Trevor Responds to Criticism from the French Ambassador - Between The Scenes | The Daily Show


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  • Gregory Smak
    Gregory Smak 28 minutes ago

    You and the audience just a piece of shit. Inch'allah la balle de giroud arrive sur ta tête un jour et te casse ton crane en deux

  • wolf robot
    wolf robot 28 minutes ago

    Of course, we can be both... but that's not what you said in the first place, that's what you're saying now and I'm sure the Ambassador agrees with you. You're not spreading good vibes on this time. Your ego just got in the way.

  • A m a r Singg
    A m a r Singg 29 minutes ago

    Of course this douche was going to race bait. Wouldn't have expected anything different. Just enjoy the awesome game and awesome World Cup you dork.

  • Benjamin Nogueras
    Benjamin Nogueras 29 minutes ago

    Respect my dear friend Noah, well said and expressed, well played.

  • Anne-Marie L
    Anne-Marie L 29 minutes ago

    bravo !

  • Tyler Cook
    Tyler Cook 29 minutes ago

    As a guy that received his job based only on his skin color hes pretty bold about calling out racist intentions.

  • Dominic Strong
    Dominic Strong 29 minutes ago

    * Hands L to French Ambassador *

  • luvvinallmusik 57
    luvvinallmusik 57 29 minutes ago

    Good Point Trevor!!!

  • Keshawn Brooks
    Keshawn Brooks 30 minutes ago

    I think a lot of people are missing his overarching message. Its that a lot of western countries, Europe and America, have problems with minority groups until they're winning money or national pride for that country. In America, its that black people have the highest crime rate, or are the highest imprisoned community and we need to go back to our country, (which by the way we have no fucking idea where that is) up to and until a black athlete is running scoring points for a famous sports team. For France, its the same deal. Many of the citizens are xenophobic and racist, and that leaks out into their view of immigrants. It wasnt that these players were african and french, it was that if they werent famous football players, french citizens would treat them like crap.

  • lanz637
    lanz637 30 minutes ago

    Well said! 'Nuff said! Preach My Brother!

  • petrichoree
    petrichoree 30 minutes ago

    My friend was watching the final in the other room and I heard him yell COME ON AFRICA NUMBER TWO

  • muguripon
    muguripon 30 minutes ago

    Just came here to say to the french people they can go suck a big fat dick. Fuck France!

  • Nathalie Renaud
    Nathalie Renaud 30 minutes ago

  • luvvinallmusik 57
    luvvinallmusik 57 30 minutes ago

    Even French Jews? That politician is full of shit!

  • LCat/Jacksontgm
    LCat/Jacksontgm 31 minute ago


    AEROMAGNUM TV 31 minute ago


  • vivim29
    vivim29 31 minute ago

    Love you Trevor but I find it strange that you refer to people as African as a group. Does an Algerian really have that much in common with someone from Tanzania? I don't think you can speak for a whole continent but I do appreciate you have a unique perspective.

  • Rodrigo Colimodio
    Rodrigo Colimodio 31 minute ago +2

    Yeah, Trevor agues about the fact ¨they can be both¨ now. But he stared the discussion saying African won the cup not France, I think both Trevor and the Embassador expressed themselves badly, but we all understand both points.

  • DoomShroom57
    DoomShroom57 31 minute ago

    A little bit of no news from the whitest black person on earth, he is the joke from Harold and Kumar.

