5 STEPS TO IMPROVE YOUR ART! | How to Develop Your Art Style | Beginner Art Tips

  • Published on Dec 22, 2018
  • My art style developed slowly and naturally over the course of 10 years to what it is today. Looking back, I can sort of piece together what I did without thinking at the time into steps you can follow and hopefully speed up that process.
    As always: I am not an expert nor do I claim to be. You guys asked for my opinion on this subject and I'm sharing. If this video says anything, I hope it tells you that you should not look to one artists or person for all the answers. Look around you: explore! And take what you see and apply it to your life in a way only you can. Have fun!
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  • sweetlynn0213
    sweetlynn0213 2 hours ago

    Great video. I like to draw always have I was never taught my daughter came across my drawings and asked me to teach her. Well I didn't really know how to teach her (I wasn't taught). I'm going to have her watch your video. Great job 👍

  • Klink Inc0ming
    Klink Inc0ming 3 hours ago

    This is such a great, informative video. Very helpful.
    Edit: seriously, the best video I've seen about developing your own style. I highly recommend watching this video, then start it over again.

  • Marie Sacchitello
    Marie Sacchitello 3 hours ago

    I have art block ;(

    SHAYLIN PULLEY 4 hours ago

    but what if you have 2 ways you draw things?

  • XAxBxI X
    XAxBxI X 6 hours ago

    12:41 (only bnha fans will understand this) kind of like ONE FOR ALL

    I LUV DONUTZ 7 hours ago

    Im horrilbe at making hands 😂😂😂

  • GoyoteLedesma
    GoyoteLedesma 11 hours ago

    You are so cool.

  • SunRise Stables
    SunRise Stables 12 hours ago +1

    Nooooo this helps to much XD THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • No Snep On Snek
    No Snep On Snek 16 hours ago +1

    My step one friend was a cute lil' slime monster. Needless to say, I'm stuck at step 3 :(

  • Anabelle Nguyen
    Anabelle Nguyen 18 hours ago

    so if i steal and trace mona lisa i will be an artist??? UwU. just. found. out. how. to. make. a. living

  • Jazmine Draws
    Jazmine Draws 18 hours ago +1

    Wow that's how I grew my art style damn

  • Mushacorn TV
    Mushacorn TV 19 hours ago

    *i was watching the video*
    waffles: clap clap cla-
    ad: ha nope!

  • Zogia Mousikí
    Zogia Mousikí 20 hours ago

    This is *actually* so helpful... *coughmostpeoplearenocoughcoughhelpcough *

  • R0b B
    R0b B 20 hours ago

    Love this video

  • PlanetKiller
    PlanetKiller Day ago

    The shapes were inside you the entire time.

  • feciorudiana :-D

    Thank u! This helped me a lot ! Even tho I'm late

  • Si Felicio
    Si Felicio Day ago

    2 m o r e t h i c c

  • JesseFox
    JesseFox Day ago

    My old art style is god damn ugly

  • Pix
    Pix Day ago +1

    Omg i did thesameas you, i used to eye-trace pokemon pictures online or the pokemkn figures i used to have.
    Also this vid is extremely helpful for me, ive been in an art-style crisis and i just kinda avoided drawing these few weeks. I was just so flustered and didnt know what to do

  • Arownie
    Arownie Day ago +2

    I did all of the steps not knowing this video is a thing XD

  • Sanjana Bajaj
    Sanjana Bajaj Day ago

    I am literally so glad that I found your channel lol

  • FattyFlapJack !
    FattyFlapJack ! Day ago

    How is your stick man better than anything else I’ve ever worked on?

  • Jerome Loway
    Jerome Loway Day ago

    it's an inspiration not an imitation

  • Pop Ty
    Pop Ty Day ago

    Thank you i actually needed this

  • Random Gurl
    Random Gurl Day ago +1

    Thx I’ve found a general idea of my art style!

