We're OVER It!

  • It's been the planking project that never ends...until today. We are over it!
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  • Wild Wonderful Off-Grid
    Wild Wonderful Off-Grid  2 months ago +72

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    • Dragan Savić
      Dragan Savić Month ago

      ❤👍 Serbia

      KING77 SOLOMON 2 months ago

      Is there anything you guys CANNOT DO?

    • lance gregg
      lance gregg 2 months ago

      Keep going at it. Soon, your hard work will lead to a time of enjoyment. 👍

    • Marcel Broesky
      Marcel Broesky 2 months ago

      Can you explain your welding setup? I'm starting a similar project this summer and while I've got much of my plan figured out, the power required for a decent welder isn't firm yet.

    • Branko Topolovec
      Branko Topolovec 2 months ago

      Tudi sam sem mnenja da je zabijanje lesa na mavčne plošče napačno, ali mavčne plošče ali samo les. Ta les je napačno pribit direktno na mavčne plošče ker ni zračnega mostu med lesom in ploščami iz mavca, ves ladijski pod bi se moral pribijati na letvice ki bi vzdrževale razmah med gips ploščami in ladijskim podom. To se bo pozneje ko se bo les posušil zelo poznalo, nastale bodo špranje med lesom in tudi zvijal se bo da o plesni ki se bo nabirala pod lesom niti ne govorim.Napačno je to izvedeno in bolje bi bilo pribiti les na samo izolacijo kot na mavčne plošče. Tu ste naredili veliko napako in pozneje boste to obžalovali.

  • TheRaydee
    TheRaydee 18 hours ago

    Why use Square electrical boxes? Why not round onces like here in Europe? Is so much easier to make the holes and so on. Same in England, takes much longer time to get ever thing nice and neat. Since I moved back to Scandinavia, it's so much easier. That's my opinion.

  • Engenheiro Civil Márcio

    are canadians?

  • Engenheiro Civil Márcio

    She is beautiful... congratuletions.

  • Karelia Acevedo
    Karelia Acevedo 6 days ago


  • Ivyana Caraballo
    Ivyana Caraballo 8 days ago

    Hola está quedando preciosa saludo desde puerto rico

  • Marcia Araujo
    Marcia Araujo 8 days ago

    Olá sou do Brasil gosto mto dos videos de vcs. Gostaria de saber como vcs protegem os animais do frio e neve bjs

  • Masume Leisy
    Masume Leisy 8 days ago


  • Danny Wilsher
    Danny Wilsher 9 days ago

    I still can't believe you painted all that beautiful wood!!!

  • Николай Данилин


  • Rocio Heran
    Rocio Heran 10 days ago

    Thank you for your example of the life.

  • mhamd 9090 9090
    mhamd 9090 9090 10 days ago

    عمل جيد جدا

  • Дмитрий Ир
    Дмитрий Ир 11 days ago

    Молодцы! From Russia 👍

  • MC
    MC 11 days ago


  • мачо чон
    мачо чон 11 days ago

    Это где вы дом стоите

  • Ренат Тугушев

    Ребята вы молодцы, желаю вам успехов.

  • Анатолий Коломия

    Я просто в вас влюбился! Вы воплотили мою мечту! Очень рад за ваши успехи и достижения. Молодцы! Муж умница, жена умница и красавица. По доброму завидую тебе мужик))👍

  • José Aguirre
    José Aguirre 11 days ago

    Nice work , I like.

  • David Carvajal
    David Carvajal 12 days ago

    Hermoso felicitaciones una pareja genial y muy hábil

  • Ferdy Fernando
    Ferdy Fernando 12 days ago

    Please, where is the Ending? Sorry, i can't found this ending chapter.

  • Matthew Ferraro
    Matthew Ferraro 12 days ago

    Greatest couple in history!!

  • Marlene Ribeiro De Almeida

    Esse casal sa. Demais

  • Лена Гудвин
    Лена Гудвин 13 days ago

    Здорово! Молодцы! Сделайте субтитры на русском, а то не всё понятно.

