Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Michigan State Spartans College Football 17/11/2018

  • Published on Nov 20, 2018
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Comments • 41

  • Shane mike
    Shane mike 3 months ago

    Man that looks cold

  • AJ 21K
    AJ 21K 5 months ago +1

    I was at this game. Boring Boring Boring. Not one touchdown the entire game. People were getting restless waiting to send their balloons to the sky for the first touchdown. Kids were getting tired. Fans were on their phones due to lack of scoring. People losing interest at the end of the third quarter. Not to mention this was a waste of my $115 ticket. I was happy I did not buy any food or drink.
    I am not mad my team lost. I'm mad I did not see action. W or L I wanted to see a battle to the death. Not this at all. This game was just as bad as Super Bowl 53. And that game was boring as well.
    If you are here to give me the Defensive battle excuse, you do not know shit about football.

    • Clarence Causey
      Clarence Causey 2 months ago

      @GeorgeFlippin .. .but not nearly as dumb as who hired Scott Frost..better get that red balloon warmed up...

    • Clarence Causey
      Clarence Causey 2 months ago

      @Gaming with Suave Colorado says "hello"....LOL...

    • Clarence Causey
      Clarence Causey 2 months ago

      @Gaming with Suave ....set things straight? With who, Iowa, Ohio State, Michigan or Penn State? Unfortunately for you the competition that Nabrasker faces now is not what they were facing decades ago, when Oklahoma was their only competition. Frost will not be able to win at a high level with recruiting classes that always rank behind OSU, Mich and others..

    • Gaming with Suave
      Gaming with Suave 2 months ago

      @Clarence Causey were #24 dumbass check the rankings

    • Gaming with Suave
      Gaming with Suave 2 months ago

      @Clarence Causey you clearly don't know football if it hit you in the back of the head, Frost is here to set things straight hater.

  • Leif Johnson
    Leif Johnson 5 months ago +3

    Most boring collegiate football game of 2018

    • markcon99
      markcon99 3 months ago

      Old school smash mouth football.

    • Leif Johnson
      Leif Johnson 3 months ago

      @Sam Peterson You might be right. I just watched a little of it. What a snoozer! The Cal-TCU game has to be at least the worst bowl game of the 2018-2019 season.

    • Sam Peterson
      Sam Peterson 3 months ago

      Cal vs. TCU

    • Ritz TV
      Ritz TV 5 months ago +2

      This was old school classic smash mouth ball

    • Random Name
      Random Name 5 months ago +1

      @AJ 21K Correct they are on average 4 years out of high school. Some less than a year. I Like to see you catch the ice block they call a football in that weather and that is before the snow.

  • 7 months ago +3

    48:28 Antjuan Simmons lines up as the ball carrier for the first time in his career and immediately fumbles. Weird.

  • Avian
    Avian 7 months ago +3

    I really think Washington is gonna be one of the greats. Him paired with Martinez is gonna be good

    • Ritz TV
      Ritz TV 5 months ago

      Avian I thought so too but now he got cited again so I don’t expect him to stay on the team sadly

  • Overgrown Chewie
    Overgrown Chewie 10 months ago +9

    1:38:40 I have never heard that place as loud as it was then. Gives me goosebumps every time.

    • HuskerMotion
      HuskerMotion 5 months ago

      Its gotten way louder than that! Just wait till Nebraska vs Ohio State this year, if its close, it will be LOUD.

  • Kyle Z
    Kyle Z 11 months ago +5

    Hey, thanks for uploading this game.