Walmart insider speaks about tunels underneath leading to FEMA death camps 1

  • Published on Jan 20, 2017
  • Start gifting orgonite at all the Walmarts. Bury them around the Walmarts and throw on top. Funny I stumbled acrooss this vid and how they arrested me at the walmart for my orgonites. I gifted probobably over 10 walmarts with orgonite no wonder they did that to me, it is stopping their ageanda. Keep gifting walmarts and airports!

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  • RedRedMane
    RedRedMane Year ago +1

    ConstitutionLost, you do remember what happened to you when you gifted that Walmart in Texas,... right?!? I don't think very many people have the FOOLISHNESS to gift Walmarts after hearing about what the "Powers That Be" did to you!!! If you are still gifting Walmarts, all I have to say is that youve got the balls of a goddamn HORSE, and it may end up getting you killed!!! There's one thing Ive learned about Homeland Security and that's that they are BRUTAL!!! I may gift the bushes near walmart late on a moonless night, but I will NEVER try to sneak my "holy hand busters" ( they are holy hand grenades made in tower buster molds - muffin tins! ) into a Walmart. That place is another entire branch of National Security!!! Those metal shavings will set the "theft alarms" off every time ( at least that's what I've heard ). But whatever you do, BE CAREFUL when gifting ANY department store! Everything you DO is on closed circuit surveillance cam!!! Perhaps nobody is paying attention, but if you get caught again!!,...

  • Thomas Clain
    Thomas Clain Year ago

    mart law = Wal mart as above so below followed by the star of david...hmmm

  • Alexis Maribel
    Alexis Maribel Year ago +4

    my question is do u guys get away..with giving us all of this imformation..u all in u tube..

  • Devina Danado
    Devina Danado Year ago

    OMG!!! This is the Catskill Walmart! I recognize the woman narrating and know the guy in the red jacket and grey sweat pants and his wife in the blue jacket in the background!