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  • Nico Rosberg
    Nico Rosberg  5 months ago +342

    Guys this is an unreal car... I am super excited about the direction electric mobility is going! Hit subscribe to be the first to see these videos when they come out!

    • Trez Spre
      Trez Spre Month ago

      Paul S and yea charge time... not such an problem and when the batteries gets better wich they are getting every day... then it wont be a problem and nearly noone is tired of electric vehicle’s more then petrol heads that wants black smoke and soundy cars

    • Trez Spre
      Trez Spre Month ago

      Paul S ik iv known about it for about 2-3 years now but im just saying what scientists and researches have told/ shown

    • Paul S
      Paul S Month ago

      +Trez Spre It is going to have a huge impact. It is going to work. Search Co2 fuel. A company is claiming they can make diesel too. Which is fantastic. We are all tired of electric cars and the drawbacks they bring.

    • Trez Spre
      Trez Spre Month ago

      Josh L but i cant say much yet about it since its not yet here, maybe never will, maybe will earlier then we think until then we dont know anything for sure tho

    • Trez Spre
      Trez Spre Month ago

      Josh L thats true but also the co2 reusing has alot fall backs thats why they havent planned to make em or make em already, as said scientists have already tried it but it dont work as good as they thought

  • M Jacobs
    M Jacobs 3 days ago

    Drive an American gt350R and give us your impressions

  • M Jacobs
    M Jacobs 3 days ago

    Millennidulls are to lazy to pull there car out of the garage, open doors etc???
    I can get the part where the cars will drives themselves for you idiots but sheesh!

  • Gautham Prabhu
    Gautham Prabhu 15 days ago

    Tesla is really integrated futuristic technology in its cars I hope it would also fly too.

  • sjmilli
    sjmilli 19 days ago

    Awesome show! Someone please identify the music, it's driving me nuts trying to find it.

  • Owen Carney
    Owen Carney 24 days ago

    What about actual cost of owning a Tesla

  • CanisoGaming
    CanisoGaming 26 days ago

    I came for the tesla, i stayed for the ferrari.. xD

    HAPPIFACE OFDOOM 27 days ago

    The Nissan is a GTR
    almost every youtuber has one 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  • 26humor26
    26humor26 29 days ago

    CarPlay would kick ass in a Tesla! VIVA APPLE!

  • krk1291
    krk1291 Month ago

    what do you mean they didnt do testing? they are ranked the safest car in america for crash tests

  • Smoove Cat
    Smoove Cat Month ago +1

    it's Nissan GT-R one of the best engines of last deceate

  • LadyKD23
    LadyKD23 Month ago

    So, I'm majorly on "Team Elon" since I believe that he is currently humanity's greatest hope, lol, but there are two drawbacks to this vehicle. I just test drove one last week. It's amazing, but my only gripes are price and styling. It was $120k! I just can't justify that at all... especially not when the Tesla charging stations aren't conveniently located to my home (a major concern for a city-dweller like me, who lives in a high-rise condo, where I can't install my own charging hook up). It would require too much of a lifestyle change at this point. Other charging stations are nearby, but you have to pay to use them, which is just like paying for gas, thus negating one of the cool benefits of buying one to begin with. None of the other models appeal to me because I need an SUV...but that leads me to the styling...
    It's sleek and roomy and fast and amazing, but the windshield is enormous! There is not an A/C in the world that would cool you off from the exposure to the sun and heat that you'd get while driving around in that thing in Texas or Nevada (two places I've lived). You'd get totally roasted...and the sun visors are skinny, offering very little protection. Speaking of that, I live in DC now and the roads are trash. I've had to replace my windshield 4x in the past 2 years due to road debris... It was so cheap that I didn't even bother involving my insurance co. But the windshield on a Model X goes up over about half of the roof I'd be curious to see what the cost of replacement is.
    These were my only complaints. If it was more affordable, if I had more convenient access to a Tesla charging dock (or could install my own), and if the windshield wasn't so huge, I'd totally get one!

  • MrHjarsen
    MrHjarsen Month ago

    Make more vlogs with Jon Olsson

  • Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman Month ago

    V bullish on TSLA

  • Robot Cop
    Robot Cop Month ago

    Dear, that’s a nissan GTR.