  • bradick75
    bradick75 31 minute ago

    The poor animator. He was vexed and now he is sinking. He confuses nationality and descent. Unless you have dual nationality, you can not be French and Algerian or French and Senegalese at the same time for the simple reason that France is in Europe and not in Africa. It does not make sense. On the other hand, you can be French of African type or French of Asian type. As you can be French of Algerian origin or French of Senegalese origin. Apparently it is a subtlety too fine for this presenter. Unlike Anglo-Saxon culture, which is communitarian, historically French culture is universalist. But he does not seem to know it. That's why his joke made a flop in France. I think he took his dreams for a reality. He had to want an African team to win the World Cup. Sorry, it's French and not Africans who won the World Cup. He 'll have to do with it. When talking about Mamoudou Gassama, France facilitated the access to French nationality because he was heroic and he wanted this nationality. France knows how to thank good people. No matter their color. Perhaps this African presenter would have preferred France to give it nationality to a terrorist? Since he wants to make believe in his speech that the French are racist, he would do well to learn about the history of the United States and South Africa. He would see that he has no lesson to give to French people.Yes, he really sinks ... He has a problem...
    Le pauvre animateur. Il était vexé et maintenant il coule. Il confond la nationalité et la descendance. Sauf si vous avez la double nationalité, vous ne pouvez pas être français et algérien ou français et sénégalais en même temps pour la simple raison que la France est en Europe et non en Afrique. Cela n'a aucun sens. D'un autre côté, vous pouvez être de type français ou de type asiatique. Comme vous pouvez être français d'origine algérienne ou français d'origine sénégalaise. Apparemment, c'est une subtilité trop belle pour ce présentateur. Contrairement à la culture anglo-saxonne, qui est communautaire, la culture historiquement française est universaliste. Mais il ne semble pas le savoir. C'est pourquoi sa blague a fait un flop en France. Je pense qu'il a pris ses rêves pour une réalité. Il devait vouloir une équipe africaine pour gagner la Coupe du Monde. Désolé, ce sont les Français et non les Africains qui ont gagné la Coupe du Monde. Il devra faire avec. En parlant de Mamoudou Gassama, la France a facilité l'accès à la nationalité française parce qu'il était héroïque et qu'il voulait cette nationalité. La France sait comment remercier les bonnes personnes. Peu importe leur couleur. Peut-être que ce présentateur africain aurait préféré que la France lui donne la nationalité d'un terroriste? Comme il veut faire croire à son discours que les Français sont racistes, il ferait bien d'en apprendre davantage sur l'histoire des États-Unis et de l'Afrique du Sud. Il verrait qu'il n'a aucune leçon à donner aux Français. Oui, il coule vraiment ... Il a un problème ...

  • RaiderKnight
    RaiderKnight 31 minute ago

    Trevor is self aware he always brings race into everything for absolutely no reason right?

  • Thunderworks
    Thunderworks 31 minute ago

    What a jerk...

  • Greg
    Greg 32 minutes ago +1

    So, it's official now, American people don't exist. If being a French black male implies that you are African, even if you're born in France, all Americans are in fact Europeans or Africans! Amazing, let's celebrate.

  • dahiteman
    dahiteman 32 minutes ago

    Hey Trevor. You’re a d-bag.

  • Nadi La
    Nadi La 32 minutes ago

    we talk about the NBA? it is mostly made up of blacks people and what? Is Africa winning every time in the NBA? (sorry for my English, I'm not from the United States)

  • Ricardo Rg
    Ricardo Rg 32 minutes ago

    Trevor is a closet racist, the ambassador is absolutely correct. Shame on you Trevor for making this a race thing. Shame on you.

  • Briss
    Briss 32 minutes ago

    I never saw USA after the quarters at the world cup, is that why they are trashtalking france like that ? Go eat your triple cheese bacon burger and come back in 4 years, american people.

  • Richard Dukard
    Richard Dukard 32 minutes ago

    "I don't take their Frenchness away". After calling them the African team...

  • Jason H
    Jason H 32 minutes ago

    Yes, it's okay for a liberal comedian to be racist. If a white African team won, I bet he would say they must have cheated somehow just like Germany

  • Veronique428
    Veronique428 32 minutes ago

    All those french people who are offended by what Trevor said then calling him racist mine while they are giving him many racist insults slurs ⁉️😶🙃🤨
    But we black peoples we are used to it by the white folks hypocrisy, the football players are African descendants the majority of them, everywhere they go they are treated as a black person first then as european or french citizen, so stop being in denial la France‼️

  • Oinsequeur
    Oinsequeur 33 minutes ago

    French translate please ?

