5-Layer Brownie Cookie Cheesecake

  • Published on Mar 10, 2018
  • This 5-layer brownie cookie cheesecake is ACTUALLY what dreams are made of. Pick up items to make the recipes you love to share in all Walmart stores or right here: bit.ly/2Fv9ltl - PSSSST we may make some $$ if you buy!
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  • Puspa Agarwal
    Puspa Agarwal 16 days ago

    How do you replace the eggs in the cheesecake??

  • LaMara Allen
    LaMara Allen 22 days ago

    They never mentioned what size pan they used.

  • Eldrick Hsiao
    Eldrick Hsiao Month ago

    You sprayed something on some of your tools. What was that, that you sprayed?

  • Daniel VanderWoude
    Daniel VanderWoude 2 months ago

    what size is the spring form pan!?!?!

  • J ftube
    J ftube 4 months ago +1

    I'm always reading comments about the calories, diabetes, & arteries clogging, on videos such as this. Nobody says to eat this everyday. A damn slice or two won't kill you. Then get your fat asses to the gym. If you were already in shape, you wouldn't be so worried. Moderation people.

  • Derrick Jones
    Derrick Jones 4 months ago

    This video was out before my birthday!

  • Derrick Jones
    Derrick Jones 4 months ago

    That looks so good!

  • Shauna HARIDAS
    Shauna HARIDAS 4 months ago


  • taelicious
    taelicious 5 months ago

    i wonder how many shots did that bite take

  • riana davis
    riana davis 5 months ago

    Thanks tasty for showing this type of shit now my bf wants one

  • Vicki Stewart
    Vicki Stewart 6 months ago

    5 layers to lead you right to diabetes

  • 3berg
    3berg 6 months ago

    Calories per serving 10^10

  • black bikini
    black bikini 6 months ago

    Whatever you may say.. but since Alvin made it, so this must have tasted great! 😍

  • Nicole Song
    Nicole Song 7 months ago

    This obviously isn’t a real creation because who would eat that

  • Nicole Song
    Nicole Song 7 months ago

    This looks like something a college kid would make when they splurge at the supermarket sweets aisle

  • Beanie Baby
    Beanie Baby 7 months ago

    I’ll take 50

  • Sherry Harvey
    Sherry Harvey 8 months ago

    Thumbs up if you think that's actually a slutty brownie cheesecake lol

  • Tamara castro
    Tamara castro 8 months ago

    Non of this was accurate took double of the time and came out mediocre.How were you supposed to store this "Cake" away started at 3 ended at like 7

  • Železniční Přejezdy - ČR

    it's foodporn

  • Yankarlo Soto
    Yankarlo Soto 8 months ago

    Tasty....Do you have your own custom cookware?

  • __
    __ 8 months ago

    *heavy breathing*

  • Bryan Guegan
    Bryan Guegan 9 months ago

    I want it ALL, I want it ALL, I want it ALL, but I want it NOOOOOOOOW !!

  • miss katie
    miss katie 9 months ago


  • Katie M.
    Katie M. 9 months ago

    I'm literally in tears...

  • Kaylan Williams
    Kaylan Williams 9 months ago

    I love your videoes

  • Rachael Robinson
    Rachael Robinson 9 months ago

    Oh dear God.

  • Im_a_prø_at_Imperfectiøn

    Dont need the oreos

  • Emily Ivarsson
    Emily Ivarsson 9 months ago

    i tried to make this and the brownie ended up being really dry, and for some reason the cookie didn’t even cook all the way? i don’t know why

  • Funky Monkey - Gaming/Cooking

    that is my b-day cake right there

  • Nayan Patil
    Nayan Patil 10 months ago


  • Morgan McLaughlin
    Morgan McLaughlin 10 months ago

    this looks so good

  • Scream 2016
    Scream 2016 10 months ago

    y’all really want your audience to go into cardiac arrest don’t you

  • J Ayala
    J Ayala 10 months ago


  • Clarissa
    Clarissa 10 months ago

    I made this and brought it in to work. It was so good. I ate half of my first slice at 8am. By 9, I could feel myself crashing from the sugar high... So I ate the other half of my cake. 10:30 rolled around and I fell asleep at my desk from my 2nd sugar crash of the day.
    10/10 worth it. this cake was amazing. It took me about 3 hrs to make

  • Sumsum Mochi
    Sumsum Mochi 10 months ago

    Hello it's me!diabeties 😂

  • Kim Ung
    Kim Ung 10 months ago

    Why is there a lake of drool under my mouth?