  • Simon L.
    Simon L. 13 days ago

    What a beautiful life! 😊

  • Waylon Redcalf
    Waylon Redcalf 13 days ago

    you two are in love great to see . you work so well together . i always find myself smiling watch ing you 2

  • Jesus Gurrola
    Jesus Gurrola 15 days ago

    Que bien, un matrimonio joven, emprendedor y sorprendente la capacidad de ella para ayudar a su Esposo. Great, a young and enterprising marriage, and surprising her ability to help her Husband.

  • mn kumar
    mn kumar 15 days ago

    Really I love your hardworking... Excellent both of them made for each other... Both are very very ideal for others... From India. 👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Gilbert Bustamante
    Gilbert Bustamante 19 days ago

    Good girl. I have been wondering why HE is not wearing safety glasses. Don't let him off the hook. Safety glasses saved my eyes at least a couple of times. Make him use glasses all the time he uses tools.

  • 한정수
    한정수 20 days ago


  • erol taşkın
    erol taşkın 27 days ago


  • Shawn Severing
    Shawn Severing 27 days ago

    Well , I must say Josh , for every Goodman there is a good woman. My hat goes of to the both of you God has blessed your family . Stay true each other .

  • Love33
    Love33 29 days ago

    He bet not ever leave this woman. Because if he does I’ll take her... 😂

  • Donbass !
    Donbass ! Month ago

    Красивая семейная пара. Приятно смотреть, как вы работаете вместе! Удачи и здоровья вам, и вашим деткам!

  • Philip Morehouse
    Philip Morehouse Month ago

    Love watching your show - finally someone who isn't acting the part but living it; real life, real living and working together for the good of the family. Also love the give and take of kidding around and showing affection. You both have a razor sharp sense of humor and can give as well as take, a verbal punch. Keep loving and respecting each other and you will all go far with all your viewers. I'd also like to hear you extol the virtues of some of the tools you use - your both genius at striking a balance in your lives. prmorehouse

  • About Face180
    About Face180 Month ago

    Nice throw at 8:32!

  • Joseph King
    Joseph King Month ago

    Damn, you guys have got serious skills! You build better than professional builders. The plankers (sic) that built my house, their motto was "_If it's within an inch it's good enough_ ".

  • Alec Luce
    Alec Luce Month ago

    Been pretty fun following along with this vlog

  • Todd West
    Todd West Month ago

    Why did you hang drywall and then plank over it?

  • Wender Gonçalves
    Wender Gonçalves Month ago


  • Cristi Vlacicu
    Cristi Vlacicu Month ago

    You guys are planking waaay too much you're overdoing it. You'll either hate it or love it in the end. I hope you will like it though.

  • Lil Davel
    Lil Davel Month ago

    Why is all house walls in wood,?You should leave dry walls and build ceilings in wood.I would do it like that,cause it is way to much wood around,all the rest it is just great,thumbs up!

  • Евгений Долгополов

    Всё у вас будет хорошо.

  • creamondy
    creamondy Month ago

    класс ребята, отличная команда))

  • Konstantin Shlenich

    Respect from Russia

  • Valentin Reghina
    Valentin Reghina Month ago +5

    Genesis 2:18
    The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

  • Tokovics Sound Creator Tibor


  • babu john
    babu john Month ago

    Great job. Use glous with cutter.

  • Paul V
    Paul V Month ago

    You guys are....woah!!! Beautiful!

  • david crumrine
    david crumrine Month ago

    Doing mighty fine work there Erin. Ya need to make your helper do a little more work and actually make Josh help ya..... LOL

  • E MU
    E MU Month ago

    Wwoww good job from 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Greg Hostiuck
    Greg Hostiuck Month ago

    Fan from Cincinnati Ohio. Have been binge watching from the beginning! Love this show!!!!

  • Sanjay Jangid
    Sanjay Jangid Month ago

    Both of you guys always looking fresh. You are the great people.

  • Martin Alarcon
    Martin Alarcon Month ago

    Nice nice

  • Just Mode
    Just Mode Month ago

    Brilliant work ...well done ...🙏💕

  • J ͔
    J ͔ Month ago

    Best Couple Ever!