  • Jejking
    Jejking Month ago

    Damnnn Nico you got me there haha. I think I'm watching too much F1. I thought there was a special mapping on the Tesla called Party Mode, like an addition to the infamous Ludicrous Mode. went in with full anticipation of burning rubber, came back with a smile on my face because of the christmas car. Please

  • shone3333
    shone3333 2 months ago

    10:18 meeting Jon olsson by the way 😍

  • CarlJohnson
    CarlJohnson 2 months ago

    this video alone is big promo for Tesla!! this guy is no joke... f1 champion ladies and gentlemen ..elon give him a roadster

  • Carlo Franco Mennello
    Carlo Franco Mennello 2 months ago

    Niko mi spiace tantissimo che hai abbandonato la F1 sei grande!!!!!!!!

  • Andreas Falk
    Andreas Falk 2 months ago

    Stimmt, Mercedes lässt nichts aus bei seinen Abgastests. Einmal tief durchatmen und wirken lassen.

  • karey lester
    karey lester 2 months ago

    Are there any poor people on Monaco?

  • johnny mars
    johnny mars 2 months ago

    The F-40 is just soooooooo old school relic. It's just going to sit there when gas becomes obsolete, and the value will quickly drop like a horse and buggy. All those billions up in smoke for those wealthy collectors! Bring it!

  • Billie Dharmajaya
    Billie Dharmajaya 2 months ago

    i love the tesla its beautiful with the falcon wing

  • mr bright side
    mr bright side 2 months ago

    Nice 1 champ...

  • Renate Tollefsen
    Renate Tollefsen 3 months ago


  • Noslin Sevla
    Noslin Sevla 3 months ago


  • Mic Mag
    Mic Mag 3 months ago

    Nico can you push for a faster than F1 electric series? Maybe you can be CEO?

  • Blinka Bot
    Blinka Bot 3 months ago


  • gerald njenga
    gerald njenga 3 months ago

    how the f do you not now a nissan gtr

  • E60V10M5
    E60V10M5 3 months ago

    Seriously Nico?? “Nissan, I don’t know what it’s called?”... it’s a GTR! Only one of the most talked about cars on the internet....haha

  • PeakUrInterest
    PeakUrInterest 3 months ago

    Stupid fucking click bate

  • danijel  medved
    danijel medved 4 months ago

    Tesla X Features vs Rimac Concept Two ?????

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther 4 months ago

    Nico Rosberg has a YT chanel ?! 🙀 I lived in the lie

  • Schmitt Djeson
    Schmitt Djeson 4 months ago +1

    *the future is here LOL*

  • Arran Browitt
    Arran Browitt 4 months ago +1

    He doesn't know what a Nissan GTR is!? Wow............

  • Trey Kernea
    Trey Kernea 4 months ago

    Elon is just a kid trapped in a billionaires body

  • Auttie B
    Auttie B 4 months ago

    Proudly South African

  • Anchor Down Tech & Travel Review's

    Nico, what are your thoughts on the body shape of the car?

  • Anchor Down Tech & Travel Review's

    WOW! I had the F40 on a poster hanging on my wall as a kid 🧒 so amazing!

  • Marco Evoyline
    Marco Evoyline 4 months ago

    What a nice Hulk on your wrist, Nico :P

  • billie dharmajaya
    billie dharmajaya 4 months ago

    Having and owning electric cars is my dream right now

  • Arzy Arzamas
    Arzy Arzamas 4 months ago

    2:47 this is my youtube and your browser does not recognize any of the video

  • GamerHD
    GamerHD 4 months ago

    Komm sprich deutsch bitte

  • Helen Granville
    Helen Granville 4 months ago

    It’s weird how Nico always says V-log instead of Vlog

  • Dav Mkr
    Dav Mkr 4 months ago

    Tesla is on the right track

  • Rudi Dwi Hartanto
    Rudi Dwi Hartanto 4 months ago

    Man love this channel!

  • Robbert van der Eem
    Robbert van der Eem 4 months ago

    Not that many? At Schiphol airport alone we have about 170 model X taxi's. They just replaced the 170 model S fleet... Here you don't have to walk more than 5 minutes to see one.

