The Real Pokemon Switch Problem | The Pokemon Uranium Complex


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  • Cleanprincegaming
    Cleanprincegaming  7 months ago +277

    Do you guys have any interest in getting pokemon on the switch? Do you want it to be stars or an entirely new entry in the series? Do you agree with what I want to see the switch game take from uranium?!
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    • Thresh Prince
      Thresh Prince 12 days ago

      The real reason nintendo took down pokemon Uranium among it hurting the game space (being a free pokemon experience that may cost them) and the same issue with the WoW issue that if they let Uranium slide, anyone can make a cheap knockoff exploiting their assests...The court of law would allow infringement if the pokemon name was not regulated.
      If you need any more information I am happy to provide and it sucks that your video content is wasted, but the message this video puts out is in one niche aspect bad.
      You should not condemn gamefreak/pokemon for shutting down an unregulated game and mark that as a middle finger... all things we love is made because shareholders make money and while it seems evil without that incentive, we would have nothing...
      Afterall pokemon in a whole would be impossible without shareholders...

    • Lord Gong
      Lord Gong 18 days ago

      Free or not they did anyone say "you know we can't get away with this right." Nintendo is in every right to remove the game you can't just use a trademarked brand in your "fangame"

    • Coopdogg Daroc
      Coopdogg Daroc 2 months ago

      Hell yes

    • Richard Farrell
      Richard Farrell 2 months ago

      It is generally considered good form to state your thesis from the outset. What did uranium do differently that improved upon the formula so much? You make us wait over 4 mins before you even start establishing your argument - then you stall around 5 mins. Put your points out at the start, then elaborate upon them after that - don't make your audience wait because, frankly, it's rude. We don't care about your ad revenue so stop making us work for it. Yasunnuvabitch

    • SurrealKeenan
      SurrealKeenan 2 months ago +1

      pokemon games aren't conducive to a standard RPG story. Other RPGs like final fantasy and fire emblem have a limited number of specific "team" characters on your team that help you fight. Since you spend so much time handling this characters (keeping them from dying, maintaining their condition) and since they are directly linked to your victories, it's easy for the player to bond with them and helps the player become immersed in their story. The pokemon games, however, let you mix and match hundreds of team characters in any combination of at most 6, making it impossible for them to have back stories or motivations beyond helping the player be the best. Side characters (such as rivals, professors, and gym leaders) can only be obstacles to the player as they force them out of gameplay into cut scenes or battles. They aren't linked to the player like the characters in a regular RPG so it's much MUCH harder for the player to get attached to them. It works for some people, but for most people, it just doesn't work.
      also, nuclear pokemon were basically just shadow pokemon, not really that innovative

  • Flutters
    Flutters 20 hours ago

    I am afraid Nintendo only took it down, because they had to legally. If they didn't strike down the most popular game with "Pokemon" in its title that wasn't licensed by them, then legally that means that they void their copyright of it, and anyone can make Pokemon games ever.

  • Amazingly Awkward
    Amazingly Awkward 3 days ago

    To comment on the video - I believe Nintendos response and outlook on fan games is the wrong approach and a more open and welcoming approach while still being able to protect their IPs can be done - in fact the fans respect Nintendos IPs enough to not tarnish Nintendos IPs.
    However, the real reason I commented - that piano rendition wad absoloutely beautiful
    I also hope if they do take inspiration from Uranium they thank the developers or at least I hope a shout out to fan developers is made

  • truedestroyer2
    truedestroyer2 4 days ago

    just search up pokemon uranium download

  • Theoretical Physics
    Theoretical Physics 6 days ago

    Pokemon tried too hard in gen7 to have a story through forced cutscenes... I personally think Pokemon should be more lore-focused and have a minimalist storytelling style. Voice acting should only be saved for important scenes (like in botw)

  • CreativelyJake
    CreativelyJake 6 days ago

    Personally i think the story in pokemon games is one of the best things about pokemon

  • Gotra
    Gotra 7 days ago

    Sounds like Nintendo should hire the guys that made Uranium

  • Ignacio Miranda
    Ignacio Miranda 7 days ago

    oh my god knock it off with the video essay chillhop

  • bitessun
    bitessun 7 days ago

    Where can I find the music used in this? The slow piano version of the main them?

