Alien: Covenant - Movie Review

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  • Strength & Honor
    Strength & Honor 5 months ago

    Terrible film, shocked at how bad it was actually!
    David's Covenant with a bunch of idiots in space, well Mr Ridley you fucked it up!

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson 6 months ago

    I liked this movie as a sequel to Prometheus but hated it as a prequel to Alien.

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  5 months ago

      hmmm thats a fair call! I think it had some really great moments. for me though i really didnt enjoy Prometheus!

  • W. Scott
    W. Scott 8 months ago +1

    Who sponsored this review? 20th Century Fox?

  • Ishmael Bennett
    Ishmael Bennett 8 months ago

    Your drinking the coolaid guys, this was a dumb movie!, There seems to be two sets of fans, Prometheus fans and prometheus haters. I’m a fan, even tho there is also dumb stuff that happens in it I loved the whole history behind the engineers. So what does ridley do?, he destroys the homeland and let’s David take over. RUBBISH!! I am BORED of the xenomorph, BORED of he face huggers and BORED of the eggs too. The engineers were something new and mysterious. If they had created the xenomorph, imagin what else they created. If you look at the comic book prometheus fire and stone where there was a whole planet full of creatures that would of been cool. I know prometheus was dumb too but at least it was original and didn’t try to do the same things like covenant did e.g. alien gets suck out into space. Maybe Im just too much of a fan but I hated this movie and preferred Prometheus more. Your review was one sided but everyone has a right to a opinion.

  • Johnny big
    Johnny big 8 months ago +1

    waited years for this film really liked it , until two assholes came in at the last 20 minutes of the movie loaded with popcorn and talking out loud phones came out yap yap yap in really loud voices and sat down rigt behind us continud talking looking at there facebook pages for ten minutes i turned around and told them to shssßs , they realised they where in the wrong fucking movie and left , i felt like going total face hugger on them feckers ,

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      Oh man. I would had gone ballistic. can't handle that shiz. people have no respect for others. glad you said somethiing.

  • donna enriquez  castillo

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  • De Selby
    De Selby 8 months ago +1

    you guys were joking about Ridley's age but it's no joke. He really is old. He has impacted fecal matter that is older than I am.

  • GabeLogan
    GabeLogan 8 months ago

    CGI never be 100% enjoyable because its....drawn...its like a cartoon...your brain wont except it as real stuff.
    JP used it very well in the 90's only for the wide shots, mainly thats whay that movie still holds up.

  • MetalguitarlessonsUK
    MetalguitarlessonsUK 8 months ago

    Dude cmon...spoiler about the main character's husband dying in the first half, really, really not cool. Doesn't matter if it happens towards the start or if it's not a 6th sense esque twist, I'm now going into the movie tomorrow knowing a pretty important character death, presumably pivotal to the lead's motivations and know that it happens towards the start (where it's least expected) so will just be anticipating it, waiting for it to happen. Main character loosing their partner at the start is pretty unusual for a movie of this type, that would've been a fun suprise and would definitely have caught me off guard.
    Literally the first film I've been excited enough about to see in the cinema in 3 years, avoided all spoilers and detailed plot synopsis's not shown in the trailer to this point, a bit bummed to have that given away. Ah well, no big deal but try to be more careful in future please....rule number 1 of reviewing a movie, don't give away anything that will diminish the effect for potential viewers, specially for such a huge franchise as this!

    • MetalguitarlessonsUK
      MetalguitarlessonsUK 8 months ago

      No worries dude, no harm done!

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      MetalguitarlessonsUK my apologies dude. once you see it you'll see what i mean. Hope you still enjoy it.

  • Olowaan
    Olowaan 8 months ago +4

    I have just seen it... Crap. That's my opinion. Alien and Aliens were the best.