  • keemee waan
    keemee waan Month ago

    I've enjoy your carpentry expertise, great job

  • rebel spirit
    rebel spirit Month ago

    Only watched one video where you put up the house and i'm amazed at the abilities and beauty of Erin (?)!!!

  • gumbosavage1
    gumbosavage1 Month ago

    Im just curious can you tell me why you did mud on the sheet rock when you coverd it with tongue and groove? Work looks great!

  • Marilyn Bailey
    Marilyn Bailey Month ago

    now that is a fence. Nice, Love the teasing back and forth, but really love the team work. You guys are a great team.

  • Zakaria Reggab
    Zakaria Reggab Month ago


  • Siti aziah Maerebee
    Siti aziah Maerebee 2 months ago

    I'm proud you. Very good and amazing... From malaysia.

  • Ale Garuti
    Ale Garuti 2 months ago

    Hey there! great job on the house!!, We are from Argentina and we follow you guys with our family and keep tracking your progress. Amazing place!! You have an amazing family. Keep pushing for your Project, we keep sending good vibes!!

  • Emmett Bohannan
    Emmett Bohannan 2 months ago

    Question: Is the Aspen planks common lumber you can buy readily at the lumber yard...???
    I did a good portion of our house with the Aspen...I bought the boards from a company that was building log cabins..That company is no longer in business and I can no longer purchase the Aspen lumber...we’re located in Southwestern Texas..
    Thanks for sharing your journey....

  • MrConsitution
    MrConsitution 2 months ago

    Awesome job!!!!

  • Khalid Axmed
    Khalid Axmed 2 months ago

    nice life really this is that I was dream

  • Kolya Bak
    Kolya Bak 2 months ago +1

    Ви щаслива сім'я 😉 цінуйте один одним, хай все у вас в житті буде добре 👍👍👍
    Привіт з Ukraine 🇺🇦

  • Fitzwafo D.
    Fitzwafo D. 2 months ago

    Your wife is so beautiful sir. You are so blessed...

  • Trucy's Life
    Trucy's Life 2 months ago

    Beautiful...just beautiful to see a couple that loves each other and fully supports each other...so much hard work and you both are in there every step of the way...a rarity on TVclip. Thank you so much for sharing and instilling in me the hope for the millennial generation. I just simply am thankful to see that such young people still have the drive, dedication and ambition to achieve what they want through their own hard work...unbelievably beautiful. 👍🏻💪🏻👌🛠💕

  • Jenny Morris
    Jenny Morris 2 months ago

    You guys are certainly skilled at putting up tongue and groove. Lots of knotty pine, though.

  • Naomi Lynne Stephens
    Naomi Lynne Stephens 2 months ago

    You all have given our generation to build off grid. Enjoy keeping up with you 2. In a yr & a half will be looking for property to build our lil cabin in the woods. Thank you for the inspiration. 🦋💋

  • Woroud Hashmi
    Woroud Hashmi 2 months ago

    This is better than any TV show out there these days! I have binged a whole year's worth of work in the last two hours 🤷🏽‍♂️ Love your work. I hope the house is coming along as expected.

  • J andMC
    J andMC 2 months ago

    great content of this channel..... Thanks for sharing guys

  • Josef Kolomý
    Josef Kolomý 2 months ago

    Hello kids ... You play nice … Where do you build it?

  • Samet Salih
    Samet Salih 2 months ago

    you guys are top skyline quality masters

  • Домашняя КУХНЯ

    Смотрите как бы бороду в циркулярку не закрутило.

  • Kar Lar
    Kar Lar 2 months ago

    That kitchen wall addition turned out nice.

  • Malcolm Rowland
    Malcolm Rowland 2 months ago

    What is the song that comes on at 5 mins in ???????????????????

  • M B
    M B 2 months ago

    keep it up :) great stuff! Are any of you current or ex Military?

  • Mike L60
    Mike L60 2 months ago

    Looks awesome !

  • Flintlock Le Roux
    Flintlock Le Roux 2 months ago

    You're an awesome bunch........well done I love this!