  • Erik Fani
    Erik Fani 7 days ago

    I stopped buying pokemon games from nintendo the fan made games are better and thats sad to say im just hoping the nintendo switch version will fix that

    DaSTRAYxDEGT 10 days ago

    I just want a real Pokemon mmo already. With all the regions & all the pokemon. That would be the dream Pokemon game.

  • Mathias Hummer
    Mathias Hummer 12 days ago +1

    Pokemon has made an awesome story before, but it was in Mystery Dungeon. That shit was riveting when I was younger. I havent played it in forever, but I remember it was much more interesting than the main stream ones.

  • Cypherous
    Cypherous 12 days ago

    Wait uranium is hard to get? I have it downloaded from a while back just never got around to playing it

  • hagridruby
    hagridruby 14 days ago

    quite honeslty i would like to see them do something where your friends can join your singleplayer world and you both can explore together

  • david mead
    david mead 15 days ago link for a download that i believe is genuine

  • LeonRes
    LeonRes 15 days ago

    I've never been a pokemon fan, but watching TieTuesday play through Uranium showed how awful that game was, and how weak the series has been. Uranium was somehow horribly optimized for an RPG maker game, and even this video features the chugging framerates of the later areas. Nintendo has been excessively strict with most fan stuff, but Uranium was a cringy mess (like most of these fan creations) and was fine to kill.

  • ASNS117Zero
    ASNS117Zero 15 days ago

    Eh... I personally think Pokemon would benefit greatly by smacking some of the linear-ness out of it. Let me explain.
    First, I'd start by increasing the scope of the game. I want to see a title that takes an existing landmass (Let's use the Johto-Kanto one for ease of use) and expands on it. That area to the north of Johto and Kanto that we don't really have much info on? Let's build up into that space, and add on a number of zones/routes that *doubles* the world space experienced in GSC. They've certainly got the room up there, and current gen hardware can more than handle it.
    With that done, I'd make it to where there's a 'main quest' that acts as the games core plot, and spans all of the four regions in this theoretical game. Then, each of the four regions have their regional pokemon league which serves as a regional questline, with branching side-quests attached to that. The regional pokemon leagues can be completed in any order, or not at all -- and doing them gives access to unique things like legendaries, mega-evolution items, rare pokemon, or special items. Finally, I'd add self-contained small scale quests for each major city in the regions, that act as 'city quests', or 'cave/dungeon/natural feature' type quests that tell a self contained story and offer useful rewards like TMs, cosmetic items, or additional shops. These self-contained quests, story wise, would be used mainly as a tool for world building and developing the setting, whereas the regional quests would be used to move the story of those regions forward -- how has Kanto changed since RBGY? The regional questline for the Kanto league would tell us that. I'd keep any big, huge threats isolated in the main quest, which leads me to my next point. I want the antagonists to feel like they're a threat during the main quest. I don't want to be constantly brushing them aside like you tend to do against the main teams -- I want them to always be a step ahead of me. Sometimes three steps ahead. I want there to be a sense of urgency, desperation even.
    Now, onto gameplay. I don't think the core of what pokemon battling is needs to change, it just needs some major house cleaning. Controversial opinion time here, but here goes -- I want this title to see a total stat revisit of every pokemon in the franchise. Power creep has been killer, especially since gen 5, and going through and doing a refit to the admittedly huge number of 'mons is no easy task, but it needs to happen. Same thing with moves, go through and revisit everything. Roll out Nuzlocke type challenge modes into the base game as a feature. In fact, make more of them -- get a team together and have them come up with ideas for challenge features that could be added to a pokemon game.
    Graphics wise, I'd be happy if they simply took the type of art in Sun/Moon, cleaned it up (especially in the environments and backgrounds), sharpened it up to HD, and added additional animations to the 3d models so that every attack doesn't use like, just 2 or 3 animations. Pokemon to me isn't something that should ever be that advanced, and it needs to retain some of that cartoony anime charm. Being too realistic hurts it, IMO.
    Finally, story. As I mentioned, I want to see a lot of world building in this theoretical title. I want lots of the little things gone over in more detail. What exactly happens to Pokemon when they're in the PC, for example. I want the regions to feel more like a living world, and for the choices we make to have effects on it -- and, speaking of that, choice. Give us real, meaningful choices to make. Let's make a game that has a main draw of exploring around to find things to collect have some more real things to explore! And as for the main plot, I want to see something tackled that really hasn't (to my knowledge) really been addressed -- where do the humans come from in the Pokemon world? They're obviously not Pokemon, frankly their presence in the world seems kind of weird and artificial. Do the humans in Pokemon come from another planet? Do they come from another dimension? If they're native to the world, how did they even appear, since wild Pokemon would've just om nom nom'd them if you put people into that kind of world w/o their crazy advanced tech. I want to see the main plot be about that, and the villains doing something that's a threat specifically to the humans, instead of the Pokemon. Maybe the villains want to do something that would erase all of humanity to create what they feel would be the perfect utopia for Pokemon.
    Maybe, just maybe, the villain should be a Pokemon.

