iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max - Which Should You Buy?


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  • Roy
    Roy 11 hours ago

    well.. I was hoping that Apple will release something more cheaper than these devices. I have an iPhone 6s now. Is it worth to buy the new iPhone Xr? help me people

  • JinkProject
    JinkProject 15 hours ago

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  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres 15 hours ago +1

    Is it just me or is thus super expensive

    • George Mcgregor
      George Mcgregor 11 hours ago

      Daniel Torres I got $10,000 in my bank account from hackerjeffery598@gmail

  • forbidden pollo
    forbidden pollo 16 hours ago


  • Freja Brnnstrm
    Freja Brnnstrm 16 hours ago

    i want the xr sooo bad

  • Leonardo Okamoto
    Leonardo Okamoto 17 hours ago

    What would you choose iPhone 8+ or XR?

  • Ichigo Kurosaki Substitute Soul Reaper

    Apple messed up replacing the se with the Xr

  • atesz567
    atesz567 18 hours ago

    My only answer for the Title : Neither, go buy an android.. Apple is becoming a joke

  • Tx_rocket_man
    Tx_rocket_man 18 hours ago

    Just FYI, the Xs Max is smaller than the 8+. It’s scaled down by like 1%. Maybe less

  • DeltaOscerAlfa 90
    DeltaOscerAlfa 90 18 hours ago

    Don’t get the Xr it has the same amount of pixels of the iPhone 5

  • Nguyen Lion
    Nguyen Lion 19 hours ago

    Reallly? U said we can use it into the water? And don’t worries, are u sure?

  • Mank Demes
    Mank Demes 19 hours ago

    I will stick to buying a one plus 5t.

  • Cscuile
    Cscuile 19 hours ago

    "Which Should You Buy?"
    Samsung S10.

  • Ethan Connor
    Ethan Connor 19 hours ago

    Got the 10s

  • elliott davis
    elliott davis 20 hours ago

    The R has the same display as the iPhone 4 that was made in 2010😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • John West
    John West 21 hour ago +1

    Next year the iPhone X-pect to pay more

  • Leo Yip
    Leo Yip 22 hours ago

    iPhone 8 gang where y’all at?

  • antony miller
    antony miller 22 hours ago


  • Squishies & Slime
    Squishies & Slime 23 hours ago

    I’m getting the XR and I’m 10
    I’m am not spoiled cuz I get ready good grades :)

  • R2D2_oo2
    R2D2_oo2 23 hours ago

    In Canadian prices it’s 2k for the Max😱😱

  • Ozone_Tj
    Ozone_Tj Day ago +1

    But imo I prefer android #Note9

  • Ozone_Tj
    Ozone_Tj Day ago +1

    I’m getting the iPhone XS

  • Ju Tub
    Ju Tub Day ago

    Common Apple $2000 for a damn phone?! I liked Apple before but now im a samsung guy just because i dont want to be a donkey just because Apple thinks we are.

  • Nigerian Prince
    Nigerian Prince Day ago

    Xr is like 1100$ in norway......

  • Alejandra Bonita

    We would buy none of them. All iPhones are made in China and the Communist Chinese government has tagged spying chips to spy on the iPhone users.

  • jetndrosa
    jetndrosa Day ago

    oh my gawd!!

  • damerboy
    damerboy Day ago

    Neither buy an android phone

  • Khizar Arain
    Khizar Arain Day ago

    I want iphone xmax

  • NonsensicalVids
    NonsensicalVids Day ago

    "liquid" retina. so its a liquid liquid crystal display retina

  • Amerco
    Amerco Day ago

    Too many ads

  • Kyle Boyles
    Kyle Boyles Day ago

    I can't wait to switch back to iOS. my galaxy s7 is complete aids

  • Garret
    Garret Day ago

    iPhone 6s Plus with a new battery still on iOS9 runs like a charm

  • Robert Rodriguez

    I have the iPhone X but I’m on a lease to buy program with T-mobile, so I’m gonna return it and get the XR. Honestly I would rather save me those 250, and the phone looks good. I don’t know what I was thinking getting this 1000 phone.

  • Yazan Safadi
    Yazan Safadi Day ago

    The iPhone X is sold for $1300 where I live. Can't imagine how much will this cost

  • kaiyee
    kaiyee Day ago

    he's annoying. overall what he's trying to say is "GET AN IPHONE XS"
    well dude, not everyone have the money.