  • ~Astrokid~
    ~Astrokid~ 33 minutes ago

    Fuck off trevor if some white French dude said, France didn’t win, Africa won you would be all up his ass.

  • Steven Gauna
    Steven Gauna 33 minutes ago

    He's still on television?!? I thought he been canceled. Wow TV where you can be a complete failure at ratings and still exist.

  • TheBeatlesToday
    TheBeatlesToday 33 minutes ago

    Lol Puerto Rico is America

  • elite jedi star
    elite jedi star 34 minutes ago

    All.problems I agree with the f rench about America

  • Swiss !!!
    Swiss !!! 34 minutes ago +1

    The African man that went up the building and came down as a Frenchman Hahaha

  • Fitch75
    Fitch75 34 minutes ago +1

    At least, we French don't have an orange blob as a President and we won the world cup hehehehehe

  • France Trois
    France Trois 35 minutes ago

    I appreciate his response and I didn't think any second he is a racist. However, this joke was not a celebration of their africaness. At least, not for all the people laughing in the audience. Excuse us to be proud of them and proud of the positive message they give to the rest of the world : "we strongly believe in the strength of the diversity". We were just offended and an offended french is not used to keep quiet. ;)

  • Hawrou
    Hawrou 35 minutes ago

    Wesh cette émission est insupportable avec les attardés qui rigolent pour rien derrière et c’est pas juste un chauffeur de salle qui leur dit de rire, ils rigolent vraiment à des blagues aussi minables ces chiens

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape 35 minutes ago

    Lol, I think there's an issue of perspective here...Trevor Noah was saying this joke as an African, and I can assure you that most people in my area (Windhoek, NAMIBIA) were supporting France and considered the victory of our African brothers as a victory for Africa too, sorry but we can't help it 😂😂... we don't mean to take anything away from their Frenchness...but we're proud of them for representing coloured people well

  • chasmine williams
    chasmine williams 35 minutes ago

    Y’all know how racist people tell black people to go back to Africa? Lol

  • TheSlb1984
    TheSlb1984 35 minutes ago

    I love this man....😍😍...everything about him. His mind...his humor...sigh...

  • Marvin Nash
    Marvin Nash 35 minutes ago

    Fire Trevor Noah

  • BlueDreamKush23
    BlueDreamKush23 35 minutes ago

    I like Trevor but he is sooo reaching here. Totally wrong. He is assuming those players know a thing or two about African culture (keep in mind they were born in France) simply because they are black. You don't know their story, what if they are proud to be French? You can't make assumptions based on their skin color, isn't that what you preach Trevor? And since when is calling them French and making these people feel welcome a bad thing?
    We complain about people of color not being accepted as part of a nation but when they are accepted and referred to as French people... somehow that is a bigger issue because now the narrative is they should abandon their African heritage and only accept French culture.
    Dude, at this point you just complain, for the sake of complaining.
    That ambassador gave a great response. Trevor's ego is growing. He is so used to being the social justice hero to a point where if someone criticizes him using those same social principles and morals, he just can't handle it.
    Ironically, Trevor, you inadvertently didn't consider those black people French, which can be an insult. What gives you the right to assume they aren't, French or proud to be one an label them as Africans?
    America is the only country that has this segregation of identity, where we group people into categories. African American, Mexican American, Indian American, Asian American. Why not just American? Referring to yourself as only American doesn't automatically disqualify you from celebrating your heritage. Putting one more identity before American further segregates us as citizens. At the end of the day, we are all immigrants and that should be enough for people of all race and heritage to have in common with. One that brings us all together as a nation. By saying African/American or other ________/American further guarantees us from not reaching to that reality.
    This is what France does right Trevor. They don't segregate their citizens with absurd titles simply based on their race/heritage like we do in America. I've heard you criticize that back then, now all of a sudden you are for it because you got your ass handed to you from the ambassador of France. It would've been better on your part to actually agree with him and apologize. Disappointed in you, Trevor.