  • Einhander09
    Einhander09 17 days ago

    Gamefreak could learn a lot from the Megaman Battle Network series when it comes to Endgame, that is for sure. But I would like to see the World of Pokemon, no more singular regions between games and only so many Pokemon allowed at once.

  • Sedite
    Sedite 17 days ago

    so I have been playing pokemon for at least five years now I know that's not that long but I have went back and played all the pokemon games I heard about uranium and I got it I still have it
    and its fantastic
    I think that your right all the way but I have some ideas...
    1 make it were say if you were to do a sidequest during your journey what if later on that character would appear in the story and help you I think it would be amazing.
    2 I think that it should be much more open world were instead of only taking routes you could cut through the wood etc but if you were to cut through the woods it would be much more dangerous than taking thr rout
    3 in the GTS you should be able to filter to look or ask for a shiny pokemon
    4weathers would be amazing lets say your play in the summer time it would be sunny and say if it was winter it would be cold
    5 in online battles make different kinds of stadiums so that we can vote on a stadium
    6pokemon customization such as putting a bo tie on a pikachue etc
    I hope someone reads this :D

  • bell G
    bell G 18 days ago

    To say companies "DO Not Care" when their hard work has been stolen and whored out is not correct. It is because if they spent their riches going after single games they would still be unable to ever wash the internet clean of copies. They are helpless. You might say "well they are rich anyway so why does this matter?". Well that is because now it is happening to excess of equally impoverished people however they do not have any money to protect themselves so the early innovators are victimized and you shits have the audacity to think it is just all good fun and doesn't effect anyone else. That is the reality. This is not "fan art" it is criminals not getting the backlash they deserve as they torpedo true creators!

  • bell G
    bell G 18 days ago

    There was literally an ad for Pokemon Uranium on the side of this video. WTF u b*tching about?

  • ThePS1Fan
    ThePS1Fan 18 days ago

    Calling it now, Switch Pokemon is the smallest region yet, completely on rails, and just a constant stream of tutorials for things you only do the one time in the tutorial itself. And pointless camera pans and cuts. At least 30 whole hours worth of camera pans that you can't skip.

  • Dancing Bookworm
    Dancing Bookworm 18 days ago

    I friggin downloaded it when it came out but now I can't find it... It must've been on my old laptop and I forgot it was there when I wiped everything to give it to my little brother. My shitty memory fucking me over once again.
    EDIT: Found it saved on a usb stick. Thank you past me.

  • PokeMaster22222
    PokeMaster22222 19 days ago

    Never was interested in Uranium; because it's a fangame, there's no PKHeX or PokéGen for it to counter the randomness of IVs, Natures and Abilities.
    I loathe randomness, so PKHeX or similar is practically mandatory nowadays.

  • PokeMaster22222
    PokeMaster22222 19 days ago

    8:24 And are extremely dumb, uninteresting and needlessly difficult.
    What's the point, when you can just pick another 4 Pokémon to catch and play with them? Why bother with the whole 'fainted equals dead' and 'can only catch one Pokémon per area' things when they remove enjoyment?
    Nuzlockes are just dumb, and are why I stopped caring about Marriland.