  • sumeya love
    sumeya love 10 months ago

    O my God give that to me 😣😣😣

  • pansy
    pansy 10 months ago

    5 ways to control your blood sugar

  • Dawn Slater
    Dawn Slater 10 months ago

    Where's the recipe?

  • Erica Rouzz
    Erica Rouzz 10 months ago

    What name is the producer who made this?

  • Chloe Videos
    Chloe Videos 10 months ago

    The ‘double stuffed cookies’ are called Oreos.

  • Ronin Elenion
    Ronin Elenion 10 months ago

    This is the very definition of indulgence. I love it.

  • Caitlin Bensend
    Caitlin Bensend 10 months ago

    I may recommend using only one box of brownie mix. The recipe on their website said 2 boxes, but it was undercooked on one side, making it very gooey and not sure how safe. Also, in this video, it really doesn't look like they used two boxes either.

  • jazzy_ the_kool_kid
    jazzy_ the_kool_kid 11 months ago

    Yummmm😋😍but Soo many calories 😣😥😂

  • don't Care
    don't Care 11 months ago

    I've made two of them as of today.
    One tip is to add some weight to keep the second bowl anchored into the brownie mix.

  • Trinity Williams
    Trinity Williams 11 months ago

    Shouldn't that brownie be burned? It was cooked 3 times bruh -_-

  • Jules Gainey
    Jules Gainey 11 months ago

    I need an insulin pump S.T.AT.

  • Js Lyfek
    Js Lyfek 11 months ago

    I would kill to eat a cheesecake like that😍

  • derkommissar
    derkommissar 11 months ago


  • Vivalti Vivalti
    Vivalti Vivalti 11 months ago

    DVD 💾 Tasty

  • The OmniscientOG of The Internet

    Scratching out the oreo symbol on the cookie nice.

  • Gee G
    Gee G 11 months ago

    It's way too sweet. You can feel your teeth crumbling

  • TøäštėdChõćöłātė _

    *Diabetes has joined the server*

  • Amanie Hassen
    Amanie Hassen 11 months ago

    I am craving for this tempting cheesecake

  • Abida Begum
    Abida Begum 11 months ago

    Picture Worthy 😍✌

  • Natalia dorman
    Natalia dorman 11 months ago

    Como haces la masa con chispas de chocolate?

  • Ronnie L
    Ronnie L 11 months ago

    Fml really don't know where I can buy this cookie dough in Germany ._.

  • casual complaints
    casual complaints 11 months ago

    As much as I hate BuzzFeed this looks Hella nice

  • courtney timmons
    courtney timmons 11 months ago

    Omg so yummy

  • Jaded Rants
    Jaded Rants 11 months ago

    This recipe doesn’t work.

  • Sirenmoo
    Sirenmoo 11 months ago +3

    Hey everyone!
    I made this
    In case you were wondering if this actually works, and how it doesn’t over cook etc let me tell you that it turned out amazing
    It’s didn’t over cook at all tasted great and it looked exactly the same

  • Larry Gross
    Larry Gross 11 months ago

    MrChapelhill9 has it right. Two boxes of brownie are extreme overkill and does not appear to be at the stage it needs to be at cheesecake layer. Having same problem with cake pan pushing up sides of brownie. Will see what happens when all steps are done.

  • Ruby Crystal
    Ruby Crystal 11 months ago

    We did this, and personally, it would be better to soak the cookies in milk till they soften, THEN you add in the batter.

  • Lilly P
    Lilly P Year ago


  • Evelyn Ingraham
    Evelyn Ingraham Year ago

    Is anyone else annoyed at how they put half an Oreo in the cake? Like, could they not just space out the Oreos a little more?