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      Fair enough! agree with your choices though

  • Tiger Claw
    Tiger Claw 8 months ago +6

    Alien covenant is a film for dumb people. Made for teenagers

      AAAEQUILIBRIUM 8 months ago

      Alien Covenant is a bit similar to the original but better

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago +1

      Tiger Claw I dont think thats the reason why no one like Prometheus. with Prometheus the film was talked about being the next Alien film. Ridley Scott was back in the directors chair. and all we got was a film about creation and no aliens.
      Prometheus isn't hard to understand. it's a film that feels like it has a 4 hour run time and nothing really exciting happens. this is Ridley Scott he is in the top 5 directors in the world. the world just expected more from him rather than a mediocre sci fi film about creation

    • Tiger Claw
      Tiger Claw 8 months ago +1

      So, Is It Any Good?
      or you have the intellect of a teenager.
      this movie was dumbed down for them, after no one understood prometheus.

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      apparently im a dumb teenager then!

  • Deadkillerplaysmc
    Deadkillerplaysmc 8 months ago

    I watched Aliеn full moоviе heere

  • Peder Bergstrand
    Peder Bergstrand 8 months ago


  • Schlett Istvan
    Schlett Istvan 8 months ago

    Jimmy, I do not agree with you! Covenant is a bad movie. Is a bad
    Prometheus sequel and is a bad Alien sequel. Let me explain. Prometheus
    was a great idea, Ridley Scott wanted to start some sort of new
    franchise about the creators of the human race. The main question of the
    movie (or the trilogy) was ``Why are we here?``. Prometheus started to
    explore this new aliens called the engineers. The whole thing was fresh
    and felt not like a rehash of some 30 year old alien franchise. Does
    Covenant brings us closer to the answer to that question? NO. We get
    some answers, but very very few. I mean are you happy with the idea of
    David creating the xenomorph? We saw no live engineer in the movie,
    beside one scene. Do not fool ourselves. This is an alien movie, not a
    sequel to Prometheus. And all that was changed in hurry after
    Prometheus, because RS thought that Prometheus was not well received by
    the public. Prometheus had its flaws (dumb scientists, running forward
    and not sideway when the space jockey crashed etc) however its main idea
    was great and fresh. Bu guess what: in Convenant the flaws are not
    corrected. People still act dumb (hysterical blonde on the ship, no mask
    on the new planet just because there is oxygen, overpowered neomorph in
    one scene than easily killable in other, characters which separate
    stupidly from the crowd, stupid looking into the content of an egg just
    because David told him so, totally predictable David/Walter twist etc).
    If Prometheus had its problems, that just go and see Covenant. This
    movie does nothing new, it is basically a rehashing of Alien and Aliens.
    Because we saw that already 30 years ago, the element of surprise is
    just not there. How many times can someone blow in space the alien
    invading the ship?? The second thing was the horrible character
    development. Even if we meet a bunch of guys on the ship, we do not
    connect with any of them emotionally. The only more developed character
    in the movie beside David and Walter (their connection and interaction
    is great btw) is the captain of the ship who bitches about his authority
    making him more annoying. How many time can be in a franchise a
    ``strong female character``? See, some elements of the movie are just
    copy-pasted from something which we already experienced before, therefor
    the movie lacks the element of surprise. I would tell RS that If you
    started a Prometheus trilogy, just continue with that original idea, do
    not change it into an alien movie, just because alien fans are pissed.
    Improve the original movie! And then, perhaps just make a new alien
    movie, but please, do not just copy it from the older ones... Now, let
    me explain why David memorizing classical music and poetry was actually a
    cool stuff. David was created to serve Wayland and to help him in his
    obsession to find a cure for aging. He was built to be very curious and
    in time he realizes that he is a superior creature to his master
    (stronger, smarter, and immortal) and he is beginning to think of
    himself as a creator (a god) and a sensitive being. He actually believes
    that he feels love for Dr. Shaw. However, he admits that humans have an
    inner side which tries always to achieve perfection (he highly regards
    classical music composers and poets) and in some ways they achieve this
    by creation (let it be music, poetry or David itself - making him a
    narcissist). However, he was proven wrong by Walter, who corrects him
    about Byron and saying something that if in an equation there is an
    error, the whole equation is wrong. In english, David cannot be a
    perfect creature even if he creates life, because his believes are
    proven wrong. This scene was one of the best in the movie. Their
    philosophical and ethical ramble was one of the few great things in this

  • nosferatu488
    nosferatu488 8 months ago +1

    the movie is fucking horse shit

    • nosferatu488
      nosferatu488 8 months ago +1

      the scene where the captain puts his face in the alien egg after he clearly saw monsters eating the face off of people.that scene was the point the movie lost me,in addition to that was the scene where daniels cooks pancakes and a couple having sex under a shower after almost the entire crew got killed by aliens.