  • trophix
    trophix 35 minutes ago +1

    Why can't we ALL just get along! We are all Human. We breath the same air, we live on the same planet, and we have the same organs.

  • Marvin Nash
    Marvin Nash 35 minutes ago

    Typical racist hack. Dude is a joke thief and racist

  • Carson Louis
    Carson Louis 36 minutes ago

    If being a African is so proud then go back to the fucking country, oh wait it’s a shit hole and a real life battle royale

  • TrinkBruder
    TrinkBruder 36 minutes ago

    France took the high road and not the low road in the War on Terrorism and paid the price. It absconded surveillance operations, while USA intelligence violated its own privacy laws to combat the infidels.
    I commend France for its endorsement of Nationalism, and discouraging treachery by a celebration of Nationalism that is inclusive of all races, and think the USA should encourage a respect for privacy with a Nationalism that is just as inclusive.
    France won the World Cup as much for its respect for privacy internationally more than the help of Africa.

  • Rui Batista
    Rui Batista 36 minutes ago

    Very well said Trevor!😊👍

  • Justin Oliver
    Justin Oliver 36 minutes ago +1

    Go participate in the white genocide in your South Africa.

  • Mr. Grape!
    Mr. Grape! 37 minutes ago

    Well thought out, good job!

  • helloworld2705
    helloworld2705 37 minutes ago

    More like your nationalism is taking over

  • Un-Joshed
    Un-Joshed 38 minutes ago

    way go to Trevor!!!!

  • Carson Louis
    Carson Louis 38 minutes ago

    Trevor fucking kys

  • The Sakura
    The Sakura 38 minutes ago +1

    People just too butthurt; it's a joke! Joke that was probably on 90% of people's watching the game's-minds.
    It does not take away from the players "Frenchness". Don't worry France, you still won!
    Being from Africa is not an insult. Being black is not an insult. Pointing out the obvious is not an insult. Commentators seem to want to make it so after preaching about unity and equality?! Anybodies descent is not an insult. REPRESENTATION is important and the French team was just that for a-lot of people this year. These players descent shouldn't be the dirty secret everybody should hush about, it us what it is, but society still needs to evolve a-lot so instead preaching we are all equal, we are actually allowed to feel like we are all equal and don't have to hide behind false hypocrisy.
    Instead being so worried about a joke, guys should be worried the many players that came forward throughout the matches claiming that none cares about their descent while you have a good game and scores goals, but if you miss you get death threats and are called all the racial names in the book.... plus the disaster that were the French "celebrations"....that's what you should be worried about....

  • arnaud gamet
    arnaud gamet 38 minutes ago

    What Trevor doesn't get is that France has always gone out of its way to avoid making distinctions between its citizens according to their race, origins or religion, as a way to try and ensure more equal treatment. It is not a question of whitewashing as it also goes for white people. In the eyes of our country we are neither white nor black, neither of European nor African origin, neither christian nor muslim. We are all in the same boat called France and that's all anyone needs to know. Trevor insisting on calling some French people Africans simply goes against this fundamental principle of French society and the ambassador was right to react. That doesn't mean people can't be aware and proud of their roots, quite the opposite, but it's a private matter that has no place being discussed in the context of the national team. I'm sure I speak for the vast majority of French people when I say we couldn't be more honoured that people of so many different backgrounds feel French and proudly wear France's colours. We just think that picking this very occasion to point out the ways in which some are also other things than French is in poor taste.

  • Justin Oliver
    Justin Oliver 38 minutes ago

    Race baitor.

  • Johnny Stob
    Johnny Stob 38 minutes ago

    Love this guy! I always like seeing his show, and esp. his tweets.

  • MrOralB
    MrOralB 39 minutes ago

    "Oh you're Canadian ! You've always lived in Canada, you have a Canadian culture and you speak only English but I mean, you look Asian, so you're Chinese too !"