  • PokeMaster22222
    PokeMaster22222 19 days ago

    5:33 Yes, like releasing Halitosis of the Wild without removing weapon fragility or limited stamina or character fragility, or adding in proper multi-floored dungeons and an actual, non-repetitive narrative. We also didn't need yet another open-world game, Nintendo.
    Or releasing the Switch, with its incredibly crappy controllers. JoyCons are too small, fiddly and cramped separately, and together the analog sticks are unaligned - the second of which also applies to the Pro Controller - resulting in an uncomfortable gaming experience. Thank Arceus for Ortz's controller...
    Or releasing Skyward Sword, with its unfortunately heavy reliance on a totally nonfunctional gimmick named 'motion controls' and an incredibly slow bird required for getting anywhere, and for introducing shield durability and limited stamina to the series. Oh, and four incredibly dull regions that are traversed time and time again - repetition is bad, Nintendo.
    Or releasing Super Mario Galaxy, that had incredibly strict and linear world ('Galaxy') design and only 3 HP, unlike the much superior Super Mario 64 DS.The former is something Galaxy carried over from Sunshine, while the latter is brand-new. Furthermore, since it's a Wii game, motion controls are a requirement - for about 6 Stars but still an annoying-as-hell requirement - and the Starship and its inhabitants are useless, pointless and annoying.
    Or releasing Pokémon XY, which introduced a bland region, a slew of bland characters, very few new Pokémon, a bland narrative, ruined the Steel-type, and weakened a boatload of Special moves (no Physical moves whatsoever) for no reason whatsoever. What was the point?
    Or releasing Super Mario 3D World with incredibly poor level design - especially later on in the game - and making Peach and Rosalina playable when they didn't need to be. Rosalina did nothing in Galaxy or Galaxy 2; why bring her back? As for Peach, she should just be Bowser's captive - nothing more.

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum 19 days ago +2

    It doesn’t matter that these two guys spent a good amount of time making a game that people like, and doesn’t matter that it may have been your favourite pokémon game, it was still illegal and should not have been done. Copyright is very serious and they’re lucky that they weren’t put under any serious legal issues. Trademark infringement is also very serious. Pokemon did the right thing, would you want someone to copy your billion dollar idea? No. Pokémon know what they’re doing.

  • SuduckaDim
    SuduckaDim 20 days ago

    Nintendo could have grew if they just worked with the two people to make it legal.

  • Paige Arnol
    Paige Arnol 23 days ago

    I played Pokemon Uranium and it sucks.

  • Koda Ballard
    Koda Ballard 24 days ago

    I feel like Nintendo is running out of ideas ,but i would definitely buy 3d switch remakes of past pokemon titles

  • AceAegislash
    AceAegislash 24 days ago

    ey BW and kinda BW2 had good story.

  • Mr. Sandman
    Mr. Sandman 24 days ago

    Still have uranium in my computer. It's an awesome game

  • Lukaround
    Lukaround 24 days ago

    You know the The Lion King is a rip off from a Japanese studio done better. There is also grudge from the war i believe. If the people who did Uranium were Japanese this would have gone a different path. Unfortunate

  • Brandon Hartman
    Brandon Hartman 25 days ago

    I have the original zip file for uranium. You gotta know me in person to get it off my flash drive.

  • XERO for Hire
    XERO for Hire 25 days ago

    Pokemonfans keep complaining that Nintendo won't release a Pokemon game that is more grown up and that it is aimed too much at little kids, while the rest of the world is complaining that Pokemon fans won't just grow up and let the game be for little kids.

  • Vanduop McHoover
    Vanduop McHoover 25 days ago

    Uranium is way overhyped and FAR from the best Pokemon fan game, let alone best nintendo fan game. How many fan games have you played? 10 minutes of research into Pokemon fan games will show you it's rarely in peoples top 5, there are hordes of great Pokemon fan games. I know it got media attention and was in the mainstream view but I only actually see that as a bad thing, when fan games were more underground a C&D like that was almost unheard of, and lead to great fan games some of us had been waiting years for getting shut down too (like Prism). While the game is decent, I feel like it's not as great as it's touted to be, but I respect your opinion maybe I'm biased as I hate Fakemon.

  • Nathan Efects
    Nathan Efects 25 days ago

    You can download it here

  • Prankster Batman
    Prankster Batman 25 days ago

    I am quite a bit fan of Pets Seeger, aka the guy playing guitar in the 1950's at 7:58.