  • Aditi Khandavilli

    *aka heart attack in a pan*

  • My Comments Are Pure Trolling Fuckers

    Where's Matt Stonie when you need him

  • John Graham Doe
    John Graham Doe Year ago

    How to bake diabetes

  • fudge comps
    fudge comps Year ago

    What can we replace cream cheese with?

  • kaisenji
    kaisenji Year ago

    Gonna make this...BUT...with all that double and triple cooking, we want a moist brownie shell not dry cracker. I say double the oil/butter or under-cook the brownie, cheesecake layer. Cheesecake should not be damped but moist as should the inside ingredients. Or maybe when cheesecake is almost done, add oreos, cookie layer then finish cooking on lower heat? Perhaps pan of water for humidity...hm. Maybe make it the first time then figure out what to change/make better. Either way, I'm eating this and **** yo diabetes comments.

  • Klara L.
    Klara L. Year ago

    What cookie recipe did you use?

  • john Devan wayne
    john Devan wayne Year ago


  • joseph Stanton
    joseph Stanton Year ago

    I'm going to make it today

  • Maksim Swagsta
    Maksim Swagsta Year ago

    fuck me

  • Gia Syed
    Gia Syed Year ago

    Yassssss Queen❤️❤️❤️

  • Little dreamer girl
    Little dreamer girl Year ago +1

    And this my friend, is why obesity is the biggest health issues in America.

  • noah stari
    noah stari Year ago

    what size pan is it?

  • Greek God Fitness

    I came

  • LilyTheWolfAnimations /other account/

    I felt fat just watching it

  • Alyssa Butcher
    Alyssa Butcher Year ago

    Because nothing is finished with out whipped cream on top

  • Mehmet Akif Güngör

    Sorry guys, this is just disgusting.

  • raccoon
    raccoon Year ago

    1000000 calories

  • Setherract
    Setherract Year ago

    I’m making this for Easter

    • Setherract
      Setherract 10 months ago

      It turned out delicious.

  • Bettie Turner
    Bettie Turner Year ago

    what I wanna know is how is that thrice cooked brownie layer??

  • Llama 020
    Llama 020 Year ago

    Clogged arteries never looked so good

  • sekereterra
    sekereterra Year ago

    I'm sure the dessert is tasty, but I was too busy dancing to that Brazilian beat. Title, please.

  • youcantseeme0015
    youcantseeme0015 Year ago

    The brownie needs to be cooked longer than recommended. You need more than one pack of oreos. And when you factor up all the calories per slice by the ingredients its around 1,700 - 2,100 per slice.

  • David Furrie
    David Furrie Year ago

    Tried to make this twice. The first time the pan I placed in the center of the brownie mixture rose up when baking so I basically got an under cooked brownie cake. The second time I used a heavy Corning Ware bowl to place in the center. This time the brownie mixture rose up over the sides and burned. Waste of money on the ingredients.

  • Lydia
    Lydia Year ago

    I am making it now and there is no way that the brownie won't be burnt by the end of it- you essentially bake the brownie 3 times! Mine was burnt by the second bake!

  • Sidra Abbas
    Sidra Abbas Year ago

    my mom would kill me if i made this but i really want it omg

  • Ethan Harp
    Ethan Harp Year ago

    I'm sorry, but did you say diabetes?

  • Markel the baller


  • Rockin Raffi's Home Cooking

    The best combinations cookie 🍪 and cookie 🍪 yummy 😋

  • jennifer camila
    jennifer camila Year ago


  • Veritech Girl
    Veritech Girl Year ago +1


  • A bad bitch
    A bad bitch Year ago +1

    OMG!!! that look so good...and I'm gonna try to make it

  • Bob Wilson
    Bob Wilson Year ago

    Fuck me up

  • Pooff7
    Pooff7 Year ago

    We tried and failed

  • Bella's Corner
    Bella's Corner Year ago


  • J. J. Jamison
    J. J. Jamison Year ago

    and, how do I find the printed recipe?