Becky Lynch vs. The Kabuki Warriors: Raw, Dec. 9, 2019

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch must find a way to beat the odds in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match against WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors.
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Comments • 1 236

  • Ibapyndaplin Kharmalki

    Becky lynch is the champion no one can take her title

  • Meriam Nekomba
    Meriam Nekomba 8 days ago

    I ❤ u Becky Lynch

  • k red
    k red 18 days ago


  • Kearah Pinkston
    Kearah Pinkston 22 days ago

    Becky is gonna be double champ double pay double duty because she's gonna slay

  • Kearah Pinkston
    Kearah Pinkston 22 days ago

    Shut the hell up becky is awesome great

  • Zachary Hammond
    Zachary Hammond 26 days ago

    i love you becky lynch

  • Sabina Enescu
    Sabina Enescu 29 days ago

    Linch is the best

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Month ago

    Please Dakota kai and Shayna vs Rhea ripley and Mia yim

  • MC hitaLO caryahury



    Prodigious video, i like it so much !!!! Record-breaking part is 0:35. *I uploaded first dancing, Pls check and comment am I good* 💘 💖 🔥

  • Richard Sanchez
    Richard Sanchez Month ago


  • najmay qurux
    najmay qurux Month ago

    Becky lynch so special 🥰🥰🥰♥️♥️ I love her

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez Month ago

    Asuka is the most exiting women in professional westling periot

  • Jerin Anaya
    Jerin Anaya Month ago

    becky you are great man uff you are killing it😍

  • Shakir Ss
    Shakir Ss Month ago

    nice work asuka

  • Serifli Esnaye
    Serifli Esnaye Month ago

    The Kabuki Warriors😲👏

    DANIEL RAIN Month ago

    Asuka and Kairi >>>>>>>>>>> all over Cringey Lynch

  • minu chisi
    minu chisi Month ago

    WWE SUCKS.....

  • Ante Misura
    Ante Misura Month ago

    Whens the next Becky lynch will defend the raw women's championship?

  • Tyson Gilbert
    Tyson Gilbert Month ago

    Eating through the fat cracks with white Divinity would be fun in a micro scope "This is ittttttttt"

  • Tyson Gilbert
    Tyson Gilbert Month ago

    Did you see what shine in the champ from the 60s did in the 90s ? I put a frickin ingot of iron in my lungs for some Naruto joke at like age 3 or something... Wtf man. Omgosh
    Is it ? Is it omgosh my Ltd Mox Jet engine
    No wonder when I remembered Shinsuke's Hollow point in the street at wrestling I thought of like 6 years in 1994

  • Tyson Gilbert
    Tyson Gilbert Month ago

    I keep seeing little 8 year old Asuka in the morning Pearl :P you maybe? The gold in the hair and stuff and then TALIM lol
    Me ? In Black Spandex decked to the list :P how many people did that with me though ? My dad put fake ones on the wall lol the p9 , I was like oh yeah, I'm running out of ArmorCon .

  • Lx Pierce Drake
    Lx Pierce Drake Month ago +2

    I just really want Kairi Sane as the new raw women's champion

    • King Beast
      King Beast Month ago +1


  • Sean Gundayao
    Sean Gundayao Month ago

    The women's tag team champion is so boring while this two holding it! Gosh I've thought they will hold it so good!

  • Hanumant Bhalke
    Hanumant Bhalke Month ago

    Wwe 😏👊👊

  • Coach Carter
    Coach Carter Month ago

    The Kabuki Warriors don't look all that intimidating. They look cowardly, and Becky actually looked stronger in this match.

  • tubi le
    tubi le Month ago +1

    Who love kabuki warrior

  • dragon7777
    dragon7777 Month ago


  • ooPROTOTYPE1oo
    ooPROTOTYPE1oo Month ago

    Yeah, Becky is not that skilled compared to Asuka.
    In a make believe world, this thing is not believable.

  • WWE FigureCollecter10

    They didn't even say it was a handicap match

  • K aweso
    K aweso Month ago

    This is great

  • RobotoMon
    RobotoMon Month ago

    They ruined Kairi's elbow with that angle

  • Dwindmill
    Dwindmill Month ago +4

    WWE is so stupid for clowning those talented Japanese wrestlers.