  • Colin Hands
    Colin Hands 4 months ago

    That’s awesome 👌

  • Andrei Bran
    Andrei Bran 4 months ago

    It.s a GT-R not just a Nissan !

  • Unruly Blvss X
    Unruly Blvss X 4 months ago

    What is the filter you put on the video?

  • Andrea2cv
    Andrea2cv 4 months ago

    NICO dietro la Tesla ho visto una citroen 2cv sahara gialla... io sto facendo un censimento di questa auto ... mi puoi aiutare? Dove si trova?? Grazie Nico!!

  • Salil Sawarim
    Salil Sawarim 4 months ago

    u fucking fritz!

  • E. Caldwell
    E. Caldwell 4 months ago

    I gave you a down arrow, because I thought it took too long to get to the core of the video. I wanted to get info about the Tesla X Car. Then you ran into Jon O. And started to talk more the features of the car. So later I did end up liking the video. I think you should have spoke. More about that 3rd row, because this is rare.

  • Forrest's Auto Reviews
    Forrest's Auto Reviews 4 months ago

    Just reviewed the new Model 3 and it was amazing! Cool company for sure! :)

  • Merrick Gould
    Merrick Gould 4 months ago

    Nice work Nico, my brother has a one off MERCEDES BENZ V12SPY-Beck! Petar Radi Radenkovic Worlds Greatest Goalie in Munich Germany!

  • anh le
    anh le 4 months ago

    2019 Tesla Model 3 - First Drive - Motorshow ☀ 💙 💚 :D

  • James Wayne
    James Wayne 4 months ago

    Elon Musk is a snake oil salesman and Tesla is going to go broke and be investigated within the next 2 years. Mark my words.

  • enterb
    enterb 4 months ago


  • Joe Bold
    Joe Bold 4 months ago

    I believe it should not be allowed to set the distance to the front car below 2 seconds.

  • Johnny Sammour
    Johnny Sammour 5 months ago

    You're nico rosberg. Simply ask the F40 guy for a drive and he will let you drive.

  • Tim Kaufmann
    Tim Kaufmann 5 months ago

    Incredible car!! Elon Musk is a genius!

  • K3nny sid
    K3nny sid 5 months ago

    Hier Nico habe dich in Berlin gesehen bei der formel e
    Ist nur eine frage aber denkst du vielleicht mal nach da zu fahren wer sau geilo😉👍

  • Chris Diaz
    Chris Diaz 5 months ago

    I still enjoy Nico say “Vee Log” instead of vlog 😂😂😂

  • Johnny Tampocao
    Johnny Tampocao 5 months ago

    Another great video Nico, as always it's very interesting to watch....but that auto pilot is still scary for me...

  • Young Yun
    Young Yun 5 months ago +1

    Tesla number one!!!

  • Can G. Bostanci
    Can G. Bostanci 5 months ago

    Do a LaFerrari vlog Nico. And buy one :)

  • vertonical
    vertonical 5 months ago

    Tesla Model X is the best all round car in the world. This is not an opinion.

  • Rodik Gold
    Rodik Gold 5 months ago

    Тесла очень крутая автопилот, большой монитор

    ANGE KRUMINS 5 months ago

    Super cool. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • ja ja
    ja ja 5 months ago

    woooow greit fuck

  • Geir Røsset
    Geir Røsset 5 months ago

    You look exactly like me while using Autopilot. Tesla claim it will relieve stress while on long drives, but for me it's the opposite. I am constantly worrying about the car braking for no reason or swerving too far sideways, like at off or on ramps where the road markings disappear for several meters. I've had the car get really confused when the markings re-appear abruptly while the car has pulled right thinking it is centering itself in a really wide lane, forcing me to take over. But it is getting better, slowly, and all in all I'm very happy with the car. Nice color by the way :D

  • bikingcat
    bikingcat 5 months ago

    When will you thieves stop destroying the planet?

  • Mattia Rettore
    Mattia Rettore 5 months ago

    4:25 nice subtitles

  • Sin kovec
    Sin kovec 5 months ago

    Didn't know you were this active on yt champ. Subscribed.

