month ago

    I love the "MARKERS!" lol

  • Nellie Chappell
    Nellie Chappell Month ago

    The non glossy side

  • Nellie Chappell
    Nellie Chappell Month ago

    Means Plastic Nib

  • Madison Hoagland
    Madison Hoagland Month ago +4

    is this jelly roll different?
    *proceeds to use gel pen on skin *

  • Adah Perry
    Adah Perry Month ago

    Nails lookin fab! *𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚏 𝚔𝚒𝚜𝚜*

  • Alysa Mellars
    Alysa Mellars Month ago

    PN= plastic nib fyi

  • Whisper ninja
    Whisper ninja Month ago

    The markers just remind me of yummy fruits that aren't real.

  • Atomic Spark
    Atomic Spark Month ago +1

    *The racoon is adorable!*

  • pocket sized lucifer

    4:51 all I can think of is that photo of the two dogs and on of them has two leg casts. And now I’m die laughing

  • Alpha Art
    Alpha Art Month ago +2

    My dog is watching this with me and he won’t take his eyes off the screen. He loves this so keep up the good work🤣🤣

  • supercool 22
    supercool 22 Month ago


  • Maiasatara
    Maiasatara Month ago

    Your nail design…I had a shirt that had that EXACT pattern in the '80's, lol. Maybe a shade darker pink but crazy. I just found your channel today and love watching the box challenges. Probably because I'm creative in every way BUT drawing (musician, acting, singing, jewelry design, cooking, cookie design, etc) and it always fascinates me to watch people for whom it comes so easily. I took a metals class at RISD but one of these days I'll just have to take basic drawing. For now I'll just watch you, lol.

  • LAFiiiNA
    LAFiiiNA Month ago

    Butt feathers lmao

  • Jeffica Parrot
    Jeffica Parrot Month ago +3

    Your videos are so relaxing and inspirational, you are by far one of the best TVcliprs on the platform :)

  • Anaiah Henderson
    Anaiah Henderson Month ago +1

    Lol, if you ever see a green bird in the same habitat as a green raccoon,and a pink frog. RUN

  • Tav
    Tav Month ago

    your videos are so relaxing......... like bob ross

  • blonde lebanese
    blonde lebanese Month ago

    Woodland Tails 😻
    Loved the fox!!

  • The Candy_Man
    The Candy_Man Month ago

    Rin: gives foe eyebrows
    Me: *genius*

  • Lillian Rife
    Lillian Rife Month ago

    I like the nails!

  • Avocado Tea
    Avocado Tea Month ago

    Ooh Gah La!
    -Rin 2018

  • Lexi 123
    Lexi 123 Month ago

    The fog is my favourite!

  • Neeti Naik
    Neeti Naik 2 months ago

    I thought that you were going to do a deer with the terra-cotta and the white gelly roll, but I like what you did much better

  • disappointment kid
    disappointment kid 2 months ago

    0:57 idk why that part made me laugh 😅😅

  • Isabel Galicia
    Isabel Galicia 2 months ago

    The pn on the micron means plastic nib

  • Turtle Productions
    Turtle Productions 2 months ago

    *Beast Boy trying to blend in*

  • Katherine Farnsworth
    Katherine Farnsworth 2 months ago

    I know what would have been inside Rin's style but also in that same color pattern! A Hamadryad (wood nymph) from greek mythology. I am currently drawing one as I watch this episode and--using her only blue and grey, water(person?) nymph using a scrawlrbox tutorial-- I have found an amazing combination of colors using red, honey brown, and lots of greens ranging from evergreen to Mellon yellow. When I saw the colors, I was blown away! Rin should make a Hamadryad!!! : )

  • Maria Guevara
    Maria Guevara 2 months ago

    I read the description!! I know I'm kinda late but I hope you feel better!! 💜💜💜

  • Julia Kaufman
    Julia Kaufman 2 months ago

    Whats your fav art sub box????

  • Erica Réne ?
    Erica Réne ? 2 months ago

    Feel better Waffles... we love you! Keep pushing!

  • Emily Creamer
    Emily Creamer 2 months ago

    I was thinking of Peter Pan the while time

  • Johana Salazar
    Johana Salazar 2 months ago

    What markers do you recommend for people who are not exactly rich or famous but also has good quality?

    • Sillia 04
      Sillia 04 2 months ago

      @Johana Salazar No Problem ^^

    • Johana Salazar
      Johana Salazar 2 months ago

      @Sillia 04 thank you

    • Sillia 04
      Sillia 04 2 months ago +1

      I'm not Waffles but I think you should watch her Videos on Ohuhu Markers. I personally never used them because I've got my Copics but still I think that Ohuhu Markers are really good, especially for their price! Hope I could help you ^^

  • Macabre FX
    Macabre FX 2 months ago

    Raccoon would be sooo cute as an albino raccoon with that peachy color

  • popsiei
    popsiei 2 months ago

    The orange bird looks like its crying....

  • Danielle Ayers
    Danielle Ayers 2 months ago

    Who remembers eating thier crayons and markers

    Me still eating marker ink😓😓
    Me liking my own comment

  • emchan anime
    emchan anime 2 months ago

    As soon as you said you didn't know what to draw I took one look at the markers.
    *gasp* a dear with floral decorations like a flower crown with like bits drooping down from the Antlers posed dramatically.

  • Avery Mine
    Avery Mine 2 months ago +1

    The bird looks like a thumb and I love it.

  • Aelin Potter
    Aelin Potter 2 months ago

    The fox should have glasses

  • Aelin Potter
    Aelin Potter 2 months ago

    All I can think of is a squirrel with a pink hoodie and a forest behind him

  • Brooklyn Heights Behavioral Associates

    Dang. Flabbit. No. - 11:17

  • Kenzie Colson
    Kenzie Colson 2 months ago

    i’m pretty sure that the pn on the micron pen stands for plastic nib

  • Karla Arias
    Karla Arias 2 months ago

    Is it just me or does the first green bird look kinda like the baby grinch XD

  • Katherine Turley
    Katherine Turley 3 months ago +2

    The featured artist thing, the one in top right is Groot's mom 😊

  • Kim Edwards
    Kim Edwards 3 months ago

    4:10 who herd that burp lol

  • Crystal Franklin
    Crystal Franklin 3 months ago

    They are all super cute and whimsical, but I think I like the fox best. His glasses made me smile. 🙂🙂

  • savannah gardner
    savannah gardner 3 months ago

    PN means plastic nib

  • Jamie Rider
    Jamie Rider 3 months ago

    How do people do line without there hand shaking 🤔