  • faded robin
    faded robin 25 days ago

    heheheheh bandicam

  • Fido Hula
    Fido Hula 26 days ago

    story heavy pokemon is sort of a paradox for the serier. While it enhances the play experience for your first playthrought it only does so for the first one, pokemon ultra sun and moon was the most story heavy pokemon to date. while it was very good it almost completely removed player freedom, what i mean is if you try to play the game again, you are held captive by tedious scenes that happen like every five minutes and none of them can be skipped... there is almost no freedom at all and you are rarely let to play the game for your self, THIS was super frustrating for me and it made the sun and moon series almost un-replayable. the older games still shine while outdated becuase you are free to do what you want and the story scenes were short and rare, which meant that you could just play pokemon without getting stuck all the time.
    in my hopes for pokemon switch i hope they do full animation cutscenes and dont input alot of text form cutscenes sense those can take a huge amout of boring time if they happen to frequently AND that they make every single scene skippable so you can just enjoy the base gameplay on your next playthroughts. player freedom is important but having a meaningful story can also be important, i hope gamefreak can find a good mix with both

  • Shaun Dreclin
    Shaun Dreclin 27 days ago

    As much as it breaks my heart to say, I think it might be time to say goodbye to nintendo's IPs, including Pokemon. They clearly don't care enough about the fans to give them the games they really want, and they won't allow us to make those games either.

  • sonny
    sonny 27 days ago

    I think its just good business sense... if they give people an inch then everyone takes a mile, if they don't crack down then it could negatively cause problems to every other series. what if everyone make there own Nintendo ripoffs with no legal consequence? well i don't know but what i imagine would happen is you'd have games like uranium that are great and then 99% of those other games suck then people look negatively at Pokemon if that's how they are introduced because fan games are free, so why not just play the fan made version. but then say you have people using the Pokemon name and have an innovative new idea that they implement, and Nintendo is working on an official Pokemon and makes a similar feature then the legal complications increase, should the fan creative types sue Nintendo for coping there idea? or would they lose by default because Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and then theres even the issue where even if the legal outcome was fair maybe everyone would think worse of nintendo....? also it does suck that uranium was taken down.... but i think they should have just called it something else poket.... monstermash.... something something something or other.... i dunno. just anything that's not copy written....

  • The Smartest Idiot
    The Smartest Idiot 28 days ago

    I know what you mean, about Pokemon feeling.. old. That it needs some change up, I skipped sun and moon due to having just moved out, but when ultra sun and moon came out, I took it as my opportunity to pick em up and jump back in after X an Y, which I loved those 2. But, by the third island I just.. wasn't having fun, something felt off, I was doing a blind nuzlocke, had a few deaths, especially on the water trial, but I just, couldn't keep going. I don't know, maybe it was to many cutscenes forcing me to stop, maybe it was I could figure out a pokemons typing just by looking at it, new or not. I just want to feel like I did back when I played red and blue, or even x and y.

  • Jade Plays
    Jade Plays Month ago

    Honestly, since X and Y, Pokemon's been pretty lame. Being an avid Nintendo fan who buys just about every Nintendo release, I hated Sun and Moon. Actually hated. It was garbage. If Nintendo can't make their games work well without adding stupid gimmicks like mega evolution and totem Pokemon, I'm never going to buy a Pokemon game again.

  • Jack And Tails
    Jack And Tails Month ago

    insurgence is gonna go down sooner ot later...

  • Rickey Jackson
    Rickey Jackson Month ago

    Simple solution create your own video game console system and quit making products for those systems.

  • Austin Wäfflz
    Austin Wäfflz Month ago

    Your speaking straight to my soul with this one man!! I was a die-hard Nintendo fan growing up. But since the release of the game cube it just feels like they don't care anymore. Pokemon was so much a part of my life growing up and it kills me to see what it has become.

  • monkey cheese
    monkey cheese Month ago

    No wonder gamefreak doesnt want to take risks. The signals from the fans are very mixed. "Be inovative and do new things, but keep it like the game I played 20 years ago" same thing ruined the sonic games. Stop acting like spoiled brats and take it or leave it.

  • Dekanos HCF
    Dekanos HCF Month ago

    Yes because nothing at all was ever added to the games after 1st gen. They are all the exact same game just re textured no new features at all they definitely don't even have a different story.

