I Got My Apartment Professionally Organized

  • Published on May 11, 2018
  • I worked with professional organizer Ashley Moon Stanfield from HOARDERS to help me get my life together when I moved apartments and it changed my life! See below for all the products we used to get more organized!
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    Shoe Rack: goo.gl/mXQN5k
    Folding stool (not pictured): goo.gl/JDQhA3
    Spice Rack: goo.gl/hf3Ar1
    Shower Tower: goo.gl/xCiWGk
    Kitchen Drawer Organizer: goo.gl/M77hpt
    Electric Trash Can: goo.gl/9SKSvx
    Makeup Drawer Organizer (Expandable): goo.gl/2ZZ2kf
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  • Keira McLean
    Keira McLean 3 days ago +1

    Yeah but you dont really get walk in wardrobes in england lmao😂

  • Francisco Gonzalez
    Francisco Gonzalez 6 days ago +1

    I watch her videos cause I think she’s super good looking! Not gonna lie!

  • Erin Kidder
    Erin Kidder 8 days ago +1

    I have that same plate set 🥰😍❤️🙌

  • Sophiuh
    Sophiuh 9 days ago +1

    I need that Lisa Frank long sleeve ish, iconiiic

  • Lily Burns
    Lily Burns 9 days ago +1

    Oooooo I love cleaning my room! Going through old stuff and throwing things out and donating! An empty room is a clean room 😂 (not necessarily)

  • Savage Koala
    Savage Koala 10 days ago +1

    Michelle got a little coraline door 9:35

  • carol
    carol 15 days ago +1

    Love it and love your apartment!

  • Samantha Healey
    Samantha Healey 15 days ago +2

    I love Ashley's insight and seeing this makes me feel less stressed. We all need some organizing in our lives from time to time.

  • 「Laürinê」
    「Laürinê」 18 days ago +1

    She was on Gabbie Hanna’s vid!

  • MysticStrike ForceSSJ3
    MysticStrike ForceSSJ3 27 days ago +1

    Who knew girls are more dirty then guys are when you visit a guys house.

  • Adam Witham
    Adam Witham 2 months ago +1

    Thanks for the post Creatively neat has a wealth of useful tips; I heard about it from you!

  • Sarah G
    Sarah G 2 months ago +1

    I'm just purging michelle's videos but this one makes me realize how extremely organized i already am hahaha

  • greasybarflips
    greasybarflips 2 months ago +1

    Why there is a tap in the living room?

  • Ellie Allison
    Ellie Allison 2 months ago +1

    Ashley looks like a flute player

  • Kirsten Matthews
    Kirsten Matthews 2 months ago

    Who else thinks that Michelle deserves more subscribers 🤚🏼❤️

  • endog
    endog 2 months ago

    ashley's system? she stole from marie kondo.

  • Annie Huang
    Annie Huang 2 months ago

    Get velvet slim hangers to make your closet look even more put together! Plus more space!

  • Black Soul Entertainmet

    You're making me want to clean my room.

  • Southernbelle24
    Southernbelle24 2 months ago

    Yeah but everytime I get rid of something I feel like I'm getting rid of money. Because I spent money on that thing

  • Shelley Holtmann-Schnur

    Wow! I love Ashley's approach and very calm demeanor! I absolutely loooove this new apartment and all the things you did to organize!

  • Kathia X
    Kathia X 3 months ago

    I didn’t know that was a thing.
    Need this ASAP

  • Deena Elsa George
    Deena Elsa George 3 months ago

    "And they're not IKEA so it's easy to make."
    I died

  • Aleksa Arsic
    Aleksa Arsic 3 months ago

    This got deep really fast

  • Hi Hey Hola Bye-Bye
    Hi Hey Hola Bye-Bye 3 months ago

    I love IKEA

  • Danielle Roman
    Danielle Roman 3 months ago

    I'm literally listen to this video in my closet .... It did get inspired me to clean and move things that I don't longer use or give it to someone lol . Thanks Michelle for sharing

  • batik sarawak
    batik sarawak 3 months ago

    I use Dove too! High five

  • JakulaithWolff
    JakulaithWolff 3 months ago +1

    This one especially should get trending....

  • Smokey Cat
    Smokey Cat 3 months ago

    Ashley is so gorgeous and in touch with herself. I don't know if that's how you spell her name because of the different spellings. Well done Michelle! X

  • notpointed
    notpointed 3 months ago

    Hang on... people in the USA don't take off their shoes when they come into your house? What?! But that would make everything dirty! Not to mention the rocks in the soles would scratch up the floors all the time.

  • fiameta ferede
    fiameta ferede 4 months ago

    I wish I know how much it cost to get the closet organized.

  • Morgan 05
    Morgan 05 4 months ago +1

    I wish my room was professionally organized.