  • Joni English
    Joni English 5 months ago

    Plymouth - CHRISTINE the car - its ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • longfinger
    longfinger 5 months ago

    So awesome! Cool to see Jon Olsson in there too!

  • Michael Hainsworth
    Michael Hainsworth 5 months ago

    Cool video

  • Alpha Anderson
    Alpha Anderson 5 months ago

    Tell me you are not paid to do this ! Really love to see you enjoy the car !

  • Lottis_first_worldtrip
    Lottis_first_worldtrip 5 months ago

    Hey Nico, wir sind neulich das Model X P100D gefahren. Wir sind maßlos begeistert von diesem Auto und kann verstehen, dass du ähnliche positive Emotionen hast. Elon Musk ist einfach eine Legende, der die (positive) Welt verändert. :-)

  • stitch16261
    stitch16261 5 months ago

    How far in miles can you go on a single charge?

  • Anti Petrolhead
    Anti Petrolhead 5 months ago

    You idiot autopilot is for highways only and stop n' go traffic.

  • Kaylin Claude Pillay
    Kaylin Claude Pillay 5 months ago +1

    Not a Gtr fan boy but man I lost some respect for Nico when he said he doesn't know which model Nissan is that.
    Where Gtrwendy at

    • Pat Butete
      Pat Butete 2 months ago

      Maybe he should have just said it's a ricer!

  • Massimo Gallotti
    Massimo Gallotti 5 months ago metterla in salotto...😆

  • ARAGORN 02
    ARAGORN 02 5 months ago

    Bonjour monsieur ROSBERG,
    Vous sachant capable de vous exprimer parfaitement dans la langue de Molière.
    Pourriez-vous inclure des sous-titres en français. Accessoirement, je fut lorsque vous fût, enfin, Champions du monde en 2016. Vous m'avez bien souvent transmis votre stresse.
    En espérant vous voire participez un jour, au 24 heures du Mans.

    LUROSAGO 5 months ago

    Grande Nico, Tesla es el futuro, gran video

  • Májai Örs
    Májai Örs 5 months ago

    tell more things about the car, test the car like an f1 champion🙏 , make it more interesting.

  • Nice-oscar
    Nice-oscar 5 months ago

    Very nice,

  • Babaak Timjani
    Babaak Timjani 5 months ago

    My dad has the same car so funny it’s 100d

  • zemekiel
    zemekiel 5 months ago

    What about the "catching fire" feature?
    And not to forget the "Ha Ha, fire fighters can't put me out" feature?
    Also the "Ha Ha, I will turn into this truck and harm you now" feature?

  • Sakru100
    Sakru100 5 months ago

    Teslas are awesome! 😄 I wish I could get one someday

  • Ghostwarrior_FMI GAMER
    Ghostwarrior_FMI GAMER 5 months ago +1

    get you ass back on f1 mate!!!! i want you on ferrari alongside with vettel ( to continue the german legacy created by Schumacher ) or if not possible that team! i want you with Daniel Ricciardo both on ferrari! battle is on! you have to comeback! you are one of the best drivers i ever seen on f1!come on mate i know you want to return and i know you will return!!!

  • Benjamin Orlowski
    Benjamin Orlowski 5 months ago

    Love my X. I charge to 70% heavy driving days I come home with 80 to 100km left. Wife likes bigger range numbers but she is learning to trust 250+km a day as enough. The old Hybrid had 1,000km tank.

  • Sem Meijer
    Sem Meijer 5 months ago

    hahaha amazing! One Tesla fan +

  • Balaji Karthi
    Balaji Karthi 5 months ago

    That F40 has something to do with you in a track

  • biggnasty989
    biggnasty989 5 months ago

    You are not original. You are boring.

  • Richard
    Richard 5 months ago

    Kannst du das mit den capslock vllt lassen? Sonst super Video :) weiter so

  • Luke Mallory
    Luke Mallory 5 months ago

    Nigel Mansell used to have an F40. Senna an NSX. Irvine a 288 GTO. Schumacher an FXX. Please don't say Nico had a.. Tesla..

  • Victor K
    Victor K 5 months ago

    The rear is so ugly