*NEW* GTA 5 Emerus Supercar $3,250,000 Spending Spree! (GTA 5 New Cars)

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • New GTA 5 cars Casino DLC update McLaren Senna spending spree and customization!
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Comments • 629

  • Timothy George
    Timothy George Day ago +1

    yo man

  • fork moynster
    fork moynster 3 days ago

    I finally won a Truffade nero and made it into a custom. Then sold my nero custom I already owned for 1.4 mil 😋

  • Watchtower7
    Watchtower7 6 days ago

    Lemon head.

  • Mike Dee
    Mike Dee 7 days ago


  • Easton Fairchild
    Easton Fairchild 8 days ago


  • Storm Enchancity
    Storm Enchancity 8 days ago

    do it at the airport

  • Ian de prince
    Ian de prince 9 days ago +1

    Shida mojaa una wenge

  • betim dk
    betim dk 10 days ago


  • TG7_KristianPro 23
    TG7_KristianPro 23 11 days ago +1

    I love the fact that me and him have almost the same design

  • Niyaaz Jattiem
    Niyaaz Jattiem 11 days ago

    I think this a smell quite interest game

  • Lukatic
    Lukatic 12 days ago


  • Lowela Ubas
    Lowela Ubas 12 days ago

    Hello I am Joaquin I need your help in life after zombies are power ful at night you need to craft or make abase

  • Mar
    Mar 14 days ago +1

    I’m old oldddd years old

  • Mar
    Mar 14 days ago +1


  • Mr_zombie648
    Mr_zombie648 14 days ago +1

    Video or stream ?

  • Harleen Arora
    Harleen Arora 15 days ago


  • Jennielou Gumaer
    Jennielou Gumaer 16 days ago

    Make it red

  • Jonathan Lonsdale
    Jonathan Lonsdale 17 days ago

    Car seems slow for what it is

  • Wayne Beharry
    Wayne Beharry 17 days ago

    Cop don’t drop

  • capitanR1 industries
    capitanR1 industries 17 days ago +2

    awsome gaming dude but u still need to see all the loot u are gathering

  • K. Starr
    K. Starr 19 days ago

    *I'm gonna stick with my tezzeract.*

  • King Hill
    King Hill 19 days ago

    I would like to see the forest with you,samara,axvry,and exoph but I’d rather watch ark with you,samara,axvry,and exoph

  • Ilona Camilleri
    Ilona Camilleri 20 days ago

    Can you play racing games

  • cynthia cye
    cynthia cye 20 days ago

    Do hexogon

  • Melissa Zerrillo
    Melissa Zerrillo 21 day ago

    I wish I had more money because I have literally 0 dollars

  • Breezie Dela Cruz
    Breezie Dela Cruz 21 day ago


  • RJ
    RJ 21 day ago

    Hey bro....Please tell me when you are making zombie apocalypse ep 25 in gta 5?

  • Ciara Hatfield
    Ciara Hatfield 22 days ago +1

    Keep it

  • Luke Schell
    Luke Schell 22 days ago


  • Conner Headington
    Conner Headington 22 days ago


  • Conner Headington
    Conner Headington 22 days ago

    Car show

  • jay jay got your neck bit** steele 11

    Yo race the buggati

    YOUNG_ SHENKBOY 23 days ago

    Its slow.

  • Crystal Lau
    Crystal Lau 23 days ago


  • Pedro Andres
    Pedro Andres 23 days ago

    Tg you the best

  • Mohau Tsiki
    Mohau Tsiki 23 days ago


  • Brian Feldman
    Brian Feldman 23 days ago


  • Geordon Orlano
    Geordon Orlano 23 days ago


  • Katrina Younie
    Katrina Younie 24 days ago


  • Mandy Roarty
    Mandy Roarty 24 days ago

    I watch your videos since you started doing videos

  • Mandy Roarty
    Mandy Roarty 24 days ago


    SPEEDTRAP 24 days ago


  • Foggy Bay
    Foggy Bay 24 days ago

    You my fav ty

  • Stuart Brown
    Stuart Brown 24 days ago +1

    STOP The GTA because Iove it

  • olz.z17
    olz.z17 24 days ago +1

    I played forza horizon 4 and after the Lego expansion I can never look at the senna the same ever again😂😂

  • Bofa Boy
    Bofa Boy 24 days ago +4

    Hey TG I used to watch your videos when I was 13 and now I’m almost 18 crazy how time flys I miss the TG blue lowkey

    • Bofa Boy
      Bofa Boy 23 days ago

      Rodman Cuellar OG subs get a veterans discount 😎👊

    • Rodman Cuellar
      Rodman Cuellar 23 days ago

      bro that was me too how the time flys by

  • Issa Antwan
    Issa Antwan 24 days ago

    No taste the best car should've been 5 or 6

  • B07 SULFUR
    B07 SULFUR 24 days ago

    Best way to get the podium vehicle is starting it wait 4 seconds and hold s

  • stylianos vargiamidis
    stylianos vargiamidis 25 days ago

    Are you playing the new nfs heat

  • Klutz
    Klutz 25 days ago

    That’s not a super car...... it’s a hyper car

  • Jocf1228 28
    Jocf1228 28 25 days ago

    You look just like me gta 5

  • Gangst Diddy
    Gangst Diddy 25 days ago +6

    dude spending 3,5 mil for a car in a game while his neighbor spends 2 mil for a car and his wife ride on it

  • Karen P
    Karen P 25 days ago

    It’s for shore a really good car like if agree

  • FaZe Rein
    FaZe Rein 25 days ago +1

    Imagine if this car has butterfly doors

  • Aiden Symons
    Aiden Symons 25 days ago


  • Giridhar podishetty
    Giridhar podishetty 25 days ago

    rockstar game servers are down it sucks

  • Gunter _da_great
    Gunter _da_great 26 days ago


  • Angela Loks
    Angela Loks 26 days ago

    what did u think dumdum everycolour goes with black

  • xd RylieRocks431
    xd RylieRocks431 26 days ago

    I’d love the forest with exoph an Avery. I already watched the first series 2 times for like 60 hours of screen time

  • Kid Kid
    Kid Kid 26 days ago