  • Marvia Laurence
    Marvia Laurence 40 minutes ago

    Yup very true how developed countries do that. Same thing happens with The Netherlands and the Caribbean Netherlands. When it's negative we from the Caribbean but positive and we're Dutch

  • Valeria RR
    Valeria RR 40 minutes ago

    Man, you didn't get it, you just didn't get it... and you are so *egocentric* that you can't admit that you didn't get it....

  • tropicaldan
    tropicaldan 40 minutes ago +1

    You are an unfunny racist. Suck it up.

  • c. Mor
    c. Mor 40 minutes ago

    I started boycotting Trevor Noah when I first watched and saw he is not funny.

  • Andrei Simionescu
    Andrei Simionescu 41 minute ago

    In an ideal world this dude would've been president

  • Amelie D
    Amelie D 41 minute ago

    As a biracial person with a nationality not corresponding to my residential country, i completely agree with Noah. I honestly think French people don't like to identify by race and that's fine, but Americans have tendacy to so because this is a country full of diversity. We're all Americans foremost, but we don't want to take away our origin stories.

  • Justin Oliver
    Justin Oliver 41 minute ago

    Trevor is a dumbass

  • Deceptive
    Deceptive 41 minute ago

    Sorry trevor, you missed the point. I hope you do a follow up

  • cabron1984
    cabron1984 41 minute ago

    France is just like America as long as you get them a trophy you’re an American or French but if not they tell you go back to where you come from, the truth is we are all immigrants, your ancestors emigrated from some other land at one point, in Honduras we have descendants from Europe and we don’t tell them go back to where you come from

  • Adriano
    Adriano 41 minute ago


  • Sinem Ks
    Sinem Ks 41 minute ago

    👍👍👏👏 love your opinion

  • jt2gtr
    jt2gtr 41 minute ago

    Again Noah, witch is an African name bow, Africa is a huge continent from witch we all came from... So I hope that you are saying "water is wet" because if you don't, it is just stupid and racist. In 2018, a skin color cannot define a nationality. If we follow your theory, Africa wins in every sport.

  • MrOralB
    MrOralB 42 minutes ago

    Who are you to decide who is African and who is not. I mean OF COURSE they can be both French and African, but they cannot feel only French ? As they are black, they have to be African, like "ok your French, you speak French, you have a French culture, you have always lived in France, but I mean you're black, so you're also African !". It's a very bizarre way to think : 'the color of your skin proves that you belong to a community, to another country' I completely disagree, nationality is a very personal feeling (just see how some of the players respond to this, Benjamin Mendy on Twitter for example). So please, don't choose their nationality for them. And finally, don't use what some politicians said to prove that your country is more open minded than ours, I mean France is mostly open-minded and France didn't elect Donald Trump.

  • Carson Louis
    Carson Louis 42 minutes ago +1

    Trevor you’re a fucking dumb ass if you are a citizen of France no matter what color you are, you’re a French man

  • Pach Pacheco
    Pach Pacheco 42 minutes ago

    Ironically I hear the exact opposite argument being said in America. We don't want to be considered african american, just american. Now trevor is saying to accept the hyphen. Dafuq? I just want people to come to a consensus already and be happy with that choice. But, alas, some will never be happy.

  • Isho Oboha
    Isho Oboha 42 minutes ago

    What does race/color have to do with Africa !!??....i'm african but not black...Africa is theologische old berber name of what is now Tunisia....actualy..Africa won the world cup in 1998 when the berber Zidane, the real african, did that single handidly France, of all places.

  • Mokshaa Sharma
    Mokshaa Sharma 42 minutes ago +1

    He's never getting a French visa lololol

  • S3NTIN3L Ali
    S3NTIN3L Ali 43 minutes ago

    The French ambassador is a nig nog

  • Briss
    Briss 43 minutes ago +1

    This african show man seems really fun

  • Isho Oboha
    Isho Oboha 43 minutes ago

    What does race/color have to do with Africa !!??....i'm african but not black...Africa is the old berber name of what is now Tunisia....actualy..Africa won the world cup in 1998 when the berber Zidane, the real african, did that single handidly France, of all places.

