BEST SCRAWLRBOX YET?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Drawing Woodland Creatures

  • Published on Jun 30, 2018
  • One of my favorite Art Supply Combos is the mix of Alcohol Markers, Fine-liners, and a nice white Gelly Roll. And this month's scrawlrbox delivered with a brand new brand i hadn't tried before.
    Don't forget that tip about marker paper, i've fallen for it before and I'm so glad I didn't make that mistake again. Well...i guess I did make that mistake...I just caught it early this time. haha
    ► (For Prices and More Information.)
    Featured Artist:
    Supplies in May's Box:
    - Spectra ad Alcohol Based Brush-Markers -
    - Sakura Gelly Roll White Gel Pen:
    - Sakura Pigma Micron PN:
    - Nameless marker paper...
    Anyone reading this who cares...I was really struggling with my medication while filming this. My hands felt like they were vibrating and I really didn't think i would be able to draw anything, but I manage these doodles. Sorry they aren't up to maybe my usual standards and thank you for being so understanding. I still had fun and I hope you enjoy the video!
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  • Bamboo Milkshake
    Bamboo Milkshake Year ago +2032

    “Sqwak sqwak. Birdie!”
    -Rin 2018

    • Kathie Jones
      Kathie Jones 2 months ago

      @Kay Is Lame whos? the bird? PLEASEEE respond

    • Kiwi and Kona
      Kiwi and Kona 3 months ago

      bøñ būñ her name is Catherine so she just signs rin for short like I do my name is I’ not telling you but I sign al

    • Little White Wulf
      Little White Wulf 5 months ago

      Bon Bun lik

    • Wild Flowers
      Wild Flowers 6 months ago +1


    • Kuntol Kinjol
      Kuntol Kinjol 6 months ago

      I thought she said quack quack birdie
      MOm are you ok
      Me noooooo im broken

  • Neeti Naik
    Neeti Naik 4 days ago

    I thought that you were going to do a deer with the terra-cotta and the white gelly roll, but I like what you did much better

  • Anime lover
    Anime lover 4 days ago

    0:57 idk why that part made me laugh 😅😅

  • Isabel Galicia
    Isabel Galicia 4 days ago

    The pn on the micron means plastic nib

  • Turtle Productions
    Turtle Productions 6 days ago

    *Beast Boy trying to blend in*

  • Katherine Farnsworth
    Katherine Farnsworth 11 days ago

    I know what would have been inside Rin's style but also in that same color pattern! A Hamadryad (wood nymph) from greek mythology. I am currently drawing one as I watch this episode and--using her only blue and grey, water(person?) nymph using a scrawlrbox tutorial-- I have found an amazing combination of colors using red, honey brown, and lots of greens ranging from evergreen to Mellon yellow. When I saw the colors, I was blown away! Rin should make a Hamadryad!!! : )

  • Maria Guevara
    Maria Guevara 13 days ago

    I read the description!! I know I'm kinda late but I hope you feel better!! 💜💜💜

  • Julia Kaufman
    Julia Kaufman 17 days ago

    Whats your fav art sub box????

  • Erica Réne ?
    Erica Réne ? 21 day ago

    Feel better Waffles... we love you! Keep pushing!

  • Emily Creamer
    Emily Creamer 22 days ago

    I was thinking of Peter Pan the while time

  • Johana Salazar
    Johana Salazar 22 days ago

    What markers do you recommend for people who are not exactly rich or famous but also has good quality?

    • Sillia 04
      Sillia 04 19 days ago

      @Johana Salazar No Problem ^^

    • Johana Salazar
      Johana Salazar 19 days ago

      @Sillia 04 thank you

    • Sillia 04
      Sillia 04 22 days ago +1

      I'm not Waffles but I think you should watch her Videos on Ohuhu Markers. I personally never used them because I've got my Copics but still I think that Ohuhu Markers are really good, especially for their price! Hope I could help you ^^

  • Macabre FX
    Macabre FX 22 days ago

    Raccoon would be sooo cute as an albino raccoon with that peachy color

  • popsiei
    popsiei 24 days ago

    The orange bird looks like its crying....

  • Danielle Ayers
    Danielle Ayers 24 days ago

    Who remembers eating thier crayons and markers

    Me still eating marker ink😓😓
    Me liking my own comment

  • emchan anime
    emchan anime 25 days ago

    As soon as you said you didn't know what to draw I took one look at the markers.
    *gasp* a dear with floral decorations like a flower crown with like bits drooping down from the Antlers posed dramatically.

  • DIY Candycat
    DIY Candycat 26 days ago +1

    The bird looks like a thumb and I love it.

  • Aelin Potter
    Aelin Potter 28 days ago

    The fox should have glasses

  • Aelin Potter
    Aelin Potter 28 days ago

    All I can think of is a squirrel with a pink hoodie and a forest behind him

  • Brooklyn Heights Behavioral Associates

    Dang. Flabbit. No. - 11:17

  • Kenzie Colson
    Kenzie Colson 29 days ago

    i’m pretty sure that the pn on the micron pen stands for plastic nib

  • Karla Arias
    Karla Arias 29 days ago

    Is it just me or does the first green bird look kinda like the baby grinch XD

  • Dexter Dino3
    Dexter Dino3 29 days ago

    Da fox looks evil 😟

  • Katherine Turley
    Katherine Turley 29 days ago +2

    The featured artist thing, the one in top right is Groot's mom 😊

  • Kim Edwards
    Kim Edwards Month ago

    4:10 who herd that burp lol

  • Crystal Franklin
    Crystal Franklin Month ago

    They are all super cute and whimsical, but I think I like the fox best. His glasses made me smile. 🙂🙂

  • savannah gardner
    savannah gardner Month ago

    PN means plastic nib

  • Jamie Rider
    Jamie Rider Month ago

    How do people do line without there hand shaking 🤔

  • Amna Asad
    Amna Asad Month ago

    She could have done green for the frog and pink for the racoon but still very beautiful drawing

  • ItsjustJULZ
    ItsjustJULZ Month ago

    your first sketch of the green birds eyes are haunting me...