  • Dwindmill
    Dwindmill Month ago +1

    WWE is stupid

  • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud Month ago

    Jeez don't make Becku hold 2 titles dammit

  • Aliyah Wve
    Aliyah Wve Month ago +1

    Period!!! Kabuki warriors destroyed the chucky doll.

  • Sasi Tmg
    Sasi Tmg Month ago

    Beacky ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • King kev
    King kev Month ago

    The Empress of tomorrow and the pirate princess They are going to be Victorious at tables ladders and chairs This is a real Tag team

  • No Game No Life
    No Game No Life Month ago

    Asuka, Kairi, Io vs. The 4 Horsewomen. Let's go WWE

  • Pan0sG
    Pan0sG Month ago

    How Becky was better in the match?

  • faintsmile88
    faintsmile88 Month ago +2

    I came here for the Kabuki warriors

  • Dwayne Cr7 YT Family YT

    Who thinks Becky is a show off
    But outside wwe ok

  • Christopher Kha
    Christopher Kha Month ago

    Tbh they better not make them Los

  • Bonnie Weeden
    Bonnie Weeden Month ago

    That's becky for you she's the best those two glass face are nothing but wasted time

    • Potty Mouth
      Potty Mouth Month ago

      LOL !!!! Praising a Jobber like Rebecca Knox !!!!

  • AL Fonzo
    AL Fonzo Month ago +2

    2:06 "And it's in deep"
    Oh how I wish 🍆

  • Cristina Lexy Reef Tank


  • Alex Ephraim Cruz
    Alex Ephraim Cruz Month ago

    Sorry fans, but TLC is the end of the line for the Kabuki Warriors 😭
    And the supposed “feud” between Becky and Asuka will probably be in favor of Becky as well, 😢 and on top of that it’s rumored that Kairi Sane’s contract is almost up😕, so enjoy Asuka and Kairi while it lasts 😔

    • Potty Mouth
      Potty Mouth Month ago

      Asuka and Io will be the new Kabuki Warriors !!!

  • Andrew Ellis
    Andrew Ellis Month ago +1

    Kauri is so adorable it hard to hate her and love her even more the real life anime girl

  • Jade
    Jade Month ago

    They could have saved the elbow with the table for a pay per view match, it woukd have made a greater impact

  • Dinero Y Flow Records

    That last part 😂 i did not see it coming

  • ifeoma mokelu
    ifeoma mokelu Month ago +1

    OK, is anyone else getting bored of Becky being so hyped? I mean a year ago Asuka was the fiercest woman in the women's locker room, and now they are turning her into those cowardly women that have to cheat to get cheap wins, how is it possible that Asuka and Kairi Sane can't beat Becky in a handicapped match? Well when you pay the piper, you dictate the tune.

    • ifeoma mokelu
      ifeoma mokelu Month ago +1

      @strikeslifer exactly

    • strikeslifer
      strikeslifer Month ago +1

      Blame it on old man Vince. He really had a chance with Asuka and Nakamura last year and did he blew it. And aside from Becky competing in an intergender tag match and eating an end of days she hasn't really done anything interesting. Yet they want to put her in the same ring as The Rock. As if she's on his level. Nah she is nowhere near close to his level

  • Noemi Arana
    Noemi Arana Month ago

    Soy su fan Becky UN Dia voy ayegar a peliar con esas chinas I me voy a llamar Dove Cameron

  • jay flxckoo
    jay flxckoo Month ago +1

    I love asuka

  • Tyson Gilbert
    Tyson Gilbert Month ago

    Omfg, all those Germans that Raped Rachal Dewitt Cosplay in Germany is badd, that's another Criminal reel that's feeding into me from then, Criminals who try to get this future feed to go cuddle like Geppetto. I hate them dude, Prison to all of them.

  • Obaino Links
    Obaino Links Month ago

    Just too strong for them without weapon!

  • ITz_THE_ GUY
    ITz_THE_ GUY Month ago

    I had so much respect 4 asuka what a shame

  • rainbow she-ra
    rainbow she-ra Month ago

    Becky Lynch I have someone on facebook messenger saying they are you but I am not to sure. Can you maybe comment her please.

  • xItsJazzy
    xItsJazzy Month ago

    Becky is boring to watch. Honestly. Boring.

  • Yuvarani .k
    Yuvarani .k Month ago

    அடி பலமோ

    YATHAH POUND Month ago

    Call me hater all you want becky Lynch isn't that good LMAO