  • Henry B
    Henry B Month ago

    "It would be hard to get your hands on this game today." Five minutes later I'm playing it...

  • Partran Madradin
    Partran Madradin Month ago

    Companies are legally required to shut down derivative works because it creates a legal precedent that the IP is worthless. If they allow Pokemon Uranium they have to allow any garbage Pokemon game that Steam Greenlight hacks throw out. It's all or nothing. Which ruins your view of Pokemon more? IP integrity or Pokemon Zombie Survival Asset Flip Number 12?

  • Mogalixir
    Mogalixir Month ago

    Pokemon Uranium was grade aside from shitty fakemons.

  • SyrioHghar88
    SyrioHghar88 Month ago

    It's not out of the question that pokemon will change its formula on the switch. Mario, and legend of zelda were taken in different direction on the switch after all.

  • Chris Baker
    Chris Baker Month ago

    Bad Nintendo. Look what Microsoft does. Installation 01 is a fan made Halo game that's been in development for about ~4 years now. Microsoft is aware of it, has talked about it, and gave the team permission to continue the project. Why Nintendo doesn't let us explore the world of Pokemon aside from the tales they tell us, that's a missed opportunity.

  • AFCManUk
    AFCManUk Month ago

    Pokemon Uranium.
    Got it. Played it. Beat it. LOVED IT!!!

  • Y'all Mind If I Scream

    " I feel like I'm growing and I just want Pokemon to grow with me "
    That got me real hard

  • Young Cee Cee
    Young Cee Cee Month ago

    They had to take it down its just business, but I would have hired them and gave them a team or a crucial role at least

  • shadowthehh2
    shadowthehh2 Month ago

    I couldn't even play Uranium during the short time it was out. A large amount of people, including myself, suffered from *horrible* lag that was supposed to be fixed in an update that was never able to come out...

  • Clark Kierstadt
    Clark Kierstadt Month ago

    I'm definitely on the side of Pokemon Uranium in this one. The Pokemon series has grown incredibly stale and needs the J.J Abrams treatment if you know what I mean

  • wall mob
    wall mob Month ago

    Hmmm yea why wouldnt JAPAN add a nuclear or uranium element? Thats not a touchy subject there is it?

  • LoL LoL
    LoL LoL Month ago

    i still have uranium on my pc :p
    its amazing

  • Wonbin Kim
    Wonbin Kim Month ago

    I really don't care about "new pokemon" generations anymore. In my opinion we just have too many already. Maybe we should visit an older region with a new storyline? I'd be on board with a new story from the kanto region.

  • Karim Jovian
    Karim Jovian Month ago

    They just need to make the new Pokémon like breathe of the wild and were good

    • Retrozaid
      Retrozaid Month ago

      Karim Jovian I don’t really see how that would work

  • Elite GamingWolf
    Elite GamingWolf Month ago

    5:08 you should have said 'before we get to that i have to tell you why you will never ever ever play the game, ever'. that would have been more accurate

  • ProAssassin13
    ProAssassin13 Month ago

    From a business perspective what gamefreak/nintendo are doing makes sense, release a game for kids and by the time they make a new one a new generation is eager to play. But this still does not give them a complete excuse to ignore older fans. There was a time in my life where I lived and breathed pokemon, though I admit I wasn't the best, knew all the secrets, or hell even caught em all. But none the less i loved the series, but as I grew I lost that passion and I am sad I did, i used to tell my self that it's not the same thing over and over again, that all the people that did are haters. Yes with a minor refresh that was sun and moon was nice, I admit I haven't played them but what i watched through lets plays it was essentially the same thing. Idk where i was going with this but I just wish i had something to bring me back to this once beloved and amazing franchise.