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      nosferatu488 haha fair enough! what made you think that

  • sicqnus
    sicqnus 8 months ago +1

    We found the two guys on earth who loved this movie. And I'm a huge fan of Alien but this movie is pure shit.

    • sicqnus
      sicqnus 8 months ago

      The script is totally fucked up. Great images by Scott (as usual), great actors (well, the guy playing the priest is crap) and a stupid script. The engineers ? 5 minutes in the total movie. The switch between you know who and you know who (no, not Voldemort) is soooo predictible. Everyone wiped out a few minutes ago but the girl wants to take a shower... etc... etc... The scene "look inside the pod, it's safe" : seriously ? They did this ? Michael Green and Jack Paglen should both be sent to Guantanamo.

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago +1

      sicqnus haha well done we made it extra hard to find us! what made you hate it so much

  • Luke M
    Luke M 8 months ago

    Lance Henriksen as Bishop will always be the best android in this franchise. But Fassbender has proven to be bad ass. The CGI xeno in this can't be as bad as the CGI queen in AVP

  • Victor Chen
    Victor Chen 8 months ago

    With the technology that builds Prometheus, Covenant, David, and Walter, it is totally possible to build Iron Man. Tony Stark, with his numerous unmanned Iron Men, can easily and safely wipe out any amount of Xenomorphs, just like killing cockroaches. Then the story of Alien becomes meaningless - it is a solvable problem that people just do not want to solve. 這叫做「為賦新詞強說愁」- It is as stupid as shit! And these filmmakers think they are élites? In fact, they are idiots!

  • Striker163
    Striker163 8 months ago

    So as a sequel to Prometheus, does it still continue the philosophical elements and questions established in there. Obviously it doesn't answer all because it's only 2nd in a 4 movie prequel series, but it is a real sequel to Prometheus rig and does continue that tone, while also slowly moving towards Alien.

  • Victor Chen
    Victor Chen 8 months ago

    Oram: Fuck, that is my favorite song. I must go and check who is singing it!
    Daniels: I protest officially.
    Oram: Wow, may I smell this weird-looking flower?
    David: Certainly, all it needs is an idiot, I mean, a mother. It is perfectly safe.
    Oram: I trust you, since you were about to kiss that monster.

  • Jawad Shamir
    Jawad Shamir 8 months ago +1

    Great movie! Now who's going to take in charge of Predator franchise and make a heck of a movie about their origins!

  • DrTrice
    DrTrice 8 months ago +1

    i guess its the same problem what the star wars franchise have... fans just want that old stuff. i love prometheus and im bored of this... "here is a creature that kills all dudes" type of movie. so i love to see that the alien franchise deliver this too but think a little bit bigger. star wars has the same problems... ppls just want this skywalker thing. but i want the new stuff.
    and that leads me to this question... how much "creature goes for a hunt" and hoch much backstory we get out of this movie in percent? 50/50? best regards from germany

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      Hey @DrTrice! I would say its 60% story and 40% Creature feature!
      Trust me I want new stuff too especially with star wars!

  • Jayson 233
    Jayson 233 8 months ago +1

    I don't think Hollywood would ever go back to practical effects

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      Yeh there is no need, CGI is unreal in mst films. when they get it right it can be flawless, but when its off its very noticeable. but the more hollywood does and they push the boundaries the better it will become

  • Bias One
    Bias One 8 months ago

    381 subs, makes sense when a 10:15 long video is spent 90% of the time you two jerking each other off. then a ''review'' where you attempt some sort of 'pseudo-critique' just to 180 back to 'OMG, SO AWESOME, PEW PEW, ALIEN, SLASHER, SOO COOL DUDE ZOMG'
    you are so bottom tier, that the mid tier can't even hear you screaming from the position you are at.