  • Bmac 814
    Bmac 814 Day ago

    Here’s my natural progression. The xR should be fine, it has most of what I need. Meh, might as well spend the 250 extra and get the better ones, I’ll get the XS.
    Oh the XS max is only 100 bucks more? Yea I might as well.

  • Kendra Gross
    Kendra Gross Day ago

    The funny thing is it’s much more expensive in Australia 😒

  • md w
    md w Day ago

    Is the XR screen the same, better or worse than an iPhone 7?

  • History.mp4
    History.mp4 Day ago

    I always stay 2 models behind I’m getting the 10 in 2 years

  • History.mp4
    History.mp4 Day ago

    No one needs 512 gigabytes my 128 on my iPhone 7 is only like 10% filled over 6 months

  • Sara Raisya
    Sara Raisya Day ago

    I’ll stick with my iphone 8+ , buying the max umm i guess i’ll just wait untill iphone 25 is out

  • Kyle Reyes
    Kyle Reyes Day ago

    iPhone 1st Gen GANG!?

  • Alexa Millan
    Alexa Millan Day ago

    I just think it’s kinda dumb the prices...

  • Devakesha M
    Devakesha M Day ago

    Nice smartphone

    BLEACH Y Day ago +2

    *which one should I buy?*

    **looks at bank account**

    **laughs bitterly**

  • Landi Derguti
    Landi Derguti Day ago

    Can u giv me an iphone

  • Joshua Hecht
    Joshua Hecht Day ago

    Everyone hating on these phones can’t afford these

  • NICHOLAS9098
    NICHOLAS9098 Day ago

    Guy: *buys iphone Xs*
    Guy: sweet i bet i won’t regret
    * one week later *
    Guy: I immediately regretted this purchase

  • Lil Glo
    Lil Glo Day ago

    Which One Has The Better Camera ?

  • Nemesis UT
    Nemesis UT Day ago

    $1.5k and after 12 months gets discontinued like the X... nice Apple... 👎and that's this years minor "s" upgrade version... hello Note

  • Getdragged Ho
    Getdragged Ho Day ago

    I’m getting the XR periodT. I’m not giving them hoes 1,000 for a damn phone

  • Nebur B
    Nebur B Day ago

    Can I get a coupon

  • Alec Horner
    Alec Horner Day ago

    The price for what you get is ridiculous with these phones. Their new flagship feautures have been on other phone's for years. At this point, all your paying for is the brand name.

  • Nebur B
    Nebur B Day ago

    Idc about 3D Touch or camera and I am broke so I’ll go for xr

  • Røčkö 69
    Røčkö 69 Day ago


  • Brandon Madrigal

    I buying the Xs max but I feel like the XR was a waste

  • Vicente Acosta
    Vicente Acosta Day ago

    XR and then keep it for 3 years and then change.

  • Abdo Haroon
    Abdo Haroon Day ago

    I will keep my iPhone 77777

  • qingjun xue
    qingjun xue Day ago

    The price is higher and higher.And more and more expensive to afford any new iPhone.

  • William Hughes
    William Hughes Day ago

    They play the consumers as ducks

  • Janice Betos
    Janice Betos Day ago

    If you don’t like either of the two. You can send it to me.

  • iiBanDZX🔥
    iiBanDZX🔥 Day ago

    Who else know they cant afford it but still checkin it out 😂

  • Mike Yu
    Mike Yu Day ago

    “only” 256gb... 128gb is plenty for me already

  • Mike Yu
    Mike Yu Day ago

    XR should be $700
    XS should be $900
    Max should be $1000

  • Mike Yu
    Mike Yu Day ago

    Never used 3D touch pretty useless... could care less they removed it

  • William Hughes
    William Hughes Day ago

    It's garbage bra can't even hook up the headphones they give you so wtf

  • Nicholas Jaworski

    Okay, first: your video has more commercials than Sunday/Monday football, 2, how is screen burn in on apple screens?

  • orel1.
    orel1. Day ago

    Those iPhones can run fortnite on 60 FPS?

  • diegointhedark -1

    iPhone 8 anyone, no.? ok lol

  • Kamal Mustapha
    Kamal Mustapha Day ago

    Good review 👍🏽

  • Guignon Family
    Guignon Family 2 days ago

    Does here work for apple? He already has the XR?

  • Joshua Fondren
    Joshua Fondren 2 days ago

    Everything apple pro how do you have money for all these iPads , iPhones how can you afford all this stuff

  • Jessie Cruz
    Jessie Cruz 2 days ago

    I have a 7 plus 128gb I was wondering which is better the XS or XS max only downside is that I wish they made it in 128gb versions because it’s the perfect storage.
    64gb will be to low for me and 256gb is too much space. Also $2,049 for the XS max in 256gb here in Melbourne. I’m unsure whether to wait until next year..