  • REBELION 12.17
    REBELION 12.17 Day ago

    I've been trying to copy the hand movements

  • Reptile Saitama
    Reptile Saitama Day ago

    How do u make a oc, symmetrical and properly proportionate, it is really hard and I need tips

  • Abigail Bender
    Abigail Bender Day ago

    You helped me so much. Thx

  • NibiBear
    NibiBear Day ago

    You know those videos of an artist's first proper drawing and the evolution of their work? I like looking at those because you can clearly see from the start that they had a preset art style different from everyone else. Whether they drew humans different to you or if they drawed animals/nature etc... It's just so cool to look at!

  • Ariplayz The Artist

    Hey, I have one question for point two. Does it have to be one element specifically that you would like to improve? Can it be more than one element? I want to improve like, three :v

  • CatLiz Gaming
    CatLiz Gaming Day ago

    DrawingWiffWaffles: “Find an artist you REALLY REALLY like.”

    UNICORNS ROCK 2 days ago

    Omg! Thank you so much! You helped me so much!

  • Crazyweird me
    Crazyweird me 2 days ago

    For reference can we also look at other artist drawings?

  • little wolfy alice
    little wolfy alice 2 days ago

    I dont have a printer

  • Purplefox
    Purplefox 2 days ago

    Step one completed without trying because I never really use references cause I forget to.

  • Greg Putnam
    Greg Putnam 2 days ago +1

    I really like your explanation for Step 4.
    I found this step when I applied to FX makeup work (off topic from this video but stick with me). I took a class for FX Makeup/ Stage Makeup and one of the things that my director told us was that when we were turning in our looks, he wanted to see our reference photos. What he did not want to see was another makeup artist's photo so he did not want us grabbing pictures from Instagram but rather real-life examples.
    Now, I walked away with that class thinking, "if you want to use FX in a character, find a real example." What I found after that class was that that mentality that I had was not always the case. I could watch tutorials or find Instagram photos or google photos of characters. However, rather than trying to recreate that reference character, look at the tools or the products the artist used and try to use what I know about those items and create my own character. Look at the techniques the artist used but the application would be my own.
    I guess that is what I would add to your explanation of Step 4: look at the mediums or the tools the artist used, see how they used them, and try to apply them yourself. Did they use charcoal? Thicker paper? Gel pens overs ball point? Etc.

  • Salad Floof
    Salad Floof 2 days ago

    This was insanely good advice. I came here expecting you to say “to find your style you just have to keep drawing and be inspired by others!” But instead you realized everyone already has a go to style of like when I want to quickly draw a human, this is how I do it. So you taught us how to make it original and proportionate and just something we like! Thanks for this video, it helped me so much

  • Kate Farrell
    Kate Farrell 2 days ago

    Could you please do a simple tutorial on how to draw a person. The first shape and how to evolve it into a decent drawing

  • twenty øne patatøs

    but i keep getting stuck on step 1
    like i dont even have an art style that i can develop
    help pls

    • Nelle Riarra
      Nelle Riarra Day ago

      +twenty øne patatøs You're welcome, Haha LoL

    • twenty øne patatøs
      twenty øne patatøs Day ago

      +Nelle Riarra thanks😅

    • Nelle Riarra
      Nelle Riarra Day ago

      Ohh ok, you welcome. Good luck on not getting stuck on step 1.

    • twenty øne patatøs
      twenty øne patatøs Day ago

      +Nelle Riarra i mean thats really good advice
      But first i cant think of anything sometimes cuz when i close my eyes...nothing...black
      And i dont like drawing already existing art
      But i mean still thanks!👌

    • Nelle Riarra
      Nelle Riarra Day ago

      Draw anything in your mind, like close your eyes, and then imagine something, anything, then draw it. You can draw unicorns, a tree, an apple, mermaids, ANYTHING, or just look at the internet, try to remember the picture, stop using the internet, and then draw what you remember. Idk if this helped but yeah.

  • Cloey Deitrick
    Cloey Deitrick 3 days ago

    My art style " heck with it why dose he need eyes or hands or feet or a mouth he dose not need a nose

  • Flyin Tetra
    Flyin Tetra 3 days ago

    Can you do a video where you draw a cryptid with brush pen

  • Amber Gamboa
    Amber Gamboa 3 days ago

    When I'm watching your vids I always have lots of comments to say but I have one thing I wanna say... Your the best art teacher! Your voice is nice to listen to end you make drawing seem so so easy but still mention that its not that simple 👏👏👏 well done fellow artist.