  • Legodog890
    Legodog890 4 months ago

    She the wannabe Marie kondo

  • Zoe Roblox
    Zoe Roblox 4 months ago +5

    I love you so much you’re such a good listener and take to mind everything that everyone says

  • Julian Thomas
    Julian Thomas 4 months ago

    Michele you remind me of my friend Teia.

  • Things Stranger
    Things Stranger 4 months ago

    What does purge mean?

  • Ruth G
    Ruth G 4 months ago

    Did she also do gabby Hannah’s stuff? Could be totally wrong I can’t remember don’t hate on me peeps

  • Sriya Munugoti
    Sriya Munugoti 4 months ago

    Marie Kondo has entered the chat

  • Artss Fetish
    Artss Fetish 5 months ago

    The shower tower was smart

  • Emma Durrant
    Emma Durrant 5 months ago +1

    Well umm after watching this video I found out I could be a professional organiser I love sorting things

  • jesman1985
    jesman1985 5 months ago +74

    This is a therapist disguised as an organizer. She sees external unorgaization and connects how it comes from internal thinking and behaviors. Then helps you get organized.. and that organized enviornment in turn helps your thinking and behaviors.

  • Lovelyn Lai
    Lovelyn Lai 5 months ago

    this is like the another version or Marie Kondo

  • I don't even know
    I don't even know 5 months ago +2

    This must feel like when my mom decides I'm a mess and helps me organize my room.
    Best. Feeling. Ever.

    I love you mum❤

  • *Crackheads at it*
    *Crackheads at it* 5 months ago +1

    u sure dats a apartment? looks 5 times bigger than my house:(((((((((((

  • mataronasd
    mataronasd 5 months ago

    first world problems

  • Grace Condit
    Grace Condit 5 months ago +162

    When I'm cleaning, I look at something and think, "If I saw this, would I buy it?" and if I say no it's trash

    • Maria Weaver
      Maria Weaver 10 days ago

      Lol same

    • Lucia Tat
      Lucia Tat 2 months ago +4

      bxbblxtxx exactly! :)) I think there needs to be a balance even in cleaning. If you throw everything that is a little bit damaged or used, you get to constantly buy new stuff and you get really tired or spend too much money..:))
      I think it is not about having the perfect looking house or closet or whatever...it is about what one truly needs...

    • bxbblxtxx
      bxbblxtxx 2 months ago +9

      ( Really late reply, I’m sorry) I would do this too, but there are some things that already look really bad but bring me joy. For example: my stuffed animal that I own since I was 2 weeks old (13 1/2 years ago). I can‘t sleep without it but it looks pretty bad compared to how it looked once. Nobody would buy it but I keep it because it brings me joy. Also, if I would clean like this, I would throw away 90% of the things I own and my mother would be hella mad at me.

  • ItzFluffyUnicorn
    ItzFluffyUnicorn 5 months ago +2

    8:21 wait people don’t always take there shoes off? Here in (south) england we always do

  • Annabelle bæ
    Annabelle bæ 5 months ago +2

    2:31 is my new motivational quote for 2019

  • Melody
    Melody 5 months ago

    when she said "ive been watching a lil too much queer eye"... I felt that

  • Rose Bruhn Bertelsen
    Rose Bruhn Bertelsen 5 months ago

    10:16 daaamn she must have a fresh breath😂

  • Kristen P
    Kristen P 6 months ago

    She is too cute for comfort lol

  • samantha louise
    samantha louise 6 months ago

    I try to do my best and do this at least once a year in my room. I want to do it to the whole house but a lot of family members lives in here. It's really frustrating because no matter how I try to organize and assign places for things, it just get messed up but I can't really complain or teach them because they're older and they have their own habits. Also, though I love organizing and labelling stuffs, I hate cleaning dust and dirts. So that's one of the hindrance why I hesitate to organize because cleaning comes first before that part that I actually. At the end, I just watch a bunch of organizing videos like this one to inspire or motivate me to move.

  • josh huff
    josh huff 6 months ago

    This is like...... common sense for me. Lol

  • angelcake
    angelcake 6 months ago +1

    so, she (Ashley the professional organizer) is basically doing her way of the konmari (Marie Kondo, google it if you don’t know) method, turning it into a business, and making it take way longer.

  • Be ar
    Be ar 6 months ago

    Why do you have so much butt’r

  • Amelia VIDAL
    Amelia VIDAL 6 months ago

    Ashley reminds me of Marie Kondo

  • Mar Alvarez
    Mar Alvarez 6 months ago

    AND this made me more organize

  • queen christina
    queen christina 6 months ago

    Who else thinks she match which Safia nygaard

  • winxhester
    winxhester 6 months ago

    My OCD is now satisfied

  • Carlyle Johnson
    Carlyle Johnson 6 months ago +1

    Can I get my soul organized or even changed??????🤔

  • Rania Clay
    Rania Clay 6 months ago

    I love organizing my closet. Looking at my shoes and clothes give me joy