  • PuppyLover 28
    PuppyLover 28 2 days ago

    iphone 6s/se GANG

  • JL Ponce
    JL Ponce 2 days ago

    What’s the battery capacity in mAh?

  • Kamion King
    Kamion King 2 days ago

    iPhone Tennis

  • appleipodtouch2g
    appleipodtouch2g 2 days ago

    $50-$100 overpriced? Try $300 overpriced easily. I would have gotten a new phone this year if the Xr was $650 and the X was $750. Apple is really gonna end up hurting from this. “Studies” that show that people are ok with paying that price arent relevant, because phones havent been that expensive any longer than a year. People are NOT gonna pay $50-$100 a month on JUST the phone (not the plan) for the rest of their lives. Especially with how much longevity phones have these days. It isnt 2008 anymore

  • aestas
    aestas 2 days ago

    guys please my bday is on november !!! should I get the xr or xs ? and which color please help!

  • Biswarup Banerjee
    Biswarup Banerjee 2 days ago


  • Teo Teo
    Teo Teo 2 days ago

    6m stupid subscribers follow this jerk who gave his opinion without even trying the phones yet...poor world haha

  • AloyzGT
    AloyzGT 2 days ago

    Reaches in my pocket...trying to buy the new iphone

    Found a wad of unpaid bills

  • IVogue
    IVogue 2 days ago

    I have iphone 6s puls, but need a new phone because of storage. Should i buy iphone 10 or any?? Or should i want untill iphone 11?

  • P W
    P W 2 days ago

    Answer: None. You have now been offered a larger version of last years discontinued phone at a higher price.

  • XxBlack ShadowXx
    XxBlack ShadowXx 2 days ago

    Dude IPhone X is sucks for me Because x don’t have button and iPhone 7 and 8 or 6 is better than x (:

  • Gregory Nuno
    Gregory Nuno 2 days ago

    But I’m not sure which one should I get can u do a comparecen or vs please

  • Gregory Nuno
    Gregory Nuno 2 days ago

    I’m trying to decide between the iPhone Xr and IPhone 8 Plus

  • Gregory Nuno
    Gregory Nuno 2 days ago

    I need your help

    TKJO WR 2 days ago +1

    Buy the Nokia...

    ADITYA KUMAR 2 days ago +3

    I dont have no more kidneys

  • Rachel L
    Rachel L 2 days ago

    I can't decide which phone to get on a 2 year contract... I like big screens but can't afford the max so I'm thinking either 8 plus or XR as they'll be around similar price a month but I'm put off my resolution on the xr does anyone know if it'll actually be that noticable? I do watch a lot of TVclip and Netflix on my phone . But then what puts me off the 8 plus if the massive bezels I'm worried they'll start to annoy me and look old fashioned soon ... Hmmm 🤔

  • 2つばさ 2
    2つばさ 2 2 days ago +1

    I'm a Japanese

  • Tj Conner
    Tj Conner 2 days ago

    Oh yea ONLY a 250 dollar difference

  • Ally Playz
    Ally Playz 2 days ago

    What Apple didn't test their iPhones in, *TOILET WATER WITH PEE AND LEFTOVER POO*

  • dope asfh
    dope asfh 2 days ago

    I’d rather buy a MacBook over the new iPhone. But I’ll probably get the Xr 🤷🏻‍♂️ just don’t feel like dropping 1k on a phone

  • TRaFEZ Za
    TRaFEZ Za 2 days ago

    Huawei p20 pro GANG?

  • Deepak Kelaskar
    Deepak Kelaskar 2 days ago


  • Bank Bank Benten
    Bank Bank Benten 2 days ago

    I have 6+ and I could upgrade to xr. I am very excited for a12 chip and the full screen display. However I feel like xr is not an iPhone that deserves that high price. Should I change to Samsung S9 or note 9? The thing that worries me is that Android usually gets outdated since I get to change my phone once every 4 years I know Samsung offer much more features for lower price. But as I said, I think android usually gets outdated faster than iPhone and that they are not as durable for long term use. What are your thoughts on this? Should I switch?

  • HutuBeatsTutsi
    HutuBeatsTutsi 2 days ago

    I already have an iPhone X, I’m fine with that, I don’t need a bigger phone, I don’t like big phones

  • Hamato
    Hamato 2 days ago

    Do a giveaway