    • Bias One
      Bias One 8 months ago

      brosif, you make rambling ''review'' videos on 'youtube' that's some career prospects you've got mapped out there. i'm sure it'll have you in fur and diamonds in no time. especially considering you two have the appeal of a schoolbus fire.
      plus, you are apparently shit at retorts.

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      Hej Dej the effort that it took you to write that was more effort than you have put into your life. Well done sir.

  • CO2Giger
    CO2Giger 8 months ago +2

    Hey! AvP rules! ! !

  • Buck and the Buddy
    Buck and the Buddy 8 months ago

    7:57 But you're still counting "Resurrection"? :D

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      My brain hurts with how many of these things there are! haha But Alien, Aliens and Alien Covenant are the biggest pleasers for this series! let us know what you think when you see it!

  • Alex Argyroudis
    Alex Argyroudis 8 months ago +2

    i dont trust anyone that would not want to see this movie.

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      Alex Argyroudis haha! I agree with that

  • djdj165
    djdj165 8 months ago +1

    "her husband dies at the start of the film" fucking hell man spoilers much?

    • pgwwa2
      pgwwa2 8 months ago

      Willis is a ghost?? dude!!!

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      djdj165 errr sorry bout that. dropped the ball there but tbh its part of the main plot its not a twist like finding out Willis is a ghost

  • AtlasUniverse
    AtlasUniverse 8 months ago +8

    Alien 3 is extremely underrated, I think. I love first 3 Alien films very very much. Prometheus and Covenant are great too but I expected more.

    • Yux Ning
      Yux Ning 8 months ago

      AtlasUniverse the special version is good, the normal version is just average

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      AtlasUniverse I think thats pretty fair! I really dig the first 2 and then I pretty much lose interest until covenant haha

  • Movie Nerds
    Movie Nerds  8 months ago +2

    What is your favourite Alien Film? Let us know in the comments below!
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  • ToyZilla Oz
    ToyZilla Oz 8 months ago +1

    Had a blast filming this with you Ryan! Ridley "Mutha F%#king Scott"!! haha

  • aa311
    aa311 8 months ago +11

    come on there were practical effects used on this.. but the sick movements this movie offers cannot be reproduced with anything but cgi. stop living in the past man CGI is the future stop complaining

    • Drake Jones
      Drake Jones 8 months ago

      Well, the CGI is done in a shitty way, so you argument is invalid.

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      It definitely looks better than a video game. but not much better!

    • Chris Rardin
      Chris Rardin 8 months ago

      "CGI is the future" is not an argument for the quality and realism of what you're looking at. Are you trying to say that it doesn't look like a video game?

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago +2

      Haha man i agree its the future, but i think it can be used in a way where we cant tell its CGI. The big movement sequences with the Xenomorph in the Hanger were great. no complaints. but i think it could have been better elsewhere.

  • Angel G
    Angel G 8 months ago +4

    lol "third leg"

  • Eduardo Rivera
    Eduardo Rivera 8 months ago +6

    I LOVED PROMETHEUS AND ALIEN 3 Immediately these guys diss both those films so I lost interest in them.PROMETHEUS was an ALIEN FILM. Giger's early designs were used there.

    • Jamie Braswell
      Jamie Braswell 8 months ago

      I never saw ALIEN 3 in theaters. It was on FX Channel a few years back, and I started watching some it of there for the first time. After all the hatred I had heard for 15 years, I rather liked what I saw. Online, I discovered the DVD with an Assembly Cut. I must say that I really quite like the Assembly Cut, even though the movie has the infamous magic egg plot hole. I learned to just ignore the plot hole as a simple mistake and move on! It's just not enough to dislike the whole film over.
      Like I said earlier, I hope they continue to build on Prometheus in a good way, as reviews have stated that Covenant does. Though I strongly dislike Prometheus because of such a sloppy script that pretends to be intellectual, if they can fix it in subsequent film sequels, then go for it!

