100% immunity to electronic harassment and chemtrails

  • Published on Nov 14, 2016
  • 100% immunity to electronic harassment and chemtrail poisoning. I have the bendors info now Carl et. al., so plz comment below if you need their contact info in order to purchase these products. You wont regret it.

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  • ChiefRabbiKhazarleaven Shekelhoax

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  • Barb Youzwishen
    Barb Youzwishen 3 months ago +2

    apple juice . beat root. Corilla. please list the ingredients clearly.

    WTF DOOD? 4 months ago

    Croalla? How do you spell it?

  • Neil Dale
    Neil Dale 4 months ago

    I've had to watch my brother (who is SMI) be influenced by these other SMI nut jobs ! they are truly sick in the head, delusional and dangerous spreading their lies and misinformation! typical of conspiracy theory crazies they ignore the truth, things that are provably true to advance and spread their sick poison of deceit! they should be committed to a mental hospital as these types of delusional fantasies are treatable and could be cured but nowadays they remain in the world, untreated and gettting worse ! they are barely functioning humans it is sad they could be happpy , productive members of society but , they've lost their minds to absurd fantasy

  • Tony Roberts
    Tony Roberts Year ago +2

    check out apple cider vinegar too. Also baking soda good too I think its the cure for cancer thats why crackheads live so dam long.

    • Mary Jane
      Mary Jane 7 months ago

      Tony Roberts omg me to I've alwAys said we need to test 100 crack heads see how many had any type cancer

  • ForeverSeekingTruth

    Yes please send the info. reply to me and I am send you my email