Rollgolf Car Rolls Over - You Have Been Warned

  • Published on May 2, 2013
  • The Rollgolf rolls again and this time we loose our windshield.
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  • ed nja
    ed nja 5 months ago

    Looks like somebody has a lot of spare time on his hands.

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago

    Mooi man

  • Miguel Zepeda
    Miguel Zepeda Year ago

    i like how it bounces every time it lands

  • freezeme360
    freezeme360 Year ago

    This is so funny but damn that’s gotta be awful for the engine (and the whole car in general)

    • hidde1626
      hidde1626 10 months ago

      freezeme360 they think about anything, it’s fine

  • Dislodged Grump
    Dislodged Grump Year ago

    Umm English pls?

  • MrManiac3
    MrManiac3 Year ago

    Footage of Deutsch Space Program test vehicle number 0-0-4 in test phase 3: Rolling Rovers

  • austin122i
    austin122i 2 years ago +8

    I love how it bounces after it rolls lol

  • mogguh jow
    mogguh jow 2 years ago +7

    sadly, it has been burnt to the ground

  • ThijsdeGraafAgriVideos


    MUZZY GANO 3 years ago


    MUZZY GANO 3 years ago +3

    those kids were to close when he rolled anything cud have happened

    • RX 55
      RX 55 Year ago +1

      Something that rolls in a straight line wont just randomly make a 45 degree turn away from its original direction

  • Soda Holic
    Soda Holic 3 years ago +5

    The only thing I understood in this video was the "Ha-ha!" at the end.

  • Ak_ONEツ Twitch ONE BTW


  • ramen noodles
    ramen noodles 3 years ago +4

    I WANT IT ;-;

    BIGBADWOOD 4 years ago

    Yep two six packs and your set !

  • Nicolas Groce
    Nicolas Groce 4 years ago

    Anyone know what kind of Volkswagen that would be?

    • Rik Vierkant
      Rik Vierkant Year ago

      It is a vw golf mk2 1.6 liter that had been confertet from automatic to manual. And made 4 wheel drive. Mabey u should chek out their Chanel and what the building video's

    • Djordjeblrs
      Djordjeblrs 4 years ago

      +Nicolas Groce golf

  • Vũ Minh Khôi
    Vũ Minh Khôi 4 years ago

    Woohooo a GWR breaker

  • I-Am-My Own-God
    I-Am-My Own-God 4 years ago

    I must have

  • Pete Buxton
    Pete Buxton 4 years ago

    Odd looking but looks like great fun to drive/roll ;-)

  • brandon surace
    brandon surace 5 years ago

    nek minute rope breaks

  • Brody Peacock
    Brody Peacock 5 years ago +22

    Why isn't this mandatory on every vehicle?

    • Uber Aesthetics
      Uber Aesthetics 7 months ago

      Brody Peacock cuz they have abs so they dont rollover like that. Unless u hav a bug boxy suv with shot suspension and alot of power and repeatedly accelerate and decelerate

  • roger hurd
    roger hurd 5 years ago +1

    That is awesome.

  • Pirat Carribean
    Pirat Carribean 5 years ago

    Wat is die muziek van 0:05 ? What's that music at 0:05 ?

    • Gijs
      Gijs 4 years ago

      Demiiieeyyyey, when johny comes marching home

  • jaydotosh
    jaydotosh 6 years ago +1

    Spoiler: the car rolls over.

  • MrCornflakesman
    MrCornflakesman 6 years ago

    kome jullie van maaskantje?
    zomaar een gokje

  • MrCornflakesman
    MrCornflakesman 6 years ago


  • mastermilo82
    mastermilo82 6 years ago +10

    Thank you all for voting on us! We already were on Discovery with this car, but there will be a sequel of the top 20 of this vote.

  • Grauengaard.
    Grauengaard. 6 years ago

    Sure it would, they were there filming a long time ago. Now it's up to us to vote on that specific clip on Discovery's website and hopefully we will see this on TV one day!

  • Thechosenprovince
    Thechosenprovince 6 years ago

    that has to be fun

  • emilyk
    emilyk 6 years ago

    Lol how the little car jumps up after it flips. Too funny!

  • Robert
    Robert 6 years ago

    I think you meant "lose", big television network

  • blylawncare
    blylawncare 6 years ago

    never thought this would make it to discovery

  • Danny Nijkamp
    Danny Nijkamp 6 years ago


  • pdgeman
    pdgeman 6 years ago