    • aa311
      aa311 8 months ago

      don't lose interest Prometheus is Scifi masterpiece, but is less about the horror is more about make the viewer ask questions, however, this film is half n half; half Prometheus and this space mythology and full action and half Alien Horror.

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      Eduardo Rivera well I didn't like Alien 3 but I did like Prometheus I just don't think it should be really considered an Alien film. love that you liked Alien 3 it just wasn't for me

    NORTH STATE RADiO 8 months ago +2

    Nice review! Here is my take on Alien: Covenant (

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      Thanks dude!

      NORTH STATE RADiO 8 months ago +1

      Thanks man, keep up the good work yourself!

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago +1

      Thanks for the comment. Checked out your review. not my sort of stuff but good job none the less!

  • Joel C
    Joel C 8 months ago +2

    Toooo many SPOILERS in this review. I had to stop watching it half way through giving away too many big reveals after the mention of the "White Alien"

    • Cyril
      Cyril 8 months ago

      Yeah, sorry, I don't think they spoiled anything if you've been watching all the trailers and clips- in fact, when they discuss the "chest burster" and don't want to mention the different ways they come out of people, all I kept thinking was "everyone knows! the trailers and Ridley gave it away already".

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      Thanks @Molto! I knew i wasn't dreaming

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      Joel C nah man I dont want to spoil it further for you but he is in most of the trailers he's not the original one. he's not like the other red aliens.

    • Joel C
      Joel C 8 months ago +1

      I watched all the trailers. I didn't see a white "alien" by alien I mean the original xenomorph which I thought that is what you meant. I've read the books and so I thought it might be similar to the Red Aliens which were like Red Ants compared to black ones.

    • La Reconquista
      La Reconquista 8 months ago +2

      If you watched the trailers, you'd know that wasn't a spoiler.

  • Pyramide Khéops
    Pyramide Khéops 8 months ago +4

    5:37 "Better than the Prometheus ship, in the design" You mean the interior design ? Because to me the exterior of the Prometheus ship was AWESOME

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      I dig Prometheus, there is alot in that movie. yeh exactly man and thats what i love about movies. everyone has an opinion!

    • Pyramide Khéops
      Pyramide Khéops 8 months ago

      Even though Prometheus has a lot of flaws, I love its atmosphere . To me it has a unique style, different to the other Alien movies. And I think this ship fit perfectly this world, but to each is own !

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      Prometheus ship screamed Firefly to me, something about it didnt feel of the Alien universe. Similar to the Naboo starfighter and the Nubian Royal Star Ship, they just dont fit the star wars world.

  • Fiorwestcoast
    Fiorwestcoast 8 months ago +1

    I'm excited. ALIEN is pretty much everything to me. I actually like the tone of ALIEN 3 more than ALIENS. I was fine with Prometheus, however it was not an ALIEN film. i heard there was quite a bit of practical in covenant , heard all close ups are practical and wide shots are cgi. which is a good thing. I hope it does well and we get more.

    • bataviaborobudur
      bataviaborobudur 8 months ago

      I don't like this movie at all. It's definitely a deviation from the intended story line....the engineers has no significance....killed off......elizabeth shaw killed off......david because of fassbender lives on.....

    • Jamie Braswell
      Jamie Braswell 8 months ago

      Let me clarify that while I can admit to ALIENS feeling dated because of the many ripoffs it spawned, in no way do I think the film is less than fantastic. I have always considered it on par with the first movie. Yes, the two films are different in their approach to the material, but both films are flawless classics in their own right! I will never involve myself in arguments over which is better, because the first two to me are just perfect. I prefer the theatrical cut to ALIEN. The weird placing of the deleted scene of cocooned Dallas interrupts the flow of the countdown to destruction. ALIENS, I think either cut of the film is great. ALIEN 3, the Assembly Cut all the way!