  • Isho Oboha
    Isho Oboha 44 minutes ago

    What does race/color have to do with Africa !!??....i'm african but not black...Africa is the old berber name of what is now Tunisia....actualy..Africa won the world cup in 1998 when the berber Zidane, the real african, did that single handidly France, of all places.

  • Hawrou
    Hawrou 44 minutes ago +1

    And him ? Is he african or american ?

  • Isho Oboha
    Isho Oboha 44 minutes ago

    What does race/color have to do with Africa !!??....i'm african but not black...Africa is the old berber name of what is now Tunisia....actualy..Africa won the world cup in 1998 when the berber Zidane, the real african, did that single handidly France, of all places.

  • tchristian04
    tchristian04 44 minutes ago

    This demonstrates perfectly the absurdity of the postmodern influence on culture, making words mean whatever you want them to based on whatever you find convenient. Noah gives an argument for why the French players are both French and African and gives an example of America's greatness in that one can celebrate being Irish while being an American. What happens if you replace Irish in that example with French? What would "French" mean in that sentence? Noah's example fails because America is an idea. To be American is not to be of a particular race. France is not an idea. French people are a particular race. The idea that Noah is attempting to argue for is self defeating. He's trying to argue against an either/or dichotomy and in favor of a both/and category. But in doing so he assumes an either/or dichotomy when he says it's either "both/and" or "either/or"...but not both.

  • Larry King
    Larry King 44 minutes ago

    Just shitted on them

  • jmazzitelli
    jmazzitelli 44 minutes ago

    In a nutshell "the arrogance of the French"

  • Duchess Cygne
    Duchess Cygne 44 minutes ago

    A lot of people from many countries do choose to emigrate to France. I found that out first-hand when I was there. The people who are there are proud to be there. And Araud is entirely correct that, in France, they don't differentiate based on race the way we do here in America. To presume they do so is actually extremely offensive. The Fraternité part of their motto is taken as seriously as Liberteé and Égalité. You're find individual racists, sure, but on the whole, France is extremely inclusive and strives for everyone to have equal treatment without regard to skin color, race, etc. This isn't just my white American perspective. I have a lot of friends there who are a mix of native-born and who moved there, a few from America, but many from African countries, and those who were born there all have roots in African countries, and THEIR perspective is that these things ARE taken seriously.
    While people do have their individual cultures, on the whole, when you're French, you're French, and being French doesn't preclude someone from having another culture. "I'm French, and my family is from Nigeria" would be said instead. The French part is inclusion. Everyone who is French is French. They are all in it together. When you're French, they're going to take care of you, not find ways to make you something else. You can be proud of where your family comes from while still being one of the French people. I have literally never in my life seen as much diversity as I did in France.
    I understand Trevor's view as well, but it's really more of an American viewpoint to identify race as part of nationality. To us, it's seen as trying to make sure everyone knows how everyone is different. But to the French, they try to show that everyone is on the same team, that everyone belongs. As an American, it took me a but of time to get comfortable with the idea when you'r French, you're French, since I'm used to terms like African-American, German-American, always something that indicates that you're partly American, but also partly not. That's what I'm used to. It definitely took time to understand how the people of a country can be so inclusive of people from around the world of all skin colors that everyone can be French, and still originally be from another country, that you can be fully a member of the French people, and that that doesn't mean that everything about you has to be the exact same to still belong instead of being an outsider.
    Neither are really wrong. Both have truly good intentions. France is fierce about trying to protect and include people, to the point that they WILL fight to protect and include, and this is something so foreign to people from countries where sharp divides based on race as the norm. The US divides people by race all the damned time. South Africa has apartheid. France has fraternité, which is really a strange concept when you're used to skin color mattering so much.