  • William Marick
    William Marick Month ago

    This is why insurgence went with a quiet relese

  • Tyler S
    Tyler S Month ago

    say its a parody
    dont monetize it
    bam legal

  • GinHindew110
    GinHindew110 Month ago

    So, where can i find those statements? "they wanted to solve the problems in pokemon" and "they wanted to take the game to what they believed was their future"
    Because frankly they sound like the game was bend to become a statement for the video, when i saw pokemon uranium i never considered it being a fan answer to the problems or whatever, i just considered it was some fans trying to make their version of the game, not the future of the franchise
    And the fan games are made using game engines that are already made plus the scenery art taken from the games (that is why fan games still keep the Ruby & sapphire artstyle after so long), a whole team has to make all that from scratch and that is the heaviest part, the fakemons are the more difficult work in any fan game, which is fine but is also way below making the whole engine and then it also has to be all in 3d, so having a whole team is not going to make it any easier
    In general this overestimates uranium and underestimates the franchise, pokemon is very alive and selling like hot cakes so the public obviously likes it and the "adult" parts come from the inner complexity if you want to play competitive, at most pokemon REALLY needs a new game+ with extra difficulty to reach level 100 easier and more battle frontier-type post game

  • aaronJSHW
    aaronJSHW Month ago

    To me nintendo failed during the N64 it was the last nintendo product I got..I gave them another chance with the 3ds even now I am old with a kid..even my kid stopped playing now adays are even smarter then we were getting computers and other electronics much earlier in life and they are demanding for more..nintendo to me never listened to there fans. they just relie on there fans to just buy there products and hope that they make there quota nintendo is quite ignorant has a company..Never liked there style of how they run there company with there huge egos. Oh well as long as we got nintendo fanboys nintendo is just going to keep flipping everyone off even there fans.

  • Maxwel Jessen
    Maxwel Jessen Month ago

    The things that I want to see Pokémon add
    less linear stories, sort of like fallouts way of doing things
    More powerful Pokemon, so many Pokemon are so bad and because of power imbalance only set Pokemon do well. If you make every Pokemon powerful, there will be more choice and variety
    Better graphics and fluidity, make the games smooth and quick while still lookin good

  • M3G4 T3RR4
    M3G4 T3RR4 Month ago

    Uranium is my second favorite Pokèmon fangame, right behind Rejuvenation.

  • Grymmhain
    Grymmhain Month ago

    ‘Years of work can be taken away in mere weeks’
    Yeah when that work is basically stolen from the work of others it not only can be but should be taken down.
    In most industries that is a recognized and unquestioned concept. It protects both the creator because they won’t lose out if someone tries to take their concept and distribute it for free, and the users because they’ll get a known quality product.
    You may not like the product or you may grow to dislike it. That’s fine. Don’t buy it or stop buying it.
    Does Pokémon need to evolve? Yes. It should open its world up. But don’t pretend a takedown of fan projects is somehow not a good thing.

  • Swaggy Toast
    Swaggy Toast Month ago

    I feel like for an RPG the story is so stagnant almost no choices.
    There should be alternate endings and factions you can join that will change how others react to you etc etc

  • MrPokemonDJ
    MrPokemonDJ Month ago

    sorry, but Pokemon is a kids game and will remain a kids game even if other people what it to be a really complex story. kids just won't understand that stuff. don't get me wrong I do agree with side quests, a hard mode, and multiple regions. but the Pokemon you know needs to be Pokemon for the younger generation. (a better story would be interesting, maybe if they added a mode that makes the story longer or more difficult puzzles.)

  • 2 Ahris 1 Tail
    2 Ahris 1 Tail Month ago

    Ultra Sun was the worst Pokemon Game I've played so far. Also the first game I put down before even finishing the league, I probably have like 5hours played at max....

  • Google Is A Cruel Mistress

    What are you talking about, I just found where to download it under a minute

  • princely nettles
    princely nettles Month ago

    whats the name of the song in the bg? around the 7 minute mark?

  • charl X
    charl X Month ago

    Uranium got taken down for being popular
    Nintendo doesnt take down any of the DOZENS of other old pokemon fangames and romhacks, literally 3 or 4 come out every year since firered came out, none of the romhacks are taken down
    Nintendo never gave a shit about fangames until it gets popular and shows nintendo what its doing wrong

  • Mark Maxfield
    Mark Maxfield Month ago

    t y l e r j o s e p h ?

  • pogal01
    pogal01 Month ago

    plot twist the developers of Pokemon uranium got hired at the Pokemon company.