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago +1

      Im very pumped to hear your review once you see it @jamie. I think Aliens still holds up well. well enough anyways. I think Alien is one film that i never got to experience in a theatre until recently and it was amazing. the sound in that movie is unreal, it makes it so much more intense

    • Jamie Braswell
      Jamie Braswell 8 months ago +1

      ALIENS is a great film, one I saw in theaters when I was a teenager. The sad fact of the matter is that it has dated a great deal. Not helping is that it is one of the most ripped off films ever, with a million crappy movies copying it beat for beat. I hate that, because no matter how good ALIENS is, the ripoffs do eventually affect one's opinion of it as the decades wear on. Still, ALIEN 1-3 make a fantastic trilogy. Alien Resurrection doesn't exist, nor do the AvP flicks, in my humble opinion. If I end up loving Alien Covenant, the I will have to accept Prometheus as a part of the overall series. I never thought I'd sit here and say that, as Prometheus was one of the biggest disappoints I have ever experienced. And no, I am not exaggerating. Damn Damon Lindeloff!!!!!

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      Assembly cut thats the one! Scott from our site defends this film all the way with that version, I have yet to see it. but maybe i will and give it a review. I didnt like the original cut but i also haven't seen it for many years - Ryan

  • Marko Kos
    Marko Kos 8 months ago +2

    like this review.Actually I rather preffer CGI Alien !.When I see Alien from the Alien movie sometimes I laugh .;].

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      Completely agree with you Joel! Practical all the way, why change perfection

    • Joel C
      Joel C 8 months ago +1

      The Alien suits were the best I've ever seen in Hollywood. Especially in Aliens. Starting when they started dropping from the Ceiling how the moved and jumped through the room or how they moved through small ducts. Nothing about them seemed human or like a human in a suite. They moved pure animal like.

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      Thanks Marko! Appreciate it. yeah some of them aren't the best. but I'm so used to seeing practical effects with these Xenomorphs. It is good CGI but i guess it could have been better. but its very much knit picking an over fun movie! Thanks for the comment hopefully we can compel you to subscribe :)

  • Jamie Braswell
    Jamie Braswell 8 months ago +2

    I really enjoyed your review! Good job. I haven't wanted to see this because Prometheus was a MAJOR disappointment for me back in 2012. I am surprised to see that Ridley has somehow managed to salvage things with this film, which has now caused me to have some interest. I thought I was done with this franchise after the Prometheus laughfest.

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago +1

      I recommend checking it out! Would love to hear what you thought once you do!
      Damon Lindelof is the worst!

    • Jamie Braswell
      Jamie Braswell 8 months ago +1

      Thanks. I will go see it. I don't mind it connecting to Prometheus, as even though I strongly dislike the film, there is no need to pretend like it never happened. I mean, if they can continue the story and make it better, then good! A step in the right Damon Lindeloff!!!
      Lack of xenomorphs was not why I disliked Prometheus, as some of these angry fans will always try to make out when you utter something negative. I just thought the story failed utterly at coming together or making good sense. It isn't hard to follow or understand what they were doing, its just a sloppy script. Fassbender was great in it, and I am glad to be hearing that he is even better this time around. I had no intentions of seeing Alien Covenant until you and some others began talking about how good it actually turned out to be.
      Anyhow, I have been avoiding spoiler reviews. Seeing that I know very little about the film, I may as well retain the plot surprises!!!

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago +1

      I would agree with this. I wasn't as excited about this film as I should have been. but now having seen it, its a great throwback to the original films and its something we wanted from Prometheus that we didnt get! Def check it out. Thanks for checking out our review we are only just getting started here so if you love movies make sure you subscribe

  • Wesley white
    Wesley white 8 months ago +1

    Great review

  • Ariel Galbraith
    Ariel Galbraith 8 months ago +1

    Love this!

  • Tobias McCallum
    Tobias McCallum 8 months ago

    Hahaha the love seat.....awesome review.

    • Movie Nerds
      Movie Nerds  8 months ago

      Tobias McCallum haha we sat one that for far too long before we noticed haha