  • Pepe the frog
    Pepe the frog 3 days ago

    +1 subscriber

  • Alexader rival
    Alexader rival 3 days ago

    This didn't he'll me since I don't know how to draw

  • TheAmazingLittleRose

    I love listening to your videos while I draw.

  • lay kash
    lay kash 4 days ago

    Funny, that you chose my art style to begin... 😂

  • Late Face
    Late Face 4 days ago +1

    i cant even get past step 2! omg

  • Nerdy Elsa
    Nerdy Elsa 4 days ago

    this video is so helpful and hits points that i never considered! thank you so much

  • Aidan Burton
    Aidan Burton 4 days ago

    This is literally fine art alevel but in half an hour

  • Michado
    Michado 4 days ago

    in 30 min, my 1st step was'nt even finish

  • zionna pool
    zionna pool 4 days ago

    To be honest I used this video for reverence to draw a male body

  • Mozzy's Studio
    Mozzy's Studio 4 days ago

    This is so incredibly helpful! I've been drawing basically all my life and I learned so much just from this one video. I even took notes!

  • Aerial xo
    Aerial xo 4 days ago

    I follow you you are my inspiration 6ou are the reason I draw I copy some of your parts of your art and make it my own twist and style of art

  • Moonlight Catcher Pup

    I already know what mine is it’s anime

  • Junior Pup
    Junior Pup 5 days ago

    Let me just say, this was so informative. I always loved drawing but absolutely sucked at it but I worked on little details each time like ears or lips or bone details and it definitely helps. Take tiny little bits of other artists like a certain way they draw the pupil of the eye and it definitely makes the art look way better

  • Panda/Izohwa /idk
    Panda/Izohwa /idk 5 days ago

    My art depends on my mood

    If ya wanna see one of my animations (first on I ever did ) check out psycho sugar

  • Samantha McCallum
    Samantha McCallum 5 days ago +1

    thank you so much! This helped me so much drawing arms that I have struggled with!

  • Kasey Crichton
    Kasey Crichton 5 days ago

    Thank you so much! I struggle with finding inspiration trying not to copy and id never thought about taking little peices and mashing them with your own. This really helped. Thank you! xox

  • Rusty Raptor
    Rusty Raptor 5 days ago

    This video made me want to go over to m table and draw right now, A.K.A. thanks for this good tutorial. By the way this is the first video i saw from you so I'm subbing

  • PepperLeafBooks Manga

    When a stick figure makes your art look like a trash can on fire

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    Don't think I have a crush on her, she is way too old for me. As of 2019, I am ten.

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  • Angel Brown 4
    Angel Brown 4 6 days ago +1

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  • The Works In Progress

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    Um Hey 6 days ago

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    Nightcore House 6 days ago +1

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    Cris Crafts 6 days ago

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    Jasmine Edits 6 days ago

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    I did not write “sis”

  • Hannah Spanna
    Hannah Spanna 6 days ago +1

    all the stuff about how we all have our own special tendencies made me really emotional and happy??

  • Micah Saddler
    Micah Saddler 6 days ago

    Okay I love you but ugh I hate you because you simplified it so much to where I finally get it. I've been trying to figure this out for so long drawing dumb shapes and muscles and still not getting results so ugh idek just thank you

  • Flathead Gg244
    Flathead Gg244 7 days ago

    Well I guess my art style is already good enough but only due to it's very unique look
    I spent a lot of time developing my comic series actually I am an above average drawer but I could never ever draw human faces so I came up with the Idea of these rather bizarre creatures I am drawing now but due to it being a science-fantasy story I think that's okay and even more since I put a lot of effort into humanizing them as much as possible but there's always something to improve further I'm sure this is gonna help me

  • Leo Baftirovski
    Leo Baftirovski 7 days ago +1

    I’m subscribing this is very helpful I just went from stick figures to Monalisa’s grandma (I love the way you draw noses it takes me back to when I was younger)

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    LoyaL RickY 7 days ago +1

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    *Hahahaha jokes on you i can draw stickman on pc with mouse and with ruler*

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