  • That one Yoshi
    That one Yoshi Month ago

    I agree with most of you're statements and especially that risks should be made more often than they currently are, but the story in the games aren't all that bad, especially in b&w version the villian/villians were very compelling to me and the characters and objectives that came with the story made black version a really well done game for me at least. "Shitty" isn't the word i would use for the storylines, but majority of it tends to be catered towards the child audience, that's something that should be changed but again story quality is definitely not the same for every pokemon game there's been within the past 20+ years.

  • The King of all Awesomeness

    I get the disappointment, but companies actually have to do this with full blown fan games like this. If they don’t show that they will actively protect their copyrighted material, they can lose the rights to that copyright. Not to mention... ASMR and uranium are super easily available

  • Justusdreaming
    Justusdreaming Month ago

    I couldn't get into Uranium as nice as the narrative was, because the Pokémon didn't look like Pokémon. Gotta have that Sugimori style or I just don't feel it.
    Pokémon Sage looks pretty great though. Maybe someday in the year 2026 it will be finished :')

  • Dr. PleaseDon'tDisrespectMe,ImSensitiveAndAPussy

    Just be clever about it and do it like valve, hire them and make a lot of cash with their ideas.

  • Esper
    Esper Month ago

    While I understand the importance of copyright and the like, Pokemon Uranium is also the reason why copyright lawyers can go fuck themselves.

  • Bodhisattva47 Arhat

    Uranium=steaming pile of crap

  • D S
    D S Month ago

    Whatever they do I hope this next game does for Pokemon what breath of the wild did for Zelda.

  • Rozzy Gator
    Rozzy Gator Month ago

    The Pokemon company/Gamefreak doesn't care about the kids who played RBY that have grown up and still play the series and want more of a challenge. They care about selling a game that will appeal to kids. That's that

  • Vile Slanders
    Vile Slanders Month ago

    Pokemon could use some competition. It's stale as shit, and 7th gen felt more like 2 steps back. Just grow up and realize that Nintendo Incorporated ISN'T the experience these games left you with as a child. Nintendo Incorporated is a commercial dicknugget conglomerate. Fuck Nintendo.

    I AM LWDGNG Month ago

    Fakemon are cancer

  • Andreas Roth
    Andreas Roth Month ago

    Pokemon Hiroshima edition

  • Tusken Raiders
    Tusken Raiders Month ago

    Of course fan games are going to be taken down, it's been that way forever. It's ridiculous that so many game creators are still working on projects that no one will likely see, because it's within the company's right to pull it down. If they really wanted to make a better version of the product they're imitating, make a new game that is remarkably similar, but without the copyright infringement.
    OR if they wanted to use the Pokemon name, just call it 'Dumb Pokemon' and then Nintendo legally cannot come after them because of parody law, with pokemon called 'Dumb Pikachu', 'Dumb Charizard', etc. Whenever I see one of these fan games go up, I say, "Well, how long until this gets taken down?"

  • AvivPirate
    AvivPirate Month ago

    The problem is that Nintendo are aiming these games towards little kids, and the bigger kids(20+) still buy their product without hesitation... they have never been given a reason to learn. it's the same thing for the Anime, grown men still watch what is clearly only a commercial for the franchise and not an anime that stands for itself or has any meaning and true purpose. The solution is stop buying the games, like I do. As sad as it is.

  • EastUnder
    EastUnder Month ago

    Is there a chance that a sinnoh remake would be on 3ds? I don’t plan on getting switch

  • deified squid
    deified squid Month ago

    I think the creators should have tried to get a license like sonic mania

  • Young Travels
    Young Travels Month ago

    So ready for Pokemon on switch. Would love the battle system to be redesigned.

  • Pablo Junior
    Pablo Junior Month ago

    İ, was lucky enough to be able to play this amazing and amazingly written game. Along with amzing characters and pokemon

  • Alin Marcu
    Alin Marcu Month ago

    i have played the game and i have a copy of it

  • You're*
    You're* Month ago

    I was kinda pissed when I found out Nintendo had it shut down honestly. I first found out about it years back before there was a full release and it was number one on my list of roms to get (actually it was the last and only one I hadn’t already tried that genuinely interested me) but I had to wait for it and eventually forgot about it until it resurfaced because of Nintendo’s intervention.

  • Bricex17
    Bricex17 Month ago

    I'm been frustrated with Game Freak for these exact reasons!