  • OmgMyNameIsANN
    OmgMyNameIsANN Month ago

    i want a print of this

  • Jadzia Lightowler
    Jadzia Lightowler Month ago

    when u litter 7:11

  • Dakota Row
    Dakota Row Month ago +1

    I keep thinking the fox is wearing glasses

  • Chococcino
    Chococcino Month ago

    there is a animal that can have those colors Rin , it's a ..............PARROT

  • Kitty Laylay10plays

    9:01 .....

  • Coffee Creature
    Coffee Creature Month ago

    Ooh Gaa Laa

  • Harlow Lutz
    Harlow Lutz Month ago +7

    Rin: "Squak, Squak it's a birdie"
    Me"I thought birds said tweet..."

  • Smiles Be Smiling
    Smiles Be Smiling Month ago

    i love you nails

  • SushiKitty
    SushiKitty Month ago

    She should have done a girl wit hears and a raccoon tail

  • Manasvini Ippili
    Manasvini Ippili Month ago

    i luv ur nails!!! so pretty!!!

  • Anotherarmypassingby. Com

    I like the nails😂😂

  • Bobby Joe
    Bobby Joe Month ago

    I love birdies

  • Art by Valerie
    Art by Valerie Month ago

    Btw, pn stands for plastic nib if you were still wondering.

  • Brooklyn Wilks
    Brooklyn Wilks Month ago

    i love your nails btw my fav was all of them love you

  • Brooklyn Wilks
    Brooklyn Wilks Month ago

    your welcome. i really care and in my opinion i think u are really amazing at drawing.

  • Brooklyn Wilks
    Brooklyn Wilks Month ago

    your making me want to draw

  • Brooklyn Wilks
    Brooklyn Wilks Month ago

    by looking on google PN stands for plastic nib.

  • Penny leigh
    Penny leigh Month ago

    I felt that when her paper said “~~”

  • Okletsplay Royale high

    The PN stands for Plastic Nib!

  • Calculated Disaster

    Your chuckles give me LIFE

  • Toasty Panda
    Toasty Panda Month ago

    Everytimr I watch an art video I look for a Micron pen

  • WHHW
    WHHW Month ago

    Blub Fart 💨 😂😂😂

  • Melissa Myers
    Melissa Myers Month ago +2

    Yes plz draw more animals also I like your nails

  • Ya_girl 113
    Ya_girl 113 Month ago

    Idk if you figured it out but micron pn stands for plastic nib I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong tho.

  • Sammy_Playz
    Sammy_Playz Month ago

    You coulda drawn a deer lady

  • Luna S.
    Luna S. Month ago

    Can the marker caps go on the others side? Like does it click on..

    Did that make any sense?

  • Morgan Elaine
    Morgan Elaine Month ago

    Omg I also have a gellyroll but an 05 and a micron but an 02

  • PuffPuffPig 42
    PuffPuffPig 42 Month ago

    I think a flowery deer girl would have been great for those colours

  • Felipe Gómez
    Felipe Gómez Month ago

    no entendi nada pero me gusto :v

  • Katie Fansher
    Katie Fansher Month ago

    You could do a woodland angel

  • Trinity Johnson
    Trinity Johnson Month ago +2

    Can you pretty please do a review on the ohuhu brush marker set that’s on amazon. Your opinion means a lot to me and I feel alittle lost with this marker set.
    Like if you agree she should do a review❤️

    • Trinity Johnson
      Trinity Johnson Month ago

      Jennifer Banegas she only seems to have a review for ohuhu chisel tip but not the bush tips

    • Jennifer Banegas
      Jennifer Banegas Month ago

      Trinity Johnson There should be a video on her channel reviewing them

  • Zoe Clevenger
    Zoe Clevenger Month ago

    I feel like drawing animals is my specialty. 🤔😀

    Sorry about late commenter

  • E Craft
    E Craft 2 months ago

    I think the PN stands for plastic nib on the micron pen

  • kamron king
    kamron king 2 months ago

    am I the only one who thinks she talks like star from "SVTFOE"

  • Bailey Dewey
    Bailey Dewey 2 months ago

    Hey he nails look great

  • Sanjna Suresh
    Sanjna Suresh 2 months ago

    Feel better Rin

  • Sanjna Suresh
    Sanjna Suresh 2 months ago

    There is absolutely no blue in this drawing!!

  • Azula Rischow
    Azula Rischow 2 months ago

    I dare you to draw a picture with out ANY eraser

  • Meghan Sydney
    Meghan Sydney 2 months ago

    Cool markers

  • Aruna Fenando
    Aruna Fenando 2 months ago

    Get well soon waffles.
    Read the description

  • ricky x
    ricky x 2 months ago

    Ok but before I clicked on this video I was drawing with these exact colors, liner and gellyroll! I only realized it halfway through the video

    • ricky x
      ricky x 2 months ago


    • ricky x
      ricky x 2 months ago