  • Shariff Sabdow
    Shariff Sabdow 44 minutes ago

    Whilst I am an African who has never lived outside his country (Kenya.) I wish to make many of my fellow Africans including Trevor Noah. Who are of the view that the french team is African because of the background of some of the players
    I wish them to understand that the African descent players have not become the champions they are because of the colour of their skins.
    They are the best footballers because their country France invested in instilling them acquire the skills and training required for them excell in football.
    Their country nutured their growth from early age by providing them the facilities football Academies
    This happened as result
    of many years of hard work.
    It' has not happened by chance or because of their race.
    African players or teams have the potential to win and bring the world cup.
    African countries have to invest in their youth by providing the facilities training and management.
    This success is as a result of sheer hard work
    Don't fool ourselves by pretending to part of a success you have nothing to do with
    The French rightfully deserve the fame and glory their football team
    It's theirs and theirs alone 100%.
    I extend my congratulations to France . The French leadership and all its citizens for winning the world cup. Congratulations! '!

  • TheRealBrofessor
    TheRealBrofessor 45 minutes ago

    Thanks French Version of Donald Trump!

  • Julien Bianchini
    Julien Bianchini 45 minutes ago

    Did you give credit to Africa when the US team won 5 consecutive basketball world cups ? Did you give credit to Europeans when South Africa won the rugby’s? Did you give credit to Europeans when Argentina won the World Cup?

    • Julien Bianchini
      Julien Bianchini 38 minutes ago

      He also didn’t mention “black French” or “African-French” but only “african” don’t try and change what you said. You can’t compare with saying “African American” if you don’t say “African French”

  • nesto
    nesto 45 minutes ago

    So if I understand correctly, if I was born in Europe, my parents were born in Europe, I have never even been in Africa, I still have to be called African-European, because of my skin colour? What about Elon Musk? He is actually from Africa. Do you call him European-African-American?

  • Nachum Sash
    Nachum Sash 46 minutes ago +1

    It's not that the French are saying Africans can't be French-Africans. It's the "French-Africans" that want to be recognized as French before African. And this is a direct attack on Trevor's pride in being African

  • Franck Sylvere Bagui
    Franck Sylvere Bagui 46 minutes ago

    Ah la censure TVclip tro fort😁😁😁c bien de metr en avant tout les com desobligeant contre Trevor tt en obliterant ses soutiens(integrité 👎)...c koi la prochaine ? Le virer de sn poste? Vraiment pathetique votr system de merd

  • Britney Nyamemba
    Britney Nyamemba 46 minutes ago

    LMAO some of you people that don't get it don't see the bigger picture.
    Also I'm just stressed cause non Africans can't even let us actual Africans make a few jokes as we celebrate our brothers in their great achievements. Like just lets us be happy for once you darn colonizers!
    Since you clearly can't tell a joke, that thing I said at the end was one. 😘

  • Liberty Player
    Liberty Player 47 minutes ago

    GO AND FUCK YOURSELF !!! You try to change your previous speach !!! These player are French, because they were born in France so they are French by law. That's all ! About what you said, you said it thinking bad, not thinking good !

  • Wesley King
    Wesley King 48 minutes ago

    Trevor is the best example of a liberal cuck

  • The Hyphen
    The Hyphen 48 minutes ago

    America wins again

  • wilson lee
    wilson lee 49 minutes ago

    Deport him back to Africa. BUILD THE WALL

  • Dina Msiza
    Dina Msiza 49 minutes ago

    I'm a huge fan of Trevor but I think he was just being defensive unnecessary. What these players identify or don't identity as really doesn't matter because at the end of the day they are representing France regardless of whether they identify themselves as just French, African or both. Some of them could have chosen to play for African national teams if they wanted to such as one of the Boateng brothers who chose to play for Ghana because his father is Ghanaian even though he grew up in Germany, but they are playing for France. For example when a South African cricketer Imran Tahir who's from Pakistan do well we celebrate as he actually represent South African national team regardless of his origin. I'm sure some cricket fans don't even know that he's from Pakistan they just celebrate him as a South African cricketer. It's not about the players race or origins but the national team they represent. That is actually what the ambassador was trying to tell Trevor I think. It's one thing to be proud of the French players because most of them ate African descendents and they in the minority in the world but it's just crazy to call the French victory an African victory.